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Naked boys singing milwaukee police gay Serial Tagger gets caught in
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I Surrender "Baby, I'm home." I heard her voice coming from the front door. "At the kitchen, honey!" I stated and smiled as I listen to her footsteps.

Nostalgia ate me as I immediately recognized her perfume and remembered the day I completely surrender to her. *** I'm Chris. 16 years and a senior highschool with my bestfriend, Jessica to a coed highschool. I'm bisexual, both attracted to boys and girls but I admit to myself, girls make me more wet than boys do. I'm a sexual person. Often read sex stories to satisfy up my libido. Or I masturbate. There are plenty of kinds of sex stories I had read.

Lesbian, rape, rope, sub/dom, bestiality. But the one I liked—love—the most is Lesbian. It just suits my taste. So here's the deal with my story. I, Chris, is inlove with my bestfriend, Jessica for 3 years. Of course, being bestfriends with her, I can't tell her my feelings for I'm sure, it will ruin what we have.

Jessica have quite a heartbreaking love history.


Like me, she's a bisexual as well. She loves a person so much it even gets me frustrated sometimes and mind you, frustrating me is one hell of a work. She was the kind of person to follow her heart without thinking of what might happen. While me on the other hand, is the rational one. I don't do things that risk me, my emotions or other.

I was the kind of girl who yearns for control, both in situation and in mind. I was the kind of person who will view everything in every angle to prevent casualties. It was an ordinary night. Which means I'm horny and reading sex stories to satisfy me in my laptop. Then, my phone rang beside me. Too busy reading a good story, I didn't bother looking at the caller, I just answered it.

"Hello?" "C-chris?" A familiar nasal voice, followed by a sob, was the first thing I heard. "Jess? What's wrong?" Yes.

It was Jessica and it looks like she's in the middle of pouring her heart out again. "I—I need you." I was always a lovesick fool when it comes to her. So I immediately turn off my laptop (which I will regret later 'cause the story I'm reading was really good) and in a matter of minutes, I'm already on my motor heading towards her house which is aproximately 15 minutes from mine. I knocked calmly on their front door. And after a few seconds, I wss greeted by a crying Jessica.

She immediately hugged me and I feel her tears on my neck, "She—she left. She t-told me she's—she's tired. of me, Chris! Of me!" She cried for atleast 2 hours, on and off and I just hugged her, nodding when it's necessary, caressing her back as a comfort. When she finally stopped, we just sat at their couch, staring at the playing music player.

"Megan's tired of me," she said. "And so I've heard," I answered. "God. She's infuriating. I hate her." "You don't." She glared at me, "I do." I only stared at her as if contemplating if she mean it or not.

In a matter of seconds, she sighed, "You win. I don't." "'Course." "Gosh. You're unbelievable sometimes." I gave her an open laugh, "'Course I am. Like, that's my job." We chatted for a while, talking about Megan and joking around. But mostly, I just look at her and think to myself I really do love her, so much that it's breaking me.

It's breaking the Chris I am. I don't even know why did I have to fall in love with her. My other friends are wondering why I can't fall in love to other people, little did they knos—I love Lois so much I can't even imagine the thought of falling in love again.

While we're talking, there were times where I find Lois looking at me weirdly. I know Lois so much, so much that it's scaring the two of us sometimes but hell, I don't know that look. I didn't even know she had that expression so instead of thinking about it, I put it aside. When it was time for me to go home, she walked towards the door.

I can still hear the playing music player. I surrender by Celine Dion. Gosh. That song was my song for her. ~I know I can't survive Another night away from you You're the reason I go on And now I need to live the truth—~ When I was about to open the door, I heard Jessica called me, "Chris?" In her vulnerable voice which she only use when she's close to breaking down or losing control.

I immediately turned around in worry, "Jessi—" I didn't finish what I was going to say because the next thing I knew, I was on the wall. with Jessica pinning me. ~Right now, there's no better time From this fear I will break free And I'll live again with love And no they can't take that away from me And they will see.~ "Wh-what—" "Megan's right, Chris. She was right about one thing." Then she did the last thing I ever thought she will do.

Jessica kissed me. ~I'd surrender everything To feel the chance to live again I reach to you I know you can feel it too We'd make it through—~ It was like those rom-com movies' kiss. Soft, passionate and full of love. Except she doesn't love me. In no time, I was kissing her back. I snaked my arms on her neck while I felt her hands on my waist. Jessica was taller than me so it's only natural to hold onto her for balance. The kiss turned into a hot make out session.

I felt her hand cupping my right breast inside my T-shirt and when moved her leg between me, I released a gasp, giving her the chance to snake her tongue inside my mouth. But when she rocked her leg that is between me that caused me to released a moan, I woke up from my heartbreaking reality.

