Megan Salinas pull on a side her sexy lingerie and ride a dildo

Megan Salinas pull on a side her sexy lingerie and ride a dildo
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The following Friday she came to the house just after 7 pm, way earlier than usual. I still hadn't told her anything about what I was feeling for her, how I caught myself thinking about her eyes, or her laugh, and smiling to myself. Or how much I enjoyed and anticipated our conversations. Or how passing her in the halls at school and seeing her smile at me now usually gave me a pleasing little jolt of adrenaline, rather than the shudder of fear and disgust I used to feel.

But I also didn't tell her about the darker side of my feelings. I didn't tell her that the memories of how she treated me were still bright and vivid in my mind. That when I wasn't mooning over her like the teen-aged idiot that I knew I was being, I still felt a deep-seated wave of repulsion and hatred whenever I thought about her. The feelings weren't even separate in my mind any more, they were mixed together in some sort of sweet, black, violent affection that just plain confused the shit out of me.

But talking with her felt so easy now, so natural. I caught myself laughing along with a little in-joke we shared with Rose, and I realized that I was closer to her than I was with any of my so-called friends at school. I was probably closer to her than I'd ever been with anyone outside my family. How could I like someone I hated so much? I didn't tell her any of this, and I didn't have to. I just laughed along with them, and tried not to think about what it meant. Instead I focused on what we were going to do when we were alone.

That night she knocked on my door just a little after midnight. "Come in." I said. I'd been practising my voice a little. I was speaking more from the chest, and trying to be a lot clearer than I was in everyday conversation. It didn't sound drastically different, but I thought it sounded better, more masculine. She slipped quietly into the room. She was wearing her negligee again, a see-through black gown that ended about an inch past her waist, fixed to a black bra that gave her incredible cleavage, and held up by small shoulder straps.

Through the thin weave I could see she was wearing matching panties this time. I found my eye drawn to her long, smooth legs. As I studied her, I noticed that she'd even painted her toenails black. "Hi." I said finally. "Hi." she echoed, smiling. She stood at the door and awaited instruction, as usual, but as I continued to leer at her she shifted her body slightly, as if posing for me. "You look beautiful, tonight." I said, meeting her eye. Her smile grew wide.

"Really?" she said, surprised. She brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. "Thank you." she said. I loved how much she seemed to enjoy the simple compliment.

This girl had probably been told she was beautiful all her life, but only I could make her smile like this. I stood up out of bed and walked over to her. Her eyes widened in surprise. I closed the distance between us and slid my arms behind her back, pulling her close to me and bringing my lips to hers. We kissed deeply and passionately. She moaned into my mouth and wrapped her arms around my waist.

I broke the kiss, but kept my face close to hers. She was breathing heavily and her expression was so intense, so alive with lust. She tried to bring our lips together, but I pulled back. She smiled and leaned forward again, but I brought my hand up to her shoulder and held her in place. She was still smiling, but her face had a hint of disappointment, and confusion. After a few seconds of waiting I kissed her again, slower this time, our tongues moving together in a gentle rhythm.

Once more I pulled away from her, but kept our faces close. Again she tried to kiss me, and again I stopped her. She pouted and let out a small whine, but didn't resist. I leaned in, bringing my lips close to hers. I held the position as she squirmed against me, wanting to kiss me but learning that she wasn't allowed to. I slowly kissed her chin and cheeks, but stayed away from her lips.


She moaned again in frustration and I couldn't help but laugh gently. She moved forward again, trying to bring our lips together. I reached behind her and pulled on a handful of her hair. She jerked back and gasped with pain. "No." I said firmly. She looked at me again, and I could see her expression change.


Her smile was a little darker, her eyes a little more fearful. She understood that she wasn't allowed to kiss me, and she was realising that this wasn't going to be like last week.

I took a step back from her. I pulled my t-shirt off and dropped it on the floor. She let out a tiny little moan as I did, which surprised me. I didn't really have a body worth moaning for. I guessed she was just excited about what we were going to do.

I decided to keep sweatpants on for now. I stepped forward and kissed her again. As she pushed her tongue into my mouth, I brought my hands down to her ass and started massaging it roughly.

She let out a surprised little yelp as I grabbed both cheeks hard and squeezed. Not very hard, though. I didn't want to hurt her too much. She almost growled into my mouth, pulling me away from my thoughts of the future. I pulled away from her but kept my face close, to tempt her into trying to kiss me, but she didn't. She slid her arms around my waist and leaned in, letting her forehead rest against mine, and bringing our lips right up to each other, but didn't let them touch.

I loved how she filled my entire view like this. All I could see was the sharp green of her eyes, and nothing more. I felt a little sigh of her warm breath against my lips, her mouth open in anticipation. I pulled my right hand away from her ass and rubbed the soft, thin fabric of her gown between my fingers.

