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Mi esposa dormida
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The Dildock Virus Chapter 3 Ziglo The Dark The next working day was coming to a close for Laurel as she brushed a few wisps of stray blonde hair from her face. Most of her long locks were tied back in a pony tail as per company rules.

Concentrating on work was useless. Her thoughts were in total distraction from the events of the previous night. No memories lay buried out of harms reach, locked within her subconscious this time, although she wished they were.

Every moment of her incredulous internet sex session was forefront in her mind. And with a man she had instantly disliked, then despised, but ultimately, willingly obeyed. Reggie, she now knew to be the Black Diamond, had not only reprogrammed her computer, but her very life in the process. She was scared like no other time in her twenty one years of life!

The way she behaved yesterday was just not like her. That wasn't the way she was raised. What if she couldn't change back? Even more frightening, what if she discovered she really didn't want to? Just thinking about the details of the last evening made her feel wet down there! Thankfully none of the men on her shift acted any differently towards her which gave at least some hope her latest display of depravity would slide past unscathed.

As soon as I get home, she swore, I'm smashing that computer before I change my mind, so afraid she was of heading down a path of no return. Laurel was never one to swear or think bad of others, but under her breath more than once she muttered "God Damn that Dildock Virus!" She felt she desperately needed a shower as if a thorough cleansing her skin could do the same for the filth within. About five minutes left before the end of shift, her eyes caught the old repair technician Frank tucked away in a corner just leaning against the wall.

Arms folded, he made no attempt to hide the fact he was just staring at her. And was that a smug grin on his face or not? She couldn't tell for sure, but Laurel tried not to look obvious in her discovery and made a point to pretend he wasn't there. The man was a creep. With his heavy eastern European accent he was sometimes hard to understand. Frank must be somewhere in his sixties she thought, swarthy complexioned, and tall and lean for his age.

His greasy almost black hair was always combed back. His piercing deep set eyes looked lecherous when he peered down over his hawk shaped nose, and he always appeared to sport a couple days growth of stubble no matter what day you saw him.


Laurel always tried to wear baggy, unflattering work clothes as she never wanted to be seen as anything but a co-worker to the rest of her shift workers, but Frank saw her through different eyes.

That Laurel bitch, she can't fool me! Now there's a real fucking sexy woman there! Any excuse he had to follow behind her up as flight of stairs, he would keep close, just a few steps back so as to be eye level with her wonderful ass. As he watched it move, he would sniff the air behind her like a horny dog. He kept to himself which was best because his mind was forever obsessing about sex.

He knew without a doubt he would fuck anything with a pussy given the chance, and had a past to prove it. He usually paid for sex, but now and then when he did find someone he could manipulate into fucking him, no affection or care was given. …Why? They were just meat after all. He knew only lust and a selfish need to get himself off. Other than that he really had no use for relationships, especially those with women. And now, looking at Laurel, he was imagining her naked body with those shapely curves, tits he wanted to squeeze and suck, and a plump ass and young pussy he would devour before ultimately fucking without mercy.

Every woman he had ever used eventually came around to worshipping his magnificent cock, or so he believed. After all, they always wound up begging for it, even the ones that were frightened, unwilling or cried out in pain as he took them. Each and every fucking one! At his age, Frank's libido certainly hadn't slowed down, in fact, it had only gotten worse.

And that did not bode well for Laurel. The buzzer sounded, calling an end to the day for her shift and as the rest of the workers filed out, Laurel quickly went about her task of doing final checks on the line and completing her report. It did not go past her notice that Frank was still there, still waiting. Finally finished, she hurried to the common locker area acting as if she was in a hurry and had no time to talk to anyone. Collecting her gear from her locker, she noticed the flashing missed call indicator on her cell phone in its clip holder attached to her purse strap.

Checking the number, it was as she thought, her mother hadn't heard from her and was checking up. She knew she should have gotten in touch yesterday, but obviously, things got away on her. She promised herself she'd call as soon as she got home and grabbed her purse. Deep in her thoughts as she left the locker area, the sound of Franks voice behind her made her jump. "Before you leave Miss Haines, there is something important I have to show you." His dialect was heavy, but still capable of being understood.

"Oh! Hi Frank. Sorry, but I'm running a little late and can just catch my bus if I hurry, so perhaps…" "Miss Haines" he interrupted. "You must see this problem tonight before it affects your whole production line tomorrow. It is important . come see." What could Laurel do? Being relatively new to the company and to her position as production line specialist, if the mechanic says she should look at something… "Oh, ok.

What is it you need me to look at?" Turning, he said "Follow me." She couldn't see his smirk as he walked ahead with every expectation she would be following. The situation didn't feel right in the first place and it wasn't long before she realized they weren't headed back to the line area, but off to somewhere else on another level of the building. Frank must have sensed her unease because he spoke just before she was about to question him on their destination.

"The piece is in my office. We go there." Their path followed a twisted trail through the old Spanner factory, heading down one flight of stairs and then down another. She had already thought the building ready for the wrecking ball, but it started to take on an even more dim, dingy and eerie feel with each step. Hoping for the best, she did not want to even imagine what might be the real reason for this. Surely… He finally stopped at a solid unmarked wooden door and nodded.

"Here" He deftly selected a key from many chained to his belt and drove it into the lock. As the door opened, he flicked a light switch and a dim overhead incandescent bathed the room in the glow of soft yellow light. The pronounced click the door made as he closed it behind them seemed ominous.

