Gay sex young boy first photo gallery and boys getting fucked the ass

Gay sex young boy first photo gallery and boys getting fucked the ass
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*I enjoy writing just as much as I do reading. So I will propose this. If any of you enjoy this certain story and would wish me to write another one, then write me a story for me to read. And then I will write another one. The story you write doesn't need to be long.

Something like a short story. Something you might spend like 30 minutes on. After you write your short story, request the plot for the next story and I'll write it. It may seem stupid, but I do this because it gets the audience to write a bit and go back and forth with story teller. --This is complete fiction and fantasy. Not real events.-- When I was 17, times were tough.

I had grown up in poverty as an only child. My father was a horrible fucking bastard. He was a drunk fucker who didn't give a shit about his family or what happened to them. He was rarely home, and I preferred it that way because I knew that if he was home, he would either be beating on me or my mom.

My mom wasn't very innocent either. She didn't do anything about the abuse. She just let it happen to both me and her. Either she didn't care or she liked it. She was a drug addict by day and a whore by night. All throughout the day, I would often see my mom, shooting up, popping a pill, or smoking something.

I didn't know what she was doing and I didn't want to know. Most of her day consisted of doing a variety of drugs on the couch. I would sit in the living room with her and watch TV.

Sometimes I couldn't stand to watch her ingest drug after drug, so I would often retreat to the kitchen, where I spent most of my time. At night, I would be in my room with the door locked. Every night. I didn't know everything that happened in the house at night, but I knew enough to know that it would be safer for me to stay in my room.

I would hear the front door open and close all night. People leaving and coming constantly. Through the door of my room, I could hear the dull thumping on the wall pierced by my moms pathetic groans and screams.

I was disgusted with my life. I was disgusted with everything happening around me. I had overflowing anger, but more importantly, I had an abundance of lust. As much of a whore my mom was, there was no denying her beauty. She was gifted with a natural beauty that no amount of drugs could seem to diminish.

She was about 5 foot 7 with black hair and green eyes. She had a perfectly plump ass and electrifying thighs. Her tits seemed to defy gravity due to their sheer size and perkiness. They were huge, but still perfectly shaped. I had no shortage of moments in which I saw my mom naked.

It was actually a common occurence. Sometimes, she would be completely naked on the couch just smoking and watching TV. She rarely spoke to me anyway, so what reason did she have to be embarrased if I saw her naked? Her face, with the exception of her expression, was of an angel and was so effortlessly beautiful.

The reason I said "with the exception of her expression", is because her eye lids were always half-way closed. Her eyes were almost always bloodshot, and she often had dark bags underneath her eyes. Most of the money she made went straight into food, or make-up or anything that would counter-act he drug use.

She ate constantly throughout the day and I could hear her puking in the bathroom every night. She needed to keep the illusion of youth, or business would be bad.

Angry and horny. Those were the emotions I felt all the time. I was always angry at my dad and my mom.

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And I was constantly horny. The days in which I saw my mom naked didn't help either. I was living a pathetic existance and I was sick of it. I wasn't an innocent child anymore.

I knew my mom was a pathetic crack whore. And I knew how much she regretted me. There wasn't much I could do except hide in my room. All I did in my room was think, so it's no surprise that one day I came up with the idea to rape my mom.

It was a logical decision. I hated my mom because she hated me. And I was a horny as fuck. It was as simple as that. One might look back at this and admit that it was a bad choice and they regret it. But I would do no such thing. My mom deserved everything that she got and I plan to tell you exactly what I did to her. As I sat in my bad, I created my plans. My moms schedule was like clockwork. - Lay on the couch naked, covered with dried jizz from the night before and in a drug induced coma all morning until the afternoon.

- Eat and smoke and watch TV until the evening. - And whore herself out to dozens of men all night. It was so perfect, I had to make almost no preperations or precautions. I would wake up early, (6 am), and venture into the living room. On the couch I would find my naked and unconsious mother.

