Esposa com amante mudando de posi ccedil_ atilde_o sem tirar de dentro

Esposa com amante mudando de posi ccedil_ atilde_o sem tirar de dentro
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I Am Curious (Fourteen) My name is Lola and everyone tells me that I'm beautiful, and maybe they're right, I'm not sure really. I have high cheekbones and I don't need to wear makeup to be pretty. So far my skin is dewy and soft, and my eyes are really big and dark blue, and my hair is shiny and dark brown, and falls just below my shoulders. I have a straight nose and a long neck and I'm thin with nice tits, huge really, and a tear drop shaped, firm ass that looks amazing with a thong wrapped around it or with nothing at all.

My legs go on forever, and my lips are pretty and full, and I imagine they look best when wrapped around a huge, thick dick. Everyone tells me I should be a model. All I know is that both men and women stare at me, and like drool over me, so I guess I'm doing okay in the looks department. I'm also very curious by nature, well about certain things, like boys, and sex and being popular and being cool.

I'm not curious about school subjects though, not so much, in fact I got held back a year because I failed too many subjects when I was twelve. My mom was really pissed off but I don't really care and as soon as I can I'm quitting school and just maybe I will try modeling like everyone says I should. Why be a burger flipper when you can be the girl in the picture, right. By the time I had my fourteenth birthday, my tits were already big. I'll never forget how my cousin Joey got me alone during my party.

He told me he had a present for me outside, and he took me out behind the shed in the backyard to give it to me. I really loved Joey. He was quite a bit older than me, like eighteen or nineteen, and he was very cool.

I felt important when he paid attention to me. I went with him to get my present after the cake had been served and the party was winding down. Joey told me his parents would make him leave with them so it was now or never to get my present. When we got outside, Joey and I were hidden from everyone in the house. I remember how sunny it was out there and how quiet. It was a warm spring day and I felt like a big girl now that I was fourteen, and I felt especially cool because Joey really seemed to like me.

Joey was smiling at me then told me that I had really nice big tits and he wanted to show me how great it was when a boy touched them and sucked them.

I asked him if that was my present and said it was part of it, and there could me more if I wanted, but for today he'd just feel me up so I'd know how good it was. He asked me if he could and I said sure. I really wanted to know. He put a hand under my blouse right away and then the other and pushed my bra up so my tits were exposed. He put one in each hand and squeezed them a little, then started kneading them.

His eyes were half closed and I thought I heard him groan. Next, Joey pulled my blouse up and looked at my tits then bounced them a little, bounce, bounce, bounce, and then squeezed them again. He told me I had really great tits and he was going to suck them now. Before I could say anything he had bent down a little and had put one in his mouth and was sucking it while moaning a little.

After a minute he sucked the other tit while still moaning, then bounced them both again and sucked on both at the same time.

It felt really good. There were these little electric sensations moving around in my body and the more he sucked me, the more I wanted him to keep going. Since I am a curious girl, I wanted to know what else he could do to me, because there surely must be more.

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Joey stopped sucking but kept kneading my tits and asked me if I liked my present. I told him I loved it and I didn't want it to stop.

He looked around then, and back toward the house and seemed to be deciding something. Joey told me he thought there was time to give me one more thing before we had to get back. He said he was so turned on that it wouldn't take long.

I told him I wanted to see. He looked at me a little nervously but told me he would. He started sucking each tit again and after a minute or so, after I moaned a little, he pulled back and gently pushed me down onto my knees with his hands on my shoulders. Joey didn't hesitate at all and all of a sudden he had unzipped his jeans and pulled out his big hard dick which was now right in my face. I had recently learned from my girlfriends that it was called a dick, but I had no idea how big they were.

He stroked himself while he told me he'd like it a lot if I would suck him. He said that he'd sucked my tits and now it was my turn to suck him. I asked him why and he said because it would make him feel good and I wanted to do that didn't I. I definitely wanted that so I said okay and that's when he told me to open my mouth and next I felt his dick push in and just sit there for a moment. He told me to suck a little so I tried and he pushed in farther as he moaned, then pulled out a little and pushed back in.

Joey told me I was doing good and to keep sucking and so I did, and I felt him put a hand on the back of my head while he pushed back in again, deeper this time, until it became nothing more than him moving his dick in and out of my mouth while I sucked as hard as I could. In less than a minute Joey was breathing hard and holding my head so tight I couldn't move it if I'd wanted to. Sucking Joey was a little strange but I was feeling more of those funny sensations down deep somewhere inside me and I didn't want them to stop so I sucked and sucked and Joey started moving in and out faster, constantly moaning now and in another minute or so he pulled my head toward him using both hands and held me so close to him while he pushed deep into my mouth.

My nose was buried in the hair he had down there and it was a little hard to breath, and then I heard Joey say, I'm gonna come, take my cum, Lola, and all of a sudden he stopped moving and his dick was deep in my mouth and started twitching a little and then I tasted something salty, something thick on my tongue, and Joey pulled even harder on my head as he let out a long groan, saying, "Fuck, yeah, take it, Lola, swallow it, honey, all of it." Just as suddenly he was done and he pulled out right away.

Joey told me to lick his dick a little, then he tucked himself back in his jeans and zipped up. He pulled me up and gave my tits one last bounce and sucked each one for a couple of seconds, saying how good they tasted, and then he pulled my bra back down, then my blouse.

He told me happy birthday and did I like my present. I told him I liked it and was there more, and he said there definitely was but he was saving it for another time, when we could have more time alone together. He said he might want to include a couple of his friends to help him. I felt really great when he said that, like the older boys thought I was cool. I was still only fourteen but I was already a cool girl. Joey told me my present was our secret and not to tell anyone and I said okay, it's our secret.

I was hoping we could do it again soon and told him that. He looked at me slyly and said not to worry, that he'd find a way to make it happen real soon. I smiled then, a big smile, and he wiped something off of my mouth and told me that I looked great and was so pretty and that no one would ever suspect what my present was. We'd only been gone about ten minutes when we went back to the party and I told everyone I was showing Joey where I planned on starting a garden out back.

This was news to my mother who thought it was a great idea nevertheless. Joey and I both had another piece of cake, and finally he left when his parents did, giving me a long look before waving goodbye. It wasn't the best birthday party ever, but one of the best. About a week later, I was at school and at lunchtime, Jerry Samson, asked me to go out to the woods behind the school to have lunch with him. Jerry was one of the cute boys and he was being very friendly and I told him, great, and he told me to meet him out there.

I brought my sandwich and a soda and walked out to the place he told me about. I knew it well because I'd played there a lot when I was just a little kid. There was no one around so I sat down under a tree and started eating my sandwich. When I was almost done, Jerry showed up and sat down next to me and told me he was sorry he was late but he had some stuff he had to do. He told me he'd had his eye on me for a while and thought I was very pretty and wanted to get to know me better. He moved in and kissed me then and boy was I surprised.

Jerry Samson was kissing me. I was going to be the most popular girl in school. He kept kissing me, and I felt his tongue in my mouth and that was the day I learned how to french kiss and, wow, was that ever good. We were both panting a little when I felt his hand go under my blouse and go right to my tit and start kneading it through my bra. God, it felt good. I remembered how I'd felt with Joey, and this felt even better.

When I let him continue feeling me up, he soon pushed my bra up, exposing one of my tits. He rubbed and kneaded it, and something about my tits made boys want to bounce them, so Jerry bounced it a little too, then he pushed up my blouse and starting sucking the exposed tit, and, God, it felt good.

I was all tingly as Jerry kept sucking on me and I let him push me down on the ground where he pulled out my other tit and started sucking both of them.

He was breathing hard now and when his groin rubbed into my leg, I could feel his hard dick and knew it would need attention. He kissed me again and I could feel him trying to unzip his jeans. He finally got his dick out and was stroking himself and groaning as he kissed me.

He lay down on his back then while pulling me on top of him. My tits were hanging down in his face and he started sucking both of them hard, making loud sucking noises and groaning. It felt so good. He was still stroking himself and started pushing me down and all at once my head was just above his dick which was standing straight up. He whispered for me to touch it and lick it, so I did. I really wanted to know what his dick tasted like, and if it was the same as Joey's, and if he put it deep in my mouth would I like it and how would it feel.

I don't know why I'm so curious. Jerry groaned loudly then and told me to suck him, that he needed me to suck him right then or else he'd be in pain all day and I wouldn't want that would I, and, no, I wouldn't, so when he grabbed onto my head and pushed me down and told me to open, I did, and when I did, he pushed my mouth all the way down on his dick, so far down that my nose was in the curly hair at the base of his dick.

He held on tight to my head while he started moving in and out of my mouth. He started slow but got going faster and faster until my mouth ached but I couldn't move anyway so I did the best I could, and the next thing I knew Jerry had pushed me onto my back and he was still holding on to my head and was now straddling my head while he moved his dick in and out of my mouth, going deeper and deeper every time he pushed back in.

Jerry was grunting and telling me to suck him hard, and saying what a good girl I was, as he kept driving in over and over again, fucking my mouth hard, punishing my mouth, and when he finally got the rhythm he wanted, which I can only describe as fast and faster, like a drill, just slamming in and out, he started talking, telling me he was gonna come so hard, and he was so close, and then after a couple of minutes of this he was telling me it was gonna happen.

He slammed in hard, so deep I almost choked and I felt it start, the part when he loses it and the cum flows into my mouth. I felt his dick twitch as it pumped out cum, hot and salty, pouring over my tongue and down my throat, while Jerry groaned, saying, "Oh, fuck, oh, fuck," over and over until he was done with me. He pulled out and rolled over onto his back and lay there for a moment, just breathing heavily, then he tucked his dick back in and zipped up.

When he sat up he looked at me like he didn't know what to say, so he stood up while I still lay there with my tits hanging out, and still tingling, while he just told me he had stuff to do and had to go and he'd see me around. Before he left I asked him if we could get together again sometime soon, maybe hang and do something together, and he told me, sure, honey, we'll do that sometime, told me he'd let me know when.