How could he call this an office Laurel thought as she peered around? "You can hang your purse up on that." Frank said gesturing to a hook near the door. "The cleaners haven't been in for a while and I wouldn't want it getting dirty on the floor." Dirty? Thought Laurel, it was clear no leaning staff had stepped inside these walls for over a decade! Everything looked like a picture from another time.

To the right an unlit florescent lamp hung low over a large stout wooden worktable with tools lining the pegboard at its back. Directly ahead was a good sized metal desk with a couple of chairs around it, barren except for a table lamp and a laptop computer. Off to the side, beside an open but totally dark room with who know what inside was someone's discarded sofa, oversized with dirty worn cushions.

Looking further around the dingy room, she noticed odd machine parts of various sizes lining the walls between scattered metal cabinets in random fashion. And everywhere there was possible space on the walls, yellowed pin up girls cut out from old and forgotten newspapers and magazines were pasted or taped. It was a world of Frank's creation and as long as he had the uncanny ability to keep every old relic of machinery running on with hardly any investment, his eccentricity and exclusive domain over his quarters was overlooked by management.

Besides, every now and then as he needed to work through the wee hours so that production could carry on without delay, a couch in one's workspace certainly was understandable. "Sit down" Frank gestured to the chair in front of the desk where the laptop lay open.

"I want to show you a real problem." His concern seemed staged and his quick words spoken with a heavier accent than usual hinted of suppressed excitement. This can't be good she thought. As Laurel sat down, he stood uncomfortably close behind and proceeded to insert a writable DVD into the pc's drive. Closing the tray shut, the computer began to whirl and click as it loaded the data, and he carried on with his narration.

"The other day as I was on the internet I saw something interesting, very interesting, but I was too late to catch it all.

So the next day I hoped it would be back and I would be ready to record it if it did." If Laurel was concerned before, she was heart racing panic now. Instantly she focused on every word, every nuance of just what he was telling her, hoping against hope that this was going to go in another direction other than she feared. Had he seen??? "Yes …very interesting…" he murmured just as the disk finished loading and a video player popped up.

Within two seconds, Laurels world fell from under her as the web cam capture of last night came up on the screen sharp in detail and very well lit. And he had caught it all! There she was sexily swaying to a driving beat dressed in her tank top and cut off jeans. All too well she knew what was going to happen next and quickly reached for the mouse to stop any further display.

But Frank's hand was quicker and prevented her by placing his hand over hers. "Wait!" He said. She sat still, frozen like a waxen figure. A slight trembling caused by her pounding heart the only sign of life. He leaned in even closer over her shoulder, near enough she could feel his warm breath puffing on the hairs of her neck.

His next words were slow, deliberate and practically whispered in her ear. "It gets better." The next minutes that passed seemed like eternity as Laurel watched herself on the laptop strip off piece after piece clothing to music she could only imagine suitable for strippers, during which Frank's hand travelled slowly up her forearm.

His eyes weren't on the screen. He had already seen it many times. From his perfect vantage point, he was focused right down the center her enticing cleavage. Hmm… she has not fought me so far. probably scared shitless. That was very good he thought. On the screen as he glanced up, she was now wiggling her ass to let underpants fall. He loved that part. Looking back down to the object of his desire, it was now time to press on and he raised his hand to rest on her upper arm, holding it gently, but firm.

Like an old thief, well practiced in the craft of subtle deception and trickery, he delivered his message in a low murmur close to her right ear. "Laurel, I have a problem you see. Imagine my surprise seeing you on my computer like this. I understand of course! I like to have fun too!

And being young and so …beautiful… why not? But I have concern for you. The internet is very big and very wide and who knows what …trouble one could get into if the wrong people see these things we only did …for fun …in the moment." Straightening up, he now placed both hands at the base of her neck and gently began to massage her. The fact she did nothing to stop him did not go unnoticed.

He approached her other ear with confidence as he continued. "For example, let's say… oh, maybe one of the men from your assembly line found this… video of you. Maybe Danny huh? Young, dumb as shit… ugly bastard and stupid though eh? His mother must have given him up at birth.

…What if Crazy George got hold of this? That man is fucking nuts and have you seen him when he's angry? And what about Willy? That horny fat bastard has so many diseases he must fuck monkeys!" With his thumbs still hooked around her neck, his fingers now extended down to her collar bone. Still no resistance&hellip. "…or what if… they all found out together and caught you in the locker room…" Her involuntary shudder which made him smile.

"I have heard of these …gang rapes. Quite frightening, don't you think?" He gave that last thought a moment to fully sink in. "But" his voice then took on a lighter tone, "this doesn't need to happen …This video doesn't need to go anywhere else.

It can be our little secret, trust me. …You know, just like you, I have a bit of free spirit in me too! I like to have a little fun now and then. What's the harm as long as things are kept quiet …yes?" How many times had he used the same approach on others, only to lead them down a very dark path?

He had made it an art of breaking and remaking promises over and over and over again until he got everything he wanted out of them, everything. This one was no different, only a far nicer catch and he had such excellent bait. She was now on the video display getting the fucking of her life from Reggie and obviously loving it. Still she remained motionless as his hands slipped lower over her chest and only stopped when they each were cupping a breast over her shirt and bra.