She would no wake up until at least 12. I had 6 hours to do anything I wanted to this slut and I had never been more excited. Still in my bed, I grabbed my water bottle and drank a generous amount of water. This would help me wake up early enough to carry out the plans.

Drinking all that water turned out to be a waste of time because I couldn't go to sleep anyway. My mind was like a tornado and there was no possible way I could sleep. So many angry thoughts and sexual visions ran through my head. My cock was pulsating all night. Twitching, and leaking. Aggravated that it could not release. The sexual tension grew exponentially all through out the night, and by the time it was 6 am, I was extremely anxious.

I had an insatiable sexual desire and a burning rage within me. I was going to get revenge on that dirty fucking whore that gave birth to me. I cringed at the thought of me coming out of the pussy of a peice of shit person like that.

At some moments I even thought of killing her, but I figured she should have to suffer by living the rest of her life this way. I got out of bed and removed all clothing. I would have no need for them for the next 6 hours.

I walked into my bathroom and looked into the mirror.


In the reflection, I saw a man of strength and passion. Not a boy. My face was flush with anticipation and my cock was rock hard.

I walked to my mom's room with a single dastardly purpose. I yanked open the top drawer of her dresser. I knew that this was the drawer where she kept her work supplies, (AKA sex toys). I had rumagged through the drawer once before but it seemed she had made some additions to her collection.

One such addition was an enourmas 12 inch black dildo. It was a pleasant surprise and I got an evil spark in my eye. I grabbed her newest toy, and some lube from the drawer. I then went to the kitchen to get a few common household items for the fun I was about to have. With my supplies in hand, I entered the living room and found a very similar sight. My mom was on all fours, with her face down and ass up. Her head had been shoved fairly deep into the couch cushions and you could only see half of her head.

The last guy to fuck her in this position must have left her this way after she probably blacked out while they were fucking.

Her hair was covered with dried cum and clumped together in bundles. Her pussy, (which was clearly visible in that position), looked raw and red and was still moist.

I stuck my finger in her pussy and felt around. It was extremely warm and wet. A trail of cum followed behind my finger as I removed it from her body. Her asshole looked somewhat distored. I squirted out a generous amount of lube and spread open her pink asshole to investigate. I could see something. I shoved four fingers in and attempted to grip the object. I grabbed hold and carefully began to pull my fingers out of her ass. As the tip of my fingers reached the rim of her asshole, I could see what the object was.

It was one of her smaller 6 inch dildos. I knew my mom was classy, but wow! I wiped my hands and turned my attention to her head. I grabbed her head by a wad of hair, and I yanked the head out of the depths of the couch cushions.

Her mouth was wide open, drool was dripping from one corner, and her face had red pressure marks from the texture of the cushions. All I could do was smile in anticipation. I let go of her hair and let her head fall back down on the couch.

I then violently grabbed her hair again with my left hand and and grabbed her ass with my right hand. Fingers on my right hand were inside both her asshole and her cunt so I had a good grip.

I jerked her body up and off the couch. Still holding her in the same position, I went into the bathroom and stood over the tub. I began to swing her body slightly, and then let go. Her lifeless naked body hit the edge of the tub and slid down the side into the bottom of the tub. The tiny toss would most likely leave her with some bruises.

I looked down on my lifeless mother's body with a satisfactory grin. She looked so helpless. I turned the knobs and water began to rush from the tub's spout and onto the sexy hunk of flesh that was my mom.


I let the tub fill halfway, then I began to clean up my little whore mother. I washed her hair, her cunt, and her asshole. Even dirty girls have to get clean, do they not? The bath felt like a ritualistic preperation for the ceramony that was about to occur. I drained the tub and grabbed my mom with both hands underneath her armpits. Her slick, squeeky clean skin felt great on mine.

Pangs of horniness shot through my cock and I couldn't wait much longer. I carried her back to the living room with her legs dragging on the floor. I threw her onto the couch in a sitting position. Her legs were splayed out in a "V" shape and her head leaned back over the back of the couch. I jumped onto my mom and straddled her limp body.

