Unusual kitten cannot wait to take beefy cock

Unusual kitten cannot wait to take beefy cock
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nahht If you're looking for a raunchy, nasty sex story, Leave. This story involves underage characters, if you're not into that, Leave Otherwise, please stay and give it a read! ____________________________________________ revision #1 Beeep Beeep Beeep Beeep, It's 6:15 on a cool Maine spring morning, I climb out of bed, with my 7 inch, 15 year old cock peeping out of my boxers.

I sit there on the edge of my bed until my erection subsides enough to tuck it into the waistband of my boxers so I can sneak by my mother and into the bathroom to shower.

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I turn the shower knob and the water sputters to life out of the showers nozzle. I dip my hand into the stream of water to test the temperature, it's perfect. I strip off my boxers to reveal my half hard cock and short trimmed pubic hair. For a second I just stood there gazing at myself in the mirror, more specifically I stood there staring at my young toned body with a faint outline of a 6 pack and my cock dangling between my legs.

The bathroom was starting to steam up so I stepped into the now steaming hot cascade of water. I dipped my head into the stream and then lathered it up and then rinsed my hair clean. Then I begin to work my way down. First starting at the tops of my shoulders moving the bar of soap about, now down to my chest over to each of my arms, down over my stomach scrubbing off the remnants of last nights 'duties' that had matted the hair of my happy trail to my stomach.

Finally I had reached the best part, my crotch I gently moved the soap back and forth over my pubic area, then to my cock, and lastly my balls. Putting the bar of soap back on the small shelf I then continued to caress myself, I once again began to come alive growing bigger and bigger, more stiff as each second went by.

Once my cock reached it's maximum size I took a seat on the shower floor and grasped my aching pole and began to gently slide my hand up and down my shaft. I closed my eyes and imagined having the hottest, sexiest, sweatiest sex of my life. I tightened my grip on my now throbbing unit and began to fasten the pace. It felt wonderful. my body trembled and my muscles tightened as I could feel myself coming to an orgasm as I came closer and closer to the point of exploding I began to let out soft moans making sure they were no louder than the shower.


I was so close to cumming I could feel my body tingling. Then the orgasm hit me. I stroked my hard cock as fast as i could until I spewed my milky white nectar onto the shower walls. I stood up and rinsed the excess soap and cum off of my body -*Knock Knock* Dylan get out of the damn shower and stop wasting the water" my mother barked "OK mom!" I grumpily replied I returned to shower knob to its "Off" position and climbed back out of the shower, grabbed a towel off of the rack and began to dry my self off in the same sequence as I had washed myself.

First vigorously scrubbing my head until it was slightly damp and frizzy, then my shoulders, chest arms, crotch and so forth.

I wrapped the towel around myself and just as I walked out of the bathroom my mother said she was leaving for work and that she was doing some overtime today so she wouldn't be home until 7:00. I said goodbye and walked into my room, grabbing my normal clothes, Boxer Briefs Slim fitting jeans, a black leather belt, and some sort of bmx related shirt.

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I slipped on all my clothes, then checked myself out in a mirror, there I was in all my glory, 5'10'', 135 pounds, somewhat lanky, with frizzy tangled hair. I used my hands to make my hair a little more presentable, packed my bag with my books, cellphone and computer and tossed on a pair of shoes. I threw my bag over my shoulder And walked out the door.

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I waked at a leasurely pace down my short driveway and then onto my street where there were 3 other younger kids and one girl my age. I continued on down my street past all the houses with their manicured lawns and gardens coated in morning dew and a little a bit of frost.

once I had reached then end of the road at my bus stop, there was this one girl standing in front of me her name was Jamie. She was a sophomore just like me, she was fairly short, I'd say around 5'3 Had nice b sized tits and face of an angel, she also had the most beautiful red hair I have ever seen.

and shealways wore flip-flops and tight jeans that showed off her tight little ass. She was also wearing a white wifebeater. I was already day dreaming about the end of the school day, Then i head something hit the ground. Jamie had just dropped her phone, I instinctively started to bend down to pick up the phone as she spun around and did the same thing our hands met at the same time, kind of like a ''Lady and the Tramp'' moment. I looked over at her only to be looking straight down her shirt, where I thought I could make out the outer edge of her right nipple she, then whispered in my ear.

"Yeah, you'd could try looking at my face instead of tits." afterwards biting the right side of her bottom lip and staring into my eyes with a seductive look. I replied with a half choke half laugh. Then at that moment the bus pulled up, so I returned her phone with a "here you go" She said "thanks" and we boarded the bus.