I remembered what she'd told me the first time she'd worn it. "You bought this just for me?" I asked, pulling on it slightly. She pulled away from me, biting her lip and nodding. She was smiling proudly. "Why?" I asked. "I wanted to look good for you." she said quietly, "I to think I was sexy." I smiled and slid my thumb under the waist of her panties, letting my fingers slide down to cup her flesh again. "They had to order it for me. They didn't carry this design in my.size." she said, bringing a hand up to her ample chest.

"But I wanted this one. I looked for a while, this one was my favourite. The woman in the picture just looked so hot.I knew you'd like it.Do you really like it? I can buy other things, if you-" I gently took her face with my other hand, cutting her off. "Jessica, I want you to do something for me." I said.

"Yeah?" she whispered, staring excitedly into my eyes, her gaze shifting quickly from one to the other. "Shut up." I said. She immediately pursed her lips tight and looked away from me, embarrassed.

"You talk.way too much. In fact, unless you're answering me, you're not allowed to talk at all. Do you understand?" I said. She nodded, her face serious. "Jessica." I prompted. "Yes." she said, "Yes, I understand." "Good girl." I said. When I released her face, she and leaned in again for a second, but paused before going too far.

She slumped her shoulders and nibbled her bottom lip. My cock twitched against my boxers. I loved her reaction to my command, immediate and unquestioning.

I moved back a little more and looked at her, studying her whole body. Again, she seemed to pose for me, moving her arms behind her back and pushing out her chest. She did look sexy in it. She looked incredible. "Take it off." I said. She moved to obey, but slowly. She reached up and slipped the light, loose straps off her shoulders, before slowly pulling the whole thing up over her head, and dropping it carelessly to the floor.

It had done its job, and gotten my attention. Now she was letting her body impress me. I sighed as I took in her body, naked except for her black panties. Her full, firm, D cup tits, topped with rock hard nipples. Her flat, lightly toned stomach.

Sharp hip bones, long legs, and flawless skin. She was beautiful. I'd had sex with her just a week ago, but somehow it was more intense like this. In the low light and silence, she looked so much more erotic. Or maybe it was just because of what I was planning to do with her.

I leaned down quickly and took her right nipple in my mouth, licking and nibbling it gently, while I grabbed her left one with my fingers and started pinching it. She gasped in surprise and let out a delighted little moan of pleasure. She brought her hands up to my head and ran her fingers through my hair.

I pulled back, slipping my right hand under her waistband, and slid my fingers along her wet pussy lips. For all we'd done, I suddenly realised that I was still so inexperienced, and I'd never touched her like this before. I ran my fingers up until I thought I could feel her clit, and put a little pressure on it. She pursed her lips and moaned a little, bucking her hips forward. She put her hand against my arm and gripped it tightly, but still didn't speak.

I didn't know if I was doing it right, but there'd be time to figure it out later. I pulled my hand out of her panties and brought my wet fingertips up to her lips. She hesitated for only a second before taking my fingers in her mouth and gently sucking them.

"Tell me what you want, Jessica." I said, sliding my fingers out of her mouth. "Fuck me, please." she whimpered quickly, "I'm so wet, please, oh my God." I smiled.

"Get on the bed." I said. She let out a squeal of excitement and rushed passed me. As I turned I saw her jump on my bed and settle on her knees in the middle, bouncing gently. Laughing at her obvious joy, I leaned down to slip my pyjama bottoms off.

When I looked at her again, she was staring at the obvious bulge against my black boxer shorts. As I approached the bed, she turned quickly and got under the covers, then kicked them off, revealing her body again. I got on the bed and knelt over her. It was amazing how even on her back her big boobs still held most of their shape.

I pulled my waistband down, freeing my slowly growing cock from my boxers. Her eyes widened and she let out a small moan when she saw it, as amazed as ever by its size. I lay over her and pushed my cock against her panties. I brushed the tip against her damp crotch, enjoying the strange, soft feeling of the fabric. I slowly pulled her panties to the side and began to stroke her pussy lips up and down with the tip of my cock, thrusting slightly against her now visible clit every time I reached it.

I kept this up for a while, watching as she grew increasingly impatient and frustrated, wriggling her hips and gripping my bed sheets tight.

It was hard to keep control. My cock was so hard now, so ready, but I wanted to keep teasing her. She lifted her hands up beside her face and started curling and uncurling her fingers in frustration, gripping at the air. She closed her eyes a few times, turning her face away, but her gaze always came back to mine, silently pleading. After several more agonisingly long minutes, I gently pushed the tip against her pussy, but stopped before entering.

She held out longer than I expected, but I only had to repeat this two more times before she finally broke. "Yesss." she moaned, "Please, please fuck me, please." She'd done it. She'd spoken without permission. I grabbed her roughly by the hair, and she let out a little squeal of surprise.