He held them there while the sexual act on the computer raged on. Ha! No fight in this frightened little bitch! This will be easier than I thought. He swallowed the saliva that was building in his mouth with anticipation of the things to come. Laurel heard everything he had said.

Every word drilled home. She had to force her eyes to blink as she watched herself getting fucked hard on the laptop screen. It's all come down to this she thought. How could I ever have thought this would end well? She felt trapped and helpless to stop this obscene old man just as surely as she knew the wanton act of onscreen sex had her full participation.

Her horrified mind could think of no alternatives. Bad things were going to happen to her just as sure as time moved from one second to the next. She didn't have to wait long to hear the rest of his pitch. "Here is what we will do." Franks hands came off her breasts as if his benevolent reprieve could offer hope, "I like you, eh? No one else needs to see this." He reached over and ejected the disk and put it to the side of the computer.

"When you leave, you can take this with you, to do with it what you wish. The only thing I ask in return is that we spend …a little time together, just this once. Soon it will be as if none of this ever happened. And who knows, it might be fun! …yes?" Even though she couldn't see it, Frank made an attempt at his most sincere smile. Always lie just a little at a time, he reminded himself, and never let them lose hope …before you crush it entirely.

Laurel stared at the DVD just lying there motionless on the desk, and as if being woken from a trance, Laurel found she could move and talk. "Please&hellip." Frank loved this part and really thought it only made sex better if he could get them begging early on.

"Don't do this! I am sorry! It was a big mistake and I promise I'll never do it again." Another smile crept across his face. It was if she had told him in her own words, she was now his, to do with whatever he wanted. Always the same line thought Frank to himself. These girls must read from the same script! Now it was time to play the loving father, the one who knew when caring punishment was necessary to change the course of behavior. "Yes, I'm sure you are truly sorry. I understand that my sweet Laurel." His concern and reassuring smile were well practiced.

"But sometimes there is a price that must be paid for our actions. I will help you put this all behind you, but first, all I want is just a few minutes of your time. I'm sure we won't go too far and besides," he encouraged, "as I said, it might be fun!" He finished the sentence in his own mind …just not for you! Then, without giving her time to think, he transitioned from the father to the gentle commander. Frank sat on the edge of the desk and folded his arms. He gave her enough personal space so as not to panic, yet not enough to think of escape.

His voice was void of emotion, good or bad. "Stand up sweetie, let me look at you." He then kept quiet and waited. The next one to move …loses. For the next moment, the two conflicting sides of Laurels personality battled for supremacy. Bells of alarm were clamoring in her mind. How could she think? The shadow of her old past was screaming to take control, run, horrified at the cliff she was hurtling towards.

But her new emerging self was feigning indifference to the consequences and actually curious as to where this ride was going to take her. What choice, it argued, did she really have?

It was a struggle only one side would win and before she realized it, she found herself slowly rising out of the chair and turning to face her antagonist. Besides, the winning voice added, it was only for a little while. Frank suppressed his grin. They're all the same. Sluts! His eyes caught hers before she looked away. In them he had a message. You had no chance. Calmly he continued. "Undo your shirt please. Right now I would just like to look at you." Frank knew from experience how to get what he wanted.

To cook a live lobster without a struggle, you simply turn up the heat slowly. Next would come the compliments. He waited for the third button of her gray-blue top to come undone, starting to reveal her flesh toned bra before he encouraged her further. "Yes. How lovely. .now take if off." His erection was starting to strain against the inside of his pants, but like a good angler, he knew when not to rush, you needed to wear the fish down first if you wished to see it flopping helplessly on the sand.

"You are so beautiful." With her shirt was now off and discarded on the desk, her arms dropped limp against her sides. Controlling his building excitement he continued. "And now that bra darling, I must see those wonderful breasts of yours." Perhaps he wouldn't touch her, Laurel hoped.

Perhaps this frightful old man just wanted to look and that would be enough to get himself off later. Fear is like a closing door.

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It always allows for one last glimmer of hope to shine through the crack before its shut forever. It was a simple working bra worn more for comfort than show, but as the last clasp came free, her restrained breasts bounded out from under their cups with a silent 'pop'. With slow deliberation, she removed it completely and set it on top of her already discarded shirt.

Fully fleshed, yet still resistant to gravity and with generous nipples modestly poking up, they jiggled ever so slightly as she moved.

Magnificent! What marvelous tits! Frank could not remember seeing a sexier pair of breasts on any woman! Right then and there urge to maul and suckle those magnificent things, to ravish this bitch and show her who is master and who is slave was overwhelming, but instead he continued on his planned course.

The saliva in his mouth was building again. "Yes, you are very lovely!" He swallowed. His next command came after he had a moment to fully feed his arousal. "Now the rest please, let me admire you." Kicking off her low cut work shoes, she opened her belt, undid her pants and bending over, removed them leg at a time before also removing her socks.

Franks eyes were wide in appreciation. Just look at the way those breasts hang! And those meaty legs! The pile of clothing on the desk grew before she finally stood before him naked except for her panties. Her mind held a small prayer. Perhaps now he would be satisfied. Frank was smiling! "Darling, you are perfection." His eyes cast themselves over every inch of her heavenly body like a judge at an animal show.

That innocent face trying to shape a smile and framed by golden cascading hair, those stupendous tits, the curve of her hips, her little tummy and dancer like legs needed a moment to be admired. Laurel should have known better then to hope he was done with her. His voice was flat. "Remove your underpants." Laurel sighed as she hooked her thumbs into her waistband and started to bend over. "Stop!" The beginning of a bark ended sweet like thick molasses.

