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Unshaved asian nbsp_sluts acquires fucked
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*Maddie Smith had just recently moved to New-town, Florida. Her family had actually moved around a lot the past few years, but this time her parents say they are staying here for good. Maddie would have believed them if it wasn't for the fact that they said this every time they moved!

Since she had moved around so much and had been at many different types of schools, she often changed who she was and the changed people that she would hang out with. Once it was the jocks, then the popular kids, and even once with the nerds. But at her last school. she was the school slut. She didn't really know she chose that, but she did. And because of this she got pregnant.

It was 8 1/2 months ago that she got pregnant.with twins! So, because she was so far along and pregnant with twins her gut had swollen to the size of a beach ball.

So there was no way in hiding the fact that she was pregnant. But, it's not like she really wanted to hide it. She actually LIKED being pregnant. She felt that her body just looked better, and she felt better too. She used to pretend to be pregnant, but that's a different story. So enough with this back story, let's just get right into it. It was the first day of school and to be honest Maddie was pretty excited. She couldn't wait to see what people say about the "new pregnant girl" at school.

For the first day she decided to wear something pretty tight to really show off her belly. A grey skin tight dress with a white pullover with a pair of flip-flops.

Damn she look good she thought. she had straightened her mid-length bleach blonde hair and wore little make up, just some pink lip stick and eye liner and eye shadow. (basically the picture with this story) Since Maddie was so pregnant, she was unable to drive to school. So she had her mother drive her and drop her off at the front of the school.

Once her mom had pulled up she struggled a bit but managed to get out of the car. she got her purse filled with her books and supplies and slung it over her shoulder. She blew a kiss to her mom and thanked her for the ride, then turned to walk into the school.

wow was it a big school she thought.


She waddled her way into the school and proceeded to find her way to her locker. On the way a group of girls passed by and they all exchanged giggles. It didn't really bother her because right after they passed a group of football players passed and a few of them couldn't take their eyes off her. They even smiled as they passed. So she wasn't to bothered about the girls laughing. At her locker her belly just kept getting in the way, so she took awhile to get her stuff in there but did get it in.

The bell for class rang and she pulled out her schedule. Her eyes widened as she saw what her first class was.Gym.* "oh boy." she said with a sigh. *She waddled her way towards the gym and went into the locker room to change. She had been given a uniform on the way in. A pair of shorts and a t-shirt with the schools name on it "New-town High School". How in the world was she suppose to fit in this thing? she though. Other girls had already gotten changed and were heading out.

She was alone in the locker room trying to get changed. She some how managed to squeeze her body into the uniform. The shirt and pants where skin tight and he shirt couldn't even cover her belly so it was lifted up exposing it. As she finished getting dressed another girl waddled in. Maddie couldn't believe it. there was another pregnant girl in the school! She was shocked to say the least. The other girl, looking somewhat sad, finally noticed the whale of a girl infront of her, and smiled.* "I thought I was the only one in the school that was preggers!" Said the other girl.

"I thought the same exact thing! I'm Maddie" said Maddie with a smile. "It's nice to meet you Maddie! I'm Mary," said the girl smiling back "Do you mind waiting for me to get dressed?" Maddie nodded and said "Not at all" *Mary set down her things and proceeded to try and fit into the uniform as well.

she didn't struggle as much as Maddie did because her belly wasn't quite as big. Mary was about 6'1" and sort of towered over Maddie (who was about 5'4"). Mary had a smaller belly about the size of a soccer ball but her breasts where MASSIVE. Because of her pregnancy they had swelled to a 37F. They where like two giant melons resting on her belly. she had long tan legs and other than her boobs and belly she was very skinny.

You could tell she played sports. Well used to play them anyways. Mary had long curly brown hair and bright green eyes. She also had braces.* "So how far along are you if you don't mind me asking?" Said Maddie.

"oh im about 37 weeks with a baby girl!" Mary said excitedly."what about your self?" Maddie looked down and patted her belly "I'm having twins and I'm 8 1/2 months! I'm like a whale haha. We should probably get going!" *Mary agreed and both of them waddled out of the locker room and headed into the gym. As the both waddled in a lot of the girls and boys in the class gave them weird looks, a few just ignored the, and some of them seemed very.

interested in them. The teacher blew the whistle and called them all in. The sport for the day was basketball.* "oh boy." Maddie said *The gym teacher whistled to have all the students line up on the end line. It was time to pick teams for basketball.