She doesn't love me. And this could turn out bad.

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I'm taking advantage of her. And I can't. It means changing. And changing is goddamn scary. ~A thousand dreams I still believe I'd make you give them all to me I'd hold you in my arms and never let go I surrender~ I pushed her, unexpectedly maybe for her face showed shocked and hurt(?).

I wss shaking my head, looking at her. Damn it. I even realized I'm crying. "Chris—" "You—you c-can't do that. Jessica. You just—you just can't." Then I walked out the door. I was sure I only walked out the door.

But it felt like I'm walking out of her life too. --- Three days have past, Jessica and I was avoiding each other. It was like, nothing happened. But in addition, there's no us, 'Chris and Jessica', too. She was around her own circle of friends while me, I was avoiding everyone.

Because even a second of eyecontact will break me up again. The kissed meant nothing to her. But for me, it was one hell of a lifetime chance. I was walking out of my history class, near tears because we talked about unrequited love. Like, who the hell even talks about love in History class? Only my teacher, Ms. Dickenson. Damn the old hag. Anyway, as I was saying, I was walking out when I bumped—literally—on Gino.

The one who was rumored to be courting me, which I never knew. "Shit!

Sorry, Chris," he said frantically, helping me gather up my things. I only smiled at him, "Nah. It was an accident. I was partially at fault." "Uh. yeah. Yeah." He was just nodding looking at me, still holding my books on his hands. "Gino?" I called. It was like he was out of this world. He's giving me the look Jessica gave me that night. OMG, DAMN IT, CHRIS. You're on the forbidden topic again. "Yeah?" He said in dazed.

"My books." "Oh fuck! Shit! That's right. Sorry. Here," he gave me my books and I just laugh at his dorky personality. After giving back my books, he's still in front of me and he looks nervous suddenly. I looked at him, smiling but confused.

Finally, he talked. Stuttering, "Umm. are—are you free. on ummm. ARE-YOU-FREE-ON-THIS-SATURDAY?" He said in one breath. "What?" It's not like I don't understand it. I do, honestly. I'm just. giving him the chance to change it. "PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME ON THIS SATURDAY!" But I didn't told him to yell it at the corridors! Now, the students are looking at us, all smiling. I stared at him, dumbfounded. I hate to admit but I actually considered the idea of going out with him.

Hell, maybe it's time to move on from Jessica. The girl only give me heartbreak. But I can't open my mouth to say yes. It was like I was frozen on my spot. It's choosing between life and death. Life if I choose Gino, because he's gonna help me move on. Death if I choose Jessica, because loving her is a goddamn suicide. I opened my mouth to answer him but then, I felt hands wrapping around my waist and a head on my shoulder.

Fuck. I already knew who it was because of the perfume. Fucking Jessica. "Sorry, buddy. She have plans with me on Satuday—" she started.

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"What about—" Gino tried cutting her off but being Jessica, she continued. "—and the day after that too, and after that, and that and that. So leave her alone, 'kay? She's mine." She then pulled me out of that scene. I even hear my friends 'aww'-ing at Gino and Tricia saying, "It will always be Chris and Jessica." She pulled me in the empty Music Room, locked the door and pinned me between her and the wall.

She has this deathly look on her face like she's a second away from yelling. She narrowed her eyes at me that made me shuddered. "Wha—" "You are not allowed to talk," she growled and may I add, literally. She then kissed me again. But not soft, passionate or full of love. It was agressive, hard and full of possessiveness.

It was like she was marking me. Marking me to be hers. Instinctively, I wrap my arms on her neck and my legs on her waist. We are fighting for dominance and she's clearly winning. ~Every night's getting longer And this fire is getting stronger, baby I'll swallow my pride and I'll be alive Can't you hear my call I surrender all~ Her kisses trailed down.

From my jaw to my neck. She was devouring me, leaving trails of heat. I never thought that doing this—whatever this is—with your love can melt your every skin. God. She feel so good. She started sucking on my pulse, making me gasp. Then, I felt her putting pressure on my core by rocking her hips, slowly but hard. "J-Jessica." I whimpered.

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She looked at me. Her brown eyes are darker because of lust. Lust for me but there was love. So much love it was making it hard for me to breathe, "Shh. Let me.

Let me own you, Chris. You've waited for far too long. I was naive, stupid and dense. But the moment I realized the one who I truly love, I don't ever want to let go. It's you, Chris. It was always you. Megan was right. I didn't really love her for being Megan, I saw you in her that why I thought I loved her. But it was you. God, it was always you. I do want you, I do.

Surrender to me, Chris." I was crying. It was dream come true. "If this is a dream, don't wake up. Please." She giggled before kissing my neck again. I felt her hot breath on my ear as she whispered, "This is real, baby. I'm yours and you're mine, if you want to be mine." She then emphasized her point by giving a hard thrust on my core again.