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I grabbed her head and tilted it towards me so I could see her face. "I'm gonna be your favorite customer, mom.", I said with glowing eyes and a small grin. I pushed her still damp hair out of her face and behind her head.

I leaned back still holding her left cheek in my left hand. I removed my right hand and pulled it back. With great force, I released my hand and allowed to it collide with my mom's right cheek. It produced a loud snapping noise, and her head flung to the left. I then grabbed her head with both hands again and re-adjusted her head.

I put it upright so it was facing me. I stood up, still stradling my mom's body and grabbed my cock with my right hand. I instinctively wrenched another wad of hair on her head with my left hand. With her scalp in the tight grip of my left hand, I manuevered her head to come closer to my cock. "You regret giving birth to me, now you'll regret having your son fuck your mouth." I thrusted my cock into her open mouth and began to explore her insides. I immidiately buried my entire cock into her throat.

Her top teeth were resting at the base of my penis and I could feel the hard ribs of her esophagus surround my cock. I violently fucked my moms throat for quite some time.

All the while, I could hear gurgling and sloshing noises from deep inside my mom's throat. "You're going to have a sore throat tommorow mom. I'll have to run down to the store and grab some advil for you." I removed my cock from her mouth and release her hair. Her head fell back to the couch and then tilted over to the left. She was still producing deep gurgling noises out of her gaping mouth. She must be choking on my pre-cum. I reach down with my right hand and grabbed her tit.

I carressed it and massaged it, exploring every bit of this large sexual object.

The skin was extremely smooth and warm. I rubbed her nipple and occasionally pinched the thin peiece of flesh with my finger. I squeezed and kneaded her nipple with my fingers until it was red. Her nipples began to become hard. Even in her unconsious state, her body was reacting to me and I was again becoming engulfed in sexual desire.

I grabbed her body by the shoulders and pulled her towards me. At the same time, I backed away and allowed her to thump into the ground. The collision had sent a shockwave through her plump ass which then sent shockwaves through my cock. I positioned her with her face smushed into the ground and her ass up in the air. A position similar to the one I had found her in this morning.

My sexual desire had grown so much, that I felt like I needed to beat my cock into orgasm. (Or in my case, an unconsious lump of flesh to beat up with my cock.) Without applying any lube, I slowly manuveured my cock towards her pink asshole until the tip was resting at the entrance almost like giving it a gentle kiss.

I slowly, but forcibly, jammed my cock into her asshole. Normally, in a case like this with no lube, the flimsy cock wouldn't be able to break through the asshole and would eventually bend. But my cock was as hard as stone this day and it was no problem getting it into her ass. It was like inserting a rigid stick into her ass. My cock didn't flinch as it penetrated deeper and deeper into my mom's asshole.

The sensation was just what my cock needed. An extremely rough entrance with a tight fit. So tight, sometimes it felt like my cock was being strangled. If her unconsious ass would have decided to flex of twitch, it might have crushed my cock. My whole cock was inside her ass and loving every minute of it.

I eventually managed to squeeze some lube into her hole. I was now rapidly fucking my mom's ass, occasionally pounding hard into her insides when I came back down.

As I fucked her ass, I leaned forward over her back and reached down and under her body to grab her tits. I squeezed both gigantic tits with my hands.

I could barely contain her tits in my hands. Mounds of flesh on her tits overflowed over my hand. I could feel her tits ripple and shake everytime I pounded my hard cock into the tight asshole.

I was coming to the point of orgasm. I quickly exited my mom's ass and flipped her body over so that I could see her face. I got closer to her face and grabbed her head by the scalp again.

I directed my cock right in front of her face and let wave after wave of cum stream from the tip of my pulsating cock onto the face of my mom. Each burst of cum was like a wave of ecstasy crashing all over my body and concentrated on my cock.

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It was the largest load I had ever blown and the first load I had blown on my mom's fucking face. I dropped her head and heard a loud thump as it hit the hard floor.

