Ladies are here to get dicks in gazoo

Ladies are here to get dicks in gazoo
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My story starts 10yrs ago when I married my Beautiful Ebony wife. I was 30 and my wife (kim) was 33yrs old with a 15yr old daughter.

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Mother like daughter, Kim has a big beautiful tits (38Ds) with a nice set of hips and a phat ass, Angel at the age of 15 already had her moms body, Big tits, hips and ass. Angel and I always would flirt with each other.Mostly talking shit.But that changed after her mother and I got a divorce, a year and half ago. Now I'm 38yrs old and Angel is 21yrs old. I moved into a new house.

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Angel is in collage and still comes and visits me and stays here time to time. So back in may when she was going to be on summer break, she called me to ask if she could stay with me for the summer, I said ok.

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For the first two weeks we hardly ever saw each other becuz of my work as a truck driver. The first night I was home, Angel and I had a dinner she had cooked, then went to the family room to watch some t.v. and catch up.

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About two hrs later I got up to take a shower and went to my room and into the shower, when I got out Angel stuck her head in the door to tell me she was about to shower to and wanted to watch a movie she had got with me. About twenty minutes later I heard her coming down the steps.then saw her come into the room, that all most made me cum too.

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She was waering one of my t-shirts with out a bra (nipples hard as rock) and no shorts (could see bottom of her ass) she sat down on the couch next to me asking if it was ok.stumpling to say anything and take my eyes of her carmel colored thigh I just nodded my head yes, then she got up to put in the dvd, she bent over and I could see she had on a thong (red) and thats when I started to grow hard.real hard in my gym shorts.when she turned aroud I noticed her looking at the tent I had and couldn't hide fast enough.when she sat back down she was even closer to me then before!!!

About thirty minutes into the movie I felt her hand on my inner thigh rubing it, then she told me she hadn't had dick in six months and she was so horny and moved her hand up to my swollin dicktelling me she had to get some dick.then she grabbed my dick and sarted to strok it thruogh my shorts.then we kissed, her lips were so soft and juiceyI couldn't stop her, one we broke the kissI stood up in front of her and pulled my shorts down, she then started to stroke my cock that was already hard as steel telling me she couldn't beleave how big and fat it was.

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I'm blessede with a 9"x6' cock.she then started to lick the tip of the head, then while still stroking it she took the head between her lips I couldn't help but moan then.She then started to suck about six inches into her moth and cuped my ballsin her soft hands She started to pick up the rythem and taking me deeper into her throut now gagging so I grabed her by the head and held her still with most of my dick in her mouth.After about 10min I knew it wouldn't be long so I grabed her up into my arms and took her up to my room, once there I took off her thong and my shirt and started to lick and suck on her Big brown nipples, one then the other, then worked my way down to her soft spot, first rubbing her clit, then i started to kiss, lick and suck that young pink juicey pussy.

spreeding her lips and suck that clit while licking her brown lips she started to moan that she was about to cum arching her back and pushing my head deeper into her she let out a low squile and screamed she was cuming, but she didn't need to tell me so, because I could taste her juices as they flooded my mouth once her orgasm stoped I worked my way back to kiss her and told her I had to fuck her tight lil pussy, she then rolled me over and straddled me grabbing my hard cock as she strated to take me inside of her.


because she was so wet she took about 5inches right in causing me to let out a moan as she did the same telling me she didn't think she could take it all, but after rocking up and down a few times she had it all in side of her, as she bounced up and down I grabed her tits and played with her nipples witch she told me she was about to cum again so I strated to thrust up deeper into her and that was all it took for her to cum again.Her pussy grabbed tight around me as she strated to scream she was cumming, I could feel her juices run down over my balls.then I rolled her onto her side and started to slam in and out of her squeesing her tits she then told me that it hurt but not to stop fucking her so I slamed it in her even harder and faster then to my surprize she started to squirt all over my bed screaming Not able to hold on any longer I pulled out and shot my load all over her pussy and ass.she then told me to put it back in and keep fucking her so I told her to get on her knees and started to fuck her doggystyle.

As I was fucking her from behind I watched her ass do the wave and she told me to spank that ass telling me she was my dirty bad lil girl so I slaped that ass and started fucking her as hard and deep as I could, she started to rub her pussy and once again cumming all over me and the bed, Thats when I started to finger her ass, I wanted to fuck her phat ass.but before I could she turned around and started to suck my dick telling my she wanted to taste me.and with in a few mins.

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I was cumming down her throut as she swallowed it all!!! then she pulled me out of her mouth and told me next time I want you in my ass DADDY.then she got up and went into the shower as all I could do is fall out onto the bed. There is more to come!!!

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let me know what you think.remember this is my first story.sorry about any spelling eras