4 Jungs auf Motorhaube heiß wie die Hölle xxxx

4 Jungs auf Motorhaube heiß wie die Hölle  xxxx
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10 Billion Dollar Blowjob Ch 5 Original story by Lisa. This will be the last Frankel and Lisa story; I hope you've enjoyed them. Because of junk comments, I restricted comments to registered users for my last few stories.

Eventually all the girls were sold. We took in over 5 million dollars on the sale of girls alone and an extra 3 million on selling whisper clips. One guy bought as many as fifty of the things.

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"I teach women's studies at university," he told Lisa. "There's an entire lecture hall of young, pretty feminists in bad need of conversion." Lisa gave him an extra fifty clips for free.

"Next year's class," she said. Once the hall was empty of bidders and girls Lisa went down on me again, sucking my cock with an almost animal lust as if she was working off a horniness that had been building all day.

It was nice to be alone again, me standing in the middle of the empty hall and Lisa naked on her knees, in front of me with her tits slapping together as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. I gripped her head as I came and flooded her mouth with cum, which I had let build throughout the day as I watched the girls blowing the bidders. She moaned deeply and I knew she had cum too, as she often did at the taste of my cum. She swallowed and licked some cum off her chin that had leaked out.

Rather than stand she stayed on her knees and kissed and licked my balls as she looked up at me. "We better get to bed soon," she said. "The new girls arrive in the morning." "New girls," I said. "Already?" "Sure," she said. "Two hundred this time. We need to speed up the rate of conversion. There's thousands on the waiting list." How any one of these girls thought they had any chance of winning the 10 billion dollars for the best blowjob was beyond me.

Most of them didn't even get to suck my cock and I was the only judge (and had already come to an arrangement with Lisa with the money anyway - if you haven't read the other chapters don't whinge to me about not knowing what is going on, just read them). As we walked back to our room I asked Lisa if she really thought she could convert every adult female into a blowjob addict who gave head on demand.

"Of course I can," she said. "I've planned this very carefully. I have a factory mass producing the whisper clips already. Once men can see what they do by my estimates every single adult female in the entire world will be converted by the end of the year." "But," I said. "But that's impossible. It will mean the end of the world. Society will collapse." She laughed then as if I had said something stupid.

"Why?" she asked. "Why would it mean that? You've seen the girls. After a few days they are their old selves again. Only now they drop to their knees on demand.

I can't see how it changes anything." And with that she jumped into bed. "Another blowjob?" she asked. She wasn't asking me if I wanted one.

She was asking if she could give me one - Lisa was insatiable when it came to giving head and swallowing. I hate to say it but I was just too tired and had to turn her down. "In the morning then," she said and rolled over and went to sleep. I woke up and found my cock was already in her mouth.

I was as hard as a rock and Lisa was making these delightful slurping noises as she sucked my cock like a vacuum cleaner.

I could feel her tongue flicking around the head of my cock and my balls tightened as she softly stroked her fingers across them. I gripped her head and came in her mouth causing her to scream as she climaxed herself.

"Thanks," she said and swallowed. To Lisa cum was like her morning coffee. But she wasn't finished yet. She kept her lips around my cock and managed to walk bent over with my cock in her mouth as I got up and made breakfast. She was so skilled I never went soft as she licked and sucked me as I sat in front of the television and had my morning toast. On the morning news was a report that caught my interest. It seemed there had been an outbreak of indecent behaviour in various parts of the country.

A reporter was standing in front of our blowjob school. I turned up the volume as she spoke, Lisa turned her eyes toward the screen but didn't stop sucking. The reporter was a young blonde with a very impressive set of tits pushing up against a white shirt. "In all cases the women had either taken part in the 10 billion dollar blowjob contest or knew a man that had visited this school recently. As I said earlier all the women involved in these cases of public fellatio were wearing a clip behind their ears similar to this one." And the bimbo reporter put the clip on.

Lisa burst out laughing around my cock and managed to mumble "She'll never get it off again." The effect on the reporter of the clip was incredible. Her eyes glazed over in seconds. "Oh my God," said Lisa.

She lifted her head up and jerked me off as she watched the screen.

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"I've never seen it work so fast!" And sure enough the reporter dropped to her knees and began crawling towards the cameraman. She started to unbuckle his pants when it cut back to the studio. "We, ah, seem to have, um," said a baffled young female news presenter as she and her male co presenter struggled to understand what they had just seen. Lisa was laughing so hard she was crying and I had to stand up to get my cock back in her mouth to make her calm down.

"I came across one of these clips in a store yesterday," said the male newsreader producing one from his pocket. "The man who sold it to me said it was a new fashion accessory that all women needed." "Really," said the female presenter.