When he left I knew I should probably get up too and get back to school but I only had a study hall and it was so nice out and I really just wanted to think about what had just happened and about how to do something about that tingling thing I had going on, so I just stayed a while.

And then another boy walked up to me and plopped down next to me, and I saw it was one of Jerry's friends, Mark, I think, and he saw my tits hanging out and I guess he couldn't help himself, but he started fondling my tits and moved in right away and started sucking them. I'm not sure why but I let him because it just feels so good, and I also wanted him to like me, so since I know now how much boys like sucking on tits, I thought why not. Another boy walked over then and all of a sudden I had two boys sucking my tits, and this felt even better than just having one boy doing it.

After a minute another three boys were there and I had hands all over me and all the boys were sucking my tits, and this was really feeling good, so I started moaning for real, and then I felt someone pull me up and I was on my knees and all of a sudden there was a long, very large dick in my face and one of the boys was telling me to open up and suck him and I was curious and I did and I'm not even sure why, maybe I just liked the attention, maybe it was great that all these boys liked me.

Maybe it was just that my curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know how it felt to suck a bunch of boys at the same time, to have them wait and watch me doing someone else.

The idea of a line intrigued me. So I had this guy's dick in my mouth, moving in and out and then I saw that there was a line of boys now, a couple more had shown up, and they were all stroking themselves and waiting their turn for my mouth.

I think I smiled while I sucked the first boy and started making exaggerated sucking noises, and I stopped for a minute and told the line that I'd suck 'em all but they'd have to suck my tits, so the last two in line moved in and each of them put a tit in their mouth and sucked while they kneaded my tits, and there we were, three people sucking, the boys each got a tit, and I got a nice, big dick.

The first guy got off in about two minutes. I was getting used to the taste of cum and actually started wanting to taste it all the time. The next guy took about thirty seconds, and the guy after that about three minutes of fast, hard slamming into my mouth before he came with a shout and really slammed in, hitting the back of my throat and squirting his cum.

Two other guys were sucking my tits, pumping them hard when the guy came, turned on I guess. The two guys after that were done fast, they barely got in when I heard them groan and felt their bodies tense before they shot their cum loads into my mouth. I was getting good at swallowing every drop of cum pumped into me and enjoying it, the taste of it, the way it felt, the idea of it made me tingle all over.

When the last guy stepped up to me I was a little disappointed that there weren't more but I opened wide and the guy shoved his dick in and started thrusting in and out quickly. It took about twenty seconds for him to come and then it was over. The last guy pulled out right away and tucked in the saw my tits and put one in each hand and bounced them and laughed a little.

The other boys were walking away and he caught up with them. I was still there on my knees, tits out, tingling and wishing there were more boys to suck. I heard a noise and saw another boy. It was one of the nerds and I knew he wanted me to suck him, and I kind of wanted more dick so I gestured to him and he ran over and pulled out his dick and just stood there waiting, then he squeezed my tits and gave each of them a little suck, pulling off with a popping noise, so then I opened wide and he put his dick right in then closed his eyes while I sucked on him.

I kind of felt sorry for him because he was a nerd, and I did him good, and I could tell he really liked it, started groaning while I sucked hard and then drove his dick in and out of my mouth like a pro, and, oh God, after a couple of minutes, he pumped a ton of cum in my mouth and it tasted kind of sweet and salty, just yummy.

The guy tucked in fast and gave me a look like he was grateful then he ran away quickly. It was late though so I pulled myself together and got back to school fast and sneaked into study hall.

When I looked around I saw the boys, including Jerry, all sitting together and laughing quietly when they saw me. I had counted when I sucked them and I knew I sucked on fourteen dicks. I loved keeping count of things. Lunch hour was never the same after that. There was always a boy or two who followed me and asked to meet me in the woods, and in each case, no matter who they were, I went along because I wanted to know what it would feel like to have their dick in my mouth.

Better yet were the days I did lines of waiting boys. I loved how they all watched me while I did dick after dick and how they really liked seeing me open my mouth wide while boys squirted their cum into my mouth from a distance.

Sometimes a few boys would jack themselves and all squirt their cum into my mouth at the same time. The best, longest line ever, was after school one day when I did forty six dicks, one after the other, all in about an hour, because a new cum load was being pumped into my mouth about once a minute. I loved it when a couple of boys would suggest we go to the woods after school and how fun it was to see how many would show up, and they'd keep arriving well after I'd started sucking dick.

Sometimes instead of a line, the boys would simply surround me and someone would shove a dick in my mouth and start fucking, then someone would grab me by the hair and pull me off the first dick and shove their own dick in my mouth, and boy after boy would do that, so I pretty much sucked all the dick in the the group before anyone got off.

I kept on though and the boys kept pulling me off dicks and shoving others in my mouth until they all were more or less ready to come, and that's when I'd start taking two or three dicks at the same time and they'd all pump the cum into my mouth at the same time, and it would usually end up a circle jerk and I'd have twenty guys shooting cum at my mouth.

Someone would pull my head way back and hold on to my hair so I didn't move and then I'd open my mouth and they'd all start groaning and unloading cum everywhere. By the end of the school year, I was damned good at sucking dick, and I knew that my secret name was BJ girl.

I liked the sound of that. I loved summer vacation, and the summer of my fourteenth year was a great one. I only had one more year until I started high school, so this summer would be a good time to practice hanging with my girlfriends, and going to parties, meeting boys and hopefully starting to date a few of them.

If I got really lucky, I'd meet some older boys. I knew boys liked me, saw it in the way they stared at me in shorts or a bikini, and when I let the tits really show was when they liked me most of all. I was curious how many boys I could attract with my big tits. They kept growing too, and my mother complained about having to buy me bigger bras every few months. That was the summer I became known not only as BJ girl but tits, just tits, as well. In mid June, my older cousin Joey called me one afternoon and invited me to a picnic in the woods with him and a couple of his friends who he told me were both nineteen.

How could I possibly resist that, three older boys, and one of them might want to date me. Joey told me not to tell anyone about it and just to meet him at about two in the afternoon in the woods near my house. He would meet me and show me where the picnic was, and he would also bring everything.

I was again curious and really excited to be going out with older boys. I put on my tightest t-shirt and shortest shorts and told my mom I was going to the mall and having supper at a girlfriends house and might stay over so she shouldn't expect me home until the next day. I walked to the woods near my house and sat under a tree under Joey showed up. He told me his friends would be along a little later but that now was a good time to start the picnic.

He was carrying some stuff, some things in a bag and a small cooler. Joey led the way to a very secluded place way back in the woods, some place no one ever went to. He put a blanket down under the shade of a tall tree, and behind some tall bushes and invited me to sit down next to him.

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It was nice and cool in the shade and very quiet, and we were very much alone. Joey pulled out a bottle of vodka, some soda and a couple of plastic glasses, then poured out two drinks.

I hadn't ever had vodka or any other drink before so curiosity definitely got to me and I drank some. It was pretty good and I took another large swallow.

Joey said we'd have some food later but meanwhile wanted to know if I wanted the rest of my fourteenth birthday present. He was being really nice and put his hand over my tit and squeezed it, then he pulled my tight top and bra down so that both tits hung out. He kneaded both tits, then sucked one and then the other. He did this for a while and then kissed me, tongue deep in my mouth while he kneaded and pulled on both tits.

Joey was breathing heavily when I asked him if he wanted to put his dick in my mouth and he smiled a little but told me maybe later, but first he had another present for me. He kissed me again and then I felt his hand brush against my inner thigh, and my shorts were pulled to one side down there and then something was deep inside me. I must have gasped because Joey told me it was okay, to just go with it because it was about to feel really good and this was part of the present.

I looked down and realized he had his finger inside me and then he started moving it in and out, and God, that was nice and I was getting that tingly feeling big time now and I intrinsically opened my legs a little more to give him more space, to let him in. I wanted more and was curious about how good this might be. Joey sucked my tits and fingered me for a while then he asked if I had my period yet. I was a little embarrassed because it hadn't actually started yet and I told him that and also that it would be any day now, and that I was very close to being a real woman.

He smiled and told me it was okay, that I was very much a woman but that he wouldn't have to worry about getting me pregnant, and I told him no that was not a problem right now and then I just couldn't wait to see what happened next. I'd talked to my girlfriends about sex but none of us had actually done it and now it looked like I'd be the first one. I felt my tits being sucked while Joey undid my shorts and pulled them and my panties down and off, then he moved on top of me telling me how much he wanted to give me my present while he spread my legs wide under him.

His finger moved in and out of me a few more times and as if he felt satisfied, he told me I was going to get my present right now because he wanted to give it to me so much, and God, I was excited, and then I felt something hard down there and Joey's hand was there and he lined up his dick, and then I got it and knew he was gonna put his dick in me then.

He moved in slowly, carefully at first, and it felt pretty good and then he pushed all the way in and I did gasp and groaned when I felt him in me like that, so big and hard, so deep inside me, and I wanted it, wanted more, as much as he could give me. I think I said more and he looked at me and smiled and I felt him pull out and then move inside again, going deep, then doing that over and over.

He was breathing hard and groaning as he fucked me in the quiet woods, slamming in deeper and deeper, harder and harder as I got more used to it, telling me I had a great cunt and that he could do this all day with me, and wow, I was sure hoping he would, but then after just a couple of minutes he suddenly yelled out that he was gonna cum in me, that he couldn't wait and then he really started doing it.

He held on tight to my hips and pushed my legs back toward me so that he had plenty of room to get into me, and he started doing it really fast and really deep and then he just stopped, balls deep in my cunt, and yelled out, "Fuck, oh, fuck, oh, holy fuck," and I think his dick was twitching or something because I felt something down there and knew his salty cum must be pumping into me, and it was because he told me to take all his cum, that it was my present.