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Because Maddie and Mary were both extremely pregnant, Maddie figured that they would both be picked last. It seemed like she was right because the first few picks were all the jock guys. But then, out of no where Mary was picked. What Maddie didn't was that Mary used to be a star basketball player for the school. Maddie ended up being picked last and was on the opposite team of Mary.

They both decided to guard each other so they didn't have to run around as much.* "I can't believe they are actually making us play basketball. Our bellies are bigger than the ball!" Maddie exclaimed.

"Ya I know! Want to just stand at center court and watch haha?" Mary asked *They both agreed to it and the game began. They both stood there watching the muscular, sweaty guys running up and down the court, some even gave them looks as they ran past. Maddie and Mary were loving it! once Mary got the ball and actually scored a 3-pointer. You could defiantly tell she used to play. Maddie got the ball once and dribbled down the court a little bit.

This amount of movement caused Maddie's large round breasts to bounce and jiggle. Some of the boys really liked that. They couldn't stop starting, and Maddie noticed. And she liked it! The gym teacher blew the whistle to go back into the locker room.

Mary and Maddie were both confronted by a tall but strong guy* "Hey Mary, um. so who's your friend? I'm Justin" He said with a smile* Maddie Extended her hand "Heyy, I'm Maddie, i just moved her about a week ago, and as you can tell I'm extremely pregnant hehe" Justin Smiled and laughed.

"Well hopefully I'll see you around? I should probably go change. See ya!" *Justin disappeared in the locker room and Mary and Maddie did as well. Most of the girls had already showered and changed. So they were pretty much alone in the locker room. Since both of them were pretty sweaty they decided to shower. together. to save time. hehe. Maddie waddled up the shower room and striped out of her skin tight uniform.

She had nice perky breasts. Her nipples were a little bit bigger then normal but that was due to the rapid growth of her breasts. she waddled in the shower and waited for Mary.

Mary stripped off her shirt and shorts.

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She undid her bra and her MASSIVE breasts hung down. They were a little saggy but damn they where nice! Surprisingly she had very small nipples and this made her breasts seem even bigger!

She waddled into the shower with her soap and other stuff.* "Maddie.um. do you need any help washing?" Mary said hesitantly. "Oh um. ya i would love your help Mary" she said was a smile. *Mary waddled over and squirted some liquid soap into her hand. she began to rub Maddie's large belly with it. Maddie really liked it and let out a sigh.

Mary then worked her way to her large perky breasts. Maddie was a little surprised but didn't stop her. Mary began rubbing and even squeezing Maddie's breasts. Maddie could help herself! She leaned in a went for it. she kissed Mary right on he cheek* "Oh my God. I'm sorry. I.I. I just couldn't help myself. Your just so sexy and I haven't been able to stop looking at you!" Maddie said with an embarrassed look on her face. "Maddie. You missed!" Mary said leaning in and kissing Maddie on the lips.

*Maddie and Mary started making out in the shower and did so for a little while. Mary was the first to take it a step farther.

She start moving her hand in between Maddie's thighs and started rubbing her wet puffy pussy. Maddie let out a great moan of pleasure! Maddie started to do the same to Mary but instead of rubbing she went right to fingering Mary's tight shaven pussy.

Mary let out a LOUD moan and started fingering Maddie. Both girls were smiling and moaning in pleasure. They fingered and played with each other until the bell for the next class rang." "Shit! We are so gonna be late for class!" Maddie said panicking. "Fuck, we are!" Mary said. *Both girls scrambled to get dry off and get there clothes back on. They both were pretty horny because of what happened.

Maddie and Mary's nipples were very hard and could be seen through there shirts. but they didn't care. Both girls got all there stuff together and waddled to there next class with smiles on there faces. There next class. health class* "Damn Maddie that was fucking hot. I'm still really horny!" Mary said "I am too Mary! We need to hang out after school for more fun!" Maddie said with a smile on her face.

*Still pretty horny, Maddie and Mary waddled into health class about 5 minutes late. The teacher excused them due to the fact that they where so pregnant. They both took their seats in the back of the room. they could barely fit! Maddie had to sit sideways because her belly was so big!