"Looks kind of like a hearing aid. Do we have any word from Kate Jenkins yet? Do we know if she is OK?" Suddenly the male newsreader sprang at his female colleague and snapped the whisper clip onto her head.

Again the effect seemed immediate. Her eyes clouded over and she started taking her shirt off.

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Just as her bra was exposed and her co-anchor started pushing her head down the picture went to test pattern. As if pleased with her work, Lisa smiled. "Must be the new batch of clips," she said. "We increased the pleasure reward. Seems to have increased their potency." She lowered her head and began sucking my cock again.

Just as I was beginning to feel my orgasm build there was a knock on the bedroom door. Lisa kept sucking as I crossed the room and opened the door to see who could possibly be inside the school at this hour. It was Mr Potter, the billionaire who had started this whole thing.

He looked down at Lisa and smiled knowingly. "Mr Potter," I said. I couldn't believe how well he looked for a dying man. "How can I help you?" Without asking he took Lisa's head in his hands, pulled out his cock and put it into her obedient mouth. "We need to talk," he said, moaning slightly as he felt the glory if Lisa's mouth for the first time. "What about?" I asked. "Well," he said. "Turns out I am not dying after all. Bad diagnosis by a bad doctor. My new doctor tells me I could live for decades." "Oh," I said.

"Does that mean the deal is off too?" "Well," he said, pushing Lisa's head down so that her nose was buried in his belly. "I'm a man of my word so the deal is still on. But I want to change it slightly given the change in circumstances." He was breathless now so I knew he was close to cumming in Lisa's incredible mouth.

I let him have his moment before asking anything else. Lisa seemed to have yet another orgasm as the cum burst inside her throat and when he let her head go, she licked up and down the shaft.

"What changes?" Lisa asked the question. I was a little distracted by watching her cum filled mouth do its work. "Well, I'll still give the money away. But it has to go to Lisa. I've been watching what you've been doing here and I have to say I fell a little bit in love. I want to be your business partner, Lisa.

I'll finance your operation; give you the full ten billion. I simply ask for a fifty per cent cut on all proceeds and that you give my friend here a lifetime supply of blowjobs." "Done," said Lisa. "Except you can have 100 per cent of the money. I was never after the money.


The blowjob section for me was a given." And as if to prove it she swallowed Mr Potter's cum and went back to sucking my cock. "Tell me," said Mr Potter. "These clips. Is the effect permanent?" "Hmm, Mmm," said Lisa around my cock as a yes. "Then I'll need twenty," he said. "I invited the cheerleaders of a football team I support to dinner to celebrate a win.

These will be perfect." He rubbed Lisa's tits for a moment.

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"Nice doing business with you," he said. "You've made the world a better place. You're quite a girl!" And as I came in Lisa's mouth I couldn't help agreeing with him.


I'd been at the school for a few days now and I needed to get out for a bit, so I left Lisa to welcome the new students and got on my bike and rode into town. "Here," said Lisa before I left. "Take a few whisper clips with you, just in case." She blew me a kiss and pouted slightly in a way I knew meant she was still hungry for cock but aware that I needed time to recuperate.

I couldn't believe what had happened to the town. Everywhere I turned women were on their knees blowing men. On the footpath outside the town hall a couple of secretaries were blowing a circle of men, their tits out and their faces already covered in cum.

I went into the newsagent to see if the newspaper mentioned anything about it, only to find the 18 year old cashier was blowing a long line of customers. Looking closer I could see the whisper clip attached to her right ear on her frantically bobbing head.

"Hey," said one of the men in the queue.

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"It's him!" I looked around to see who "him" was and found it was me. The men all burst into applause and left the queue to shake my hand.

"You don't know how grateful I am," one older man said. "Thirty five years without getting my cock into a single mouth and now even my wife is begging for it. But now it's me turning her down. I can just ask any pretty young thing and they just drop to their knees." It seemed I was suddenly the toast of the town. I wandered to the real high school and a teacher saw me and ran over to me.

"Thank you, thank you," he said to me. "What for?" I asked. "Someone gave our female principal a whisper clip," he said. "She then ordered all the female teachers to wear one and gave them out free to all parents and any student over 18. Our whole senior year blew me in English yesterday!" A couple of very sexy blonde girls went past smiling.

"Watch this," he said. "Cassie! Here!" One of the blondes, dressed in a white shirt and check plaid skirt which barely covered her ass, walked over. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra and had all of the buttons on her shirt undone. The teacher pushed aside her shirt to reveal two of the most perfect tits I had ever seen (and by now I was quite the expert!). He pushed down on her head and she dropped to her knees and her mouth sought out his cock. The other blonde dropped to her knees at my feet.

"Blowjob, sir?" she asked. Of course it was tempting to whip my cock out again, but I had just remembered a certain bank teller in town that I had secretly been lusting over for years.

