Lezzie lookers spread their extreme buttholes and pound huge dildos

Lezzie lookers spread their extreme buttholes and pound huge dildos
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"A startled moan escaped her lips, and she tilted her head back as his tongue flicked one nipple and his hand caressed the other. She was sure he could feel her heart pounding and sense her inexperience. As I took Jade's hand and led her up the steps out of the indoor pool, she giggled. I smile and said, " If you want another child, I would be honored to be the father of your second child. I don't want anyone to suspect I'm the one who got her pregnant. Now I'm going to do it with you!" I said, opening the door to my bedroom and shimmying out of my trunks.

" Get up on that bed, Jade, and spread those beautiful legs!" As she did so, she said, " I bet you say that to all the girls!" I got down between her legs, my face in her pussy, and said, " No, only the eager ones." Then I spread her black- furred pussy and licked.

Wow! my tongue is as masterfully as my fingers! She knew she has had multi-orgasms from my fingers, I'm the only man able to make her come so much that it feels like she is in constant orgasm! She screams, her voice is raw when I finally stop. When I lift my head, I said, " Good thing I had the walls sound-proofed!

You're loud! I'll get you something to drink. Orange juice OK?" She nodded, then lay back, exhausted. God, she never imagined accepting a date with me one week ago, would lead her to wanting me to impregnate her. She never imagined me being her lover, she has never been with a man that is so masterfully in seducing a woman and, a master in sex.

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She wasn't a virgin, she is a divorced mother of a 5 year old son, a small business owner, she was very lonely when she met me. I came back and handed her the orange juice. I held her while she drank it, then took the glass and put it on the side table. I butterfly-kissed her forehead, eyebrows, ears, eyes, nose, chin, and lips. Then we soul kissed. She didn't mind the taste of her pussy on my lips; she thought she tasted good, in fact.

While I'm kissing her, I'm also caressing her, rubbing her back, her side, her hips, her legs, her titties, and occasionally squeezing her nipples. She puts her arms around me and hugging me.

" Make me your woman, John," She begged. " Are you sure, Jade? Do you want me get you pregnant? " I asked. " You'll have to ask me and tell me." " Oh, yes. Fuck me, John. Take me and make me pregnant, John! I want you to be the father of my children! Do it now, John!" She begged. I climbed between her legs and guided my dick to her hole. I pushed in a little. " Oooh, you're tight as always, Jade," I said, pushing in a little further. I lean forward so that I can kiss her, keeping my weight on my elbows.

My arms are placed so that my right hand is under her butt and my left hand can feel her right nipple. I hunched up and she feels my dick slowly stretching her tender thick vaginal walls. She is wet enough, but has never had anything this big inside of her before, she is still trying to learn to accommodate my long thick penis, she is also trying to learn to accommodate my sexual appetite, my stamina, and having multiple lovemaking sessions daily. Jade is so very tight like a Asian virgin.

I stop nibbling her neck long enough to say, " I know your having difficulty accommodating my girth.I know it is painful for you when we have sex, my beautiful Jade, I can still stop now if you want." " NO!" She shouted, wrapping her legs around my hips and forcing me down into her. There is a sharp painful twinge before she feels my pubic hair rubbing her clit.

She had a small orgasm with penetration, she never experienced a orgasm with penetration until I fucked her. She gasps as my cock head slides in further, stretching her a little more. Then she said, " There, now your inside me. Now make me pregnant, John!" It didn't take long. " Don't worry, Jade," I said, moving my wet finger up to her small anus, circling it, then starting to press in.

" You'll get used to having me take you from behind." " Yes, John," She said, trying to relax as my finger starts to work its way in and out of her asshole.

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" Oh God John, nobody has ever touched me there." She said. I wiggle my finger in her ass and wiggle my dick in her pussy, she gasps as this new sensation overwhelms her.

I pull my finger out of her ass, and begin wiggling my dick in her pussy while my left hand rubs her nipple. She hunched back at me, kissing me, and orgasms hard as she feels me squirt cum into her. When she got her breath back, she said, " Wow, you sure know how to make a girl come, John. Is that why they keep coming back?" I open one eye to look at her and replied, " Yes," then closed it again. She tried squeezing her pussy muscles around my cock, then asked, " How big is your dick, John?" " Right now, not very," I replied.