"I told you not to talk." I growled, pulling hard. "Ahh yesss, fuck me, please, oh God." she muttered, wincing with pain. I clamped my other hand over her mouth and twisted her hair in my grip. Her eyes finally met mine as she realised what was happening. "Shut. Up." I said, letting anger creep into my voice. She let out a little whine against my hand, then fell silent.

I held her there for a while, enjoying the look of complete panic in her eyes. I eventually released her, only to grab her jaw, digging my fingers into her cheeks. "What did I say?" I asked. I relaxed my grip so she could talk. "I'm sorry." she whispered almost silently, "I'm sorry, I forgot, I-" I tightened my grip again, cutting her off. I brought my face close to hers. "Answer me, slut.

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What did I say?" I asked. I let her go. "You." she squeaked. She cleared her throat and continued.

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"You said I can't talk.unless I'm answering you." she said, her voice shaking. "So why did you talk?" I said. "I don't know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." she trailed off. I could see her eyes starting to glisten with the warning of tears. I pulled back from her completely and got to my knees. I tucked my hard cock back into my boxers, forcing it to lie horizontally to make it fit. I closed my eyes and started to rub them with my fingers.

I was planning to act frustrated and angry, but I was surprised to feel that I actually was a little angry. I'd always planned for her to fail my command, but it still pissed me off that she had. I looked back at her. She was terrified, like she was awaiting a death sentence. "Turn around." I said. She looked confused, but slowly rolled over on the bed, not daring to speak again. "Tuck your knees in," I said, "Push your ass up." She slowly acted to obey me, folding her knees under her and pushing her face into my cushions.

She was still wearing her panties, and I could see the dampness of her crotch even from behind. I slowly pulled her panties down to her knees, and she let out a little gasp as her wet pussy was exposed to me. I moved behind her, and she let out a long sigh as I grabbed her ass hard with both hands. She really had a great ass, so round and firm. I'd started noticing it more on those occasions when she wore tight jeans to school, and I knew I wasn't the only guy who watched her from behind.

I was just less obvious about it. I squeezed harder than I had before, enjoying the sensation of her soft flesh in my grip. She sighed as I released her, but then suddenly, without warning, I slapped her right ass cheek as hard as I could with my open hand.

She squealed and gasped in surprise, but didn't speak. "Jessica." I said, "I want you to listen to me. You disobeyed me, and I'm going to punish you. I've hit you once.and I'm going to hit you nine more times." I'd rehearsed this over and over to myself.

I wanted to seem confident and imposing. I wasn't threatening her, I was just calmly letting her know what was going to happen. She let out a little whimper of fear, and her body shivered. "But you need to understand something," I continued, "This doesn't have to happen. If you don't want me to hurt you, you're free to leave whenever you want. You've always been free to leave. But if you do, I'll be.well.

even more disappointed with you." She slowly turned to face me. Her expression was magnificent, so sorrowful and panicked. "You don't want to disappoint me, do you?" I asked. She slowly shook her head. She looked miserable. "Answer me, Jessica." I said. "N.nno. I don't." Her voice was shaking. She was on the verge of tears, "I don't want to disappoint you." She sounded so sincere.

"So you have a choice to make." I said softly, "You can leave now and avoid the pain.or stay, and accept your punishment." "I'm sorry." she whispered. "I know, Jessica. I know you're sorry. But you still have to be punished." I said firmly. She turned her head and lay down on the cushions again.

The situation had changed so quickly. She'd been so eager, so joyful before. Did I really want to do this to her?

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She stayed silent for a little while, before whispering something so quietly I couldn't hear it. "What?" I asked.

She let out a deep breath. "I'll stay." she whispered. My heartbeat quickened and I could feel little jolts of adrenaline shooting through my body. This was another new step forward in our relationship, another way for me to dominate and control her.and she was staying. I definitely wanted to do this to her. "You want to stay? You want me to hurt you?" I asked. She nodded silently. "Answer me!" I said. I couldn't stop my excitement leaking into my voice.

"I'll stay." she said slowly. "I.I to hurt me." I slid my hands up into my hair and threw my head back. I had to stop myself laughing, screaming, jumping for joy. I couldn't believe this was really going to happen. "Good girl." I said softly, trying to calm myself.

"If you want me to stop you can just say so, and I'll stop. But then you'll have to leave." She nodded again, and I could see that tears were beginning to form on the edges of her eyes. "Now I want you to count for me." I said, "Every time I." My mouth suddenly felt dry. I couldn't believe I was really going to say this.

"Every time I spank you, I want you to say how many times it's been. When you count, I'll take that as a sign that you're ready for me to continue. But don't keep me waiting." She closed her eyes and I could see her nod gently again. "Count, slut. One." I said. She took a long, shuddering breath before quietly saying, "One." I hit her left ass cheek as hard as I had the right.

The sound of our flesh meeting seemed so loud in the silent room, but I knew it wouldn't carry beyond the door. I'd done a few tests with my laptop speakers, and I knew it had to get really loud in here before you could hear it even in the hallway, never mind any other rooms.