He kind of collapsed on top of me then and crushed me for a minute before he pulled out and rolled over and lay there next to me on the blanket.

Dappled sunlight played over our bodies, and it was totally quiet except for the sound of both of us panting. I remember it felt wet in between my legs, and like something was dripping out of me and I realized it was his cum and I was sad that it didn't just stay inside me, well, some of it did, but some of it always drips out. Now I knew, another question answered.

His friends arrived just then though it took me a minute to realize they were there. I saw Joey put a finger to his mouth like he was saying shh, and then I saw them. My legs were still spread wide and my tits were hanging out, and I wondered what these boys would think of me, but I didn't have long to wonder because Joey asked me if I liked my present and I told him I really did, and he said that his friends wanted to give me presents too and did I want their presents, and I thought about it, and wanted to know if different dicks felt the same or not when they were in me and there was only one way to find out, so I told Joey that I wanted their presents, and the thing was I wanted to feel more sex.

I liked it, and I ached deep inside and I still felt all tingly, and I wanted to know if there was something I was missing. Joey told his friends to go for it and moved away as they both took a tit and started sucking.

God, how I loved two boys sucking me like that. I guess they didn't need to put their fingers in me first because one of them, a really cute one, got on top of me, looked at my cunt and saw it was wet and dripping and smiled before he pulled out his dick and started stroking himself. He didn't even bother taking his pants off, he just pushed his jeans down a little and I watched him line up and push in.

He must have liked it because he started fucking me hard right away. This boy didn't waste any time and just did it, fast and hard, pushing my thighs wide and holding them down while he kept slamming his dick in and out of me, and after just a minute he was already telling me he was gonna come in me, in my sweet little cunt is the way he put it, and holy shit did he ever, moaning through the whole thing, and I really didn't know it was over until he abruptly pulled out and I felt more cum dripping out down there, and knew he'd finished.

The other guy didn't waste any time and was already stroking himself when the guy shot his cum in my cunt, so the minute the other guy pulled out he was right there and ready to go.

He didn't bother with his jeans either and just put it in me and slammed in deep to start and kept on like that, fucking in hard, fast and deep, and ready to come after a couple of minutes of doing me. I must have some sort of magic cunt or something, because guys don't last long with me, it's like in and out, but it's damn good while it lasts, but maybe that's why I like fucking so many guys like I do, one right after the other, until I feel as good as I think they do.

This guy was pretty vocal when he unloaded, and it sounded loud in the quiet woods, but finally he was there and this guy had his hands under my ass and held on tight while he finished himself off, groaning as he slammed in deep, then a long, low moan as his dick pumped his cum way deep inside my cunt, my legs around his neck as he fucked down into me.

He pulled out right away when he was done too and zipped right back up. The three of them were talking and laughing a little while I lay there, legs still spread wide, tits begging to be sucked, and I could feel more cum dripping down my thighs.

Joey asked me if I wanted more because he was ready to do me again. I didn't know then how quickly young boys recover and can be ready to go again in almost no time at all, but then that's something else I learned that day.

I told Joey to go ahead but that I'd like it if his friends would suck my tits while he did me. So Joey turned me over and this was something new for me and I was very curious and excited. I was on my hands and knees, and the two guys got under my tits and pulled me down just a little, it didn't take much since my tits were so big, and they both took a tit and started sucking which got me going right away, and I think I wiggled my ass a little, and Joey laughed and he had his dick out again, long, hard and wanting me, and then he just put it in me and started fucking me hard.

He lasted longer this time around, still not enough for me but much longer, at least fifteen minutes of hard, deep fucking, and even though I had been a virgin just a couple of hours ago, this really felt good, there was no pain at all, just beautiful, wonderful tingling, and a deep sort of ache inside that only having a dick pound into me seemed to cure. The two guys were great and sucked my tits the whole time Joey was in me.

I guess they thought it would mean they'd get to do me again too. When Joey was close to coming, he told me he was gonna unload in my ass, that it was something new, another present, so when he grunted loudly and moaned I was a little surprised when he pulled out and felt a stab of pain when he drove his dick deep into my ass and pumped his cum in.

Joey liked it a lot, slapping my ass hard just after he pulled out. The great thing was I didn't feel any cum dripping from my ass and I liked the idea of all of it still inside me. I lay there on my stomach for a little while until the other two guys said they wanted to do me again and wanted to do it at the same time. Okay, so yeah, I was curious and told them to do it, so one of them pulled his dick out and I could see how long it was and knew it was hard, and he got under me and picked me up by the hips and just pushed me all the way down on his dick and started fucking me super hard and deep.

It was so good I gasped. He squeezed my tits and started kneading them while he continued fucking up into me. The other guy was ready too and got in back of me and pushed me down so that he had access from behind then he lined up his dick with my ass. I could feel it back there, probing and poking into my ass and then he guided it into my ass and easily pushed all the way in because Joey's cum was great lube.

It hurt a little but not for long, as he slowly pulled out then back in, being careful at first and then as my ass adjusted to his dick, he started going in harder and deeper while the guy under me kept fucking up into me while I pushed up and down on his dick. The guy had my ass cheeks pulled way apart as he fucked into me and I tried to imagine what my ass looked like all wrapped around that big dick of his as it kept disappearing deep inside me.

We got into a nice rhythm, the three of us, and I happily found myself full of long, hard dick slamming into both my holes, deep and fast, over and over again. After ten minutes, Joey was ready to go again and joined us. I felt another dick pushing into my cunt, this one from behind. I didn't really believe it was possible but Joey was persistent and careful and soon I had three dicks in me, two in my cunt and one in my ass.

After a couple of minutes though, Joey tried putting his dick in my ass and I really didn't think this would work but it did, and God, having three dicks fucking me like that was just the best thing. My ass stretched out fine for him and I guess it was easier to make it work to put just the one dick in my cunt and two in my ass.

Whatever, it worked great, and I loved how full I felt. The four of us fucked like this for another intense ten minutes. The woods were no longer quiet as the light started to fade and the sun slowly started to set. They were full of the sounds of people moaning and grunting in full pleasure mode as three teenage boys fucked one fourteen year old former virgin, who was so in her element.

God, I loved dick, couldn't get enough of it. All good things must end though and one by one the boys started coming. First was the guy fucking my ass with Joey. He really went to town and let loose a long, loud litany of swear words before and during the time his dick pumped more hot, sticky cum into my sweet fourteen year old ass. As soon as he pulled out is when the other two really got going and started pounding my ass and cunt, slamming in over and over, fast and deep until Joey came for the third time, once again squirting his cum way deep inside my ass.

When Joey pulled out, the guy under me quickly pulled me off then flipped me over and drove right back into my cunt, fucking me so hard that my body was rocking, and I could feel my tits jiggling as he nailed me, fucking me so it felt like a drill was up in there doing me so hard.

I heard him grunt loudly then pick up the pace for a moment and when he slammed in super hard and stopped I knew he was coming. He kept grunting and slamming in and stopping, and did that a few times before he finally unloaded all his cum in my cunt. This time I felt cum dripping from both my ass and cunt and, yeah, I still wished it would all stay inside me, it just made me feel good somehow knowing these boys gave me something.

I almost fell asleep but not quite and I heard one of the guys say that his frat house would love me, but then Joey reminded him that I was only fourteen and that probably wouldn't be a good idea, and to remember that today was top secret.

When I pretended to wake up, Joey asked me how I was doing and I said great and wondered it one of them might want to do me again. The three of them just laughed and said to give them a little time and Joey suggested they all have a sandwich until they were ready again, so we all had a sandwich and got pretty drunk after Joey started pouring the vodka.

Despite being a little drunk, the boys were almost good to go again. Joey asked me when I had to be home and I told him my mom thought I was sleeping over at a girlfriend's house, so he told one of the guys to go and invite a few friends and to bring them and a couple of flashlights and some more vodka back with them.

I continued drinking vodka with Joey and one of the guys and pretty soon the guy had me on my back with his dick in me while Joey watched for a while then lay down at an angle and got himself a tit, closed his eyes and started sucking me. The guy fucking me was taking his time and doing it slowly and slamming in deep once in a while. Joey wasn't paying attention anymore.

He was latched on to my tit and wasn't letting go. After about half an hour, I heard voices and recognized Joey's other friend. It was dark so I couldn't see who he had with him. Joey got up and said hey to them and they all started drinking. There must have been a few of them because they got pretty loud and there seemed to be a lot of voices. The other guy was still fucking me while the others talked about how they wanted to do me.

They decided to take turns and keep passing me around until they were done and then do it again until the last guy was fucked out. It sounded good to me but they didn't bother asking me or even asking Joey what my name was. How was I supposed to be invited anywhere by cute older boys if they didn't know my name.

It was pretty dark too so they really couldn't see my face either. As it turns out, they didn't care about my face, but they did light up a couple of flashlights so they could see my tits and my cunt and watch each other fucking me. The guy in me was about to come and started groaning and fucking me extra hard for about a minute until he finally got off and unloaded his cum in my cunt again for about the third time.

I was losing count but it really didn't matter. I heard Joey tell them that I liked getting my tits sucked, and one of the guys told someone else to do it because he just wanted to sink his dick into my fourteen year old cunt. He grabbed hold of me then and lined up and went in deep and hard the second the other guy pulled out. I felt him grab on to my hips and start pumping harder until he moaned loudly and slammed in and stayed balls deep in my cunt while his dick twitched and he shot his cum into me.

He pulled out and passed me to his friend who immediately flipped me over and I felt a dick drive in deep and keep pumping hard while the guy held on to my hips. The guy was done way too fast but I figured he'd be back for more and I'd get to feel more of his dick in me then.

