Nacktes rotkäpchen pinkelt auf den geile wolf herab pornobilder

Nacktes rotkäpchen pinkelt auf den geile wolf herab pornobilder
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Fbailey story number 709 My Sister-In-Law's Pictures On the Internet Every night I check out an Internet site that specialized in people posting pictures of their girlfriends, their wives, and voyeur pictures.

It was incredible what you could see at beaches, motorcycle rallies, and special doings like Florida's Fantasy Fest or New Orleans' Mardi Gras.

Then one night I saw my sister-in-law Tommie. She had posted her own pictures asking people for their comments.

Her face was not covered so not only did I recognize her but I also recognized her bedroom and the picture on her nightstand of her kids. Wow! Tommie was my wife's younger sister. At forty-five she had been divorced for one year and now her two boys were out of college and married. Apparently she was feeling frisky. I had never suspected her of posing nude let alone posting them for the whole world to see. I had to admit that she sure looked good for her age. Her big breasts were sagging slightly from gravity, her belly had a slight roundness to it from having children, and her ass was fantastic.

As for her pussy, I loved the fact that she had hair on it, that she held it open for us, and that she smiled sweetly as she did so. I gave her the highest rating that I could and then I left a message that I would love to see more pictures of her. I wasn't the only one to leave messages like that either. The following night I saw another set of ten pictures that she had posted, thanking us for our comments. In that set I recognized my bedroom.

My wife had taken those pictures. I always kept a picture of my wife in a skimpy bikini on a beach on my nightstand and there it was. In the very last picture Tommie had a dildo stuck in her pussy.

I recognized that dildo because I had bought it for my wife not too long ago. I also recognized the fancy fingernails holding the dildo in her pussy. My wife had just gotten them done the day before and was proudly showing them off to me. They were bright red with white tips and yellow roses on each one.

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I left a message requesting pictures of the woman with the pretty fingernails. The night after that there was another set of ten pictures. There was my wife with her sister but her face was blocked out.

I still recognized her, our bedroom, and the jewelry in her pierced pussy lips. I had copied all of the pictures to my hard drive so I printed out the one of Tommie with her face in my wife's pussy. I walked up the stairs to our bedroom and showed it to her.

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My wife just smiled and said, "I know that you check that site out every night. That's why I suggested it to Tommie. I told her that I had accidentally stumbled onto it at work one day. She doesn't know that you know. What would you like to see tomorrow night?" I said, "My cock in her pussy." My wife laughed and said, "Okay!

That shouldn't be too hard to set up. Can you come home at noon?" I said, "Hell, I'll take the whole fucking day off if I can fuck Tommie." My wife said, "You had better fuck me first." Then she helped me out of my clothes, pushed me onto our bed, and climbed on top.

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I had never seen her so excited before. As she rode my cock she told me about the photo session that morning, how Tommie had talked her into it, and how great it had felt to have her sister's tongue in her pussy again. Apparently they had done a lot of girl on girl stuff as teenagers when they lived at home with their parents.


They ate each other and all of their girlfriends too. That is until they discovered boys.

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My wife said that after they had discovered boys they would still tongue the other's pussy but only if there was cum in it. Then while they were licking the boy's cum out, the other sister would tell her who's cum it was and where they were when it was deposited. Once Tommie told her that she had let six boys fuck her at a school dance in the boy's bathroom.

She didn't even know there names but they were all virgin freshmen and she was very popular after that dance. To get even with her sister my wife let the family dog fuck her once. Well, at least she said that it only happened once…but I didn't believe her.

The next day I did not go to work. I hid my car a few blocks away and walked home. Then I stayed out of sight in the basement until Tommie arrived at ten o'clock. I could hear them walking around the house. My wife had told me that she would get Tommie naked and then have her pose in every room in the house for pictures. Around eleven o'clock they would stop for coffee and then around noon they would stop for lunch.

That was when I would jump out of the cellar and catch them both naked with a long stick of pepperoni in both of their pussies. I waited and I listened at the cellar door.

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When I thought the time was right I slipped out quietly. My wife was facing me and gave a slight smile when she saw me.


Then she asked, "Tommie my husband has seen your pictures on the Internet." Tommie said, "So what. I don't care. Lots of men have seen them." My wife said, "He had a request for tonight." Tommie asked, "What is it?" My wife smiled and said, "He wants to see his cock in your pussy." Tommie said, "That's okay with me if it's okay with you.

Tell him to come straight home after work. I'm so fucking horny that I can't stand it. These pictures are driving me crazy." My wife said, "I don't have to tell him, he is standing right behind you." Tommie leaned her head back and looked at me upside down. Then she said, "Your dressed. Get naked and fuck us already." I took the camera from my wife and said, "I think I'd like to get you both on that stick of pepperoni.

You can post them later." My wife said, "And you don't have to block my face out either." So I spent several hours taking pictures of the two girls together…with…and without…my cock in them. The thought of fucking my sister-in-law had always fascinated me but doing it for real was even better.

Knowing that my wife approved made it even better yet. I knew that the three of us would be having a lot more sex together in the future and that I would get to take a lot of pictures.

Fucking Tommie for the third time that first day was the best. I was over my initial excitement and Tommie was over her extreme horniness. So instead of sex we actually made love and it was great. It was like making love to my wife but it was different. Every time I pulled my cock out of her Tommie would suck it clean. She had been taught that that was what a woman was expected to do. My wife laughed and said, "Mom told you that, didn't she?

She told me the same thing." Tommie replied, "No! Actually it was Dad that told me that. After you left home he would come into my bedroom every night for a blowjob." My wife looked shocked and said, "He tried that with me but after the third time I bit him. He never bothered me again but he kept telling Mom to straighten me out." Tommie smiled and said, "It all makes sense now.

That's why he had Mom eat my pussy while I sucked his cock." I just smiled thinking that my mother-in-law was now a widow and that she would fit perfectly in the pictures with her two daughters. They thought so too. The End My Sister-In-Law's Pictures On the Internet 709