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Dressing to impress for me has always been second nature Monday thru Friday provisions have been set to insure everyone meets a carbon standard. A uniform by any other could never be as supplicating to any male eye.

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Dress shirt and skirt simple yet the trope is often ignored and replaced by a fixation of a bearing midriff and pigtails. I am not of fan, nor do I entertain the idea of such a portrayal. Unlike my good friend Stephanie and other girls at my school, being seen as provocative is an ambition. Attention from the opposite sex is the intent.

Surpassing one another's performance was the instigator to the erroneous stunt. Stephanie and I take the same route home everyday that passes an all boys school. During our time of passing the boy's football team begins conditioning. Our presence is scrutinized by the boys and expressed in any attempt to spark up a conversation, Stephanie enjoys their tainted attention.

One afternoon while walking home from school one of the boys from the football team handed us a flyer for a pool party that was Neither Stephanie nor I had ever been to a pool party. Stephanie was excited while myself a bit timid. She then remembered that she had soccer practice on that same day. She hinted that I go on my own. I told her it would be a bad idea My parents would never let me go to a co-ed party.

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Stephanie insisted that I lie to my parents and trick them into believing that ill be at her soccer practice but then hitch a ride to the party with her older brother.

After hours of arguing I gave in and agreed to go as tribute. There was just one problem, I didn't have a swimsuit nor did I have the money to go and buy one. We began our search through Stephanie's mothers closet to see if we could bum an outfit from her. Sure enough we found this black one piece. Normally I wouldn't wear something with such a cheeky bottom as a bathing suit, but I settled.

Unlike Stephanie and most girls at my school am discerning with the way my uniform fits partly because am curvy. Most girls weren't as developed as I was not like I have big tits am barely an A size cup, but my legs and thighs are of ample proportion. Once during sophomore year while walking home, a homeless man interrupted me and informed me that he believed that I had an ass of a woman and a face suited for a schoolgirl.

going to an all girl school you tend to become ignorant to estrange male attention.

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Originally I induced his comment as more polite than perverse. Being so naïve, I replied thank you and continued on my way. Stephanie suggested I wear the sultry halter suit underneath my uniform so I wouldn't have to worry about changing after class. Plus while at the party, if I wanted to, I would just remove my uniform to show off my raw ensemble. Which I would avoid doing at all cost. The flyer advised, "No bathing suite no entry." and I was just making an appearance for reputation sake.

The night before the party I stayed the night at Stephanie's house. I had gotten my parents permission to accompany Stephanie to her practice, so everything was set to plan. Before we went to bed Stephanie talked me into trying on the garment as a practice run. I was reluctant at first, considering on several occasions Stephanie had an act to become overly playful, striking and touching parts of my body inappropriately. But that hadn't happened in months so I figured it was just a phase.

I agreed to try it on, but under one condition, skirt stayed on. She agreed so I went into the closet to change. As I began to remove my shorts Stephanie yelled out, "No bra!" then laughed. During that time her older brother so happened to be passing her bedroom door.

He overheard her and decided to listen in. Snugging myself into the black thong bodysuit I could feel the tightness of the material as it clutched my body.

While adjusting the suit, I delighted in the way my hands felt as I tickled myself around my torso adjusting the high cut elastic band around my thighs. I began to get warm The V style neckline showed a modest amount of cleavage. I was surprised with how well the silicone underwire huddled my breast heaving them upward making them perky and bulbaceous.

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My nipples got hard and permeated through. I took my fingertips and began to massage them around my nipples my breathing began to stagger I pulled my tits out and pinched them ooo. I moaned and my thighs began to get wet Stephanie then yells, "hurry!" so I adjusted myself and exited When I exited the closet The room temperature dropped from comfort level to nearly freezing My body slathered the suit, filling in all the right places.


My walk was slowed and wary by the tense material drifting up my ass. I felt vulnerable I felt wet I wanted to be touched Stephanie attempted to force the cloak that covered my nipples open so she could pinch them bare I covered my chest with the palms of my hand and turned away my ass got spanked I clenched my tits from the pain stephanie quickly hugged me using all of her strength she tried to pull me to her bed I gave in with her face pushed up against my chest I landed on my backside with her hands gripping my ass cheeks while on the bed we began to wrestle her hands clamped down and rubbed up the sides of my thighs her breathing deepened I managed to pin her down restricting her from continuing to grind her body on me the thong suit was tight in my ass I went to pull it out taking my attention off stephanie She smacks and flutters my ass I turned around as fast as I could, grabbing a hold of Stephanie yelling, "Stop it!" Then and there was a knock at the door.

Stephanie's brother sounded, "is everything ok?" Startled, she ran up to the door, totally forgetting what I was wearing and opened it. Her brother stood at the doorway staring like a fervent admirer.

I was caught on the bed on all fours. My over garnished body was on display for his malicious imagination. He attempted to walk in, but was stopped by a slamming door.


I spurted for the closet to change I couldn't help but wonder what he may have done to me if he had been let in? Stephanie apologized for her brother and his attempt to enter but said nothing for her actions.

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