Givemepink Blonde slut gives us a close up of her tight pussy and puts a glass d

Givemepink Blonde slut gives us a close up of her tight pussy and puts a glass d
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It was the humming that woke her up. The humming, and the headache. It wasn't a hangover, the woman thought. It felt different. What had she done? The woman sat up slowly, sliding her slender legs over the edge of the bed. She felt cool steel. Unusual. The darkness around her did not change as her eyes adjusted. She reached a hand down as she slid to the floor, confirming her belief.

This wasn't a bed, more likely a table of some sort. She held a breath as her feet touched the cold floor. It was also, she assumed, steel. No sooner than she had felt the surface beneath her, bright white lights flooded the room. She stuck her hand over her eyes, blocking the intrusive light. Through her cracked fingers, she began taking in the room around her. It was like the inside of a dome, with sterile steel walls, the same as the floor. She stood shakily on her smooth, shapely legs, and sighed slowly as she surveyed the room.

There appeared to be no doors. No windows. The only feature of the room appeared to be the table she had woken up on. The woman noticed the cold. Once it was in her mind, she shivered violently, unable to shake the deep chill. She reached her hands over her hips, failing to find any fabric. Wherever she was, her clothes didn't follow. She nervously covered her breasts with her arms, the cold-stiffened nipples pressed tightly. Her legs crossed, attempting to cover her softest flesh, leaving only a slight strip of hair visible in the V of her pelvis.

Small goosebumps rose up her thin arms, rolling across the smooth skin of her shoulders. A blinking green light on the floor caught her attention. She moved to the light, cautiously looking around as she squatted down. It seemed to emanate a small amount of heat, spurring her hand closer.

She realized almost too late that it was, in fact, a button. It was inscribed with a numeral "I". She quickly withdrew, nervous of the repercussions of pressing it. She stood up, catching her breath quietly. The floor grew colder beneath her. She jumped up, startled by the change in environment. Testing her theory, she moved to the wall, resting her hand against it. It was ice cold. The lights began to dim, adding to the overall sense of foreboding. She retreated back to the button, drawn by it's warmth.

The floor began to burn her feet with it's icy bite. A long drawn in breath returned into a long mist of steam. She closed her eyes tightly, and pressed the green button. A mechanical clank opened her eyes. The center of the room began to lower into a narrow spiral staircase.

Steam rose from the opening, a sure sign of heat. The woman hurried to follow it, the warm mist enveloping her smooth white skin, sparkling with crystallization as it met the cold air. The room was oddly shaped, almost like a bowl. She realized that the building was a sphere, and this happened to be the lower half. She could make out the same featureless steel walls through the steam. She walked up the sloped floor, relieved to feel the warmth on her skin.

She began sliding as she attempted to scale the curved incline, and lost all footing as she heard another 'clank' from behind her.

The staircase sealed itself back into the roof, locking her in the steam.


A bright red button glowed tauntingly from the roof. The slender woman walked back to the center of the bowl, her hair becoming heavy with moisture. Soft beads of water slid from her face, creating small trails down her full breasts.

She ran a finger along her firm stomach, testing the wetness left by the haze around her. She cried. The sound echoed around her, swelling in her ears. She muffled herself, attempting to regain control. A small trickling sound became apparent.


To her surprise, water began flushing down the sides of the bowl, drawing warm water into the center. The woman spun around restlessly as the water began to fill the hemispherical room.

Panic set in as the relentless water poured, bringing it to neck level. It stopped. Another industrial noise drew her eyes to the ceiling, where several circular hatches opened.

Multiple objects fell into the water. The woman shrieked, swimming towards the curved edge of the bowl. Something brushed her leg. The woman flailed in the water, attempting to fight off the intruder. She felt it again. She reached into the water, grabbing ahold of one of her assailants. It was a smooth, phallic object. It squirmed in her hand, whirring with its mechanical resistance.

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A quick shock emitted from it, forcing her to drop it in the water. She clambered towards the edge, kicking her legs violently. The red button mocked her, dangling out of reach on the ceiling. She reached the incline, dragging her hands against the steel, helplessly crawling.

The mechanical phallus hit her. She gasped as it pushed against the soft flesh of her vagina, attempting to gain access.

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She reached her hands to attempt to expel the invader, instead finding two more of the steel shafts. She grabbed them in an attempt to strike against the other. Her hands seized as currents shot through her. The two machines in her hands were sending localized shocks, contracting her hands tightly around them.

They began to separate, holding her arms out in a T-Shape. The trickle began again as water began filling the bowl.

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The woman squirmed, resisting the invader between her legs. She knew she was losing, and her legs grew tired. her feet no longer touched the bottom of the bowl, and the two probes in her hands kept her head afloat. She froze as the tip of the invader found it's mark. Despite the warm water, the steel was distinctly cool. The woman gasped out as the thick body of the machine began sliding inside of her, pressuring the walls of her tunnel. She was too tired to scream.

The segments of the shaft began rotating in opposite directions, effectively drilling itself deeper into her tightness. Her body convulsed against it, attempting to squeeze it out of her. The warm water seemed to become more viscous around her, adding lubrication to the machine. She felt her legs go limp as the last of the strength in her legs gave out. The phallus was having it's way with her, pistoning and spinning inside of her. Her hole spasmed around the cool steel hardness, unable to fight without her legs.

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Her head threw back in defeat, eyes looking up at the ceiling. The red button was getting closer. Her limp legs shook mildly as the rod thrashed about inside of her. There was a numb pleasant feeling, but the horror of the situation detracted any sense of pleasure.

The woman drifted helplessly in the rising fluid, her chest rising and falling with the thrusting below.


A mild orgasm struck her, not in pleasure or enjoyment, but out of natural response. As her walls contracted, the machine pressed in deeply. She exhaled sharply, feeling the rigid steel straighten inside of her against her cervix, releasing a warm sensation deep into her core. The shaft withdrew from her hole, disappearing into the fluid.

The two probes on her hand released their electric hold on her, releasing her into the thickening fluid around her. Her muscles were exhausted. The only reason she didn't sink straight into the fluid was the change in viscosity. Holding in deep breaths, she kept her head above the surface. The red button was tantalizingly close. The woman shakily lifted her right arm.

It trembled with exhaustion from the electric contraction. It was as if she were tied down, her arm struggling against gravity and fatigue. With a final gasp of exertion, her finger grazed the button, the ridge of the inscribed "II" brushing lightly. The spiral staircase lowered in front of her, cutting its way through the thickening fluid.

The last desperate strength in her muscles brought her forward, swimming though a thick gel. She slumped herself up the last steps, collapsing as she reached the top hemisphere once more. As she lay gasping on the steel, she surveyed the room. The table was no longer there. The staircase sealed behind her, disappearing into the floor.

She looked for the little green button. It was gone. A deep feeling of unease hit her. She looked up to the apex of the dome to see an orange flash.

The button.

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The lights were still dim in this room, and a quick movement flashed by. Her foot moved into a small, sticky pile. She withdrew quickly and curled into the fetal position. The woman stared at the orange button. Through it's flashes, she could make out tick marks. She cried.

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The button read "III". Below her, unknown, the bottom hemisphere transformed again. A new room was building.

The sphere waited.