" But keep that up and it'll get up to 9 inches," I said. " I like rubbing my clit against your pubic hair like this," She replied. " Can you teach me how to please you, John? I want to know everything you like." " Sure. We have long time, right? One thing is that men like it when a woman cleans his dick with her mouth after they've had sex," I said.

She pushes me over and bent to take my dick in her mouth. It was already semi-hard, so she isn't able to get all of it in her mouth.

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She sucks off what she could, then licks the rest clean. I'm now hard again. I said, " Keep that up and I'll come in your mouth!" She looks up at me with my dick in her mouth, then said, " Good! I want to lose all my cherries to you before tomorrow." She took my dick back into her mouth and sucked, using her tongue on my head.

I raised my eyebrows and asked, " Your ex-husband didn't want your ass?" " I have never allowed him to touch me there." She said before sucking my dick some more.

" " I love beautiful, pale-skinned blackheads with small tits, great legs and fantastic butts! You're stunning!

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I guess your ex-husband is a idiot," I concluded. " Now, I'm going to hold your head while I come in your mouth. Try to swallow it, if you can. Men love that!" I said as I blasted into her mouth. There is quite a lot, considering it is my second load in maybe half and hour. She tried to swallow it all, but some escaped and rolled down her chin. She looks at me, and I said, " Just scoop it up and lick it off." She smiled as she did so.

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I got a phone call and left the room, she been lying there quietly for almost half an hour, gently pleasuring herself but resisting taking herself to that crescendo of ecstasy that she so desired. The bedroom is bathed in the light of a full moon. Then, almost silently, the bedroom door opens and in the soft glow of the hall light she watches me enter the room, closing and locking it behind me.

Jade is 5'4 and weighs 120lbs, She watches, her heart beating wildly, as I walk to the edge of the bed. I let my robe slide off my broad shoulders and to the floor, revealing my 6' 5" nakedness to her in the moonlight.

Standing naked beside her bed within touch, my body is warm and alive and my cock is fully erect and pulsing with desire. For a brief moment she saw my cock fully outlined in profile.


She softly gasps in awe and eager expectation, observing that my cock is thick and powerful, a full 9 inches of potency, its huge uncircumcised mushroom-like head just half revealed behind my generous foreskin. I pull the sheet off, I said " You sexy bitch, I'm going to fuck you! Get on your hands and knees now!" I growled. Jade is on her hands and knees, she did not move.

A small sigh of relief washed over her as I begin pacing around her. She wonder what I'm doing. I'm circling Jade, smelling every inch of her exposed body. I'm sniffing her pussy and ass. Jade's pussy and ass has made me very happy the last 48 hours. Her pussy lips are small and thick, when aroused they openly part of their own volition. Her clit is smaller than normal, I easily make her cum many times by sucking on it. I part her legs then kneel between them, I lean down placing my nose at her pussy, nudging her and slightly lifting her.


Then I raise up and put the whole of my weight on her back. Outweighed by me straddling her, Jade realized she cannot move and remained still again. She just wanted this whole episode to be over. Jade is uncomfortable being mounted like a bitch in heat but she realized when we had sex the first time this one of my favorite positions. I wrap my arms around her torso and begin to hump her. The mixture of musky smell of her pussy and the sweet scent of her body has excited me. She looks down between her legs and sees the plum size cock head humping her smooth thighs, her ass, thrusting toward her stomach.

Jade sees and feels the jets of hot pre-cum shooting all over her pussy, the copious precum squirting and saturating her pussy and starts to drip from her pussy down her legs. Jade is afraid every time we have sex, she has trouble accommodating my big cock. Jade watched under her legs as my long thick cock, found its mark and the head impaled her tight pussy. Jade feels my big cock being pushed in and her vaginal muscles involuntarily clenching down on the invader.

My cock head has barely penetrated her due to its size, she now consciously clamps down on the invader to prevent further penetration, then she feels it go just a bit deeper." Oh God John." Then she realized a few inches of my cock is now in her pussy: I'm holding tight to her hips to where she can't move, and it is just a matter of time before her muscles tire from clenching.

Jade then realized I'm shooting copious amounts of hot precum into her from my shallow penetration as she feels the hotness migrating deeper, then starts feeling her pussy stretching as my thick cock slowly slips in deeper. With a sigh of resignation, she tentatively begins to relax her muscles as much as she can and she spreads her legs further apart, then she feels my massive cock slide in a little more. My cock is seesawing back and forth and each thrust forces a little more in and then Jade lets out a shrill scream as the massive cock invaded her to a depth and breadth she had never experienced before until we had sex.

