Nicolette shea boy gets fucked by a wet mom

Nicolette shea boy gets fucked by a wet mom
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Hi my name is Erin, I was 16 years old, I lived with my single dad and my 18 year old brother. My mom passed away when I was a little girl from a car crash, so ever since then I never really had a loving mom or a girl to be around with. When I reached my first period at age 12 my dad had to give me the "growing up" talk.

He told me about how babies were born and how we make babies. He told me that guys have a penis and girls have vaginas. He said that girls' breasts would grow to become bigger. He also told me that I would get periods often and it would hurt.

He was the most loving dad ever. When I had my periods he would go shopping with me for tapons and pads. He would have to go shopping for bras and undies too.

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My dad always provided for me and my brother. I loved my dad. Since it was only us 3, me and my brother had to share a room. Not just only a room even a bed too. My dad sleeps in the room next to us and he always came and gave me hugs and kisses before I went to sleep. He always checked on me to see if I had a blanket. Ever since my dad gave me the "talk" him and my brother felt that it was comfortable enough for me to see them naked.

So usually they were naked around the house. I've seen both my dad and brother with hard-ons before, especially my brother in the morning with his morning wood, since he goes to sleep naked.

I've seen my dad's package before since he doesn't get sex, he masturbates a lot, and he doesn't care if me or my brother sees him. Same goes with my brother, he masturbates all the time and our bed sheets are covered with his semen, but my dad always did the laundry so it really never got old.

Every morning my dad and brother ate breakfast naked, even my brother with his morning wood. My dad was really loving and he would cook for us and clean after us.

So I really never had to do anything. They said that since they're always naked, they didn't mid if was naked.

I myself wasn't quite comfortable being naked around them yet. Since I haven't even had a boyfriend or even try looking myself that way.

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After a few months later, I started going out with my friends. I would come home very late and my dad and my brother would sometimes just give me little lectures that I am girl and I should come home early and not go out late since I could get kidnapped or raped.

They were so caring and they always looked after me.

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I would say, "yes I know" but I never listened. My habit of going out late and not listening made my dad stress and he would drink often. He would be really drunk and he would be saying things he shouldn't. Me and my brother didn't really care so we just let him do whatever. So the month later, my brother finally got a girlfriend and she usually came over when I was out with my friends.

Since I was never home at night, my brother and his girlfriend would usually had sex on our bed leaving semen and body fluids all over the place. It would be disgusting to sleep on at night so I would go next door with my dad and sleep with him instead. One time while in bed with my dad, he said to me that he missess the feeling of my mom's pussy and that he wants to have sex so bad. He then stated that "I look exactly like my mom." Then I got really scared and I stayed quite.


He said, "why aren't you talking." I acted like I didn't hear him and I said, "I'm sorry I didn't hear you." I obviously knew my dad was drunk since he never acts like this. He repeated and said, "you heard me, why aren't you talking!" His voice had risen and he gotten mad.

I was getting freaked out and I said, "I'm going to sleep in the living room, it's really humid in here." He was mad and said, "I'm not done with you, you better come back and let me fuck you, I've been treating you and your brother so well since your mother fucking mom died, you haven't done anything good to me so now you better let me fuck the shit out of you." I was sobbing and begged, "dad I'm sorry I never help out, but it's only that you never ask me to help out." "Please don't take my virginity, I haven't even had my first kiss." He then yelled, "Well you should fucking know and clean the house sometimes you spoiled little brat." I was terrified by now and I was trying to get away but he was holding me and started to tie me up.

In my mind I was wondering, "Who is this monster inside my dad, he is never like this, and why is he doing this to me after all these years." He then screamed out loud, "I'm glad you're a virgin, now I'm going to fuck you until you bleed." I was screaming with fear while he was strangling me and tearing off my clothes.

I could feel the grasp of his hands squeezing my boobs, he was twisting my nipples and sucking on them. I could see him pull down his shorts and underwear, he got out his cock out and started fucking me. When he first entered my vagina it felt really weird, once he got his motion going, I could feel the pain and my vagina starting to close and it felt super tight. He force his cock in my pussy no matter what and it felt like my vagina had tear apart.

I was so scared and it hurted so bad that I didn't know what to do. All I did was just scream, cry, and yell for help, but I couldn't even do that because he covered my mouth.

It felt like my vagina was getting shoved by a watermelon and that it was worst then getting my heart ripped out. There was nothing to compare it to than of how much it hurted to be fucked by my own dad's fat, long, and hard cock. Even getting burned alive or tortured to death alive wouldn't hurt as much as getting my vagina teared apart by a huge cock.

At that moment I had nothing to think about then to just wonder when will this end. My dad was saying things that were not anything like him. He stated, "yeah bitch, you like that don't you." "I'm going to fuck you until you beg for more." "I'm going to fuck you until I cum inside of you." I was begging, "No!" "Please stop dad!" Right before I said, "please don't cum." I could feel warm a fluid inside of me and I was in shock.