"Turn your back to me as you do. And remove it slowly." She did as he requested. Laurel never felt so vulnerable in her life, and with her turned away from him, Frank no longer had to conceal his lusting snarl, fixated as he was on that magnificent ass she possessed. He had stared at it far too many times, without being able to get his hands on it.

As she bent down to remove her panties, her buttocks tightened up deliciously. Very soon my dear, you will know what you're good for… She finally turned back around and Frank stood to stand directly over her. His smile was gone, but he needed her to carry a shred of hope just a little while longer so she wouldn't rebel. He also needed to test her degree of submission to be sure she was far enough along there would be no …problems.

The fish wasn't ready to be landed yet, or was it? His voice was breathy. It was getting harder to control his desires when he was so close. "Soon this will all be over. But I must touch you first." His right hand came up confidently to her left breast.

Laurel jumped at the contact, but did nothing. His grip while not hurting was firm. He studied her eyes, trying to read her spirit. Was she his? Perhaps in shame, perhaps in dread of things yet to come, Laurel's head sagged and her eyes cast down. He felt her nipple stiffen against his hand. A small smile in victory slowly spread across his face and he bent his head to suckle at last on that magnificent teat! It wasn't long before he feasted like a starved infant hungry for the taste of its mother.

Laurel now knew much more would be asked of her before he was finished. His other hand came up to maul her other breast as he continued sucking voraciously.

If there had been a fly was on the wall, it would have been witness to the bizarre oddity of this naked young woman, beautiful in spirit and in flesh, passively standing erect in this dingy, dirty room as a grizzled old man hunched over her, feasting like an ancient vampire on her supple flesh. Turning his head to attack the other, he noticed her nipples standing fully erect.

From fear or from stimulation, the effect on him was always the same. It pleased him. Her flesh was deliciously firm and smartly rebounded each time he pulled his sucking mouth off to find another area of contact. His cock had tented inside his pants, but before he would release it, he wanted to do one more thing.

"Sit up on the desk; I'm going to taste you there." She knew what he meant, but no one before had ever done that to her, not even her ex boyfriend, if you could call him that.

It wasn't his intent to offer her pleasure, he did it only because he wanted to. Laurels mind was reeling at the speed this hellish situation was getting worse and worse with no way out. But what chilled her most was the question she couldn't answer for herself. Was she allowing him his way with her because there truly was now way out, or in some way, she actually was looking forward to it? She sat up on an open area of the desk as Frank knelt down before her.

She tried keeping her legs together, but Frank only pushed them wide apart. God! He thought peering. She's beautiful down here too! A puffy mound partially covered by trimmed pubic hair with a partially hidden pouty slit and… what's this? It looks damp already! Laurel was well aware she was revealing her most private parts to this lecherous old man, all her intimacy exposed for his amusement. She just wished she felt more shame and disgust than she did.

He got close and sniffed her before he grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and fed her towards his waiting mouth. He did not play nor did he tease. He simply drove his tongue deep into something he had thought only a day or two earlier unattainable. And he was relentless in his consumption of such a delectable meal.

With a little grunt, her breath stopped for nearly half a minute before a gasp finally surged air back in. Such an act of perversity! But oh so erotic! There was no denying the ripples of pleasure radiating throughout her entire body. Why did she never allow this before? It was incredible! And it wasn't too long under such an onslaught before she unconsciously began to gently thrust her hips at Franks face in an effort to extract even more pleasure from his obviously gifted mouth.

Another moment later as Frank pulled back to catch his own breath, he saw creamy lubrication oozing slowly out her parted and very receptive slit. This soon, he questioned and the bitch is ready? He wasted no more time. His cock had endured captivity long enough and without further delay his belt was loose, his work boots kicked off and his pants down and thrown to the side. Laurels eyes widened as she noticed the huge distention in his underwear.

He made a point of studying her face as he rid himself of his last piece of clothing.


His cock bounded out, not yet fully erect but finally free and aggressively inflating in anticipation. Her eyes widened and her jaw went slack. Frank did not have a normal looking cock. It was definitely odd, even grotesque. Much longer than most, its shaft look narrow because of its length, but the circumcised head was huge and bulbous with the piss slit not on the top, but more underneath and gaping. His ball sack and testicles were just massive as if built for a bull rather than a man.

In all of Frank's many sexual encounters, only two had ever laughed. Only two and he made sure they didn't laugh long. "Fair is fair. It's my turn now!" He motioned her to her knees in front of him. It was time to ramp up his authority, but not so much as to be careless.

He still needed to be mindful of Laurels state of mind so as to manage the possibility of total panic which could lead to revolt. He didn't need another one getting out of control. Not in this country.

He looked domineeringly down at her as she acquiesced to his gesture. The game would now be played at a higher level. He would now be the master, and she, just new meat. "How much cock have you sucked? Her eyes never left his as she shook her head no. It keeps getting better Frank thought to himself before continuing. "You will learn to suck this good. Yes? I tell you what to do and you will …obey. Now grab it like a child holding a melting ice cream cone and lick it all over.