My massive cock sinks all the way in with such brute force and suddenness. She feels nothing but the massive cock that has completely filled her then with little humping motions, my thrusts gradually grew into powerful ones! Oh God! Jade thought, " She never fucked herself this hard with one of her dildo's." She struggles in this position as my massive tool is driven to depths she has never experienced. Feeling the warm sensation of Jade's tight pussy now massaging my cock, I begin to saw my cock in and out of her.

Tears rolling down her face as I savagely fuck her, her sexual experience with me has been a learning experience. She looks between her swaying breasts to her widely splayed legs to see my massively thick cock appear, then disappear, appear, then disappear into her pussy with loud squishing noises, fluid spraying from around the massive shaft with each stroke, fluid coursing down her pussy and rolling off her exposed clit.

Even with all the lubrication, the pain from the massively thick and long cock in her tight passage is excruciating and she bits her lips hard as she could because she didn't want to make any more noise. I'm fucking her hard and fast for what seems like forever when it has only been a few minutes due to the time dilation from the huge adrenalin spike coursing through her. Jade knew she wanted me to impregnate her, after our first session, she surrendered to me. She begins to push back at me, in part rationalizing that it would make me get off faster and shorten this experience but ignoring the fact that she is getting pleasure from it.

Without realizing it, Jade is soon pushing back against my thrusting cock trying to match tempo. The pleasure however starts to turn to pain again as at the base of my cock, a ball begins to form and is trying to enter her pussy, battering away at her tight portal, but as with all portals, it gradually begins to fail.

Jade feels her pussy begin to painfully stretch little by little and then the battering ball begins to edge in with each thrust, withdraw, and then feel it go a little bit more in with the next thrust. Soon she feels like she is going to be split in half, never has her pussy been opened this far before even during her annual gynecological exam with the speculum.

I'm thrusting harder as I want to make sure this gorgeous woman is flooded full of my cum and none of it would escape her womb. I push hard and the knot slips in. Jade's eyes popped as it went fully into her stretched pussy.

Amazingly the knot still has not swelled to the point of no return and the battering has exhausted the muscles of her pussy entrance. The knot, not fully swollen yet, is now being rapidly thrust in and back out of her tight entrance, Jade moaning feeling the exquisite sensation of the ball like knot rapidly passing in and out of her tight entrance but soon the thrusting tempo incrementally begins to slow as the swelling knot grew in size as it became more difficult for it to be withdrawn and then thrust back in.

From long experience with my ex-wives and instinct, I knew now is the time to make sure my knot stayed in and with a final thrust the knot is in and then swelled to the point where we are tied together.

With this final thrust, the knot inside now starts rapidly swelling forcing my cock to become embedded deeper. Jade is silently screaming as she feels my cock head slowly push past her cervical entrance as the knot swelled and than begins to be seesawed in/out of the entrance slowly advancing up her cervical tunnel with my now small humping motion, with shock Jade feels the cock head reach and then seesaw within her womb, the tip of my cock well within her womb, pain once again gives way to pleasure from the small in/out thrusting and feeling the initial powerful hot squirts directly into her womb jetting and needling the walls of her womb.

A sudden warmth in her womb begins to blossom and spread. The stimulation of the cock head thrusting in and out of her womb is leading up to intensive multi-orgasmic period Jade experiencing the most intense repeated body racking earth shattering multiple orgasms, she has never experienced.

Being a combination of big balls slapping against her hard swollen protruding clit, a G-spot orgasm from the pressure of the large knot embedded within her pressing and rubbing against the G-Spot, combined with the cock head going deep inside up into the cervical tunnel and feeling actual thrusting into her womb culminating in feeling the hot cum explode directly into the womb.

A explosion of a very large copious quantity of fluid far more powerful than the precum ejaculations. Feeling each ejaculation jet and needle the walls of her womb and then physically feeling the hot warmth spreading as well as the fluid pressure building up in the womb from the copious quantities being explosively and powerfully ejaculated. It went on and on, for a full five minutes of continuous and voluminous ejaculations that then very slowly tapered off.

This is the first time I have knotted with her. With my knot and my penis is now rubbing portions inside her pussy she never thought possible, none she had certainly reached while fingering herself or with her dildos.

