Precious babe tasting big shaft

Precious babe tasting big shaft
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It was the end of my junior year of high school. I had just turned 17. Now for a long time (since I was 13) I had homosexual thoughts, feelings, and fantasies. I had no idea why, and when I was younger I thought it was probably normal, but I would never act upon it.

I began to realize I was checking more and more guys out outside of school and inside of school, and I would try to become friends with the better-looking guys. I never really intended on acting on any of my feelings because I had girlfriends before and wanted more girlfriends later on in life, because I was what they called a "follower" so I just wanted to fit in. To this day, I would still like to be with a girl and will probably end up marrying one. However, I still wanted to become friends with more good looking guys to see where it might go.

Who knows, maybe one of them might be gay or bisexual (I hoped!!). It turned out that I never really became good friends with the people I wanted to physically, because they were just not nice people or for some reason it just never happened. One of my best friends at the time had me hooked on Halo 2, which I'm sure a lot of you guys played (or know about), and for a while I was sexually attracted to him.

We both played sports, so don't get me wrong, we had athletic bodies. However, I never had the courage to pursue anything with him and it turned out he was the one who actually introduced me to my now best friend, and person who I shared my first gay experience with.

He was tall, had dark brown hair, and was pretty skinny. (All the things I was attracted to). Also, his face was so cute and adorable, it didn't seem like he was older than 15. His name was Austin. He was on the high school soccer and baseball team. I had first met him in my sophomore year of high school and he was a junior at the time. I was a bit shorter than him, skinny, with brown hair.

I too had played baseball, but not for our school. From the first time I saw him, I knew I wanted him. So I set a plan in to action, and I knew it would take time, and I knew I had to be very cautious.

So for the longest time (about a year) I mainly just knew him through video games (online playing). Eventually through my best friend Joel at the time, I was invited to poker games, movies, etc… where Austin also was. This was because Austin and Joel were pretty good friends (especially in the gamming realm, haha). Eventually I had a falling out with Joel, and it so happened that so did Austin after a short while. So now Austin and I started hanging out. We had other mutual friends, so we still went to movies, bowling, etc… and got to know each other better.

I had always been more comfortable talking to a person through texting or through instant messenger, so for a long time I would initiate conversations with him via texting or instant messaging, which pulled us a little closer and allowed us to open up a little more. Anyway, a year went by and we were now really good friends.

We hung out all the time, and had sleepovers, talked about girls, etc…Then it became time for Austin and a bunch of other seniors (he was now a senior) to start getting plans ready for "senior week", which if you do not know what that is, it is the week after graduation where most seniors rent houses with friends down the shore and just party all day and night.


I had never expected to go because I was only a junior, but he asked me if I wanted to, and I persuaded my parents to let me go.

So this was perfect, I would get to spend a week down the shore with him, and maybe something would happen when we're both drunk (so I planned). However, I was having trouble deciding if this was a good idea (the whole trying to get with him) because he did have a girlfriend (who was a junior too she didn't go on senior week) but I figured it would be worth a try if the opportunity came up.

So the time came, and we got to our beach house with 10 other guys (everyone rented with same-sex because parents usually wouldn't let it be co-ed). It was a big house but still there were not enough beds for everyone. So being a junior, I said I could just sleep on the floor, and since Austin was going to share a bed with another guy friend (nothing sexual) he also invited me into their room to sleep on the floor.

The guy he was planning on sleeping with (once again not sexual) name was Tyler. Tyler never partied or even drank so I don't know why he even came. Anyway, a few days went by, and Tyler was just getting too pissed off at everyone being stupid and drunk and got into fights with some of the kids in the house.

So for the last 3 nights of the week, he slept at another house. Now the opportunity was coming about. I now got to sleep with the guy I wanted to have sex with alone in our own room. What could be more perfect??? So for the first night we slept together, he was having trouble with his girlfriend, so we kind of just sat in bed, and I did what I always do.