"Two." she whimpered. I spanked her again, this time lower on her right cheek, near her thigh. I was surprised at how much my own hand had begun to sting already. "Three." she said quickly. I hadn't expected her to speak this quickly. She was just trying to get it over with as fast as possible.

In my hurry to keep up, I only hit a glancing blow to her left cheek. "Four." she whispered. I steadied myself. There was no reason to hit right away. I wanted to enjoy this. I slowly moved my whole body back, then struck out to bring a much stronger slap to her firm ass. My hand was really burning now, but I finally got the reaction I wanted.

She let out a long moan of pain and jumped forward, sitting up to cling to the top of my headboard. She tangled her fingers in the bars and rested her face on the cool metal. I let her rest there for a little while, before I got impatient. "Get down." I said firmly. After a few seconds of hesitation, she moved back into position, her ass sitting proudly in the air. I noticed that her skin was turning pink where I'd spanked her each time.

It was hard to see in the dim light of my lamp, but I looked down at my hand to see it was also a darker shade. I smiled and clenched my fist, almost enjoying the pain, knowing we were sharing it. I looked at her again. She hadn't spoken for a while. She'd stopped counting. "Jessica." I said. She didn't say anything. She was holding on to my cushion and letting out slow, shuddering breaths. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it hard. "Count, slut!" I commanded. "Five!" she shouted.

I moved quickly back and spanked her hard. I let my hand linger on her firm ass for a few seconds, enjoying the heat it gave off. "Siiix." she moaned. I waited about 30 seconds, listening to her shaking breath, before I twisted my torso back and brought as much strength as I could into slapping her.

Her whole body jerked forward again. It seemed to hurt her more when she wasn't ready for it. She whimpered softly, and I realised she was crying. I moved to the side to see her tear stained face. I looked along her body, and started running my other hand over my cock through my boxers. I didn't think I'd ever been so hard in my life. After maybe a minute I was getting impatient again.

"Jessica." I said. "Si.six." she whispered. She'd miscounted. "Wrong!" I hissed. I pinched her left ass cheek hard with my left hand, and slapped her hard on the right. She seemed to try to pull away from me, but I maintained my grip. "!" she moaned. "That's wrong, slut!" I shouted. I increased my grip and started twisting her firm flesh, as I slapped her right cheek again, harder than last time.

Without waiting, I hit her again, twice, three times in the same spot. Once again I could feel a swell of black rage rise up in me, spurring on my actions.

"Aah! Ow, I'm sorry! I don't know!" she sobbed. I let out a growl of anger as I hit her once more. I let go of her and she let out a long moan of relief, as I took a deep, calming breath. I let her lie like that for a while, enjoying how her body gently shook and quivered with pain. My right hand was shaking.

I flexed my fingers a few times, assuming it was due to the pain, but then I realised my left hand wasn't steady either. There was so much energy, so much joyful adrenaline coursing through me that it was causing me to shake.

I ran my left hand up through my hair, and took another long, steady breath. I had to calm myself. "Because you.fucked up." I said slowly, " number five." I hit her hard, and she crossed her ankles and pushed her face deeper into the bed.

"Say it." I said. She was silent, except for her sobbing. I caught myself before I shouted at her again. I'd told that I'd wait until she was ready. But after almost two minutes, I couldn't wait any more.

"Jessica," I said lying down beside her, "Look at me." She slowly shifted her body until she could turn her head.

Her eyes were red with tears. I gritted my teeth as I thought about how incredible she looked like this, and what it said about me that I thought so. "Jessica, do you want me to stop?" I asked, my voice gentle, "If you want to stop just have to say it. can just leave." It was important that she knew this.

I made sure of this when I'd decided to take this step. This wasn't just me beating her because she pissed me off. I didn't want that kind of relationship with her, I didn't want to be just some abusive asshole. She had to be a part of it. She had to accept it. She had to want it.

My heart jumped in my chest when she started to slowly shake her head, her eyes locked on to mine. Relief washed over me like a cool wave. "You don't want to leave?" I asked. She shook her head again, slowly, and bit down on her bottom lip. I realised I loved it when she bit her lip like that. It was such an honest, unmistakable expression of her emotion. She was staying. "Good girl." I said softly. I sat up and got back into position. "Count, Jessica. We're on five." I reminded her.

It took only ten seconds for her to obey. "Ffff.fff.five." she whimpered, her voice catching in her throat as she cried softly. I spanked her again, only to recoil as the pain in my hand suddenly increased after that little break. The pain had a way of making me think that it couldn't possibly get more intense than this, and then doing exactly that with each hit.

I knew she was feeling the same thing, but much, much worse. "Sssix." she said. I put my left hand on the small of her back, and brought another hard slap to her smooth ass. "Seven." she said, after only a few seconds. Her voice was suddenly stable, more solid. I spanked her hard and she barely reacted. "Eight." she said quickly. I hit her even harder, as hard as I could. "Ah.aah!" she suddenly screamed. Tears were flowing out of her now, her whole body jerking and shaking with sobs.