Her G spot is being intensely stimulated as she shudders with an overwhelming involuntary orgasm, the likes of which she has never experienced before. Jade feels my swollen knot throbbing against her G-spot, she feels me slow my humping further as powerful squirts of cum blasts her womb again like a fire hose squirting hot water, completely filling then swelling her womb with an intense pressure and warmth, the back pressure of the fluid flowed back along the massive invader and squirted out of the constricted entrance of her pussy where it ran down the back of her legs and poured over her pussy and clit.

Another shuddering orgasm shattered her to the core with an intensity, she has never experienced, her first impregnation with her ex-husband never felt like this one. I released her hips and due to my immense size just stood there straddling her back with my knot tightly wedged in her for what seems like an eternity.

Jade begins to hump back against it, addicted to the feeling of having the deepest portions of her pussy rubbed by my cock and the feeling of the swollen throbbing knot stimulating her G spot. A feeling begins to swell in her belly and she humps faster against my cock. The feeling of hot copious cum still being shot into her pussy and still coming out of her and running down her pussy and dripping off her clit for some reason feels amazing to her and she continues to rock on my knot.

Finally, her entire body shook as she orgasmed again. After about 15 minutes of being tied with me, I begin to dismount from her, figuring I had satisfied my new mistress. Jade feels the unfamiliar sensation of my cock being slowly pulled out of her now soaking and used pussy.

As Jade tensed from feeling the knot trying to come out, the knot once again hung up at her entrance and then first one side of the knot and then the other side slowly came out then with a rush pop out.

Feeling the knot reemerge, Jade let out a low moan and then a long sigh as the rest of my long and still massively thick cock slowly slithered out. As the still swollen cock finally withdrew completely, a gush of cum poured out and ran down her pussy and fell off her clit in a long stream forming a large puddle. She is spent physically and emotionally. She looks over at me and is surprised at the size of my cock, she had just been fucked with, never could she had imagined taking something that size!

From tip to beginning of the knot is more than nine plus inches! Then she realized she had to add the additional length of the inserted length of the knot itself and the size of the knot! She wondered how big it was when it was inside her! The swell of emotions is too much for her and she begins to cry. She slowly got up, wondering what I would do next.

I walked out of the room closing the door behind me. As she walked to the bathroom, cum ran all down her legs. Trembling as she closed the bathroom door, she stepped into the shower, for a long hot shower. The rest of the day her body ached. She threw on a set of silk lounging pants for the rest of the day and managed to pull it together enough to finish her work, eat dinner, and go to sleep. All she can think about before bed is what had happened during the day.

She feels guilty, she feels dirty, and she feels hopeful that she will be pregnant. She remembered what I said about another session to ensure she is impregnated. She knows this is what she wants, but our sessions are physically and emotionally draining for her.

She is having a difficult time accommodating my sexual demands. She enjoyed the few times she was actually fucking back against my cock.

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She is conflicted about that, was it her attempt to get it over with as quickly as possible or was it something else? She replayed the whole scene a million times and wondered what she could have done differently. She was able to come to one solid conclusion: She promised herself to try and stay in this relationship with me. She signed a contract similar to a pre-nup guaranteeing she, her son and any other children concieved during this relationship would be provided for. The next morning, Jade put on a old worn low-rise jeans and a t-shirt.

It is one of those low maintenance days. She didn't care she did not take the time to make herself up today, not that she needed to anyway. One day out of the hundreds she didn't give a damn.

She knew I had left early this morning and had not returned. She walked up the long winding driveway to the secluded house in back of the main house.

She passed thru the gate in the low laying stonewall of the yard, turned the corner of the walkway and gasped. I was standing under the shade of one of the large trees.

" Good morning John, I didn't hear you come home." " Good morning Jade, I just got here.when I seen you approaching." I opened the door for her, I entered behind her closing and locking the door. I nudge her forcefully against her ass causing Jade to fall a bit toward the wall. The wall wasn't going to allow her to fall forward into the position I needed, I grab her tee shirt with my hand and tugged her back into the room pulling her down to the floor.

Jade didn't want to be mauled, though she wanted to leave now for my aggressive and dominating ways. She had thought of struggling but didn't want to chance of ending our relationship.

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She could get mauled for being cared for. She had never imagined having sex like this. There is no cuddling, no kissing, just a hard messy fuck with an explosive release at the end. She had no idea she had consented, she had only figured she was dating a wealthy man. Realizing there was no way out of this, she sat there a moment with me standing over her staring intently at her, then while still on the floor, she took off her shoes.