We start there." Laurel, kneeling mutely before him, found herself inches from this enormous beast. Although bizarre in appearance, she couldn't help but feel drawn to its presence, and the power it possessed. When she grasped it in her hand for the first time, she could feel its heat and the pulsing ridges of its veins. Then she realized it. For the first time in her life she was going to be putting a man's cock in her mouth. She didn't miss the irony that she had been saving such things for someone more her age that one day she would hope to marry.

Now the first cock she would suck would be this weird looking thing belonging to a crazy obscene old bastard. She had only seen two penises in real life before this day, and while this one's size and shape would repulse many women, she found herself… wanting it.

"Now!" Franks impatience belied a concern for what her hesitation might mean. He had to nip any notion of disobedience in the bud. "Do it now!" Her left hand reached up and curled its fingers around his base, not quite sure how tightly to hold it. Her head moved forward and almost as if time slowed for Laurel, her tongue made first contact with a penis as she gave a slow long lick up the shaft. Ridged yet soft, smooth yet bumpy, she took another lick and then another. She was trying to decide if it was something she would want to do or not.

But, each following lick only made her think increasingly of how much she did like it. What had started as stiff explorative attempts, soon became meaningful creative stokes that danced not only over his entire shaft and head, but eventually travelled down to caress his ball sack with loving attention.

She was a fucking natural! Frank couldn't help but show his smug satisfaction as he looked down upon this blond beauty kneeling before him, paying such exquisite homage to his cock. How quickly was this one learning! A voice inside spoke to his state of mind. Yes, my love, soon you will be pleasing me in many ways you only glimpsed of in nightmares. Very soon… "Now it is time to put it in your mouth." His request was direct and to the point.

"Let's see how you suck." She pulled back for a second and caught his eyes before beginning. His cockhead was large and bulbous and she had to stretch her mouth to fully engulf it. Odd, she thought, how completely right it felt as she bathed the head with her tongue. "Hey! Keep stroking it as you suck… yes… that's it. Mmmm… now stick your tongue in my pisshole… Oh Christ!" Frank had trained many others how to please him, but none were as fast as this one!

He was quite impressed and soon his cock head tingling in pleasure. "Goood! Good girl!" Words of reinforcement were always part of the process, just used far more sparingly as things advanced. When he was finished with this one, she would know blind obedience and ready to do anything just to earn his approval. "Now take it in deep, much deeper. I know I am huge, but soon you will be able to swallow me completely." None had been successful before, but with this one, he would make it happen.

Fuck! She's doing it! This girl, who seemed to never have sucked a cock in her life, was becoming a fucking pro! After only one or two gags, she was controlling her reflexes and had him almost two thirds down her throat. There seemed no effort in timing her breath control. A fucking natural! Her pace and depth tolerance continually improved. The thought that this was stunning, untouchable Laurel, sucking on his dick like a total slut made Frank realize he better withdraw now or too soon he would ejaculating down her gullet.

He pulled her off and nodded for her to get up on the desk again. "Sit up! Now we have some real fun!" Laurel knew what was coming as she hoisted herself back on the desktop near the edge and splayed her legs. Why she was so compliant? She knew that this scary old man was about to insert that odd creature of his into her most intimate part, and she wasn't even freaking! In fact, she seemed almost …ready. Could she ever say no again? He moved in closer with his ridged dick spiking in the air and out thrust jaw almost challenging any question of his supremacy.

This was always an important moment of mastery for Frank. Almost never does one get a chance to fuck someone like her. Rich young handsome assholes that never knew hardship, those are the pricks that as if by God given right get to fuck young things such as this!

And with these bitches, you so much as smile at the cunts and they press charges. But not today! Fuck them! Fuck them all! Today it was going to be him, Frank, poking her pussy. Now she would know how a real man fucks!

He placed his cock head to her opening and pushed in looking intently at her face as he did. He always studied their expression the first time he invaded them. A conceited pleasure made him smile as he watched her eyes squint and mouth oval.

She gave an odd grunting sound as he pushed it in so deep that it seemed it impossible to go further. With their groins tightly pressed together, he spoke to her with a half snarl, "Like I told you, fun." He was in so far that she never thought anything could go that deep! This perverted, horrible old man, leering, had his cock entirely inside her. And she, with her legs spread far apart, felt… wonderfully full!

Frank slowly pulled back only to thrust it in again. God damn! Her silky lining grasped his shaft and head like a tight silk glove. And to her, it felt like his cock was a hot steel bar stretching her to walls to maximum containment. Especially that head! Ugh! …Ugh! …Ugh! Oh that glorious head! All her nerve endings were firing off like miniature fireworks. "Oh yesss… you like this, you little CockSlut! I can tell these things." A responding shiver ran down Laurels entire body as again she heard that keyword implanted in her mind.

Cockslut. "I knew you would be a whore just like the others!" Smug satisfaction stretched across his face as he thought back to them. Some just didn't know it at first, but eventually, they all did.

"Tell me how you love it! Tell me how you worship my cock!" Did it all come down to this? If only she could tell herself it wasn't true! How could he shame her to admit it? In her silence, she hoped her expression was enough to convey her surrender.

But Frank wanted more. He withdrew from inside her until he heard what he wanted to hear. "Say it! Damn you!" Her eyes opened only to again stare at evil, this perverted old man with contempt and power defiantly showing on his face. Only a few days before, she would have been screaming and clawing at him, desperate to escape, but this was now. And right now… she wanted it, no… she had to feel it inside her and admission was the only answer she could give.