My bus was separated into different sections at the back were your stereotypical, badasses, after everything they said, there was always a "your mom" or "oh snap" shouted from one of them. Then there was the younger kids, around 6th and 7th graders who sat there and talked about video games for the entire ride. Then there was my friend Andy and I. He was also 15, 5' 7'', 145 pounds, short brown hair, wearing mesh track shorts and a plaid button up shirt.

We didn't really fit into a certain group, we played video games, we smoked pot (a lot), we talked about sex, who's hot, who's not, so on and so on, I guess we were just social outcasts. Then there was Jamie, she always sat by herself listening to music for the whole ride.

I was always tempted to start conversation but didn't want my girlfriend to find out. Then at the front there was everyone else, The preps, popped collars, khaki's, bright colors, lots of obnoxious laughing.

Me and Andy talked about the usual, Pot, that was our hobby, that was our sport. Andy had time to smoke that morning so he was rambling on about George Bush titty fucking a whale, I laughed at him and he continued to ramble for the entire ride to school, so I didn't say much else.

Then we arrived at school, the bus came to squealing stop, the doors swung open and we all got off the bus. And there she was. Abby my girlfriend, how I ever was able to score her baffles me, at a petite 5' 5'', with hazel eyes, fine dark brown hair, very perky C sized boobs with nipples that seemed to always be visible through her bra and t-shirt. She had a flat toned stomach, and long slender legs covered, err well slightly masked with short dark brown shorts.

I grasped her in my arms and we kissed, she poked my lips with her tongue which was the signal for me to do the same our tongues touched for a moment and then my friend who was toasted let out a shriek. "Ewwwww get a room you two!" I replied with a laugh followed by, "Yeah maybe we should" I then focused my attention back at Abby who asked me if I was doing anything this afternoon, I replied "no" and continued to tell her my mom was getting home late today and suggested that she come over.

She agreed, she was coming home with me and her sister would pick her up before 7. *Buzzzz* The first period bell rang Abby's friend Lizzy came over and tugged her by the arm and said that they better hurry to class or they might get in trouble.

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I gave Abby one more peck on the lips said goodbye and headed off to my first period class with Andy. The day seemed to fly by First Biology, Then Study hall, Geometry, English, Then another study hall, durring study hall my phone began to vibrate in my bag I reached down unzipped a pocket and read the screen "Incoming call from Abby" I slipped my phone into my pocket, got up out of my seat and went to my teacher and asked "May i go to the restroom please" She replied "yes, you may" I quickly waked out of the room, across the hall into the bathroom, I opened my phone dialed Abby's number and she Immediately picked up.

I said "Hey whats up" She told me she was really bored and asked if I could come down the hall to see her I said I would If I could get by my teacher.


I exited the bathroom and and sneakily walked by her classroom. I walked to the end of the hall where Abby was sitting against a locker drawing circles on the bland gray and black floors.

I slid down beside her and startled her, she looked up at me and raised her hand, and in between he thumb and index finger the dangled a pair of keys. "What are those for?" I asked "Guess" She replied "A safe?" I said "Nope, the year book room" The year book room was probobly the most secluded room in the entire school, so I knew what was up. All I said was, "Alrighty then, this isn't much like you, but I guess I'll play along" We both went out the doors at the back of the hallway we were in walked over to the next set of doors, opened them and the principle waked out.

He said a nice "hello" We did the same back and continued into the hallway. Then took a side hallway down to the room where we made sure no one was coming, Abby unlocked the door slid inside and I closed the door behind us. I pinned Abby up against the wall passionately kissed her, our tongues slipped around inside each others mouths.

I slid my hand into the back of Abby's shirt, unfastened her bra and gently removing it and tossing it to the side, I placed my hand upon her firm breast slightly squeezing it while making circles around he nipple with my middle finger, she quivered with excitement and let out a small moan. I retraced my hand from her shirt and pulled it off over her head. she stood there half naked with her beautiful tits out in the open. Abby grasped the bottom of my shirt and took it off of me tossing it over with her shirt and bra.

I then lifted he off of her feet and placed her onto a table, I un-buttoned he shorts and un-zipped the fly, They slid down her smooth slender legs and fell to the floor, only to reveal a pair of crimson red hot pants with a black lace trim.

"You like?" she asked "Hell yes" I replied I kissed her on the neck then a little farther down on her neck, then inbetween he boobs then for a short moment I sucked on her nipple she let out a squeal of glee. I continued my way down to her stomach. then to her perfect little belly button. I grasped each side of the hot pants bringing them down where I could see the top of her tight pink pussy and then her clit and then *da da da da du du du daaaa da da da* my Sandstorm ringtone on my phone went off, somehow when we were fooling around my phones volume was turned up.