She was a real snooty bitch that I never stood a chance with and had been way too superior and cold to lower herself to giving me head in the contest. I had to know if someone had given her a whisper clip. Still this blonde school girl could at least get me hard again so I wasn't limp going in to the bank teller.

"Come with me," I said taking her by her pigtails and dragging her along behind me. The teacher was too far gone face fucking his teenager to even notice me dragging the 18 year old out of the school grounds. "Please may I suck it?" she begged as I dragged her down Main Street. "Take your tits out," I ordered as we made it to the nearby bank. The teenager took off her shirt and bra as I took out my overworked cock and pushed it limply inside her mouth. "Look at me!" I said and she looked up at me nervously as I used her pigtails as handle bars and began face fucking her outside the bank.

"Can I help you, sir?" a voice asked, and I almost jumped out of my skin when I looked up and saw two female police officers standing in front of me. What I was doing had to be illegal still and for a second I thought they were going to arrest me, but then I saw the clips behind their ears. As they licked their lips I realised they really wanted to help me.

I was still not entirely hard so I figured these two cops could probably help me out. "Kiss," I said. They leant forward to kiss me but I held up my hands and pushed them back by their tits. "Not me," I said. "Kiss each other.

And take your fucking tits out already." The two sexy young cops undid their uniforms and took out their juicy young tits before turning to each other and French kissing. Now I was hard, and took hold of the gagging schoolgirl's pigtails again and started pounding her face.

"What is going on out here!" I heard a familiar voice ask. I looked up and saw her. My sexy, bitchy bank teller standing at the entrance of the bank. She was dressed in her normal conservative formal attire and had a scowl on her face that told me at once no-one had taken care of her yet. "Officers," I said to the cops. "Detain this bitch!" The bank teller tried to move back inside the bank but my two cops grabbed her and threw her to the ground and handcuffed her before she had time to move.

I let go of the schoolgirl and quickly wrapped a whisper clip behind the teller's ear. "Get the fuck off me!" she screamed. "Take her down to the station," I said to the officers. "Hold her there until I come for her. Don't take the handcuffs off or let her remove the clip." "Yes, sir," they said.

One of the cops paused and looked down at my cock buried in the schoolgirl's mouth. "Could we suck it later then?" "Of course," I said.

"Actually just wait here a minute." The two officers held on to the teller, watching on as I picked up the pace on the schoolgirl. I gripped her head tightly, forcing it up and down as I felt my orgasm building. My cum burst into her mouth and her eyes opened wide as she moaned in delight at the taste of my cum. "Don't swallow," I ordered. "Share it." The schoolgirl stood and leant in and kissed the nearest cop, letting the cum swap out of her mouth and into the young officer's.

The other cop moaned slightly before her partner turned to her and lovingly shared my cum with her. "What the fuck is going on!" screamed the teller. "Has everyone gone nuts!" "Spit it on her!" I said to the cop who had my cum in her mouth. The cop spat cum onto the teller's face and the teller winced and screamed again. "All right," I said. "Lick it off her. She hasn't the taste for cum yet." "And I never will," said the teller as the three girls began lapping up the cum off her face with their tongues like kittens with milk.

When they were done I told the cops to take her away. The officers lifted the screaming bitch to her feet and dragged her off. She would take a while to be ready to facefuck and there was no way I was risking putting my cock in her mouth until the clip had done its work. "Blowjob, sir?" I turned and saw it was the schoolgirl offering her services to an old man. He had a walking stick in one hand but used the other to push the cock hungry girl to her knees.

"God bless you," he said to me as his small cock began to grow in the girl's mouth. "I'm just glad I lived to see this day." It was like that everywhere. Every cafe and bar in town had become a topless bar or cafe and waitresses and barmaids now seemed to spend more time servicing cocks than serving drinks. I couldn't resist a quick visit to the hospital where, sure enough, I saw no fewer than five nurses blowing male patients. In one room I even saw a nurse down on her knees blowing an old man while his wife looked on, the familiar glazed over look in her eyes of a newly clipped woman.

I looked in through the window of a surgical theatre and saw a nurse blowing a rock hard cock of an unconscious man who seemed to be having some kind of heart surgery.

"That can't be good," I thought, particularly when two more nurses were on their knees beneath the table, sucking the cocks of the surgeons as they operated. Eventually I made my way down to the police station to check on the status of my favourite bank teller. I was met by a male cop at the reception desk who had a strange far away look in his eyes when I approached him. As I reached the desk I understood why; both the female cops I had seen earlier were blowing him under the reception desk.

"Here for the teller?" he asked me, his voice breaking slightly as one of the female cops licked his balls. "Yes," I said. "Go in," he said. "She's in one of the cells but a lot more compliant than before, if you know what I mean." The cop winked at me and buzzed open a door to his right.

