Milf Big Tits And Big Deck

Milf Big Tits And Big Deck
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Fucking at Work (Part 1): Fingering in the Lab To start, let me tell some things about myself. I am 5'7", 145 lbs., bright green eyes and long blonde hair. Many people tell me they think my eyes are my best physical feature, but they are liars.

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See, I know that my perky D-cup breasts are by far my best feature, followed closely by my firm, round ass. I am also a scientist and I work in a lab, I even have glasses and a nice white lab coat.

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Moving on. I had a one-on-one meeting scheduled for that afternoon with another one of the supervisors in the building. For some reason I was almost a little nervous about it. There was some serious sexual tension between Marcus and I, the coworker I would be meeting with in less than an hour. Today I had made sure to wear something extra sexy in hopes that he would take notice.

I wore a light pink blouse, with lace along the revealing neckline, showing off my beautiful tits. I also wore a tight gray pencil skirt and my pink stilettos that made my ass look extra plump and juicy. I had worn my hair pulled back in a loose bun, red lipstick and of course, my glasses and lab coat. With only about thirty minutes until our scheduled meeting, all I could think about were various scenarios that all ended with Marcus' hard dick fucking my tight pussy.

Needless to say, I was soaking wet and so horny that I couldn't wait any longer, I needed release and I needed it right then. I was sitting at my desk in my lab, people come in and out of there often but I was confident that no one would notice if I slipped a hand underneath my skirt, as long as I stayed close to my desk. I let my fingers graze over my red lace thong before gently rolling my middle finger across my swollen clit.

I couldn't help it, a small moan escaped my lips. I slowly began rubbing my clit faster, with more pressure. I could feel my hard nipples pressing against the tight confines of my black and red lace bra. I froze. I heard footsteps right outside the door to my lab.

My eyes were fixed on the turning doorknob as I began fingering my dripping wet pussy, slowly as to not draw suspicion. In walks none other than one of my direct reports, Erin. Instantly I was turned on by the fact that I was masturbating practically right in front of my subordinate; the only thing standing in the way of him seeing me was my desk.

He started asking me a string of questions related to a project he was currently working on. I only half heard him. I was completely lost in my own world of lust-driven desires.

All I could think about was what Erin would do if he knew that his boss was violating her own pussy just a few feet away from him. I moved my fingers from the confines of my tight pussy, up to clit.


I moved my fingers in circles and I had to concentrate all my efforts on not moaning. I could feel that I was about to have a mind blowing orgasm. I noticed that Erin was looking at me like he was waiting for me to respond to something. "Sorry, what?

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I wasn't paying attention" I admitted to him as I tried hard to concentrate on the conversation while still flicking my fingers across my sensitive clit. "The report that I am writing, does it need to be submitted to you for review before I send it out to the board?" He said, and he sounded slightly impatient with me. I took a deep breath to suppress a moan as I started to finger my clit faster. I was getting dangerously close to orgasming right in front of one of my own employees.

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"If you could please send it to me for a quick review, that would be great! I'll let you know once I've looked it over and you can forward it on to the board. Thanks for working on that!" I spat out, a little unnaturally as I tried to contain my overwhelming pleasure. "Will do. No problem." Erin said, nodding his head and turning to leave the lab.

Immediately, I started rubbing my clit hard and fast. I needed to orgasm, hard, right then. My panties were drenched and my pussy couldn't take it any longer. I stared at Erin's ass as he was leaving the lab and imagined how his ass would clench as he was thrusting his hard cock into my pussy right here, at work, in this lab. That was my breaking point. Just as Erin shut the door behind him my pussy tightened up and I could no longer control myself. I moaned loud as an earth shattering orgasm rocked my body.

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I felt my pussy juices flood over my fingers as my body continued to convulse. As I started coming down off of my orgasm high and my body calmed down. I realized that I only had a few minutes to clean myself up before I needed to head to my meeting with Marcus. I walked quickly to the ladies room and started mopping up the pussy juices from the inside of my legs and my pussy.

Man, I smelt like sex. I washed my hands and sprayed a little bit of perfume from my purse. That was as good as it was going to get.

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I applied a quick coat of lipgloss before leaving the bathroom. I walked towards the elevator and pushed the up arrow. I waited anxiously and I started getting the butterflies in anticipation of being in the same room, alone, with Marcus.

I was really hoping that today our sexual relationship would progress from just flirting to something a little more physical. I climbed in the elevator and it took me to the third floor. As I walked down the hallway to his office, my pussy was already getting excited again.


I knocked on his office door. "Come in." He said and into his office I went. To be continued.

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