Knowing that the walls were very thin in the school i fumbled around trying to get my phone off, once I got my phone out and turned the volume off I realized that there was only five minutes left in the period. "OH Shit, we gotta' get a move on!" I told Abby she franticly jumped off the table her tits bouncing up and down she picked up my shirt tossed it to me I pulled it over my head as she asked me if I could fasten her bra for her, I did as she asked.

she slid her shirt on, picked her shorts up off the floor and pulled a folded up piece of paper out of the pocket, she gave it to me and said that I had to give it to Andy and that I can't read it.

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She slipped her shorts on over her sexy panties and headed out the door locking it behind us as soon as we got out of the small side hallway There was a loud booming voice that said.

"You two stop there!" I was scared shitless, I've gotten in trouble before but what was some one going to think when two teenagers come out of an empty classroom?

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What would the school do? I slowly turned around expecting to see the dean of students or something, But no, There was Andy with a big ol' smile on his face, as soon as I said "Andy, you asshole!" Abby turned around and flung a pencil at him. "Your friend needs someone to occupy his life so he doesn't keep on bothering us" she said Andy said "Dude why didn't answer your phone, I wanted to go smoke a doobie, ooohhhh wait, You two were., messing around weren't you" Abby stormed off, "Fuck you man" I said to Andy.

Then I remembered that I had to get my bag for next period I ran back to my study hall room, grabbed my bag and went to US History class. After history was lunch I went over to Abby and Lizzy pecked Abby on the lips an apologized for Andy earlier.

"Did you give Andy the note?" She whispered to me ''Oh yeah, I forgot about that" I said "Go do it now" She demanded "Alright" I said On my way over to Andy who was in the lunch line I looked back to make sure Abby wasn't looking at me, I un-folded the note "Hey Andy, I don't know you very well and I don't think i could ever do this in person, but I kind of like you, well, I actually really like you.

I'm sure you can figure out where this is going so here's my number" 207-145-4837 -Lizzy To me Lizzy wasn't a very attractive person, she was about 5' 6''-7'', still had some baby fat around he stomach and cheeks, she always wore tight fitting clothes that showed off her B sized tits, overall she was pretty slutty looking to me.

I carefully folded the note back up and approached Andy. "Someone told me to give this to you,She told me to tell you not to open it until after school." "Alright Dude" Andy said his arms filled with Pop-Tarts and And Ice cream Sandwiches.

He took the note from my hands in between his teeth We all sat down and ate lunch, I rested my hand On Abby's thigh rubbing it occasionally and letting my fingers wander to her crotch.

Lizzy was sitting opposite the table of Andy with a dreamy look in her eyes. As the bell rang for last period I Gave Abby another kiss and went on my way last period which seemed to drag on for ages, it kind of sounded like the teacher from Charlie brown for me "Blah Blah Blah BlaBlah Blah Blah" As soon as the bell rang I bolted out of the room and to Abby I gave her a big kiss with some tongue, she grabbed my crotch and stared into my eyes.

Then Andy showed up, "Was I fucked up this morning?" Abby angrily replied "Yes" Andy shrugged Abby then whispered if it was alright if Lizzy came over to my house too, I said "I don't know, what about me and you?" "You read the note, I saw you" I shrugged, even if I did lie she'd know, so I admitted.

I knew what was happening, I walked over to Andy and asked if he had read the note yet. "What note?" he asked "The one I gave you a lunch dumbass" "Oh yeah!" he pulls it out of his pocket unfolds it and reads it, he looks up at me and says "What the fuck" "What, What does it say" I ask "Lizzy wants to go out with me" "So, do you?" I ask Shes coming over to my house today for some reason too.

''Yeah, she's fucking hot'' Andy says "Alright, party at my place then?" Andy Laughs and says "I've got's the marijuana!" We all board my bus, which is already loud, I sit with Abby Lizzy sits across from Abby and I, and Andy sits in front of Lizzy and starts flirting with her.

Abby is sitting next to the window so I place my hand on her thigh slowly creeping up her shorts until my finger slides over her smooth, shaven pussy lips, very slowly her hips grind in circles around the the pleather of the bus seats she lets out a small moan she grasps me by the wrist and whispers into my ear, "Save some for later Dylan" "Okay" I simply reply, I look over at Lizzy and Andy, still engrossed in conversation.

As the bus arrives at my stop all four of us get our stuff and make our way off the bus I'm the last one in line, and in between me and Abby Jamie sneaks in smiles and winks at me, I really don't know what to think of her.