"Nnn.nn.nine." she moaned through her tears. I hit her one final time, bringing as much force as I could muster and grunting with the effort.

She collapsed with relief, her ass falling to the side as she curled up in the fetal position, clutching my cushion to her chest. I briefly considered punishing her for leaving the position before I said she could, but I ignored it.

She'd done well. As I watched her, I felt a surprisingly real swell of pride, and admiration rise up in me. She could have stopped me whenever she wanted, but she didn't. As I smiled at her and rubbed my painful hand with my thumb, she almost silently whispered, "Ten." I let her lie there for a minute or two, enjoying how she moved around every now and again to try to relieve the pain.

"Jessica." I said eventually, "Get up on your knees." She moved slowly, lethargically, but did as I asked. She moved back into the spanking position, and stopped. "No, Jessica. Up here, on your knees." I said. Again, she moved slowly, but was soon kneeling beside me, with her black panties still pushed to about half way down her thighs.

I put one hand on the back of her neck and pushed her hair back with the other. Her eyes were red and a few tears were still rolling down her flushed cheeks. "I'm proud of you, Jessica." I said softly, "You made it all the way through.

You could have stopped it, but you didn't." I couldn't tell how she was feeling. Her expression was completely blank. I'd seen her in this kind of daze before. It was just like when I'd held her head and fucked her throat in her bedroom, but it seemed even stronger this time. She seemed almost completely unaware of me, not meeting my eye but staring straight ahead. I pulled her into a tight hug and whispered in her ear, "Good girl." She leaned into me a little, and clumsily wrapped her arms around me.

She was breathing heavily, and I could feel her tears against my skin. I slowly lay down on the bed again, pulling her down with me. I kissed her softly on the neck and just enjoyed the feeling of holding her warm, shaking body against mine, and the sound of her soft sobs in my ear. As she held me a little tighter, I found myself amazed at the apparent depth of her submission. I'd basically tortured her, and she was now holding on to me for comfort.

There wasn't a trace of anger or resentment in her. I held her like this for a few minutes before rolling away from her. She let go of me and started wiping her eyes. "Jessica, do you know why I did that?" I asked. "Because." she replied, her voice shaking, "Because I talked, and told me not to." "I did it because you disobeyed me, Jessica." I told her gently. "I did it because you deserved it." She nodded her head a few times, still wiping her eyes I felt almost light-headed with the joy and satisfaction I was feeling.

She'd submitted to me so completely that she didn't even question her punishment. "What do we say.when someone gives us something we deserve?" I asked. She looked panicked for a second, unable to think of an answer. I took her by the chin again, and said, "You can talk now. Say 'Thank you', Jessica." "Thank you." she echoed instantly, "Thank you.for punishing me." I closed my eyes and sighed happily. I thought about our history together, remembering the countless times she'd stood over me, mocking me, taunting me, making my life hell.

To have her like that, just then.I couldn't remember ever feeling more content. Or, honestly, more aroused. I opened my eyes to find her still staring at me. "You did so well, Jessica. I'm proud of you." I said, smiling.


Her eyes widened and she bit her lip softly. She didn't say anything for a while, but when she opened her mouth, she whispered so quietly I could barely hear her. "Will you kiss me?" she asked. I smiled and pulled her into a tight embrace, moving my lips close to hers and holding them there for a few seconds. She hadn't forgotten my instruction earlier, and didn't try to kiss me, but only sighed lightly in anticipation. I kissed her slowly, and tenderly, and she surprised me by returning it with an intense passion.

She pushed her body against mine, pressing her soft tits between us. I felt myself being drawn in by her heat, her need. I broke the kiss and pushed her back a little. She wiped some remaining tears from her cheeks and laughed gently, her smile wide. She somehow looked even happier than she had before I'd hurt her. Her face was a picture of pure joy.

"Roll over again." I said, getting to my knees. Her face darkened instantly with fear. She seemed like she was going to say something, but I brought my thumb to her lips. "Trust me, Jessica. Just turn around for me." I said. She avoided my eyes as she turned silently and pushed her face back to the bed, raising her ass in the air.

I leaned over the edge of the bed, and reached under the it to pull out a small jar I'd put there earlier. I turned to show it to her, but her eyes were closed tight, expecting pain. I silently unscrewed the lid and positioned myself behind her, and a pleasant scent of roses filled the air. I dipped my fingers into the surprisingly cool cream inside and slowly touched them to her warm, red ass. She gasped and her whole body jumped forward in shock, but she began to laugh as I spread it around.

"This is what you get for being a good girl." I said, laughing along with her a little. She let out a little sigh of pleasure as I massaged her, and let out a few small giggles. I scooped a little more out and made sure both bright red cheeks had a light coating.

