Demure chick is seducting hunk with her bazookas and wet fellatio

Demure chick is seducting hunk with her bazookas and wet fellatio
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Thanksgiving has a lot of complicated memories for me now that I'm an adult. There is one memory that I can't get out of my head no matter how much I sometimes try. I had just turned 21 so I was finally able to drink openly in front of the family. Uncles and cousins would hand me a "juice" under the table in the past but this year I was drinking some wine and being a classy girl.

My uncle Charlie made more than a few comments about what a beautiful grown up lady I had become. I blushed and told him to shut up. I could feel the wine start to go to my head and honestly it started making me feel kind of horny. But I was surrounded by family. As the night went on it was clear that no one was going anywhere. The storm outside had gotten real bad and the power was going on and off.

Terrible thing to happen on Thanksgiving but at least we were with family. Uncle Charlie and I finished off the last bottle of wine together. Everyone else had fallen asleep and we were still up watching Netflix. Downstairs in the basement there was a little studio. It had a room which was supposed to be for me and my cousin who was fast asleep, and the couch out in front was for Charlie. I didn't realize how drunk I had gotten but I was cuddled up close to my uncle.

He had his arm wrapped around me and his other hand was resting on my thigh. I started getting all these really perverted thoughts about doing something more. What would Charlie do if I just stuck my tongue down his throat? Or what if I pulled his hand to what was becoming my very wet pussy? I winced and realized I was getting really turned on and this was really fucked up.


I turned to look at Charlie's face and he was totally passing out. I shook him awake and said he should go to sleep. He agreed and we both started to get up.

As I walked over to where my cousin slept I looked back and Charlie was starting to lay down on the floor. I asked what he was doing and he explained his back is better on the floor.

I shrugged and went into the room to lay down. I thought that getting away from him would make it better but it didn't…it was so much worse.

I could feel my pussy pulsing. It was longing for some dick. It had been a long time. My boyfriend and I ended things 6 MONTHS AGO and I was aching for someone to touch me. There were guys I could call or people I could see, I had just been so depressed and self-conscious that I could never actually hook up.

The room was really warm and I felt so uncomfortable I took off my pajama bottoms. I checked to make sure that my cousin was sleeping before I started to touch my pussy. I started making little circles around my clit and I was biting my bottom lip trying not to make too much noise.

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I heard something from out front. It was a loud and deep snore. Uncle Charlie was asleep. I wondered if he was a deep sleeper. I decided I wanted to find out what I could get away with.

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Uncle Charlie lay flat on the ground. I saw that he was uncomfortable with the heater temperature too because his shirt was off. I laid next to him and whispered his name. Nothing. I touched his face. Nothing. Just snoring and more snoring. I don't know why but I kissed his lips.

I gently licked his lips and he took in a deep breath. I think I saw him smile for a moment. Somehow I feel like he was telling me it was ok. I started to put my hand down his pants. My heart was racing as I felt his dick. I grabbed it and checked for any reaction. Nothing.


Just sleeping. I started to jerk him off. I spit in my hand and tried to see how big my Uncle Charlie's dick was gonna get. Luckily for me I got to find out fast as his dick grew to a thick long hard stance. I moved my head down closer. I wanted it in my mouth. I pulled his pajama pants down slightly and started to suckle on the tip of his dick.

Checking every few seconds to see if he was waking up. His dick was ready for me. I carefully straddled my uncle and grabbed his dick to guide it inside of me.

I was shaking. So afraid that someone would walk in, that my cousin would wake up, that my UNCLE would wake up. I wanted to just feel him inside me for just a few pumps. I swore to myself that I would only fuck him for a few seconds.

This was my cousin's dad. My mom's brother. I started to move up and down on his dick. Looking down at his face to make sure I was still in the clear. I bounced slowly trying not to make too much noise with my body or out of my mouth. It felt so good.

I started to grind on him faster and faster. I started to lose myself in the moment and I was abruptly brought back when I felt my uncle's hand grab my breast. My eyes shot wide open and for a second I was frozen. Charlie was awake. "Don't stop" he pleaded. He grabbed my ass and continued my grinding motion.

He started to pump deeper and deeper inside of me. He looked so excited to see me on top of him.

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He was bouncing me faster and faster on his dick. He pulled me by my hair close to his face. Still deep inside of me he started to kiss my lips. Kissing me so passionately then biting my lower lip. He pulled me off of him and before I knew it he was bending me over the couch and taking me from behind.

I grabbed one of the couch pillows and pressed my face in it. I tried so hard to muffle my moans. "Your pussy is so fucking good." I turned around and smiled.


I pulled him on to the couch and sat on his lap so that we were facing each other. I could feel his hot breath on my face. I started to kiss him. We started to move our tongues in and out of each other's mouth. I put him back inside of me and we grinded together trying to push in as deep inside me as we could.

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I felt his body shake and I knew that he had cum. I held him as I reassured him of my birth control. He held each other and rocked with his dick still half hard in my pussy. I kissed him and he kissed me back. I pulled myself off of him and walked back to my room. I couldn't figure out if I was disgusted with myself or not… In the morning the storm had cleared and we were all getting ready for our trips back home.

Mine was a 3 hour trip south. I had come up with my folks but they were talking about maybe going to this super mall up north. They had been trying to talk me into it for days.

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My mom in a desperate state asked my Uncle Charlie if he was willing to drive me the 3 hours south since it was on his way. He looked over at me and said "I'd love to".

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My heart started racing.