She undid her jeans and grabbed her panties at the same time; she lifted her ass up and pulled them off. Feeling the cool tile floor against her ass cheeks being a similar sensation of the way she now felt she thought. With only her tee shirt on, she rolled over onto her knees and spread her legs far apart for me to fuck her.

Her slender petite seemingly beckoning me to the erogenous areas. I'm very aroused, kneeling down behind her and starting to caress her legs and rapidly reaching her pussy.

Then my tongue repeatedly dragged over her pussy, over her clit, then back up between the open cleft of her buttocks over her tightly clenched anus. Jade was becoming aroused, my rough tongue, flicking relentlessly across her clitoris, is producing an automatic response, and she had no power to control it.

Her arousal is increasing and she feels her juices begin to flow as she futilely tries to suppress her growing pleasure. Soon she feels the beginnings of her orgasm, it is out on the horizon, but is coming in like a Tsunami.

My tongue tip occasionally dragging deeply between her labial lips causing her to shudder. From previous experience in other sessions, I sensed her arousal and then climbed on her back. My arms however kept slipping off of her. The loose shirt is not providing me adequate grip. She did not like the feel of my pre cum all over her, and she was getting tired of having my weight on her back. I took off her shirt then her bra and once again I mounted her, wrapping my arms around her torso.

She just wanted it to be over and the sooner it started the sooner it would be. I slowly reached between our bodies and grabbed a hold of my cock and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy.

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I instantly feel the sensation of heat from her pussy against my cock head and I begin to jerk forward more forcefully but still not trying to drive it in. My grip tightened around her torso as I drew her hips slowly backwards and slowly impaled the tip into her pussy and beyond. At this penetration, the climax that had been building in her suddenly exploded! It is all she can do to hold herself steady, as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, her orgasm causing her vaginal muscles to rhythmically contract and then relax several times.

With Jade's vaginal muscles rhythmically contracting, the tip advanced in and I started to thrust with longer strokes, her vagina, now further relaxing from the stroking in and out as well as the orgasmic release, begin to accommodate my massive thickness and then my length.

Sooner than then the previous times, I'm driving my full length in and out increasing my pace with loud schlepping noises from the massive pistoning shaft and the fluid. She feels my hot breath panting over her shoulder. She unsuccessfully tries to suppress her increasing arousal, as involuntarily the tight muscular walls of her pussy again massaged my massive cock. I'm filling her with my copious cum again.

She feels the powerful hot squirts, the warmth spreading deeper. For the second day in a row Jade is mounted like a bitch in heat, feeling the sensation of cum being shot into her pussy and begins to push back against me, her breasts swaying. The intense pressure at the base of my cock begins to swell and again lodged itself into her pussy very uncomfortable and swells to the size of a baseball, my cock head now lodged in her womb again.

She relaxes her body, her mind, and her muscles. I'm filling her and she is enjoying the feeling, just concentrating on the feeling and not me being on her back. The thought and feeling of hot copious cum blasting into her like a fire hose filling her womb sent her to an explosive shuddering orgasm with a loud ecstatic outcry.

She realized she is now okay with the fact as long as she feels like she is getting fucked, has tremendous orgasms and feels all that hot pre-cum and cum pumped into her and just solely concentrates on the feeling and not on me.

It had been such a long time since she actually had real sex after her divorce. Getting herself off wasn't like the real thing. Then she met me, I introduced her to rough sex and to surrendering herself to multiple sex sessions that were erotic and satisfying. She looked between her legs, her lover no longer humping anymore, just feeling the deep full spreading warmness of her womb and pussy, actually feeling the swelling pressure in her womb and enjoying the sensations.

She came again. After another 15 minutes my cock begins to emerge. Jade again feels the unworldly sensation of the massively thick and long cock being slowly pulled out of her soaking and sore pussy. Again Jade tensed from feeling the knot trying to come out, the knot once again hung up at her entrance and then first one side of the knot and then the other side slowly came out, then with a rush, pop out but faster this time since her pussy was sore and the vaginal muscles fatigued from the previous session.

Again feeling the knot reemerged, Jade lets out another low moan and then a long sigh as the rest of the long and still massively thick cock slowly slithered out. As before, the still swollen cock finally withdrew completely, a gush of cum pours out and runs down her pussy and fell off her clit in a long stream forming a large puddle.

After resting a few minutes, Jade dressed and slowly went to the main house with unsteady steps.