Gorgeous fantasy teen fucked in missionary

Gorgeous fantasy teen fucked in missionary
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My ex wife was very dumb when it came to scams. One day while walking out of the store. A black guy standing there said to her as she walked by. That she had a nice smelling perfume.

She smiled and thanked him.


He asked what kind it was. She stopped and told him what it was and he asked her if she would like to sample and maybe buy some new perfume. she hesitated breifly and he said its all half price or less. She agreed to check it out and followed him to the side of the store, where he opened his trunk and had 100's of bottles.

He kept grabing different ones and opening them for her to smell. Then he grabbed one and told her I think you will love this one, its only $10. she agreed to smell it. as he lifted the bottle to her nose, his other hand grabbed the back of her head.

It wasn't perfume, it was a bottle of either. As she felt her mind going blank, Her knees went weak and she lost her memory.

Here as the guy made a signal to his partners. There slowly pulled up beside the guy and her in a conversion van. Another guy opened the side door and jumped out helping to grab my ex and place her into the van.

One of the three guys closed the trunk of the car and jumped behind the wheel, to follow the van. Once at and unknown spot. the three black guys started undressing my ex. ripping her clothes off. As she started to awaken, one of them put a rag with either to her face again.

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Being week from the first time, She blacked out again. Now I have a 7 inch dick and she was always telling me it was too big for her.

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The first black guy had about 11 inches. as he tried to force it into her pussy. It was so tight that it was not going in her. so he had one of the other guys hold her legs up high into the air as he straddled her hips. as he forced his cock inside of her pussy, it started to rip the walls. He could only get a few inches inside of her at first.

But after several minutes of thrusting into her pussy, He began to enter further and further. As he got almost all of his cock inside of her tight pussy. Her mouth opened in pain and one of the other black guys stuck his cock into her mouth. Here was like 13 inches being shoved into her mouth while 11 inches was banging into her pussy. This went on forat least 10 more minutes before he exploded into her pussy. He was laughing and joking with the others about how tight it was.

About this time she started to awaken again with a horrorble headache from the either. she could still feel the big cock inside her pussy. And at that monment she knew she was being raped.

But what she didn't know was what was to come. The guy with the cock in her mouth pulled it out and jumped ontop of her.

She started to cry to please let her go. One of the guys told her in a laughing voice. we will when we are done with you bitch.As the second guy started to push it into her. His cock was a bit bigger and hurt more with the ripping it caused.

She let out a scream and the thrid guy shoved his cock deep into her mouth. She tried to bite the cock in her mouth. So he shoved it into her throat, causing her to gag and she couldn't bite down on it.

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Now this cock was at least 18 inches. This guy laughingly said wait til I put this up your sweet ass bitch. Now at the same time the second guy is banging her pussy hard. Her pussy is beginning to get numb from the fuckings she has gotten so far. Not even 5 minutes later she can feel the gushing of cum into her pussy and she starts panicking, because she knows she can get pregnent easly.

And she realizes that the first one must have cum in her also. About the time she is thinking about this she feels the hot gushing squrts filling her mouth and throat. Its gaging her with so much. She has never had a man cum in her mouth and it tastes nasty to her. she starts gaing more. The guy starts slaping her head and face telling her to swallow every drop of his cum.

At this point she has no choise but to swallow it. As the guy fucking her pulls out she feels a big relief. The guy in her mouth tells her to keep sucking his cock for a few minutes. Thinking the ordeal is almost over, she complies with her three rapists. Here she is thinking she will be let go in a few minutes. Then the guy with the 18 inches pulls from her mouth and tells her he is going to fuck her now. She starts crying and begging him not to. He just laughs as the other two are laughing and saying baby we aren't close to being done with you yet.

A fear comes crashing down on her, Not knowing what to expect next. The guy starts shoving his 18 inch cock inside of her. She begins to shake with the pain from this monster cock being forced inside of her once tight pussy.

she lets out another scream not thinking what else could happen. As her scream is replaced by another huge cock in her mouth. All she can think of is the pain she feels from this cock ripping her pussy into.

This big cock fucks her for around 30 minutes, before cumming inside her. With a cock in her mouth, she is wondering what could be next. He pulls it from her mouth and flips her over and says I'm going up inside you.

As this sinks in her mind she is crying and begging like mad for them to let her go and she won't tell anyone. They all laugh at her and tell her to shut up or they will beat her badly and kill her.

Then in an thrust she feels a finger up her ass. The guy used KY-jelly to greese up her anal canal, and thats when she really started screaming bloody murder.

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So the guy punched her in the head realy hard and told her to shut the fuck up Bitch. Her cries calmed down for a monment, Until he shoved his 11 inch cock into her ass. She began to screan and cry at the top of her lungs. One of the guys grabbed the either rag and held it to her face.

She passed out again, while the three black guys took turns fucking her ass. At one point she started to awaken to feel more pain then she ever felt in her life with a big huge cock in her ass. the rag was placed in her face again. The three took turns ass fucking her because it was really a tight ass. I have tried several time with no luck to fuck her ass. she would never let me.


So anyway, When she awokened next she was on her side with a cock in her pussy and her ass at the same time. She started crying and begging to be released again. When she felt a big cock being shoved into her mouth again. So now she has all three cocks inside her at once. this went on for several hours. Her pussy, Ass and mouth hurting from the fuckings she's gotten. At one point she knew the cock in her mouth was just in her ass a few monments before.

She could taste the foulness. But she was giving no choise as to anything she could do about it. The three guys were taking turns with her ass, pussy and mouth. Just when she thought it was all over and she was going to be freed.

They told her they had some friends that she might like. She could feel the van moving, But she was made to suck cocks all the ride. Then they put the rag to her face once again. When she awakened again. she looked around to see she was in a house. There were alot of guys there looking at her and some were smoking some kind of pipes. A bunch of guys held her down on the floor, while one guy shoved a needle into her arm.

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It felt warm and wonderful, Then she started throwing up. In her mind she was thinking that they shot her up with some kind of drug. as it went through her body making her relax and feel wonderful. She felt more cocks being shoved inside of her every holes again. Cock after cock in her mouth, ass and pussy. sometimes it was one at a time and other times it was two and three at a time. For the next three days They were sticking the needle in her arm and giving her some kink of drug. And at that point she was feeling all wonderful and didn't care who fucked her.

She laid there in the middle of the room on a matress being fucked over and over. It seemed like a lifetime to her and that it would never end. She had so many cocks shoved down her throat, that linda lovelace from deep throat couldn't keep up with.

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And you can open her legs and see a hole in her ass and pussy the size of half dolars. I bet you she will never agree to be so trusting ever again. By the way she had triplets from all this.

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The kids were 2 black ones and one looks spanish. I'm not going to tell youhow they turned out. But now she hangs out in Bars where they play country music and gets drunk and gang banged almost every weekend. I see her every now and then and get my fucks in too.