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Pool dick sucking with hot lena cova
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About Twenty-Treee years ago, our mother gave birth to triplets. Two boys and a girl. I was first, my name is Mike, next was my sister Chris, and then Sam. According to our Dad, we were all born about 10 to 15 minutes apart. A few years later, we moved to another City for my Dads' work and found a very nice house on the edge of town.

It had a large back yard with a high fence around it and a small wading pool in one corner.


Our closest neighbor was about 100 yards or so to the east and no one west of us. We did not have a problem of being seen. During the warm summer months we liked to play in the pool while Mom would lay on a blanket and sun bathe. Except for Mom, none of us wore any thing. We were about 5 or 6 then. In the evenings, she would bathe all three of us at the same time. I can remember Mon and Dad discussing something almost every evening and some times getting very loud.

I could tell that both Mom and Dad were very upset about something. When were about 10, Mom and Dad divorced and the three of us were separated. I had to go with my Dad and Chris and Sam stayed with Mon. I always wondered why Mom wanted Sam to stay with her. I ask Dad several times but never got an answer.

We got to visit about twice a month but always it was for only about 3 to 4 hours each time. This went on for several years.

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I went on and finished school and later joined the service; I turned 18 a month after joining up. After boot camp, I was given a 7-day pass. Stopped by home and had a 2 day visit with Dad. He had re-married. I did not think too much of his new wife as she seemed to always be on the phone talking to someone.

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I left there and went to see Chris, Sam and Mom. When I got there, Mom was waiting for me at the Bus Station.

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I ask about Chris and Sam and was told that they had wanted to spend some time with Aunt Ann (Mon's sister) on her farm and would be back home in a couple of days. Later the next evening as I was getting ready for bed, Mom came and knocked on the door and came in saying she wanted to talk about some things and about the past when the three of us was a lot younger.I have something very inportant I need to talk to you about but first I want to take a shower and I would like for to come shower with me.

I begin to stammer and got kind of red faced. She said, OH come on now, It will not be the first time we have seen each other. If you remember, you walked in on your dad and I several times late in the evening when you were supposed to be in bed. When we stepped into the shower, I was beginng to get a boner. Mom smiled and took hold of my cock and told me that I had a nice tool.

I told her that it was about six and half inches. She noticed that I was looking at her pussy and that it was shaved and smooth. She said that she started shaving it about a year ago and liked it that way. She turned toward me and plled me up close and said I must have you before Chris and Same come home.

Doing it standing up, I was not able to get inside her very far but it did feel great. Anyway what she wanted to talk to me about was Sam. She told me that Sam was the reason for the divorce.

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I then ask why. I sat down on the edge of the tub and then she told me Sam is now Samantha. What are you talking about, I ask. Sam is a transvestite, in other words, she is a she-male.

Do you know what that is, I nodded my head yes. The doctor told us about it a week or so after you all were born. Now you know why Sam stayed with me instead of going with you and your Dad. He wanted Sam to have an operation to fix her. I had heard that the operations do not always turn out like it should is the reason I said NO.

I had a long talk with Sam when I noticed that her body was beginning to change and the reason for it. Two weeks later she came to me and told me that she was happy with the way she was. Then she asks if she could tell me something else and not get mad. I told her yes.

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Her and Chris had been getting together and enjoying each other every Saturday while I was out shopping. She also mentioned that they wish that the four of us could get together after I came home.

She told Sam that she would have to think about that and would let her know later. All the next day, I was wishing I could talk to Chris and Sam. Mom kept asking me if I was ok, I guess because I was not talking much, just mopping around the house. That evening, told Mom that I was going to go lay down as I was a little tired, also wanted to think about what she had told me last night.

I hit the shower, dried off and layed down on the bed. Must have been about an hour later, I heard the doorbell ring and heard Mom unlock the door to answer it. About 20 minutes later, I heard Chris and Sam at the door and ask if I was awake. I grabbed the sheet to cover myself and told them I was awake. I told them to go back down stairs so I could get dressed and come down and we could visit.

Both said for me to stay where I was and to move over to the middle of the bed. They quickly undressed and got on each side of me. Sam told me to just lay still and that they wanted to be close to me. They needed some hugs from their big brother.

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I could not think of anything to say so I put my arms around each of them and pulled them up closer to me. They both took hold of my cock, which was standing strait up and moved closer to me. Later I reached down and felt Chris's pussy and found it shaved just like Mom's Sam had a Hard-on and I noticed that it was not quit as long as mine, about four and half to five inches.

Both her and Chris had nice size boobs just like Mom. A few minutes later, Mom came in not wareing anything, climed onto the bed and said that she needed some hugs too. I ask, why all this attention all of a sudden. About that time, Chris got up over me and lowered herself very slowly on my cock and told me that this was her coming home present for me. Mom moved up on the bed to set on my face and started rocking back and forth.

I started licking and sucking on her clit and noticed how good she tasted. Sam got up above my head in front of Mom, leaned against the headboard and Mom started sucking her cock like it was an all day sucker. Because of its size, Mom was able to take it all. Mom looked down after a bit and said when Chris was finished, she needed me inside her all the way this time.

Not like last night. Sam later told me that she; Mom and Chris would take care of each other a couple times a week and wish that the four of us could have been together each time because I needed to be taken care of too. After Chris rolled off and told me how good it felt having me home again, Mom mounted me, leaned over and gave me a big long kiss.

Then she told me she had wanted me deep inside her ever since I had turned 18 and that tonight would be much better than last night. She aslo told me that the three of them had planed all of this. Later I noticed that Chris and Sam had a blanket laid out on the floor with Sam pumping Chris fast and hard. Later Sam and I were giving each other a blowjob while Chris and Mom were in a 69 position going after it hot and heavy.

Sam told me that I was the only male she had let suck her cock and it sure did feel good. I told her that her's was the first cock I have ever given a blowjob too. It was different and her cum tasted sweet. I later told Sam that anytime she needed some satisfaction that I would always be glad to take care of her. I dont know how many times I came that night and have no idea about Chris and Mom. All I can remember is none of got any sleep that night and what a night it was.

About 3 years later, I left the service, married and moved into an apartment. A week later, Chris moved in with her boyfriend. Mom never re-married, sold the house and her and Sam moved into an apartment.

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A few times a year, mostly on 3 day holiday weekends, the four of us would get together and as Mom would always say, take care of some family business. NOTE: Thank you for reading. This is my first story and I would like to hear your comments to decide whether to wright any more.