While I was pondering this idea, another new guy was doing me, this one was on his back and he was bouncing me up and down on this big long dick of his. Wow, that was good and in no time there was more cum in my cunt. Someone pulled me off the guy when he was done and he had me flat on my back and was pounding me into the ground in no time. I really spread my legs for this guy because, God, he was cute, chiseled nose, longish hair, great body and a nice thick dick really reaming my cunt and rocking my body.

This guy was intense, fucking me so hard and stretching me out. I loved it when he grunted and told the other guys he was gonna cum in what he called this little baby cunt, and when he finally unloaded he kept slamming back in, moaning each time as his dick kept on spitting his sticky cum into me. The last of the new guys, as it turns out, tried something different, and it became one of those things you crave because it really feels good.

Another question answered. When the really cute guy was done and pulled his dick out, this guy picked me up and told me to put my legs around his waist and hold on. He held on to my ass and he had this long dick, it was like a little pole and he jammed that thing way into my cunt, and then, wow, he did me like I'd never been done. He was power slamming his dick in and out of me so fast and deep that my body jiggled and shook.

When he got the pace just right he walked around a little with my cunt impaled on his dick while he drilled me so hard while he was telling his friends how he was gonna show this virgin pussy what a real, hard fuck was. He said stuff like how he could tell how much this little cunt likes it, and could they hear me screaming, and, well, I was kind of screaming because it was just so fucking good and I couldn't help it, and I do remember begging for more a few times while I thought about how I could never get enough of being done like this.

After a couple of minutes, glorious minutes of this dick fucking my cunt like that, the guy started talking about coming in me, how he was almost there, and, God, how he was gonna unload in this little bitch, and if I thought it was good before, it got even better and I remember my body was almost straight out from his, my head sort of pointing toward the ground and he had a good grip on my ass and was fucking me hard and deep over and over again, like he was fucking me into the ground or something, and finally he let out a sound, a kind of groan, grunt combined, and I knew he was close, and, yeah, he was there, and he slammed into my cunt, balls deep, dick pumping a ton of cum into me while he about screamed and so did I, and he did that a few times until he had unloaded every drop of cum he had and I smiled knowing it was now all inside of me, and I knew that if I ever wanted to get pregnant I wanted to be fucked like that.

When he was done, he pulled out right away and almost threw me down on the ground. I felt dazed but oh so good and instinctively moved my ass up off the ground to keep his cum in me for a little while.

The thought of this guy's cum was making me tingle down there. I didn't get to lie there for long though. One of the guys was on top of me and in me in about ten seconds and I really couldn't complain and anyway he was pounding the cum deeper into my cunt. My back was on the grass now and the guy fucking me had been at it for a good ten minutes while the others recovered and drank a shit load more vodka.

It was fine with me because I loved getting pounded like that for a long time and the grass felt good. After just a little while, I was basically surrounded by eight or nine guys, maybe ten, I'm not really sure, and they spent the rest of the night taking turns and doing me the way a girl should be done. My cunt and ass, and my mouth too, got quite the workout, my tits were played with all night and the guys sucked 'em raw, and I must have taken at least thirty cum loads.

Once the guys got really drunk, they did a lot of double teaming too, and my cunt in particular often had two dicks fucking me at the together. A couple of memorable hours or so were spent with me impaled on the dick of the guy I was sitting on, while another dick next to his fucking hard into my cunt from behind, while another guy fucked my ass hard while squatting over me, and then my hair got pulled hard and a guy shoved his dick in my mouth and started pounding in.

Four guys at once is a great thing. The guys kept switching out on fucking me this way too and by the time they were done with me, my holes were gaping, or so they told me when they spread me wide and laughed about how the baby cunt was now an old used whore's cunt, when they used the flashlight to check.

I can remember fading out sometime way late. I was on my back, my legs spread out so someone could put it in me if they wanted. My ass was propped up with the scrunched up blanket and I knew that my cunt was full of nice hot cum. I slept for a couple of hours I think, and woke up to bright sunlight. I was alone and I remember feeling a little sad that I didn't say goodbye to the guys or get to feel their dicks in me one more time. I got up slowly, a little hungover, although I didn't know what it was called then, not too great anyway.

My tits were still hanging over my top so I tucked them back in and looked around for my shorts which I finally found but I never did find my panties. At least I had clothes and could get home without being arrested. I was quite sure my mom was still asleep. So, I got up slowly and felt the cum really start dripping out of my cunt but there was nothing I could do about it so I started walking out of the woods and that's when I saw Joey.

He handed me a coffee and said he thought I might need it and he just wanted to make sure his little cousin was okay after such a long night, and that the whole night had to be our little secret, and I said, yeah, it was, no problem, and I hoped we could it again sometime and he said, oh, yeah, we will. He looked me over in my little shorts and got a gleam in his eye, and I knew what that meant. Joey told me to turn around and bend over so I did.

I heard him unzip his jeans and knew he had his hard dick in his hand, and then I felt it rubbing against my leg, up close to my ass and cunt, and he pulled my shorts to the side and I felt his dick slide right into me and start moving in and out, and, God, what a great way to start a day.

He fucked me for a long time, a real long time and I got that tingly feeling a couple of times, and I had what I later learned were orgasms, not one but two explosive orgasms that rocked my world. I'd had several the night before, and lucky me, I was multi-orgasmic, but then I just thought of it as that intense, almost too good to be true tingly thing, and I'd spend all day fucking anyone at all just to feel that a few times.

Joey was finally getting close and he was really rocking my body. We were both drinking our coffee while he did me, but finally I felt one his hands on my ass, and heard a few moans and then Joey told me he was gonna come, and I pushed back hard to take him when he started slamming into me really hard until he just said, "Fuck, oh, fuck, fuck, yeah," and I could feel him slam in deep and stay there and knew he was squirting his cum into me when I heard, "Oh, oh, oh.oh, fuck." He pulled out and zipped up and I stood up straight and the cum started rolling down my legs but all I could do was walk out of the woods with Joey.

When we got to the edge of the woods, Joey took off saying he didn't want to be seen with me, and I understood didn't I, and I did understand so we said goodbye and I went home and took a long nap. I thought about Joey's birthday present night and wondered how he'd top it next year when I became a real teenager. The rest of the summer seemed tame to me after my night out with Joey. I'd learned a lot from him, from giving great blow jobs to taking dick like a pro. Hanging with my girlfriends seemed lame and so did the idea of having little dates with boys, not that I was allowed to date yet.

I craved more and was curious about so many possible situations. I got my period in August and realized what a drag it was and wondered if boys would fuck me if I was bleeding.

I sure wanted to find out. I only had two other real adventures that summer and one of them happened one morning when the mowing guys came by to do the yard and I was the only one home. Both of my parents were at work so I was home alone when the guys started making noise in the yard and I made the mistake, or maybe it wasn't a mistake, of saying hi to them wearing only my tiny shorts and a really tight, low cut tee without a bra.

There was a whole crew of four guys and when they got to the back yard they were sweating and I brought them some sodas. The crew leader was kind of old, probably late twenties, and the other guys ranged in age from about 18 to mid twenties.

These guys really looked me over when I handed them the drinks, and I had a hunch about them, and even though a couple of them were pretty old, I already knew that I wished they'd all fuck me like a dog for a couple of hours, so when I walked away I bent over, way over, to pick up something imaginary from the ground and I made sure to wiggle a little knowing they were watching.

All of a sudden I felt someone behind me and felt something hard, like maybe a dick pressing against my ass.

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I turned around and put my hand on the older guys dick and told him he needed some help with that thing. He asked me how old I was and I told him fourteen and he just looked at me with a little smile, and so I got down on my knees and unzipped him and licked my lips when his remarkably big hard dick was in my face practically begging me to put it in my mouth and suck it.

I looked at it for a moment and then the guy told me to open up and suck it, and how could I refuse such a needy dick plus I really, really wanted to suck a dick right then, so I took that monster into my mouth and sucked that big mouth watering dick until the guy swore and I felt his balls hit my chin, and then my nose was in the curly hairs, and his hot cum flooded my mouth, and, God that tasted good and I could feel the tingle already.

When he pulled out I told him I wanted to suck the other guys too, so they lined up and I did the three of them, one after the other, and when I was done I still wanted more and by then the older guy was good to go again, so I told him to put his dick in me and I got on all fours on the grass and wiggled my ass at him again, and then I felt my shorts coming off, and then that monster dick was in me, doing me hard. The four of them took turns fucking me until they all shot their cum in my cunt.

When the last guy pulled out I put my shorts back on and told the guys to finish up because my mom would be home soon. The cum was dripping down my thighs and I got a little drop of it on my finger and licked it, then walked away with a giggle knowing they were watching my ass and all that cum running, down, out of my fourteen year old cunt.

The only other real fun that summer, well except for the day I went out wearing a trench coat with nothing on underneath to see if I could find a willing dick, was the day I was walking down a street close to my house and a guy in a convertible drove up and kept driving slowly as I walked down the street. He wanted to know if I wanted a ride, and yeah, I bet he did since I was in those tiny shorts again, and my braless tits were bouncing as I walked.

He asked me how old I am and I told him fourteen and I think he actually licked his lips a couple of times, but anyway, he was maybe twenty, and pretty cute so I tell him, yeah, I want a ride and when I get in he takes off fast and drives to a big field outside of town and stops in the middle of some tall grass next to a dirt road.

It was very quiet out there and the minute he stopped the car he grabbed on to my tits and started kneading them, and I don't know why, but I'm so helpless when a guy does that, so I end up moaning a little and pushing my chest at him and he smiles slyly and pulls my top down exposing one tit, and it takes him just a second and then he's all over it, kneading and sucking and moaning, and then I am too, well, moaning and trying to push that tit down his throat, and that's when he pulls the other one out and sucks it too and now I'm holding both my tits, jiggling them and offering them up to the guy who looks like he can't believe his luck.