".Please, put it back in. I …love it." Frank gave Laurel her reward by viciously stabbing it back deep inside the blonde's shapely body again and again. If it was for punishment or for pleasure, he didn't care which. Without her even being aware, her legs slowly entangled around his hips like a carnivorous plant enclosing its prey, never intending to let him get away. Minutes of heated lust played out. Sweat was forming a sheen on his face and body as he continued his barrage.

God this one feels good! He felt himself building; ready to discharge like he hadn't in years. Then, abruptly he stopped. And as he withdrew, a small strand of their communal sex juices connected them to their carnal act one moment longer.

"Get over to the couch" he gestured with his head as he backed away, "Now I'm going to fuck you like a bitch dog, on your hands and knees." Again that small part of her long stilled mind was wondering why she was so complacent, but she was. She positioned herself on all fours on top of the couch as if she was some starlet getting ready for the next scene in a porn movie. As she waited for him to mount her, like a judge he studied her still heaving chest with those stupendous hanging breasts, her arched back, shapely legs and that magnificent rump.

To him she was no different than some prized contestant displaying perfect form at a major kennel show. Damn she looked good this way too! He slid up on the couch close behind her, his lecherous old frame ready to once again envelop her, despoiling her perfect youth. Inhaling deeply, Frank drank in that glorious smell of sex that drove his engorged cock twitching to mount her yet again.

With an involuntary gasp she felt him sliding back in. This should feel so wrong! Where was the sense of violation, her humiliation and repulsion for such a disgusting man? Where was her outrage for his attack on her most intimate self?

And where was that trusted voice within, the one that saw her safely through her life up to now and only recently abandoned her? Was it gone?

Should she weep? All she felt now was the exquisite sensation that was coursing through her entire body with each thrust and craved only more! In her twisted new way of thinking, she realized it didn't matter which man was fucking her, whether he was cruel or kind, young or old, ugly or handsome, it was the fact was they all had cocks. That's all that mattered. His pounding intensified, and unaware, she was pushing back just as hard stroke for stroke.

The prophetic words of Reggie, the man who made her what she now was, flashed in her mind with accepted truth… Whether it's a dildo or a cock, anything stuffed inside feels great!

Oh how true he was! Frank removed his hands from her hips to grab her golden mane like the reins of a filly ready to be broken hard. This one was too easy! No fight in this one! She was completely his, and with a cruel sneer she couldn't see, Frank declared it was now time to bring this bitch home! "Ahhhhh!" he grunted! Absolutely the best! These fucking American women are such cheap sluts once mastered. But this one is so much better than the trash I pay for! Yes Frank had paid for many ladies of the night over his years in the States, but never used the same girl twice.

He knew better than to ask. And he always made it a point to go out of state for his more "exotic" tastes. But this one, he swore as his eyes rolled up in distant reflection, …I will use again and again and again… With an unforgiving grip he pulled her head back by the hair, she reared like a mare whose mouth was caught savagely with the bit. "You do like it! You are mine now little bitch!

Tell me again how you like it! Tell you will let me do anything I want with you!" If Laurel could have wept, she would have. But the truth was ringing like a tower bell inside her mind. She didn't want to openly admit it, but she did like it, she did, oh how she did.

A sharp slap to her ass was her final prompt. "Answer me little whore!" Tears of relief, freedom from denial allowed her answer to come out in a bursting sob.

"Yes! God damn you! I love it! I love your cock! Do what you want with me! Please! Just… don't stop!" Never had one of his victims been so quick to submit. From here on, he would not take it slow! Smug satisfaction and superiority beamed from his frightening visage as he continued the verbal abuse. "Oh yes my pretty little bitch! You whore!

You truly are mine now! And I will take you to heaven. And I will take you to hell! Tell me what you are! …Say it!" "…I am a Cockslut! Your Cockslut!

…your Cockslut!" Part of her brain snapped in realization of what she had just done! My God! Astonishingly, she was using her own trigger word on herself! It wasn't the computer, or someone else transforming her into a sex addicted mess this time!

Through that key word, she was actually programming herself! And immediately like opiate hitting her brain, her mind opened up, drowning with the incredible oncoming rush. Her grinding against him intensified into absolute frenzy. Each press of his cockhead against her cervix, each ounce of friction against her vaginal wall, each scrub of his pubic hair against her ass and each pounding slap of that huge ball sack against her clit, spoke of ultimate joy!

She had given total surrender to her new mindless mantra! …cockslut.cockslut…cockslut…cockslut… His dominance now unquestioned, Frank allowed himself to be lost in his own sexual lust!

His mind was now fixated at the crossroads of all his desires and frustrations. All those young girls back home, so much better than these teasing American cunts… till now. How many were there? Innocent, quiet, afraid to fight back, ultimately they all wound up doing as they were told… Oh… the things I've done… Franks eyes hardened and his face turned sinister.

Remembering always led to that one night, the reason he had to flee almost overnight from all those bastards who vilified him and sought his destruction. Yes! There were other close calls, but not like that one. Unnoticed by him, his thrusts obtained a new level of savagery, driving and unrelenting.

He was building to his climax.

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In his thoughts, Frank was ready to roar his defiant answer to all his enemies, the injustice against him and his narrow escape. Only to wind up in this stinking fucking country with this stinking fucking job!