"Oh god, yes. Yes," I gasped as I tightened my hold on her neck, meeting her thrust. ~I'd surrender everything To feel the chance to live again I reach to you I know you can feel it too We'll make it through—~ She instantly unbuttoned my shirt, still kissing my neck.

As she finished unbuttoning my shirt, she returned to kissing me which I immediately responded. I felt her squeezing my right breast while her other hand was supporting me. "God, you're so soft, Chris." She muttered, unhooking my bra in the process.

I then answered with a moan as she put her mouth on one of the nipple, twirling her tongue around it while her hand pinch my other nipple. I gave a yelped as she carried me towards piano and lay me down there. "Getting fuck on the piano? Kinky," she smirked at me as I simply rolled my eyes. "Shut it.

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You want me," I inwardly smirked as I witness her eyes dilated. "I do." The only answered as I felt her hand cupped my dripping wet sex.

"Oh fuck!" I almost yelled. I was so sensitive it's not even funny. "I will, baby. Just you wait." She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zipper. As she took a hold of my already ruined panty, she gave a groaned and kissed me again.

She pulled down my jeans and panties and within a second, I was half naked infront of her. Preparing to get devoured and fucked. ~A thousand dreams I still believe I'll make you give them all to me I'll hold you in my arms and never let go I surrender~ She teased me by slowly by putting a finger on my ever-visible clit, making circles on it. "Jessie—Fuck!" She kissed me as she slide down her finger on my cunt hole, putting an inch in it, making me bucked my hips hoping for more pressure.

I heard her chuckled at my impatient response. Freakin' bitch. I'm not a virgin. Hell. I masturbate, remember? But when the thought of Jessica in me, marking me as hers and hers only? God, I almost cum. "Beg, baby." She murmured, "So wet." And I did. I don't think I can take much teasing anymore.

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"Jessie, please. Fuck—make me yours. Mark me, take me, devour me. Please." "Fuck," I heard her groaned before she put two fingers on my entrance, sliding it in immediately.

"So wet, so warm, so mine." "OH GOD! JESSICA!" I screamed as she instantly thrust her fingers in me, hitting my spot directly. My cunt and her fingers are making lewd sounds whenever she thrust in me.

She started kissing my neck again while I bucked my hips to meet her powerful thrusts. "H-harder—Ahh! R-right there, Jess! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" And her thrusts got harder as she added another finger.

Pressing unbelievable pressure on my sweet spot. "Remember this feeling, you hear me?" She nibbled my ear then continued talking, "Only me, and I mean me, can only make you feel this good, okay, Chris?" I tried answering, believe me, I do. But fuck, Jessica is bringing me to another level of pleasure as she added the fourth finger. And I can only writh and moan beneath her. "I want an answer, Chris." She groaned then bite my pulse point, surely leaving a mark there.

"YES! OH FUCK YES! GOD, YOU FEEL SO GOOD, JESSIE!" I cupped her ass, forcing it to grind of her hand. She gave a whimper before burying her face on my neck.

I felt her hot breath on it before she said the words that sent me seeing stars.

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"Cum for me, baby. Come on, Chris, give it to me. Cum, baby, cum!" And I did. Hard. "J-JESSICA!" ~Right here, right now I give my life to live again I'll break free, take me My everything, I surrender all to you~ "I love you, Chris." Jessica whispered then kissed me, softly, passionately and full of love. So full of love. I smiled before hugging her like my life depended on it, "I love you too.

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Always." "Forever?" I giggled at her antics before kissing her cheek, "Forever." I simply stated, looking directly at her eyes. *** That's how we got each other. Now, we've been together for 5 years. I bit my lip to stop the chuckled stucked in my throat as I felt her tickling hands on my waist and her head buried in my neck, her hot breath leaving hot sensations on my body.

Jesus, this girl still have the same effect on me. "Sorry, I came home late again," she muffled. This time, I didn't stopped my giggled. I kissed her forehead before turning around and cupping her cheeks. I really love this woman. Gosh. "It's okay. I know you want another laptop as soon as possible that's why you need to stay late.

Just remember, okay?

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I love you, Jessie," I softly said. She beamed at me then kissed me, "Forever?" She exclaimed. "Forever." Of course, I know that she's working late to save but I also know that she's not saving for a new laptop.

It's bad to read your partner's own privacy, yes but it was an accident. I read a simple entry from Jessica's notepad on her laptop: I'm saving, yes. Still, a new laptop can wait.


But a ring on Chris' finger can't. So from then on, I told myself that until she's not asking me to marry her verbally, I'll just continue to surrender to her and her love.