The teacher, Mrs. Carr, continued talking about the lesson and you'll never guess what the lesson was for that day was.* "Okay class. Today we are going to learn about practicing safe sex." Mrs. Carr said looking at Maddie and Mary in the back. Maddie leaned into Mary and whispered "Oh of course it would be about that!" Mary looked at Maddie with a mischievous smile on her face and raised her hand.

" Mrs. Carr let us explain about safe sex" Mary took Maddie's hand and they both waddled up to the front of the classroom. All eyes where on them and Mary lifted up Maddie's shirt up and started rubbing it gently. Then Mary looked to the front of the class and said, "This is an example of what happens when you don't practice safe sex. We both are knocked up becuase we didnt use safe sex" Mary squeezed both her big milky boobs together and said, "I make milk like a cow now because I didn't use a condom.

If you don't want to look like us then practice safe sex. That's all Mrs. Carr!" Mary said with a smile on her face. * The entire class, including Maddie, was shocked by what Mary said. Both Mary and Maddie waddled back to there seats and sat down. A few of the girls and guys giggled and snickered but one or two in the back just smiled at them.

The teacher was in shock to but thanked Mary and Maddie for there presentation. The class moved on and went over a few more things but finally ended.


The two girls proceeded through their days and went to there next few classes. Maddie and Mary had several different classes but they saw each other in the hallway here and there. They exchanged several smile and winks as they would pass. The end of the day came and on her way to meet Mary at her locker, she bumped into Justin.* "Oh hey Maddie!

How was your first day in the new school?" Justin said smiling "Pretty good! But it's getting tiring lugging this big ol' belly around haha" Maddie said rubbing her belly with both hands. Justin got a shy look on his face and said "Well. if you want to maybe. come to my house and relax some time? I'd be happy to give you a massage or something to help you relax?" A big smile spread across her face.

She actually liked Justin, he was pretty cute! "I'd love too! um. would tonight work??" "Ya that's fine!

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So I'll text you my address and I'll see you around say. 8?" Justin said *Maddie agreed and they exchanged phone numbers. Maddie waddled away and met back up with Mary. Maddie was all smiles and just giggly as could be! She couldn't wait to tell Mary* "Mary!! You'll never guess who I'm hanging out with tonight!" Maddie said with excitement.

"umm. I don't Know who!?" Mary said "Justin!" Maddie blurted out with glee. "No way! You gonna let him fuck you? heheh. You should come over to my house first so we can get you looking all nice and cute!" Mary said *Maddie agreed and both Mary and her would meet at Mary's house so she could get ready. She was soo excited to hang out with him.and of course she was going to let him fuck her!* *The school day had ended hours ago and many students went to their homes.

Maddie and Mary decided to meet at Mary's house to get Maddie ready for her date with Justin. Maddie, still unable to drive, had her mom drop her off at Mary's house. She thanked her mom with a quick blow of a kiss and struggled to get out of car but succeeded.

She got her bag of clothes and accessories out of the back of the car and proceeded to waddle her way up the walk way to Mary's front door. She set down her bag and rang the door bell. **DING DONG** After a few moments Mary came to the door wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and a sweatshirt that wasn't quite big enough to cover her big preggo belly. It stuck out the bottom a little.

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Maddie was wearing a very similar pair of sweatpants but had on a loose fitting tank top. Both girls had there hair up and very minimal make-up. When both girls saw each other they both smiled and greeted with a hug, well the best hug they could* "Hey Maddie!! Did you bring everything to get changed into??" Mary said helping Maddie bring her bags up to her room.

"Yes I did babe! I brought a ton of clothing choices and a lot of make-up to choice from." Maddie said rummaging through her bags "You are so cute already but we are going to make youe the hottest girl Justin has ever seen!

So Maddie are you ready to get all dolled up??" Maddie smiled and looked at Mary "You bet I am Mary!" *Maddie dumped out her bag of clothes and was going to try on all the outfits and she would have Mary judge them. Maddie decided to just trip down right there in front of Mary! Both girls would enjoy it she thought: and she was RIGHT!

Maddie dropped her sweatpants and to Mary's surprise Maddie wasn't wearing any panties. Maddie turned around and showed Mary her big, tight, round ass. Mary gave out a little "ooo" nice and gave Maddie a little.