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I'd bought the cream a few days ago at a drug store. When I'd gotten the idea to hurt her like this, I checked online about it and a few places said that bruises and welts can swell and hurt for a long time. I didn't think that would be too much of a danger if I was only using my hand, but it seemed like a nice idea to get something like this, something to make her feel good after accepting her punishment.

It felt pretty good against my stinging palm, so it must have felt incredible to her. When I was finished I pulled her panties up and patted her gently. She turned around and met my eye, smiling. I gestured for her to come to me. I welcomed her into my arms and pulled her into a kiss, which she returned with her usual energy. When I pulled away, she looked down and rested her hand on the jar I was still holding.

"Did you buy this.just for me?" she said, looking up hopefully. I smiled.

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"I knew you'd earn it." I said. She returned my smile and leaned into my body again, kissing me lightly on the neck. "Thank you." she said softly. I was still amazed at the incredible shift in our actions. Just a moment ago I was basking in the pain I'd caused her, but now I couldn't help smiling at the strangely sweet situation I was in.

I'd hurt her so badly, and now she was in my arms, thanking me for relieving the pain that I'd caused. I reached down and slid my hand into her panties, running the tip of my middle finger along her pussy lips. She sighed and closed her eyes, pushing her face harder into my neck. She was dripping wet, now, and I realised as I pushed my other fingers out that her inner thighs were slick with moisture.

I hadn't seen her like this since we were in her room. This was more than just lust, like last week. This was the effect real submission had on her. I continued sliding my middle and ring finger against her pussy. "You're wet." I said simply. "Yeah." she sighed. "Did you like being spanked, Jessica?" I asked softly, "Did it turn you on?" "I.I don't." she sighed.

I pushed in harder against her pussy lips with my fingers. "Ah! Aahhhh." she moaned. "Jessica.did you like being hurt like that?" I asked again. "I don't knoow." she moaned softly, almost whispering. I didn't want to force her to tell me. I wanted her to admit it on her own. "Why else would you be so wet?" I asked. She didn't answer. "Jessica, now, be honest." I said, almost condescendingly, "You liked it, didn't you?" "I." she started.

I stayed silent. "I.I think I liked it." she said.

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Her voice was so quiet, but so clear. She sounded almost guilty, like she was admitting a terrible secret, but at the same time so relieved that she could. "It hurt so made me feel good too.I don't know why, but I liked it." she whispered. "That's right," I said gently, "You're a dirty little slut, who likes to be spanked." "I'm.I'm." she stuttered. "I'm your dirty little.slut. Who likes.who likes to be spanked." she whimpered, another tear rolling down her cheek.

I sighed, and felt my dick twitch yet again at her admission. The first night we'd been together, I'd been worried that she'd just been saying things because I wanted to hear them, and that feeling of paranoia had stuck around for a while.

But now it was clear that she meant what she said, the emotion in her voice, the guilt, the shame, the lust. It was unmistakable. She'd even added "your", when I hadn't told her to.

Could there be anything more perfect than this? "Good girl." I said. "Doesn't it feel good to be honest?" I brought my thumb forward to the top of her pussy.

She started whimpering softly as I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the sensation of her soft flesh. I thought I could feel her clit against my thumb, a slight little nub of hardness surrounded my her soft lips. I pushed hard against it, and her whole body jerked forward, as it had before. I pushed in on it again, and started slowly circling it, as I pushed my two fingers inside her.

Her pussy was so tight and warm, and as I pushed in she suddenly let out a loud moan and pulled her body tight against me. Her boobs were pressed between us, and I could feel the hard points of her nipples against my skin. I kept up the pressure, curling and straightening my fingers inside her, while moving my thumb faster.

Her moaning increased with my pace, and soon she was panting loudly in my ear. I pushed my fingers all the way into her and felt her clit press against my palm. Suddenly, her voice stopped and her body started to shake. "Are you going to cum, Jessica?" I asked. She didn't respond, but started moaning again. "You can't cum without my permission." I grunted, as I sped up my fingers. My hand and arm were starting to tire out. "I'm.I'm gonna.oh fuck!" she gasped.

"Beg for it!" I said. I started slowing the motion of my fingers. "Don't stop!" she gasped as I slowed, "Please! Please let me cum.please make me cum!" "Good girl," I grunted as I sped up again, "Do it. Cum for me." I felt her pussy begin to clench around my fingers, as her hips started to buck quickly forward. Her fingers dug hard into the back of my neck, and she let out a strained whimper.

As her orgasm started, I could feel more moisture covering my fingers and hand. I kept up my rapid pace, ignoring the burning in my muscles due to the awkward position my arm was in.

I wanted to keep it going for as long as possible. She suddenly bit down hard against my shoulder and let out another loud, strained moan that ended in a soft whimper.