Next thing I know, I'm on my back and the guy's slurping at my tits, making little sucking noises and he's grinding into me, doing me as best he can with his pants still on, and I guess he can't wait any longer because all at once he's got my shorts off of me and his hard dick is sticking out of his pants, glistening in the sunlight with the precum already dripping off of it.

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The guy's still going to town on my tits, like he can't get enough of them, sucking them and bouncing them up and down and then I feel him spreading my legs as he keeps grinding on me, then he lets go of one tit and lines his dick up at my cunt and I feel him push in while he's telling me to let him in because he wants me so much.

He's a little uncertain, but when he's in deep and hears me moan, he knows it's okay and fucks me hard and deep while he holds onto my tits and alternates between jiggling them and sucking them.

He's ready to come way too soon. I can tell by the grunting and the deep groans he's letting out and by how fast he's slamming that dick into my cunt now, faster and faster, and then he squeezes my tits really hard, and he's unloading his cum deep inside me before collapsing on me with a groan.

The guy's not ready to end this yet and doesn't pull out but keeps doing my tits. After a couple of minutes I feel him move a little again, the dick feels hard again, and, oh yeah, it is hard again, and I feel it fill me up when he thrusts in deep. God, that feels good, so good that I move my legs up and back toward my body and spread as far as I can. I want to feel his dick go deep, I want him to ream me, drill me, and have it's way with me.

The guy is pretty good and really turns it on, maybe because he's turned on by me moaning and telling him to stick it to me, to do me hard, and so he shows me, for a good twenty minutes he shows me, fucking me relentlessly like he's wanted to really let go like this for a long time, and I'm the one with his dick in me, the one getting the reward, and then the tingle thing really gets going, and I plead with him to do it harder and when he does, that's when I go over the edge and orgasm for a long time even while he rocks my body with his hard thrusts.

I might have screamed, I'm not sure. I still want more and urge him on but he's close himself, and he tells me he's gonna fill me with cum, and that after this I'll feel him for a week. He may be right about that and I kind of hope I do so I can remember how much fun this was, but right now I want that dick in me as long as possible, so I moan away while he gets off and soon he's unloading the cum he said was all for me. His dick is pumping it in deep as we both groan until he's empty and my cunt is full.

This time when he's done, he's all business, pulling out right away and tucking back in. He hands me my shorts and tells me to put them on and then he starts the car. He drives around for a while before dropping me off like he's not sure what he should do, but finally he says that this afternoon will be our little secret and I tell him, yeah, definitely a secret and finally he lets me off a few streets from where he picked me up and drives off quickly when I get out.

I go home right away because once again there's a shit load of cum dripping down my legs. Like I mentioned before, I did spend on sort of gloomy, rainy summer day to walk around in my trench coat with no clothes on at all. I wanted a dick in me and I wanted it soon, and I was curious to see if I could maybe flash a guy and get him to fuck me.

Curiosity does make life interesting. So I go downtown where I find a bunch of businessmen and also a bunch of construction workers and I figure the construction workers might be more up for this idea so I respond to their whistles and catcalls and it doesn't seem to matter that I'm all covered up in a coat.

They still want me. I stop and talk to one kind of older, fat guy for a minute and slowly I undo the belt on the coat and then open it, and I watch the guy's mouth open and a couple of his buddies are watching this, and then they're all staring like they can't believe this and so I ask them if there's somewhere private we can go, and oh, yeah, turns out there is, and I find myself in a one person guy construction site bathroom and I've got three guys at least who want to do me, so I take the coat off, bounce my tits for the guys, then bend over the sink and get my ass in the air and the fat guy's buddys tell him to do me first, so he kicks my legs apart, and I wiggle my ass and tell him to put it in me, and I sigh when it slides all the way in.

The guy's panting now and grabbing my hips and he's fucking me hard while my tits bounce. He's doing me pretty good, grunting steadily then starts in a little harder and way too soon I can feel him unloading inside me but I pretend like it because I have other fish to fry, other dicks that need me, so when he pulls out, another dick is in me right away, and the guy is fucking me really hard, and damn if he isn't coming already after like thirty seconds and so I take his cum and get ready for the next dick which is ready to go when he pulls out and again my body's being rocked and my cunt's taking a pounding and this guy comes in about a minute, and at least I'm full of cum if not well fucked.

After the third guy pulls out, I stand up and put my coat back on. The guys want to know if I want more dick and I tell them maybe later, and maybe I will but right now I want to maybe try out a few businessmen first.

So I leave and the cum is streaming down my legs but I don't care, I just want more dick so I'm looking and there's an alley with a bunch of guys so I walk up to them and open my coat and they can't line up fast enough to do me, so I roll up my coat and use it as a pillow and lie down on a dirty cardboard box on the ground next to a dumpster, and as soon as I do, right away, there's a guy spreading my legs and then he's in me and pumping in and out fast and hard and it takes him a whole two minutes to unload his cum inside me.

I fuck the next ten guys in line, and it's nice how I can keep count and they're all real quick about it and so I just figure it's that kind of day, and so I'll just have to fuck a whole lot of guys to get all the dick I want, and since there's no end to this line I just lay there with my legs spread and take them all, every guy who lines up, one after the other, and most of them are kind of old and dirty, and smell bad, but I've been curious how it would feel to fuck guys like this, and the thing is I kind of like it, it makes me feel like I'm a whore or something and that makes me tingly and that afternoon I orgasm several times because I'm having a really great time.

After the first two hours, it rains a little but I don't care, I just get fucked in the rain and that's different too. The guys make it easy for me, all I have to do is keep my legs spread and they do all the work, well, I grunt and moan a little and maybe a lot when I come, but I get to lie there and take dick after dick, and, God it is so fun, and after three hours or so I think I've done well over one hundred guys, sure they're all short and sweet, most of them coming in about a minute, but that means more dick for me.

Apparently the word has spread that I'm there because more guys keep showing up and soon there's a few worker types in line too, some eighteen year old guys, maybe they're baristas or something, and a few young business guys and a few older ones two who've heard about the young pussy and want some.

After another thirty or so guys, I'm like lying in this pool of cum and, God, my cunt is full, but I think it might be good to get some of the nice cum in my ass too, so after the guy on top of me is done, I turn myself over and then I realize how the cum is just about pouring out of my cunt, but anyway I tell the guys to fuck my ass for a while.

I take about fifty dicks in the ass, load after load of cum is pumped into me. The business types unload just as fast as the homeless guys, and more guys (and their dicks) keep getting in line. One of the business guys is balls deep inside my cunt and when his phone rings, he answers it and has a conversation and says he'll be back in the office soon but he's gotta do something right now, so later, and that's a pretty amazing thing to do when you're fucking some nice young cunt like me.

I figure I want to do this for another couple of hours and then I'll have to take off, so I tell the guys in line that I can take three or four dicks at a time and we need to end the line. It looks like there's another hundred guys waiting and I promise them I'll fuck them all but to stop the line where it is. For the next two hours I take at least two dicks at a time and then I'm done, well with these guys I am, and I get up and put my coat on, and God the cum is running down my legs but I slowly walk out of the alley and down the street with a little smile on my face because it was a really fun afternoon and it's amazing really what you can accomplish on a rainy day.

I'm a little tired when I'm walking home so I decide to try and get a ride and just about the minute I stick my finger out a car with three guys in it pulls up and they ask me if I want a ride and I tell them where I'm going and they tell me to get in. About a block from my house is a deserted lot and that's where I tell them to drop me off.

When they stop the car one of them asks me how I'm going to pay for the ride and, okay, I guess I know what he, and they want, so I just pull open the top of my coat and show them my tits, and they're all over me, sucking my tits and kneading them and then I feel the first dick fucking into me hard and deep, and I'm moaning and telling him to do it harder, and God, I can feel how slippery my cunt is with all that cum, but the guy keeps pounding into me and it feels so good, and I turn my head and there's a huge dick in my face the then the guy's shoving it into my mouth and starts fucking me hard, so I'm really rocking, and the other guy's sucking my tits until the guy in my cunt starts moaning loudly and reams my cunt, finally getting off and pumping more hot cum deep into my cunt.

The third guy is on top of me with his dick in me in like two seconds while the guy in my mouth is still thrusting away and while the guy inside my cunt starts really doing me hard, the guy finally comes in my mouth, letting out a long groan while his dick twitches as it pulses cum down my throat.

Now the third guy has all my attention and he's holding my arms down over my head with one hand and then tells the other two to hold them down like that, and he holds onto my legs and pushes them way back so they're next to my head and he drives his dick into me so hard and so fast, like a jackhammer and then he's slamming in, really doing me and grunting, and talking about what a cum bucket slut whore I am who's only good for unloading cum in, and then he does, he unloads his cum deep inside my cunt, to mingle with his friend's cum and that of a few hundred other men, after one last hard thrust while he yells out, "You like my cum don't you, you fucking bitch." When he's done, the guy grabs my hair and pulls my head up and spits in my face, then slaps my face saying only, "Fucking cunt." One of the other guys wants to fuck me again and flips me over and thrusts deep into my ass and laughs gleefully while he fucks in hard and deep.

The other guys is ready to do me again too and he tells the other guy to move me while he lies down on the back seat and then they both pick me up and slam me down on the guys long, hard dick and after laughing and bouncing me up and down a few times, the guy in back of me pushes me down onto the guy under me and lines up and starts fucking my ass again.

The lot we're parked on is pretty secluded and their car is parked way back anyway, so the guys get pretty loud as they cheer each other on and laugh at the slut they've got for themselves. In a kind of perverse way this is making me all tingly too and I just about scream when I orgasm again when they both continue fucking me hard. The other guy doesn't seem to like me much and starts playing with me while his friends fuck me.

He starts by telling the guy in my ass to pull out for a minute, then he shoves a pretty large dildo up my ass and tells his friend to start fucking me again. The guy with his dick in my ass likes it and says it's much tighter and feels better. The guy under me wants one too and, wow, this guy is like a walking sex toy store or something because he's got a few of the things and soon there's a smaller dildo rammed deep into my cunt and a dick fucking in deep next to it.