Love tap* **SPANK** "Hehehehe whoa their babe. that felt really good. do it again!" Maddie said in a sexy voice **SPANK SPANK** "OHH YESS MARY!!" Maddie moaned in pleasure as Mary spanked Maddie. *Maddie proceeded to remove her top and her bouncy breasts popped out. She "forgot" to wear a bra. OOOPS! Mary instantly was turned on! She waddled over to Maddie and proceeded to feel up her huge breasts! Maddie let out a soft moan and proceeded to help Mary remove her sweatshirt.

Mary's massive knockers were kept up in her bra. It made her breasts look even bigger! Maddie couldn't help but to suck on her milk filled breasts! Mmmmm they were so tender and soft Maddie thought.

Mary removed her sweats and she also had on no panties. Both girls were over come with hormones. They completely forgot about the trying on the clothes and moved towards the bed. They both laid down and began felling up each others sexy body. Maddie was the first to work her way near Mary's plump pussy.

Maddie inserted one finger and Mary let out a moan. * "oooooo that's it baby. finger my pussssy! I've been a naughty girl. teach me a lesson!" Mary murmured under her breath. "Oh well how's this feel Mary!" Maddie said as she slide two more fingers in. *Mary let out a very loud moan!

Maddie continued to finger her and Mary was loving it! Mary slid in 3 fingers inside Maddie's already wet pussy! Maddie's pussy tightened and she was almost sent into an instant orgasm. Maddie and Mary messed around and finger fucked each other for what seemed like an hour! Both girls ended up tiring each other out and decided to get back to what they met up to do. Maddie climbed of the bed and changed into her first outfit.* "What do you think Mary?" Maddie asked.

*Maddie had on a pair of black yoga pants that were snug and tight to her ass. She had them pulled up over her belly. She had on a Grey skin tight top that was so tight on her you could see her navel through the shirt! She then had on a Flannel shirt that she left unbuttoned* "ooo I love the look of tight clothes on your body Maddie!" Mary exclaimed. *The other outfits that Maddie brought were no were near as tight as this one so she decided this was what she was gonna wear.

Mary helped her with her make-up and Maddie let her hair down. She curled it to the point were it bounced when she walked (waddled)* "You. Look. AMAZING MADDIE! There's no way Justin won't be all over you! heheh" Mary said joyfully! "Oh thank you so much for the help tonight Mary!" Maddie says as she kisses Mary.

"I can't wait to see Justin!" *Maddie had just left Mary's house, and was waddling to Justin's house. He lived down the road a little ways. Maddie was so excited to finally be with him, but she was also very nervous. Thoughts raced through her head. "What if he just wants to hang out?" "what if he wants to fuck but he's not very good?" She just needed to see him.

Having walked about 3 blocks she finally arrived at his house. It was a Mid-sized house with a few nice cars packed in the drive way. Maddie waddled up the driveway and to the front door. With a bit of a pause she proceeded to knock on the door. **KNOCK KNOCK** after a moment Justin came to the door in some sweatpants and a t-shirt.* "Hey Maddie! Come on in!" Justin said helping Maddie in the door.

"Wow your house is really nice Justin!" Maddie said as she looked around. "Thanks! Do you want to go down stairs? We can watch a movie or something." Justin said pointing to the door which led down stairs. *Both of them walked (Well she waddled) down the stairs to the basement. Wow was his basement nice.

They had a big screen TV mounted on the wall and several couches. Maddie struggled but managed to plop herself on the couch.

They decided to watch Juno because well. you know why haha. Maddie and Justin had gotten all cuddled up and were snuggling together when Justin made the first move. He turn to Maddie and pecked her on the cheek. She giggled. She then turned and kissed him on the lips. He kissed back and it went from there. Soon both there clothes where all over the floor and Maddie was on her knees giving blowing Justin's 9 inch cock. She was slurping and sucking it and getting it all nice and wet!

She was getting so wet she was practically dripping. His cock was gonna feel so good deep inside her. Hehe she almost got off to the thought of it! She was ready. She stood up and spun around. She squated right above his dick and with one thrust, plunged his huge member deep inside her.

Maddie let out a loud moan of pleasure.

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she was gonna like this. END part 1