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With his cock still inside of me, I could feel it getting wet and slippery down there. My dad feeling so relieved, murmured, "ahh, I just came inside of you and it felt great to cum inside a tight vagina again." I sobbed crying, "nooo!!

What if I get pregnant!?!" My dad just laughed and said, "it's ok, he or she is going to be your brother and your son!" Then my dad slapped me and strangled my neck. He gave me a kiss and stuck his tongue inside my mouth. I bit it and he slapped me again. I just cried and ran to the bathroom trying to rinse my wet vagina filled cum, I tried to get all the semen out and just touching it made it hurt so bad. I was in so much pain I couldn't even lay a finger on the flap of my vagina.

I was so scared that I fell asleep in the bath tub naked that night. The next morning my brother came in to pee and he peed in the bath tub. My mouth was open and my brother, still half asleep with his eyes closed peed right in my mouth. I woke up and was grossed out by the smell and the taste. I yelled, "ewhh, what are you doing?" He was fascinated seeing me naked for the first time. With my mosquito nipples popping out he was amazed and kept staring.

I said, "take a picture, it'll last longer." Dumbfounded, he said, "why are you naked." In my mind I told myself not to tell him, so I lied saying, "it was hot last night so I took a bath, I probably fell asleep." He just laughed and said, "c'mon let's go get breakfast. Walking to the kitchen, I was scared to see my own father.

I was afraid he would murder me or even rape me again right in front of my own brother. I walked in hesitantly as if nothing had happen. I myself was surprised when my dad had said, "good morning sweet heart, how did you sleep?" I was just mad by what he said and in my mind I was thinking, "you're seriously going to act like that after what you've done to me." But then I had just realize that he was drunk so he probably doesn't remember anything about last night.

Of course I acted like I didn't know anything too and just replied, "I slept great. How about you?" Confused, he said, "I sept great also, although I feel so tired, it feels like I used a whole lot of strength last night." Getting emotional, I said, "oh, you're probably just working to hard." With me saying that, after breakfast, I had done the dishes and I also did the laundry right after I was done. I didnt want him to notice any fluids on the sheets.

When I looked on the bed spread, I found drips of blood on it and I started crying. In my head, I said, "why did my dad have to do this?!" My dad walked in the laundry room and saw me crying, he asked, "what's wrong honey?" Trying to stop, I said, "nothing." He took the bed sheet and said, "oh my god, what happened?" My instincts were telling me not to tell him but I somehow blurted out, "you raped me last night!" After I said that I was crying really hard and my dad just stood there shocked by what I just said.

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He finally remembered and said, "I'm so sorry honey, I was drunk last night." I was just sobbing and nodding my head running to my room and locked the door. I was crying out my guts and I didn't even realize my brother was in the room. Of course he was on the computer, watching porn and masturbating. I was screaming at him, "how could you be doing that when this is happening!?" He replied while cuming and asked, "when what is happening?" Right when I could even reply back, BOOM!!

a gunshot went off. He pulled up his boxers up and didn't even wipe away his semen, we ran to where the the gunshot came from and there, my dad layed on his bed with a gun on his hand, a note on the other, and blooding gushing everywhere from his head. My brother screamed, "no!!! Why dad, why!!" I was just sitting on the ground crying and screaming. I looked up as if I was looking at god and I pleaded, "why?!? Why did this have to happen!?" My brother took the note and read it.

He read out loud, "I'm sorry I raped you Erin, I couldn't control myself. I will always love you no matter what.


Please forgive me." My brother crumpling the note, he screamed at me and yelled, "this was all your fault, why didn't you tell me when I was with you in the bathroom?!?" I couldn't even say a word.

I was kneeling and crying. My brother picked me off my feet and he punched me in the face and my stomach.

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He was on top of me and I was half unconscious and I could hear him scream, "now it's my turn, you're going to pay, I'm going to fuck you until you die too!" Right when he said he was going to fuck me, I was already scared because what had already happened. And just the fact that my vagina was already in much pain and that I might be with child, I pushed him off me and ran to the living room to get the phone. Right when I was dialing 9-1-1, he snatched the phone out of my hands and threw it on the ground.

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He pushed me down and held down my wrists. I could feel his hard cock poking through his boxers rubbing against my stomach. He was kissing me on my lips and neck. He held my wrists with one had and ripped off my shirt. I could feel one handed rubbing my boobs and then going down to my vagina. I was screaming for help! Once he pulled down my panties he got his cock and he stuffed it in my vagina.

This time the feeling was worst, my brothers cock was a lot thicker than my dad's and he was a lot longer too. I could feel as if my vagina was burning and getting cut open. My brother was enjoying the moment and he said, "you don't