I have like four dicks in me, and I have to say, God, it feels good, and I start moaning for real and the guys are all laughing about how much this slut likes dick, and even the guy who doesn't like me too much thinks it's funny. The three of us and the two dildos go like this for a while and the third guy's dick gets hard again so he picks up my head by the hair and now I've got a dick fucking hard down my throat.

He starts holding me by the throat and squeezing just a little while he fucks my mouth. God, these guys have a lot of stamina and we go like this, full out hard fucking for another twenty minutes. The guy doing my mouth is holding me up by my hair and it hurts and my cunt and ass feel so stretched out, and then the guy fucking my ass starts moving the dildo in and out too, going way deep inside and really slamming the thing up my ass, and I'm stretching even more and the guy with the toys gives the guy yet another long smooth object which the guy promptly inserts into my ass and pushes in hard and deep so now I have like three dicks in my ass.

It's not a bad thing though, in fact, I like it and start moaning and trying to talk to them. The guy in my mouth pulls out and tells me to speak, so I tell them all to fuck me harder and deeper, I like beg them, and the guy shoves his dick back in my mouth and they all laugh and wonder where the hell they found me, and fuck, this cunt's a slut, and God, I'm loving it.

They're inspired though and the guy in my ass keeps jamming me with the dildos and his dick, and the guy under me keeps slamming in deep, and all you can hear in the car is the sound of dicks fucking hard into three different holes, and it's kind of mesmerizing to hear that, like a slapping sound, over and over again, dicks hard fucking a cunt whore like that.

The guys start groaning and breathing harder and they're saying they're gonna cum in me again, and God, I can't wait and get all tingly again while I listen to sex noises, slap, slap, slap as the dicks go in and out of cunt and ass and mouth.

The guy with the dick in my mouth pulls my head up higher so he can watch my tits jiggle as the three of them rock my body with their hard dicks. He uses the other hand to start squeezing them, pinching them hard, and pumping them.

The guy under me starts sucking them then and that adds to the sounds of sex in the car, a sucking, slurping sound along with the slap, slap, slap of dicks driving in deep. I can tell the guy in my mouth is getting close because he holds onto my head so I can't move it while he uses my mouth like he would my cunt to get off. All three of them are close and the already fast pace picks up and it's rat-a-tat-tat, like a machine gun sounds as the three of them fuck me, and then the groaning starts, and I moan and, God, I'm orgasming again, oh God, God, and then they all pump their cum into me, into all of my holes, and it's as close as you can get to having three loads of cum pumped into you at the same time, deep in, and, oh, God, that's good and my orgasm won't stop, and oh, God, I feel their cum in me, shooting deep in, and I don't ever want it to stop.

We all collapse then and my head falls onto the chest of the guy under me. My mouth is open and cum dribbles out, and the guy under me is pissed off and tells me to lick it all off so I do and the guy who's cum I'm licking up is pissed too, and picks me up by the hair again and slaps me twice, really hard and tells me what an ungrateful cunt I am, and a useless cum bucket if I can't even swallow a mouthful of cum, his cum.

I tell him I'm sorry and he slaps me again and spits in my face. The guy in my ass pulls out but leaves the dildos inside me and then the guy under me pulls out and leaves that dildo in my cunt. I am now stuffed with cum and dildos mostly holding the cum inside me. I've still got my ass up in the air and the guy in back of me is spreading me wide because he wants to see me stuffed with dildos.

He's turned on the little overhead light in the car so he can see. He moves the two in my ass around a little and jams them in as far as they'll go, and does the same with the dildo in my cunt but he tells the others that my cunt's so big that it needs another dildo to fill it up, and so Mr. sex toy store guy pulls out his little bag of tricks and finds a really big one and they think that'll do and I feel the thing pushing into my cunt and actually it feels good and they laugh when I wiggle my ass and moan a little when he pushes it in and out because it feels good.

The guy playing with me asks if the guy's got a hammer and he looks around the front seat and hands him a rubber mallet and tells him to punch those babies in there and so the guy starts hitting the dildos until they are jammed way in and really stretching me out, and don't stick out of me except for maybe an inch or so and it feels good and then they open the car door and toss my coat out then they toss me out and I land in the dirt and then I see one of the guys take a dollar bill and wipe the cum off of his dick with it, then spit on it, and then throw it toward me and I watch it float out and land next to me and I hear the guy tell me that's how much a cunt like me is worth, and I hear one guy say that a dollar's a lot to pay for a stretched out whore cunt like me, and I watch the guys get dressed and then they tell me that next time I should do them for free, and the car starts and they're gone and I hear them laugh as they drive away.

It's dark out there but I put my coat on. The dildos are jammed into me but I walk home fine and sneak upstairs and clean up before I say hello to my mom and tell her I don't want any dinner.

I go back to my room and relive my adventure that day, and think about all that I accomplished, especially the fact that I took a few hundred dicks and that much cum. I leave the dildos in for the night, all four of them because I want to keep the cum of three hundred men inside of me, because then I have a part of them in me. And, last thing, I look at my dollar bill and think I can smell the dried cum, and I put it carefully away between the pages of a book no one will ever read.

It's a keeper. My first hooker dollar. When school starts, I notice that all the boys really seem to like me. I'm still in eighth grade so the guys in my class aren't all that cute or interesting, but I like being noticed.

A few of the guys remember me from last year when I became known as BJ girl for a brief period of time, and apparently they've told a lot of people about this. On a sunny warm day in late September, one of the original guys asks me to take a walk with him after lunch.

I figure why not, maybe he wants to ask me out or something. We walk out into the woods behind the school and he pulls me behind an evergreen bush and he asks me if I'll suck him. It's been a while since I've gotten any dick, and I love to suck dick, so I tell him sure and I get on my knees and unzip his jeans.

His dick is hard already and he moans a little and I hear him tell me to open up so I do, and he just thrusts right in and starts moving in and out. The guy is really into it so I suck him hard, and really try and make it good for him. Somewhere in the middle of sucking him, I hear a laugh, well, it sounds like a laugh, but I keep sucking the guy and I can feel he's close because he starts driving in hard and deep, and moaning loudly, but even his moans can't cover up the voices I hear.

I finish the guy off, enjoy the feel and taste of his cum in my mouth and swallow every drop. He's just tucking in when a bunch of guys appears and surrounds us. One of them says he wants me to suck him and all the other guys say me too, and like there's a lot of them, and I can see they're sort of lining up already, and so I just open up and wait until he gets his dick out, mouth open, on my knees, looking around a little and finally a dick is in my mouth and he's telling me to suck him good.

I figure this won't take too long because I know they're all gonna unload their cum fast. They're so young and so horny, so I take all the dick, one after another and swallow a good twenty cum loads before I've done them all.

There's even time to spare to get back to class after lunch.


The guys all hurry off, leaving me to walk back by myself. That was fun though and I hope it happens again soon. In October I found out I was pregnant, and that was a bummer, but what were the odds with all the guys I'd been doing, but I went to Planned Parenthood and I got an abortion and now I'm taking pills, so let's hope that doesn't happen again. It wasn't too bad and my mom didn't have to know anything about it.

Now if I can just remember to take those little pills. After the preggers thing I was ready for another adventure. I was a little bored and wanted to learn more about taking dick from the older boys. I was still so curious about so many things, and while I loved sucking dick, I also wanted my tits sucked and I wanted dick in my cunt too, not to mention wanting a lot of cum in me too.

I wanted to try getting into a car with a bunch of boys and seeing what might happen. I tried that a few times and it was pretty good for getting a few dicks in me but I craved more and one night I got lucky.

It was late November, after Thanksgiving and I was at the mall shopping one early afternoon. When I went outside there was a carful of very cute boys, older boys, and they were so friendly. I was wearing my patented tiny and tight little top with my now even bigger tits all pushed up and almost falling out. I also wore a short jeans mini skirt and a faux leather jacket and tall stripper heels. I'd made my hair big and had on lots of black eyeliner and some red lipstick.

I looked like a slut, a young and beautiful one, but slutty nevertheless. All my girlfriends looked the same way. My mom hated it but what was she going to do. So, anyway, these guys are making all kinds of noise and want me to take a ride with them. I put on my biggest smile and tell them, sure, I'd love to go for a ride with all of you. When I got in the back seat of the car, one of the guys asked me how old I was and told him fourteen and he looked at me like oh no, uh uh, but his friends told him not to worry about it and they asked me if I was worried about it and I said no, not at all, that I was a very mature fourteen, and with that I stuck my tits out and shook them and someone grabbed them and the car took off fast.

It took about twenty seconds for the guys to pull my tits out and start sucking on them. This is what I'd been craving and I pushed my chest in their faces and moaned loudly, and almost started panting when they started bouncing them and kneading them too. I heard a few of the guys talking about where to take me, and there were a bunch of ideas but they decided on some remote place where they'd partied before. They were all on their cell phones inviting what sounded like an army of guys to meet them at the party spot because they had a live one and telling them to bring booze and food too 'cause this would be an all nighter.

While this was going on, they'd progressed to fingering my cunt and had me pushed down on my back in the middle of the seat and one of the guys had his dick out and was stroking it, and getting ready to put it in me. He asked me if I liked fucking and if I wanted to do a bunch of guys and they'd give me a ride home after.

I said it sounded great, the more the better and the guys cheered and the guy stroking his dick lined up and put it in my cunt. On the way to the impromptu party, two guys did me and I was starting to feel good. When the car stopped the guys took my skirt and thong off but left the shoes on and left my tits hanging over my top.

I must have looked even sluttier like that. They told me to stay in the back seat and to keep my legs spread and then it started for real. I already had two cum loads in me and I was so curious to see how many guys I could do in an afternoon.