I gasped at the sudden pain, and without thinking I grabbed her hair with my other hand and pulled hard. She let out another loud moan and released me, throwing her head back. I didn't stop moving my fingers, and it wasn't long before her body slumped down against me. "Oh.ffuck!" she cried. Her body was still shaking, and I felt her pussy begin to grip and pulse around my fingers again.

She was having another orgasm. She thrust forward with her hips and held me tight for a few seconds, then her whole body relaxed, only for her to thrust forward again. Her whole body went through these steady convulsions, her voice silent, for minutes. I eventually slowed my fingers, and she collapsed against me.

She was completely limp, leaning her whole weight against my body like she was exhausted. I moved back a little, sliding my fingers out of her, and wrapped my arms under hers to support her.

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She reacted quickly, leaning into me and holding me in a tight hug. Her breath was straining. Her body was shivering and I could feel her fingers twitch at random where they were pushing into my back. My hand was resting on her hip, and I absent-mindedly reached down and grabbed her ass. She let out a small squeak of pain, but gave no other reaction. I lay down with her, and held her. After a few minutes I felt her body relax even further against me, and her breathing slowed.

"Jessica." I said. She didn't respond. I rolled away from her to find her eyes still open, but unfocused. She looked completely exhausted. "Jessica." I said again. Her eyes slowly flicked down to mine. With a great effort, she pushed herself on to her knees and moved towards me, resting her head on my chest, then let her body collapse again. I ran my fingers through her hair a few times. I wanted to let her rest, to recover, but I was so horny I didn't know how long I could wait.

I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths, willing myself to be calm. I let her lie for a few minutes before trying to rouse her. "Jessica. I want you to sit up." I said. She didn't react. I pulled lightly on her hair. Her face scrunched up in pain, but she barely made a sound.

I gently moved her head off me, and sat up. "Jessica." I said soothingly, "Sit up now, come on." I grabbed her shoulder and tried to slowly pull her up.

She eventually seemed to realise what I wanted, and forced herself to move. She shakily raised herself to her knees and sat back, her eyes seeing nothing.

She looked like it was an effort for her just to stay upright. "Jessica." I repeated, as I gently touched her face. She leaned into my palm, bringing her own hand up to cover mine. She closed her eyes and sighed. I rubbed her cheek with my thumb, and she slowly opened her eyes again. She looked at me, and smiled such a pure, joyful smile.

It seemed she was finally out of whatever daze I'd put her in. Before I could react, she jumped forward and kissed me. I kissed her back automatically, letting our tongues move together. She pulled away and hugged me tight, pushing her head into my chest. "I love you." she said, "I love how you make me feel." Her voice was so solid, so sure. She sat up again, and put her forehead against mine, running her fingers through my hair.

Her beautiful green eyes filled my view. "I love you." she said again, closing her eyes. I kissed her, and we held each other. Her reaction fascinated me, but it was difficult to really focus on anything that was happening.

There was still something that needed to be dealt with. A 10 inches long, rock hard something. I pulled away from her body and took her hand, bringing it down to my crotch.

Her eyes widened as she stroked along the length of my bulge. "Do you want this in your mouth, slut?" I asked. She nodded quickly. "You like sucking my cock, don't you?" I asked. She nodded again and let out a little moan. Her eager fingers started to gently squeeze around my shaft. "Yes, I love it. I love it when you.hahh," she sighed again. It seemed even talking about this was turning her on again, so soon after her multiple orgasms. "I love it when you cum in my mouth.

Let me swallow your cum, please." I moved away from her and lay down on the bed. "Suck my dick, slut." I said forcefully. She crawled up between my spread legs and slowly pulled my boxers down, gasping as my cock sprang into the air, fully erect. Her warm hands were still shaking slightly as she wrapped them around my girth, and she bent down to kiss the shaft.

She stared into my eyes as she licked from the bottom of the shaft slowly up to the top, and let out a little giggle as she wrapped her lips around the head. Her soft tongue swirled around and over the tip of my cock as she bobbed her head gently up and down. She let it pop out of her mouth and she laughed gently again, before planting little kisses down the side of the shaft, and licking back up to the top.

She seemed so happy, so euphoric, as she pushed my cock back into her mouth and started to suck it further in. She closed her eyes in concentration and started releasing humming little moans as inch after inch of my thick cock disappeared into her mouth.

When she got about half-way down the shaft, she pulled all the way back up again, swirling her tongue around the tip. My hips thrust forward slightly, and I couldn't help a sharp sigh of pleasure. I reached out and took a handful of her hair and started gently pushing her down, urging her to swallow more, to put to use all the practice she'd done for me.

She didn't hesitate for a second, and immediately started taking my cock in again, inch by inch, until she had nearly the whole shaft in her mouth, when she started to pull back. I sighed again with pleasure and leaned back, closing my eyes, content to let her continue. After a few more minutes of sucking and licking the tip, she slowly deep-throated me again, this time right to the base. She held it there for a few seconds before sliding to the top.

