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Big big tits
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I was in my beach house in New Jersey it was just me, my two cousins, and three of our friends. I'm Chris, and I'm 16. My cousins names are Anthony and Joe, ages 17 and 18. My friends names are Amber, Krystal, and Marissa, aged 16, 18, and 16.

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This is the story of what happened one week when we got to stay by ourselves, no parents around. "Hey Chris, I'm bored," Marissa said as she came over and sat by me, laying down on the couch. "What do you wanna do? There's nothing on TV…" I said, pushing the power button and tossing the remote aside.

I turned my head, and looked at her. I had had a crush on Marissa since I was 12, and I thought this week something might finally happen. She was around 5'5", 115 lbs, tanned, with brown hair and dark eyes. Her lip gloss sparkled in front of me.

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As she stood up, her great B-cup tits flashed by, covered by only her bikini top. As she turned, I got a nice view of her ass, quite large for a thin girl, in her jean shorts. My cousins walked into the living room, along with the other 2 girls. "Hey guys, you wanna play a game or something? Its only the first day here and it sucks cuz of the rain," I told them. "Ooo what do you guys wanna play?" asked Amber, walking towards me and sitting down by the couch.

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Amber was a bit taller than Marissa, blonde, lighter skinned, and had a smaller chest but an equal sized ass. "I don't care, you guys decide," I said, closing my eyes. Joe instantly suggested "Strip poker, anyone?" but was shot down quickly. "How about Truth-or-Dare?" Anthony chimed in.

Everyone quickly agreed to that, of course, and we huddled in a circle on the living room floor. We had a good time, and none of the truths or even the dares were really that interesting, until it was my cousin Joe's turn to make a dare for Marissa. "Hm, Marissa, Marissa&hellip.What to make you do&hellip." He wondered, putting his hand to his chin.

"Think of something good Joe," she said, laughing. I looked at her and I wished that Joe would tell her to come give me some head right now. I laughed to myself. "How about&…I got it!

You and Chris, both of you go into his room. You guys can do whatever you want, we won't watch. In exactly 10 minutes, you have to come back. Starting&!" he said, looking at his watch.

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I hadn't heard him at all, since I was checking text messages on my phone. When Marissa got up and, pulling my arm, led me into my room, my face had a look of utter bewilderment on it. She explained the dare to me. "I see…well, what do you wanna do?" I asked innocently, putting my hands into my pockets and looking around. "I'm not sure," she said. "You have any ideas?" I laughed. "Well, I know what I'd love to do, but that's not possible right now so yea…" I said, my voice drifting off.

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"What is it that you want?" she asked, walking towards me. I must have gotten a bit red, because as she walked towards me she told me, "Don't be nervous, tell me!" "I'd love it if you sucked me off right now, in the ten minutes, you know, for the dare!" I said really fast, supporting my wish with ridiculous backup.

"Really. You want me to suck your dick? You're asking for a blowjob?" she asked, looking right at me. "Well, yea that's what I wanted. You?" I said, trying to get her to look away. "Sit down over here then so I can do it," she said, putting her right index finger into her mouth and sucking on it, showing me how wet it was when she pulled it out.

My cock instantly felt stiffer. "You You serious?" I asked, looking at her on her knees near the corner of my bed. "Well sure, what else are we gonna do in here?" she asked, pulling me towards her. My mind was ecstatic. Was she serious? Oh my god, I was about to get head! From Marissa!! I slowly walked over to the bed and pulled my shorts down, leaving my boxers up. By now my dick had created quite a large tent and was begging to be let out. "Wow!

Well what do we have here?" Marissa giggled playfully, pushing me to sit on the bed. "I think Chris may be a little excited?" "Yea, a little!" I said sarcastically.

"Relax, and don't say a word," she told me, grabbing a box of tissues from my desk. She slowly opened the slit in my boxers, and instantly I felt her hand, cool on my dick, grab my shaft and pull it out.

I let out a small "Oh." and she looked up at me with her big dark eyes and smiled. Grabbing me gently she began to stroke my cock, which was standing straight up now. She made sure to go slow, and applied enough pressure for me to feel the cool smoothness of her hand along my whole shaft.

She turned her wrist as she reached the base of my dick with each pump, making my pleasure more intense. Every 15 seconds or so she'd retreat her hand and lick it, making sure that as she jerked me off it made a loud slurping sound. Her hand pumped in a rhythm. When she saw that I was feeling good, my eyes closed, she began going faster. As she gripped me tighter and I felt her left hand grope her way over to my balls. Softly, she rubbed my sack around in her hand, while jerking me quite furiously with her right hand.

After less than 5 minutes of her jerking me off, I felt like I'd be cumming soon. "Oh Oh Marissa! Ah, stop. Stop…ohhh yea that's it…" I moaned, grabbing her hand gently and pulling it off my dick.


"I was about to bust…" "Really? That was fast," she said, smiling. "We still have&hellip.around 5 minutes left. I guess its time to suck it outta you!" "God…you sound so…hot! Hearing you talk about my dick literally makes me wanna shoot all over you…" I said, having to let that out.


She laughed. "I just may let you!" As my eyes widened, her head came towards mine, licked my lips, and slowly, kissing my nipples and abs as she worked her way down, she closed her lips around the head of my dick. My body stiffened. She let out a soft laugh as her tongue explore my entire cock head, rubbing and prodding it, making it wet and slippery.

She sucked me in now, the top 3 inches of my fully-erect 9 inch meat. Yes, I was well endowed even at 16. As she lifted her head after a few seconds, she breathed "Chris, your cock is so huge!" I smiled and beckoned her to keep going. She resumed, slipping my dick back into her mouth. I leaned back, and tensed as she began using her hands to fondle my balls as my dick slipped in and out of her mouth. I rested my hands on the back of her head, softly, not pushing her down at all.

As she sucked, I could feel my dick being enveloped by her quick tongue. I tried to focus and hold back the cum that was so eagerly begging to shoot out. I leaned forward now, and, all sense of fear having left my, I untied Marissa's bathing suit top. She seemed not to mind at all, and I slowly fondled her tits, and felt her hardening nipples. She slowly let my dick go, and climbed on top of me, pushing me to lay down on the bed.

Now she lay down between my legs and resumed sucking.

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I began pushing her head down gently now, getting almost 5 inches of my dick into her throat before I felt the back. I moaned, and now she began to suck fast, bobbing her head rapidly, sensing my approaching orgasm.

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"Marissa&hellip.ah…I cum a…a lot I mean, a lot! You're gonna need more tissues&hellip.ahhhh&hellip." I let out before she popped me out of her mouth and began jerking me off, very fast.

"You mind if you shoot all over me? I don't. The rest will get on your bed. Now Chris show me this load!


Oh, cum on me!" she moaned. My dick was pulsing. She was sucking me again now, deepthroating as much as she could. I pushed her head down once, hard, felt her gag slightly, and I was gone. My first blast shot in her mouth before she could let me go. As her head rose, my thick cum blasted into her mouth, and, now being able to get all of it, a good amount of it sloshed back onto my cock, making her jerking-off hand sound even better.

Then, I continued my cum blasting. I couldn't stop, and as she jerked she aimed my cum at her. Her bare tits were already covered, and her jean shorts were extremely wet. Cum dripped from her mouth, nose, and chin, but had somehow avoided her eyes. With one final moan, I shot a last rope into her mouth, which she spit back onto my dick, smiling. "God Chris&'re like a porn star!" Next time, the story will be much longer, continuing from here. I just wanted to see if the idea was good with everyone, and if people enjoyed this I will happily write part 2.

Sorry this one was very short.