I tried reasoning with him and comforting him. I tried to make his girlfriend sound unworthy and me a good friend for caring and listening. After a while he went to sleep but I wasn't ready quite yet. I had a raging erection from thinking about sleeping with him and I fantasized having sex with him or even just seeing his naked body. After all, we had been at the beach for 5 days and I got to see his body and noticeable 6-pack abs.

He didn't have any body hair, except for the usual spots (armpits, legs). So, I started rubbing my cock through my shorts (hoping I would be able to get off lying next to him) but I was making too much noise through my sleeping bag, so I went to the bathroom and relieved myself rigorously.

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So the next day came and we went to the beach like always. Most of the other people in the house just wanted to drink and stay in the house, which was so stupid. I don't have a clue why, but that gave me more time alone with Austin, so I was happy. Once again, we drank before going to the beach (which always makes me hornier) so I had to hide an erection for most of the day.

This was the last night we had at the beach so this night we were going to get insanely drunk.


We drank most of our alcohol that we brought earlier, but some guys had a lot of spare Bacardi 151. If you don't know what that is it is 75% alcohol and will get you fucked up fast.

Austin had always been a better drinker than me (even thought I started when I was younger) So after he took a shot, I took a shot. I instantly threw the petrol-oil tasting rum up within 10 seconds. I don't know how anyone can drink it.

So I went back to drinking a few beers that were left and a little vodka. Either way, Austin took a second shot. I was impressed. At this point he was starting to be really funny and a lot more relaxed.

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Then he took another shot. I thought "he is crazy". But I didn't want him to stop, because this was my last night to make anything happen and although this sounds bad, I wanted him really drunk. I was a little buzzed myself and I kept that going for a while. Soon after, Austin took another shot of Bacardi 151.

Now he is 4 shots deep, which is equivalence of about 8 normal shots (of 80 proof liquor). I also tried to stop him then, but now he wanted to do one more, and I thought "well I'll be looking after him, so I won't let him die". On that note, he took one last shot. Those 5 shots were taken within a 2 hour period.

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For some reason he wanted to go to a local hoagie shop that was open late, so we walked out of the house. I thought this was perfect because I could spend some time alone with him until one other person from the house decided to tag along. Fuck! I was pissed. But there was nothing I could do about it. So we got out hoagies and starting walking back. Now remember, Austin is 5, Bacardi 151 shots in, or about 10 regular shots.

He was getting really drunk now, and could barely walk. So hey! I got to touch him some more by holding him up. I grazed his ass a couple times just because I knew he wouldn't realize. So we got back to the house (it was probably 2 a.m) and the other kid went to sleep and so we decided to do the same (or so Austin thought).

We drunk-called a couple people for fun (I was still a bit buzzed) and then Austin started to feel sick. He usually never throws up and he hates doing it, but the both of us knew what was coming. So we both went to the bathroom (I closed the door) and he threw up a lot. He felt horrible and I felt really bad for him now.

He was all hot and tears were coming down his cheeks, but I took the opportunity to touch his face by wiping his tears and sweat away. Then after a while, he stopped throwing up and I got him water to drink. So we just sat in the bathroom a while until I made him brush his teeth extensively (I didn't want to kiss a vomit mouth if the chance arose and he didn't think anything of it) So we headed back to bed, and I closed the door (and locked it without him noticing) and we lay down and talked a bit, even though I could tell he was exhausted and still not feeling to good.

But, if I was going to make anything happen, it had to be now, while he was under the weather. So I suggested that he take his shirt off because when I felt his forehead it was very hot. So he did.

Then I sort of made a remark that I thought he had vomit on his shorts so I went to go get him another pair. He said they were fine but I insisted he change. So he changed his shorts under the covers (little homophobe haha) and lay down to sleep still feeling sick.

I started rubbing his back and stomach over and over again trying to further comfort him (and my erection). After a while of him not rejecting it, I moved a little lower, and lower. I was getting more horny now so I was going to keep going lower. My penis was in control of all movements at that time. So I rubbed his abs for a bit (which were amazingly hard) and then went lower, lower, and lower. I was now rubbing from his back to his front and my hand was now slightly below the waist band of his shorts.