She repeated this incredibly slow throat fucking over and over. I couldn't get enough of her hot, wet throat, and after a only a few minutes I was tensing my lower muscles, trying to prolong my release as much as I could. Soon, I couldn't hold it.

I sat up and grabbed her head again, pushing her all the way to the base and holding her there. She met my eye and started moaning again, causing her whole throat to vibrate. "I'm gonna cum." I grunted. She started humming louder and bobbing her head up and down very slightly, trying to add more stimulation.

I felt my hips jerk forward as my orgasm overtook me. I closed my eyes and gripped her hair tight, sighing with pleasure as shot after shot of my cum filled her swallowing throat. I leaned back again and felt my whole body relax. I'd been waiting so long for that release, and I realised that it probably felt better because I'd waited. Something to remember. Jessica slid the head of my cock back up into her mouth and licked up the remaining cum, giggling with surprise as one final spurt landed on her tongue.

She pulled my softening cock out of her mouth and laid a few more small kisses on it, before crawling up to me and resting her head on my shoulder. "Thank you." she said softly. "You really enjoy it, don't you?" I asked, running my fingers through her hair.

She nodded against my shoulder, her hair tickling me a little. She was the first girl I'd ever been with, obviously, but forum after forum on the internet had said that giving a blow job was something most women did just to please the guy, or to get things started.

It might turn them on a little, but it wasn't something they seriously enjoyed. But Jessica seemed to adore having my cock in her mouth, and there was always this complete look of pleasure on her face as she swallowed my cum. I guess I'd been reading in the wrong places. "What do you like about it?" I asked. I felt her shrug. "It just.feels good." she said slowly, "I mean.just seeing your cock turns me on. It's just so big and.thick. Having it all inside me like my throat and on my tongue.I love it.

And I love when you cum too." She let out a little sigh, and tried to get more comfortable. I realised we were still lying naked, so I grabbed the corner of the blanket from the floor, and pulled it up and over us, then wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me again. She made a sweet little sound of happiness and snuggled against me.

"I didn't like the taste at first." she continued, "But it turns me on so much now." Her voice was getting softer, and quieter. It sounded like she might fall asleep soon. "And I like.the noises you make." she said slowly. This confused me a little.

I didn't think I really made 'noises'. Not like she did, anyway. "What do you mean?" I asked. "'re normally so quiet, you know?

Like, you're always so.controlled." she said, "I mean, I practically scream, but with you it's like.just like little sighs, and sometimes a little moan. It's really sexy, I think. Like, knowing that I can make you feel good like that, just.knowing you're enjoying it. I mean, you like it too, don't you?" she asked, looking up into my eyes. "I mean, I want." She hesitated.

"I want you to feel good. I want make you happy." she said. She was almost shy in admitting this, and she waited for my reaction. "I like it when you suck my cock, Jessica." I said gently, stroking her hair again. She smiled. "Good. It makes me happy when.when you're happy, I guess.

That sounds stupid." she laughed a little. "You like pleasing me." I said simply. "Yeah," she said, her smile growing, "Yeah, I like pleasing you. I like making you happy." My heart jumped a little.

I'd assumed everything she'd been doing with me had been for her own enjoyment, but to hear that she really cared about what I felt.

It dawned on me that last week's surprising breakfast hadn't been an attempt to win my affections back, like I thought, but she had been genuinely trying to make me happy. I slowly leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. She smiled again and held me tighter. "Good girl." I said. We lay like that for a while, and she closed her eyes and sighed as I started to stroke her hair. I didn't know which was more messed up; that the idea of wanting to make someone else happy sounded "stupid" to her, or that it had taken me this long to believe that that's what she was doing.

After a few minutes I could feel my eyelids getting heavy. It was late and I'd just had a hell of an orgasm. I heard her let out a little contented sigh, and felt her completely relax against me, her arms losing their tension around me. I thought about how good it would feel just to let myself drift off, holding her. But no. She couldn't stay here. Even ignoring whatever boundaries I was trying to hold in place for the two of us, my sister would notice her missing the next morning.

"Jessica, it's time to go." I muttered. She sighed a let out a little fake whine. "I don't want to move. I want to lay here forever." she sighed. I stroked her head a few more times. "You have to go." I said firmly. She sighed again and slowly sat up. "I know." she said, smiling sadly.

She got out of bed and picked up her negligee. She turned to face me, not dressing but just holding the gown in her folded arms. Her eyes jumped once to my soft cock, which she'd exposed when she stood up, before meeting my eye again. "I'm sorry about.before, really." she said quietly, "And.thank you." I didn't know if she was thanking me for punishing her, or for pleasuring her, or for letting her suck me off, or what. I let her leave without saying anything. As she turned, I got a glimpse of her ass.

Her skin was still bright red, and I felt my cock twitch with lust at the sight of it. I shook my head and rolled over, determined to push any thought of her out of my head for now. It was too late to be thinking about this stuff. It took me almost two hours to fall asleep.