"By the way," he said. "Until this morning we were under orders to bust you and your girlfriend's sorry arses. You put these whisper clips out just in time. Still, there's a price to pay for everything." I thought about asking him what he meant but he seemed busy so I walked on into the holding cells. There were three empty cells and one with a locked door. I looked through the peep hole of the closed cell expecting to see my bank teller being facefucked by a group of prisoners or cops but instead found she was all alone.

She must have heard me as she looked up and moved over to the door. "Can you please let me out of here?" she said. "I did nothing wrong. Has the whole world gone crazy. Just because I don't want to." Suddenly she doubled over in pain, grasping at the whisper clip on her ear. She screamed in pain and I realised Lisa's invention was punishing her for thinking badly about blowjobs. "Make it stop!" she cried. I tried the handle of the door and was surprised to find it unlocked.

"Guess she just assumed she was locked in," I thought as I stepped into the room. "You!" she screamed. "What the fuck do you want!" "A blowjob," I said and I saw her eyes roll back in her head and her moan in sudden pleasure.

I realised the clip gave her pleasure stimulus at the word blowjob. "No fucking chance," she said. "You and that bitch of yours will never turn me!" "Facefuck," I said and she collapsed to the bed as the pleasure senses in her clip sent her into orgasm. "Throatfuck, deepthroat, head, cum swallow, fellatio, blowjob," I said, almost attacking her with the words and overloading her with pleasure from the clip.

She was panting for breath. "The voices," she cried. "Make them stop!" "What are they saying to you?" I asked. "They're telling me to suck you, to swallow your cum, to get on my knees and take it like a bitch!" "Then do it!" I said. "No!" she cried and the whisper clip jolted electricity through her body in savage punishment. She shook and collapsed to her knees. Now was my chance. I took out my hard cock and pressed it into her panting face.

"Suck it!" I said. "Imagine how good it will feel in your mouth." "No," she whispered and was jolted so hard by the clip that a spasm went through her whole body.

I leant down and tore off her shirt and bra, her tits spilling out and still trembling from the shock. "Suck it now," I said. "And the pain will go away." As if controlled by some outside force she slowly opened her mouth, and I pushed my cock along her tongue, further and further in until it was pushing against the back of her throat, my hands holding her head in place as she began moaning in ecstacy as the clip rewarded her with an orgasm.

Her will broke at last as she wrapped her lips around the shaft of my cock and began bobbing her head up and down on my cock like a crazed animal. Even Lisa in her finest hour had never sucked me as hard and fast and passionately as this bitch did, as if she had turned from the girl who most hated giving head to the girl who most loved it.

I gripped her hair in my hands not to force her head down now, but to simply hang on as she rapidly fucked my cock with her lips, tears forming in her eyes partly from the pleasure that rocked her own body but also, perhaps, from the last untouched part of her soul trapped in a body over which she no longer had any control.

That part desperately wanted to bite the cock of the man who not only had her but would soon have every woman in the world down on their knees. "That's it bitch!" I cried in triumph.

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"Do what you were born to do. Deep throat that cock." I gripped her hair harder and forced her to stop bobbing her head as my cock found its way down her throat and began to twitch violently. My orgasm built from my balls and up my shaft like a volcano erupting and I saw for an instant a look of horror as she got her first taste of cum. The look was quickly replaced by ecstasy as the whisper clip rewarded her as she swished the cum around in her mouth, tilted her head back and swallowed.

I tossed her aside and she collapsed to the ground. I did my pants back up and walked out into the main reception area of the police station where I found the two young cops licking cum off each other's faces as the male cop looked at a TV screen showing pornography. "Look at this," he said. "Daytime television and all you get is blowjob movies!" "You're kidding," I said. "No," he said. "Only a few days ago there'd have been a riot if you put this stuff on. This morning apparently there was a riot of women when some conservative Christian tried to take it off." He looked at me seriously.

"I hope that girl of yours knows what she is doing. It's getting dangerous, you know." The two female cops began lapping at his half erect cock again. "What do you mean?" I said. "The clips, the effect they have on women. It doesn't taper off, it just keeps on getting more intense. These two have blown me three times today. They're starting to threaten me if I say I want a rest. Your girl hasn't bred an army of loyal and loving cocksuckers. She's created addicts. In New York I heard they overran a prison and have been blowing every man in sight.

You'd think prisoners would welcome it. But the women are getting scary, like they'd almost tear you apart to get your cum.

The prisoners have been trying to escape!" I looked down at the two female cops and saw what he meant. There was a light in their eyes that was scary. They would blow him until there was no more liquid in his body. And then what? It was then I started to wonder what Lisa's real intentions were.

Maybe Lisa the author had a continuation planned, but she stopped writing at Literotica after getting nasty feedback for another story.