I was hoping for hundreds but that may have been wishful thinking. After the first twenty or so, they opened the other back door and moved me head first toward it so that my head hung out over the edge of the seat. They put me on my knees and I started taking dick on both ends, just the way I like it.

I was very much occupied but I did notice a lot of cars arriving and I heard snippet of conversations with guys talking about tons of guys would be showing up for the unexpected bit of fun, and how is the slut holding up. Someone said she's really young so she's holding up well. He said there's nothing like young pussy and a bunch of guys laughed. I didn't care what they said or thought, I just wanted them to fuck me and I sort of wanted to know how many, so I asked one of the guys about to put his dick in my mouth to kind of take a count for me because I was curious.

He told me sure he would, a decent estimate at least, and something about it's gonna be a marathon, and the he told me to open up, and I did and he grabbed my hair and fucked hard in and out of my mouth.

The guy fucking my cunt was really reaming me, and I was grunting around the guys dick which just seemed to excite him more and I felt my head being pulled farther back while he grunted and finally thrust in deep and I tasted his hot, salty cum, swallowing quickly to get it all. The guy in my cunt shot his load and another dick thrust in and started rocking me hard. There was a line for my mouth and when I turned my head to look in back of me, I saw a line there too, and realized that this was gonna be a long day, but a fun one.

A few hours in, and what I thought might be at least a hundred dicks serviced, and I was still good to go. There was a guy under me and he was impaling my cunt on his long dick while the dick in my ass was pounding in hard. Two guys had their dicks in my mouth and one of them was shooting his cum while the other one fucked in and out next to him. The guy in my ass was done and I felt him go in deep and stop while his cum poured into me. The guy under me was moving me around on his dick and then I felt another dick slip in next to his and I had two guys doing my cunt, and wow, that was like the best.

I was moaning and groaning until those two guys finally got off, unloading their cum one after the other while the dick in my mouth was rammed down my throat and I felt cum trickling down the back of my throat. That was different and I kind of liked the way I almost choked on dick and cum. Before I could think about it too much, a guy told me to open the fuck up and I felt the dick slide into my mouth, soft as a cloud but hard as a rock and then the guy held my head still while he slammed into me over and over again, coming in about two minutes of fast and furious fucking, and then yelling to his friends that this was one hell of a great slut, and to make sure and fuck my mouth.

I was enjoying the continuity of what I was thinking was one big, long fuck. I was stuffed with dicks in all my holes all of the time and it doesn't get any better than that for this girl, well that, and the way those dicks feel when they're deep inside of you and pounding in and out through an ocean of cum, and I knew then that somehow I was made for this, for taking dick, because really I wished I could spend most of my time with a dick somewhere in me, wanting me, doing me, filling me with cum.

When there was a dick in me, I knew my place in the world.

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After several hours, when it was starting to get dark, a couple of guys pulled me out of the back seat of the car so they could experience some outdoor games. A huge fire was going and the guys were drinking heavily and many were obviously drunk. I asked for a drink and a guy poured vodka down my throat. I coughed a little and asked for more and got another long shot down my throat. My curiosity was piqued again, and it wasn't long until I was being passed around to everyone there.

A guy would fuck one of my holes for a minute or so and pass me on, and from what I could see there had to be a hundred guys there. Once in a while a guy would hang on to me do me a little longer so he could get off, and I enjoyed both the variety of so many dicks, and having someone fill me with cum.

I told one guy he could cum in me if he wanted and he said he wasn't ready but not to worry because before long I'd be swimming in the stuff. He laughed and fucked in deep a couple of more times before pulling out so the next guy could do me. The guys had a lot of fun fucking me like this for a couple of hours, but by then most of them really wanted to get off so I was told to lean up against a big old tree and get my ass in the air.

The minute I did that there was a dick in my ass reaming me. He dropped his load in under a minute and that's when the best part of the night started. One after another all the guys there fucked me and came, most of them very quickly.

That guy was right about swimming in cum, it was everywhere, but was especially in me, so first I got to feel their dicks pounding into me, and then they filled me with cum.

It took a long time for all of them to do me and come but by the time that line ended, the first guys were ready to go again. I was up for it and told them I wanted a couple of dicks in every hole. A cheer went up and someone said they could do that.

I asked for more vodka, and someone poured another really long shot down my throat chased by a long drink of water. The brought me close to the fire so the guys could really see what was going on. Four guys surrounded me and then picked me up by my ass and legs. I felt a dick slide into my cunt and then another one next to it, and then another dick slid into my ass.

The three guys inside me started fucking in and out and started bouncing me up and down on their dicks. Someone wanted to try and get his dick up my ass so there'd be four dicks in me, so he got a hand under my ass and somehow the four of them got into the right position and there was room for all of them around me, and the guy slid his dick in next the other one already in my ass and my hole was big and slippery from all the cum and his dick slid right in and I was filled better than I'd ever been filled.

The four guys got a nice tempo going and let my weight push me down on their dicks so they were in way deep, and I really felt like I was being impaled on four long hard poles, and, God, that felt super good, and I moaned away and told them to keep going deep and make me feel it, and they loved that and the five of us did that for at least twenty minutes.

Around us guys were watching and a circle jerk started and a few guys wanted to come so someone pulled my head back and told me to open up and the guys stood on a chair or something each of them jerked off then aimed their cum at my mouth, and then two of them stood on either side of me while the other four fucked me and two at a time they jerked off and shot their cum at my open mouth.

I must have taken twenty loads like that and then the action really started when the four guys fucking me got close to getting off. They started grunting and fucking me harder and deeper, careful not to slip out, and one by one the four of them came two each in my holes, the last one left was fucking my cunt while he held me up, doing me fast and furious, finally coming with a loud series of moans and the words, "Oh, fuck," over and over as he bounced my cunt up and down on his dick and then shot his cum deep inside me.

The night went on this way and the party didn't end until the next morning. I spent most of the night being passed around while just about every guy there fucked me a couple more times each, many of them for at least five or six minutes before they could get off.

That's my favorite kind of guy, the one who's desperate to get off and will fuck a girl good and hard to get there, and then give her the cherry too when they unload their cum. More than one guy that night told me what a great fuck I was, how sweet my young cunt was, and above all that I was like the best cum bucket ever.

It was a good thing I'd told my mom the day before that I'd be sleeping over at a girlfriend's. She never even bothered to ask me which one. I never did know how many dicks I took that night, but I would guess it was a couple of hundred for sure.

That was pretty good, but I was curious what five hundred felt like, or maybe a thousand, and I intended to find out.

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I really liked Christmas and loved getting lots of presents. Christmas dinner in my fourteenth year was being held at the house of an aunt and uncle we rarely saw but whose turn it was this year.

We'd be having dinner and they staying over and return home the next day. I didn't really want to go but of course my parents made me, and I brought along my new phone with internet access and video ready. My aunt and uncle had invited a bunch of family members that we rarely saw, a few of whom were also staying over.

Christmas dinner was boring, no wonder we rarely saw this branch of the family. I was so bored that I went to bed early. Lucky me had my own room even if it was small, so I figured it would all be over sooner if I could just sleep.

Something woke me up at about 2 am. I think I remember seeing those numbers on a little bedside clock. What woke me up though was two hands on my tits and someone else pulling down my covers. I felt someone's hand over my mouth and opened my eyes and my cousin Jon told me to be quiet, they just wanted to get to know me better. I nodded my head okay and quietly asked him what he was doing and he said that he and his friend, Mike, had a Christmas present for me.

I told him I liked presents and that's when Mike started sucking one of my tits, and that's when I moaned, and Jon told me to keep it down, and then he sucked the other tit, and I didn't know how the hell I got so lucky, but here I was with a boy on each side of me sucking my tits on maybe the most boring night in the history of boring. I guess I was panting a little as the boys attacked my tits like that, and I felt a finger in my cunt and my legs just sort of spread out in anticipation, and I told Jon they could put their dicks in me if they wanted, and Mike moaned when he heard that and started sucking harder while Jon got between my legs and pushed his sweats down, then stroked what looked like a good sized dick and lined it up and put it in me while Mike kept on sucking that tit he loved so much.

He pushed my legs even farther apart and up a little and grabbed my ass and started fucking me hard, just drilling me into that mattress, and, oh God it felt good when he went deep over and over like that, but damn he was already close and he'd only had it in me for thirty fucking seconds or something and I told him he could make it last a little if he wanted to but he said he was gonna cum right then, and he pounded me hard for five seconds or something and slammed in deep while whispering, "Fuck, fuck, oh fuck," and I know I felt his dick pulsing as his cum poured into my cunt, and oh, wow, that got me tingling.

He pulled out fast and I felt his cum dripping out a little but mostly it stayed inside me, and that's the way it was when Mike moved in the minute Jon was done, and he was ready to go in like five seconds or something and I felt him put his dick in exactly the right place as he moved it around the outside of my cunt getting a little of Jon's cum on it before driving in deep, groaning and holding still for a moment when he was all the way in.

Jon was playing with both my tits while this was going on, sucking on both of them, going back and forth between them. He was half on the floor and half leaning on the bed, up real close and personal with my tits, while Mike was on top of me.


Mike pulled out a little and then started in on what was one of the best fucks ever. He did me good, reaming my cunt, slamming in over and over, deep and hard while he pushed down on my spread legs, holding onto my hips to get the best angle to go in, God, it was good, or maybe I just needed dick in me more often. Mike lasted maybe a whole minute though, not so great, but I was hoping they'd want to go again so I just opened up as much as possible and groaned while Mike did me hard, and told him to fuck me harder when he was about to come, and heard him moan when he went deep right before his dick spit cum way deep in my cunt, so damned good.

Mike pulled out and then I had both of them sucking my tits and I told them I wanted them to do me again and Jon said they definitely would, and he got between my legs again while Mike whimpered a little and sucked my tit like a baby might, kneading and squeezing while he made loud sucking noises. It felt good to me and I pushed my tit into his face as far as I could and told him to keep sucking, to not stop while Jon did me again.