His answer would be in his seed pumping into this fucking whore! By God! He hoped she was fertile so another bastard child of his would be walking this earth. The ramblings of his mind finally found voice with mutterings under his breath. "Fuck you! Fuck you all! …Bastards! Pricks! …I shit on all of you! .Just you wait!." Laurel, lost in her own world of fantasy, heard nothing! She was even closer to her own ultimate ecstasy. Again an innate fantasy to be exposed to others at the moment of release had consumed her.

This time as clear as it was real, she is on her knees, face pressed against dirty flattened cardboard on a cold sidewalk in some skid row back alley. She is being fucked from behind by some tramp as others jeer him on, waiting for their turn. She turns her head seeing all the damaged misfits of society swelling in numbers around her.

The old, the wretched, the unclean, all the castoffs are pulling down their pants, and priming their greasy unwashed cocks as they impatiently wait. As her face is rubbed along the ground with each shove, a particularly disgusting rummy is staggering to her face already half naked and lifts her up onto her arms as he kneels, bringing his oily cock closer and closer to her mouth for her to suck on.

The smell is overwhelming, but surprisingly, it only stimulates her more as she opens her mouth in acceptance and now willing anticipation. The orgasm which ripped through Laurel was without compare!

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Her whole body trembled then shook in violent convulsions. The building clamor of alarms, passion, disgust and joy all turned into a full roar inside her head! Despite her vagina gripping it's invader in almost a death grip with contractions, her juices sprayed back with such force and volume that Frank thought she was pissing on him!

He snapped out of his own lustful daydream to quickly realize the bitch was coming. But instead of spurring him on to his own climax, he was irritated she came first without him and distracted him away from his own depraved, lust obsessed moment. He pulled out just as Laurel was in her final thrashings. He now had something else in mind to do with her. He had intended to bury his seed so deep into this slut she would know what it's like to be bred by a bull, but now she needed to know it was only him that mattered.

He was going to make her drink it! If she fucking cums like pee, wait till she sees mine when I cum! Roughly shoving her hips off the couch to the floor, he sat down with his dripping cock fully erect and growled his order to the dazed young woman. "Finish me off slut! I'll teach you about cumming!" Laurel, still disoriented, crawled between his legs. Frank knew it would be long. Her mouth easily enclosed a third of his length. Immediately she began servicing him like a pro.

"Yes, little cunt! I'm going to drive it so far down your throat when I come you'll have no choice but to drink it all. And I will unload so much juice you'll think I'm pissing right into your fucking belly!" Hearing this, she paused to look up, but Frank, allowing no disobedience, placed his hands on her head and forced her back down with no opportunity to pull away.

With such restriction, she had no choice but to carry on. God she was good! Almost all of it was entirely inside her face! Frank only judged women by how they made his dick feel, and this one was fantastic!

He relaxed his grip on her head when he saw she was continuing on her own. He looked at the sexy, curvy young woman, strands of her sweaty blonde hair matted against her shoulders, the rest of her golden locks bouncing with her effort. He felt her timed breath huffing against his pubic hairs.

It exulted him to think it was between his old legs that this wonton young American bitch was getting off as well… on his cock! Oh fuck! Yes, that delicious tingle was back! It would only be seconds now! In a move that surprised Laurel, the total might of his hands pushed her head completely down, impaling himself deep inside.

Her nose mashed into his pelvis while he started bucking with quick controlled thrusts. Laurel, frantic now, tried to push away with both hands against his belly and release herself from his bizarre choke hold. "Oh no you don't little bitch! You will swallow it all!" His cock then began twitching like some alien invader laying its seed deep within its helpless victim.

Spray after spray she felt it entering her. He was cumming so far down her throat; she was helpless to do anything but experience it.

Her unfocused eyes began to water as she struggled to breathe. Staying alive now became the most important thing.

And still he kept cumming. When tears began rolling down her face, he exulted in it. He always loved it when he made them cry. Her hands became fists as she pounded on his chest, desperate to let her go.

The futility of her attempt was laughable. Her face was turning from bright red to purple and the sound of a rapidly pounding trip hammer began banging louder and louder in her skull. Then… finally, he was done. The moment just before she would have faded from consciousness, he let her go. Heaving sobs of air racked her chest as she knelt before him.

Half a minute passed before it finally looked that she was starting to settle down. He reached out and began stroking her hair gently. Frank then spoke to her with the same tone a loving father would give in explaining the need for correction to an errant child while the pain of discipline slowly fades.

"I am so sorry Laurel for being forceful with you. In time you will learn not to question my authority and will do as you are told. It will be better for all of us" In time…? The words staggered Laurel. What did he mean… in time? It was maddening to her! All these conflicting emotions and experiences needed time to be deal with, to be understood. But there was no time! In the brief moment of respite following the aftermath of her orgasm, the small voice of her former self was wailing to be heard, trying to wake her from this terrible reality.

But the new Laurel stepped fiercely in front to remind her what in truth she really now was. And so began the new mantra… a Cockslut… cockslut… cockslut… She had no chance.

Before she was aware, she was leaning forward and nuzzling back into his groin. She placed his softening cock into her mouth and gently began to suckle.

Ah! Frank thought. So fucking easy this one! Already she tries to make up by serving me. He let her continue for a little while to show his approval before the irritation on his already spent cock told him it was time to stop this devotion.