Still he said nothing.

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So I made my move. I went all the way down and I touched his pubic hair and caressed it for quite some time (I could tell he doesn't shave but I liked the rough texture). Still nothing (and I knew he was not asleep because he felt sick every time he closed his eyes for long). Well, I thought to myself that If he hates me after what I do next, I will blame it on the alcohol and hopefully we can still be friends.

So with my right hand, I took a hold of the shaft of his penis. Now he was definitely up. He groggily said "what the hell are you doing?" I quickly pulled my hand out of his shorts and I just told him to relax, and that I just was trying to make him feel better.

I explained that I knew he wasn't gay, and that I wasn't either, but I knew that a good jerk off would make him feel better. I told him that when I'm sick, I masturbate a lot because it helps distract from the pain. He was too tired to resist physically, so I started rubbing his cock, which was getting harder and harder (subsequently so was mine).

I wasn't really sure how large his dick was at that point because it was almost pitch black, and my hand was in his pants. So eventually Austin said "to go a little faster" So that's what I did. Except, I wanted to see his cock, even if it was almost pitch black, so I pulled his covers off for a minute and slid his shorts off and climbed into his sleeping bag with him.

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He didn't object. So I could see his cock now, and I am not exaggerating, it was probably 8 inches and thick, possibly a little less. I never measured obviously, but he would always tell people "to suck his 8 inch cock" if he'd get pissed at someone and I always thought he was just joking.


I won't lie either, my dick is an average 5.5 inches so this thing was enormous compared to mine. Anyway, the next thing out of his mouth is that he said he was about to cum. I wasn't ready for the night to be over, so I stopped jerking him off. At this point, he got really angry and tried to finish himself, but I laid down on top of him and tried holding his arms. Now I was gazing into his eyes (he was slightly more sober and more awake now) and he asked me why I stopped.

I told him that if he could wait a while longer it would feel a hell of a lot better later. So he stopped resisting and let go of his hard cock. I told him "I don't think it was right for me to give you a hand job without a first kiss." So he replied saying "I thought you said you weren't gay", which prompted me saying "well, I think I'm bisexual; I'm not sure" So I gently kissed his lips (hoping they didn't taste like vomit) and pulled away.

They didn't taste like vomit at all, but rather the aquafresh toothpaste he used to brush he teeth with earlier. Now, to my surprise, he moved his head in to meet mine this time, and gave me another kiss, and then he stuck his tongue in my mouth, allowing both our tongues to meet. I was ecstatic. So at that point, I knew this night would not be the beginning and end of our physical relationship, so I had no intention of trying to get in his ass that night (sorry folks).

So we made out for about 15 minutes until he stopped and said "when are you going to finish me off?" So I didn't want to make him wait any longer, but I didn't want it to get messy.

So I slid his black boxer-briefs off to expose his naked body completely, and then I stood up and took off all my clothes, and threw them on the floor. I couldn't believe I was standing naked about to crawl into bed with my gorgeous best friend. So I climbed back in to his sleeping bag and I kissed him once more before heading down to his dick. I could tell he had some precum on the tip of his penis so I wiped it off with my hand.


(I didn't want to foreshadow a blowjob by licking it off) So I once again took his 8'' cock in my hands and started jerking him. He let out some moans so I moved back up to put my tongue in his mouth real quick (maybe it would quiet him down). Anyway, on the second time back down to his dick, I engulfed his testicles in my mouth and started playing with them with my tongue (what a good muscle the tongue is).

I could tell he was not expecting this at all, because he instantly sat up. I asked him what was wrong, and he just said "I just want to watch you giving me head" I just smiled and then proceeded. I still couldn't believe this was happening. So I starting licking the head of his penis in a circular motion, which triggered even louder moans from Austin.