Jon didn't hesitate and was already hard when he got his dick inside me again. I could feel and hear all the cum squishing around in my cunt as he fucked in and out. He was fucking me slowly, in a very leisurely way, his nice long dick going in deep every time, sending chills and tingly feelings to all the right places. I told him I wanted to be filled with his cum and he said he would. Mike was kind of curled up at my side, tit in his mouth still sucking softly while Jon fucked me.

It was a nice twenty minute fuck ending with a good two minute pounding at the end, just before he unloaded his cum again, deep inside my cunt. I don't know why but boys don't like to linger in cunts when they're done with them.

I kind of think that would be nice, but I just want to keep their cum in me so I guess I'm selfish. So Jon was done and was out of me fast but Mike went right back in so I was full of cum when he started fucking me, moaning and hanging on tight while he kept going in deep, again and again, and while I think he wanted to fuck me for a while, he just couldn't last longer than maybe ten minutes of really heavy duty fucking and way too soon he was done, spitting his cum in me then telling me very seriously that I was a first class cum bucket.

They both left right after Mike was done and I guess they slept in the next morning because I didn't see them before we left to drive home. I saw my uncle though, my father's brother who was up early having coffee in the basement when I ran into him.

He seemed kind of nervous and chatted inanely about something or other, but I was barely listening. He's an old guy, like way old, like almost forty I think and so boring, but anyway he was chatting with me and said he wanted to show me something he was talking about but we'd have to go to the garage so I said okay.

It was very early so we kind of tiptoed out to the garage which was detached and kind of back a ways in the yard, sort of by itself out there. The minute we got inside I felt a hand on my ass and I turned around and just kind of looked at my uncle, and wow, he was nervous, but he told me he thought I was so pretty and he'd really like to give me a special present and I watched while he pulled his dick out, and I could see it was pretty big and obviously hard and ready and he was smiling at me and stroking his dick while he told me he'd been wanting to make me feel good.

The ball was in his court and I was kind of enjoying watching him twitch like he was, knowing full well that now that I'd seen his dick that I had to have it, to either suck or have it inside me, fucking me. The cum bucket, me, was empty, and I needed to be filled up. But I let him sweat a little while I wondered why all these old guys like little old me so much, but I guessed they just wanted to fuck my young pussy, like they said.

My uncle walked right up to me and I felt a hand on my shoulder and then he pushed me down and I remember the floor was dirty and hard on my knees, and he rubbed his dick on my cheek then around my closed lips, and he told me to lick his dick so I did and he gasped, and then he said to open my mouth and when I did he looked at me like he couldn't believe I was there on my knees with my mouth open and all he had to do was put it in there, and so that's what he did.

The garage was totally quiet when he put that hard old dick of his in my mouth until he groaned and started moving in and out and in and out, and my mouth made little wet sucking noises while he moved, and I watched him watching me with my mouth wrapped around his dick like that, and he was panting, and then in like twenty seconds he was swearing and saying he was gonna cum in my pretty mouth right now and I sucked hard on his dick, and it was quiet again except for the sucking sounds, and then and he gasped while his dick pumped out a shit load of cum into my fourteen year old mouth.

I kept my mouth tight around his dick while it twitched, and I felt the hot, salty cum roll over my tongue, soothing it like a tonic. He pulled right out and tucked in and told me this would be our secret and I said sure it was all ours and that I'd never tell and he patted my ass and I kind of thought we'd be going back in but he sort of looked around and then at his watch and I could see him thinking that it was still very early and there was no one around and when would this ever happen again, and it wouldn't, so why not just go for it, and I knew he wanted to fuck me too, and whatever, why not I thought.

God knows I love sucking dick but I think I like it in my cunt even more. So I knew he couldn't be ready to go again, not yet, but he was very turned on and probably rarely got any ass, and not young pussy for sure, so who knew, and I felt how insistent his hand was on my ass, and I knew that if I made a fuss there would be a problem and that might get interesting, but I wanted his dick in me anyway, so whatever, and then he put his hand down under the back of my jeans and I felt his finger go into my cunt which still had two guys' cum in it from last night, four total loads of cum, and I was still, juicy, I would call it, and I think he knew it because he took a deep breath and then he pushed his finger way in and he told me he thought I'd been a very busy girl, a very bad girl, and I didn't say anything, except I felt tingly down there when he said that, but he smirked at me and got behind me and unzipped my jeans and started pulling them down, and he was breathing heavily now, and I could feel his breath on my neck while he pulled on my jeans until they were at my knees, and I could feel him back there getting his dick out again and stroking it and then I felt it, hard, against my ass.

A hand was on my back then and pushing me down so that my ass was up and within fucking range, and I felt my uncle line up his dick and push part way into my cunt and then he pulled me apart so he could see his dick slide into my cunt, and then he pushed all the way in and it was easy because I was so wet, and still so full of cum, and he groaned and mumbled something about a great little cum filled cunt, and how he was gonna do this one good.

And he was pretty good for such an old guy and was soon just about bruising my hips while he rammed into me, deep and hard, grunting like a pig in the quiet of the garage. I remember how musty the garage was, how dusty and the way it smelled and it was so still, and the only sounds came from my uncle when he grunted like an animal, and from the slapping sound of skin hitting skin when he rammed his dick deep into me and the low squishy sound of a dick displacing cum in a cunt filled with the stuff.

I remember the sunlight streaking in through the loose slats on the side of the garage, and looking at the dirty concrete floor and my jeans around my knees, and my spread legs, as I bent over taking my uncle's dick. I still feel how hard he gripped my hips, bruising them while he held me firmly in place to better fuck me, his dick drilling me as he went faster and deeper and got off in about five minutes.

I guess I inspired him, but really, in no time there he was pulling out after leaving his second cum load deep inside my cunt. He tucked in when he was done with me and told me I was a very good girl and that this was our secret too, and he hoped I liked his special present and while I pulled up my jeans and felt the cum drip down my legs, I told him I did, that it was a very nice present, and then we went back inside and my aunt was just getting up and getting some coffee, and my parents were just coming downstairs and my uncle told them all we'd just been getting a little air and that it was a beautiful day outside.

The rest of my fourteenth year before I officially started high school was pretty uneventful. I sucked dick a few times in the woods in back of the school, sometimes one or two boys, sometimes a whole line, and I sneaked into the boys bathroom a few times to suck dick, and even took some dick in my cunt in that bathroom, what you'd call real quickies, thirty second fucks, put the dick in the cunt, fuck the cunt, cum in under thirty seconds, done and out.

It was better than no dick. A few times I did like ten guys like that, real fast, one right after the other. After I did that the first time I had a new nickname, cum bucket, as in let's have Lola do a cum bucket for us.

Once, the janitor caught me doing a cum bucket in one of the stalls in the boys bathroom. He didn't have any problem with it as long as he could do me too, and most school days he did do me, usually in the bathroom but sometimes in the equipment closet.

He was a really old guy but he had a big dick and he loved putting it in me and doing me fast, hard and deep. I'm not sure but I think he made a few bucks by reserving stall space to the guys so they could do me at lunch and make sure they weren't caught doing it. Turns out the janitor was a pretty smart old guy, and God, he was horny.

I may be beautiful but I guess I'm not too smart because I am pregnant again. It's hard to remember to take those pills, and so anyway I'm having another abortion and they're being nice to me about it since it was just a few months ago when I had the other one, so this time I am going to be sure to remember the damned pills. I love cum in me, the more the better, but I don't like when it makes babies. I remember I also did lines of guys at school events too, either I sucked dick while on my knees in the bushes in the back of the school, all demur in my pretty little dress or I'd be up against a wall behind the tall bushes in the parking lot, bent over with my dress pushed up, ass sticking out, legs spread, and panties pulled down to my ankles, while half the guys in the school did me like a dog while the dance went on.

I'll never forget how the cum literally poured down my legs after I'd been done by a hundred guys. It started after the first ten cum loads and just got more crazy especially because there was cum shooting into me like about once a minute.

The guys at dances only fucked me to get off as fast as they could. I was the cum bucket of choice at all the school events. No wonder I keep getting pregnant. A few other girls put out too, but not the way I do. They didn't love dick the way I did, like I love dick. I always got a few dances in too, but the couple of hours of getting dick were much more fun. I'd have to say, all in all, that fourteen was a very good year, well except for being preggers like three times. Yes, I'm preggers again and my counselor is pretty pissed off at me for forgetting the pills, and she told me I need to be more careful because abortion is not like birth control.

Um, yes, mom, I know, right, but like try and remember pills when you have school to do, and all those boys are always wanting to put their dicks in you, just try resisting that.

So, I'll be getting another abortion, the third in a year but I'm going to wait a few months and get it when I start showing, then maybe they won't be so mad at me. Meanwhile, I"m curious about how it feels to fuck boys when I know I'm preggers, and I wonder if it'll feel different when they cum in me, since the cum won't have anything to do, and my tits should get bigger too and that's always a plus.

I guess I'll find out because Joey's invited me to his frat house for a party and that could be epic, like epic in sheer number of dicks shooting cum in my cunt, and there's the last school dance of the year before summer, and I imagine I'll do a long line for that, and there'll be a party after eighth grade graduation, so that could be epic too, not to mention my birthday is soon, and I'm expecting cousin Joey to throw me a secret party in the woods with lots of frat boys attending, and a lot of vodka drinking too.

Anyway, fourteen has been good. I was a curious girl and I learned a lot about boys, and about what they liked and about what I liked. There were still a lot of things I wanted to try though, new milestones on the path to complete sexual awareness, new adventures to live. But that's another story, for another time, and this one, the story of me when I was fourteen is done.

I'm already thinking about the next chapter though, because it's an amazing story.