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"Ok, enough. Get off." Yet still she continued in her efforts to bring him back to full erection. "Bitch! I said enough! Get off now!" Again she acted as if she hadn't heard his demand. Is she stupid all of a sudden? Quickly he raised his right hand to give a good swift cuff to her head. Some things it seems the cunt still needs to learn! But before he could deliver his blow, with the speed of a cat pouncing on an escaping mouse, her hand reached over and clutched his balls in a firm grip.

Her nails dug dangerously into his scrotum like sharp claws, capable of execution on quick notice. At the same time her eyes flashed up to meet his, piercing and feral.

He instantly got the message. Any wrongful act on his part and he would be missing a nut sack and half his length. He took a moment before he chose his next words. Still trying to exert authority over the situation, his next command spoke of calm control. "I said stop. It is finished, over. Release me now before I get angry with you." Still she continued.

Another moment later, his tone had softened as he changed tactics. "I just came and am finished. Get off. There is no more." Still she did not relent.


Although her touch was magnificent, his cocks spent sensitivity and the throbbing pain in his balls from such a nut busting discharge had him squirming. "It aches now. Stop it." But she only persisted. And then desperation made him say something he had not said to a woman since his youth.

"…Please." At this, without removing her mouth or hands, she looked up to stare directly into his eyes. And when she did, Frank was taken aback. He saw something that he had never seen in anyone but himself… wild, pure, unfiltered lust.

Then, she just got back to business. It was in this moment of exasperation when finally understanding struck him hard! She wasn't trying to pull away before when he came, she only wanted him to shoot off in her mouth where she could… she could taste it! A woman whom he was sure had never sucked a cock in her life before this day was now addicted to the taste of semen! Unbelievable! She wants me to come in her mouth now…so she can… fucking taste it? Who is this woman??? By now his sensitivity was starting to dull and her expert abilities were getting him raging hard again, despite the protest of his throbbing balls.

But with this new knowledge and the realization that this would not be over until she said so, the mean hateful side of his being manifested itself with a snarl and a new edge to his speech. "Yah you fucking bitch! You need it eh? You want more of my spunk, to swim in your belly like fish. Well you whore, I give it to you.

So much, you'll think I'm pissing! .Ugh! …You cum addicted little cunt!" She brought me back to life, thought Frank, and now she will pay! He let his mind go, to fixate totally on wild fantasy and past transgressions. And in all those horrible acts he perpetuated, Laurel's face was the only one he saw!

Oh! And then his thoughts turned to all the new and horrible ways he would ravage her! Passion flamed without boundary, and quickly the actions of his thoughts flowed freely into the rantings that spewed from his mouth. "I'm going to pump so much cum down your gizzard you'll drown bitch!" He was thrusting now in short frenetic strokes.

"Your life is now a nightmare, you cunt!" On and on the diatribe continued until abruptly his head snapped back and he bellowed a final roar of fierce primal triumph. "Arrrghh!!" Spray hit the back of her throat like a rapidly firing water pistol. This time she was determined to taste it and felt her cheeks quickly filling, and then, stretching taunt. But the taste! Oh god it was good! So good! Without even one hand touching herself, she was orgasming again!

Her throat shrilled in high vibration! Jet after jet after jet! Soon her mouth was so full she had to start swallowing or drown. Being as full as her mouth was, some couldn't help but squirt out the sides of her perfect seal with his cock as she did so. It took several gulps to feel any control.

Laurel was now at the peak of her climax and Frank saw her eyes roll back into her head and her eyelids flutter. After it was over, she finally released him, gasping for air, and he saw sperm still pooling inside her slackened mouth. Then, after another swallow she began to lick her tongue around the outside of her mouth like that small child trying to catch the last trace of delicious ice cream now that there was no more to enjoy.

And then it was over. The only sound was their mutual labored breathing. Not a word was spoken.

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It seemed surreal, as if all the passion, lust and emotions brought out from dark hidden memories and unyielding urges seemed to fade into air like morning mist. No eye contact was made. After a brief moment Laurel got up off the floor and began to get dressed. There was no rush nor thought to the other person in the room. Like two rival predators unsure of their opponent's limits, they kept their respectful distance, acting with disregard yet concealing the tremendous tension that lay beneath.

Cinching her belt in the last act of getting dressed, after picking up the DVD, Laurel went to where her handbag hung on the wall and grabbed it before leaving. The heavy door closed with a quiet… click. After she had left, Frank lit up a cigarette and sat back down on the sofa, sitting near the edge so his testicles could hang down unhindered.

"My fucking balls still ache!" he muttered to no one. Christ that woman! Not that he was upset with her so much as he was impressed. Imagine! Never having sucked a cock before that day, yet leaving the best he knew.

He finished his smoke in thoughtful assessment. On his way home to his apartment, Frank stopped at a plaza along the way where he knew there to be a public phone booth in a remote corner of the parking lot. Stepping in he entered a local phone number he had only ever called a few times, yet he knew from heart, one that would never be found written down or in any address book.

After two rings he hung up and then punched the number in again, this time letting it ring for five. On his third attempt someone picked up. The both spoke in their native tongue.

"Henri? .Frank. Are we good to talk? .I have found her. She will be our queen of sluts." The following conversation was brief and when Frank hung up, he paused for a moment of reflection before a smile spread across his face, one that his eyes did not share in.

He had one last thought as he lit another cigarette and walked back to his car. It will be good to be back in business again. The author invites you to leave a remark or contact him with your comments.