This was not good because I was in no position to let anyone know what was going on and there were 4 people in the room next to us, who had previously called the two of us "gay" because of how much time we spent together in the past.

So once again, I stopped moving my tongue and moved up back to his face and told him that if he wanted to "feel better" tonight, he would have to be more quiet. Now, I knew that once I actually got to giving him head, his moans would be uncontrollable, and to my surprise (which I thought was a bit kinky) he asked for my boxers that were on the floor.

I wondered why he wanted them but then realized he wanted them to put in his mouth. That way he could keep quiet and indulge in my precum from earlier (which I have to admit, was probably a little more than precum). I was proud of myself at this point. I said to myself "I think I turned him gay!" Anyway, once he had my boxers in my mouth (which I thought was so fucking hot), I moved back down to his hard erect penis where I once again began playing with the tip.

I'm not idiot, I know the head of the penis is the most sensitive, and I love it when I play with the head of my own. So I could tell he was enjoying it from the slight muffled moans I was hearing, but I knew it was time to stop teasing him. And don't get me wrong, I have never sucked a penis before, but I have seen it in porno's and I never actually thought it would be difficult. I knew I would not be able to deep throat him just because of the sheer size of his cock, but I would go as far as I could without gagging (as I have heard that this is the best method).

So I gently used my tongue to lick his entire shaft before putting my mouth entirely over his thick penis. Then I started moving my head up and down (like I had seen in the movies), while moving my tongue around, up, and down at the same time.

I could tell Austin was getting louder and louder, but I didn't think there was any risk of anyone waking and hearing us so I continued. I have heard of guys being able to go a long time, in aspects of fucking girls, or getting jerked off without ejaculating for a long time.

But this was ridiculous. From when I started rubbing his dick until the time I was just about done giving him head, it had been close to 30 minutes. My jaw and tongue were getting tired and I almost gave up because all I wanted him to do was come in my mouth. I thought I was doing something wrong, but he assured me I wasn't and said he takes pretty long to come when he masturbates, and that he's gone close to 40 minutes before he comes when he has sex with his girlfriend (that's fucking impressive).

So I continued. About 5 minutes later, Austin's moans were getting louder and his body began to shake uncontrollably. I knew what was about to happen and I COULD NOT WAIT TO TASTE HIS CUM!!! He pulled my boxers out of his mouth and forewarned me that he was going to explode, and big. I let him know I was prepared, but he said "no you're not." So after about a minute, he exploded into my mouth until I couldn't swallow fast enough, and then he grabbed his shaft and kept pumping and pumping and pumping for a good 3 minutes until my entire mouth, face, and chest were filled with cum.

I had no idea what just happened. I had never seen so much cum in my life. I have seen huge 10'' and thick dicks online where they explode a mother- load, but holy shit, I thought there was a gallon of cum on me and I wanted every last bit of it. After he stopped pumping his dick (which was now limp) he said "I told you that you weren't ready." I incoherently agreed as I finished gulping down the last of the cum in, on, and around my mouth.

"That was incredible" I said Austin replied "Yeah, it was." Granted, I was still horny and my dick needed relieving, but I did not expect Austin to want to help me out in those regards, but I was wrong. I knew he was dead tired, so I helped prop his head up against the headboard and just told him that this way he could relax and I could get some relief.

So with his head propped up against the headboard, I inserted my 5.5'' dick into his mouth and began to do, what they call "face fucking".

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THIS FELT INCREDIBLE! Austin was breathing loud through his nose, because his mouth was full, but I knew it wouldn't take long for me to come so I kept going. I'll admit, I can ejaculate fairly quick, and not to mention I had just sucked Austin's dick for a half hour, So I was ready to explode after about 5 minutes. I didn't have nearly as much cum as Austin did, so after a few last thrusts into his mouth, I was able to get it all out, and in one large gulp, Austin had experienced the taste of another guy's cum.

I took my dick out of his mouth slowly, and then we kissed one last time, before we both collapsed and fell asleep wet in each other's arms.