I step off the bus onto the warn asphalt of my road, we all chat about everything that happened at school today. When we all arrive at my house I tell everyone that 'we're going to chill in my garage since it has 2 couches, chairs, table and a tv. I ran inside real quick to grab some drinks and when I come back we sit round with each watching the few channels of tv I have in the garage other for a while until I bring up the idea of to smoke some pot, Abby and Lizzy have smoked a few times but they have never smoked from a bong before so I thought it might be a good time to introduce then, I reach around back of the couch and pull out a bong, pass it to Andy so he can Pack the bowl.

I explain to the girls how to smoke from the bong "You're going to breath out all the air you have in you lungs, then your going to put your mouth here, and cover this hole and suck in, then when your almost out of breath take your thumb off of the hole and suck in as hard as you can hold in the smoke for a few seconds and then blow it out and, DO Not cough into the bong, Alright?

"Yep" "Okay" Andy goes first then me then Abby, who gets a decent hit and then Lizzy who also does a decent hit this goes on for a while and before we know it we had cruised through.

couple bowls. Then we just relax and start watching tv again Abby lays her head in my lap and stares into m blood shot eyes for a few minutes until Andy says"Nutsack" which cracks everyone up. We all watch a couple episodes "Everybody Loves Raymond" Abby then notices that Andy and Lizzy are making out and off in a world of their own, on the couch opposite from Abby and I. I refer back to out bus ride and ask "It's later now, right?" "Oh yes it is" she replies Just as she spoke Andy walked up and asked if he and Lizzy could go chill in the guest room at my house.

I said "yeah dude, go ahead, just don't stain anything haha" Andy led Lizzy out of the garage and into my house. "Now where did we leave off?" Abby wispered seductively I climbed ontop of her and kissed and nibbled her neck. I lifted the tshirt off of her tiny body and my hands fumbled with her bra clasp for a little bit longer than normal. once I had it un-done I lifted off her shirt and cupped her perfectly size breasts in my hands.

I began to suck on her nipple and flick it with my tongue and nibble on it a bit she moaned quietly and gasped for air, I moved my way down her firm and toned body kissing and licking her everywhere.

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I unbuttoned her Shorts and slipped them down her legs and allowed them to drop to the floor. Abby grabbed at my shirt and tore it off over my shoulders. My cock is now throbbing inside my jeans, Abby slowly, undoes my belt, unbuttons, and then unzips my jeans and slides them down over my thighs to expose my boner through my boxers. She slid my pants ovrr my ankles and we pressed our bodies together. We became hornier and hornier by the second, I rubbed Abby's tight pink pussy through her red panties they soon become wet with her sucluent juices.

I pulled them down past her ankles revealing her fully naked body. Then she throws me back licks me down my chest and grabs my throbbing cock through my tight fitting underwear, she then pulls them down to my knees, then my ankles and finally tosses them on the floor.

I roll her onto her back and slide down her sexy sweaty body to her young shaven pussy. I began to lap at it like an animal, the musty smell, the indescribable taste, I couldn't stop. she was moaning grabbing my head, pulling my hair and thrusting may face down into her pussy which was now flowing with juices. I worked my way back up her body sucking her nipples while rubbing her clit with my fingers. I then took my cock and began to insert it into he tight pink pussy, the sensation was like no other, so warm and slippery.

her muscles seemed as if they were grabbing at my cock and guiding it deeper and deeper into her body In, Out, In, Out. I got off of her and pulled her towards the edge of the couch. I kneeled against the edge of the couch and guided the tip of my cock into Abby's dripping wet pussy. Slowly as I could I pushed my hard dick deep into her pussy I kept going until she let out a scream and clawed at my sides. then I began ti thrust my cock in and out of her young pussy.

i lifted her legs onto my shoulders and began to fuck her harder. My balls slapped against her ass as I pummeled her pussy. Abby became Increasingly louder and then all the sudden I could feel myself nearing the point of explosion. I thrusted my cock in and out of her twat as hard and fast as I could. I slid two fingers into abby's mouth to keep her from screaming when all the sudden knew what was coming, I exploded inside her my sweet nectar was flowing from her pussy.

I still kept going it Abby was moaning and biting on my fingers load as her juices began to flow more intensely then her entire body tensed up as solid as a rock and released a stream of warm juices. I removed my 7 inches from her and began to lap at her clit again she kept on shooting out small bursts of her juices over and over again. Abby once again threw me down and began sucking my cock, licking of the remains of our juices. she continued, I felt myself coming again I tried to warn her, but she didn't seem to care then it happened again I blasted off inside her mouth.

and then she did something she'd never done before, she took my whole cock into her mouth all the way Dow.


and deepthroated me. she gagged as saliva and cum flowed from her mouth and once again i moaned and shot cum into her mouth.

"Whats going on in there?!" More to come.