My thick cum was drooping down her face. Some cum had reached her right eye and was sticking to her eyelashes. Even after that enormous release of sexual energy, my cock had not reduced in size. It was actually still as hard as it was before and now almost purple. My cock was pulsating with dull pain which could only be alleviated by cumming. I grabbed my mom's legs and pulled her accross the floor a little bit to straighten her body out.

I then grabbed her arm and flung it back over to the correct side of her body. She was now laying on her back her her arms at her sides and her face facing straight up. I walked up to her face and squatted down. I put my cock in her mouth and just let it sit there. I loved the feeling of having my cock just sitting inside my mom's throat. Still straddling over my mom's face with my cock in her mouth, I squatted down further and applied even more pressure to the back of my mom's throat.

Early, I thought I had already reached the maximum distance in her throat, but I was wrong. Her teeth were already resting on the base of my cock, but were slowly moving farther down on the base of my cock each time I applied more pressure.

Eventually almost my entire body wait was sitting on my mom's face with my cock penetrating her digestive tract. Were my mom consious, she would most certainly be gargling on her own spit and gagging and drowning on my huge cock.

The sensation of pressure on my cock so deep in her throat was enough to send me into another orgasm. I pumped globs of my cum deep into my mom's stomach. As I continued to leak my cum into my mom's mouth, she began to violently cough, and gargle. Her chest was violently moving back and forth desperately trying prevent drowing. Even her unconsious body knew that a foreign object shouldn't be that far inside a throat.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and got off of her face. I stood back and watched as she coughed up drops of cum from her throat which landed on her chest. It appeared no amount of sexual pleasure could reduce the intensity of my desire and my horniness. I needed more. And I needed to give my dirty fucking slut of a mom more too. I grabbed both of her legs and pushed them up into the air and then back so that her feet her next to her head. I scooted up on the floor pinned her legs in that position by gently sitting on them.

With my free hands, I reached over the to table beside me and grabbed a roll of duct tape that I had found earlier. I severed two long pieces of tape from the roll, then turned my back back to face my mom. Still pinning her legs in that position under the weight of my body, I grabbed a big wad of hair with my left hand and and wrapped one end of the piece of tape around it.

I then wrapped the other end of the tape around her left foot. The duct tape held and I was able to remove my hands from her left leg. The entire weight of her waist and leg was being supported by a wad of hair.

I did the same for the other side of her body. She was laying on her back on the floor with her legs pulled up and over so that her legs are right beside her face. Both legs were being supported by two different wads of hair connected to duct tape.

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Her cunt was perfectly visible and accessable in the position. I hooked four fingers into her cunt and one in her ass and pulled her over towards me. On my knees, I directed my cock towards her cunt and buried it inside with a single, forceful thrust.

It was warm, wet and tight. Her unconsious pussy muscles were milking my cock while I fucked her. I didn't cum inside her pussy though. I refrained from reaching another orgasm so that I could have even more fun.

I left her in the same position I had put her in and grabbed the 12 inch black dildo. I rubbed lube on it and teased the opening oh her asshole with it. I swirled it around a few times before plunging into her tight pink hole.

I inserted it about 6 inches before I thrust it back and forth in her ass, but that wasn't far enough. I stopped thrusting the dildo and began to push it deeper and deeper into the her hole. It got progressively harder to push. I was eventually pushing so hard that I had to hold her waist with one hand so I didn't push her entire body accross the floor instead of the dildo.

Soon, I could only see 2 inches of the dildo sticking out of her ass. I continued pushing until it got the the very end. I pushed with one finger and watched as it slowly dissapeared completely into her ass. My mom now had a 1 foot dildo inside of her. I stood over her a bit to admire my work. I fucked her pussy once more and then came on her face again. Her face was now almost entirely covered in my cum and hair. I got more duct tape and taped over her asshole many times over.

I then duct taped her mouth shut, wrapped duct tape around her head covering her eyes and attached more tape to her head and feet to further strengthen the position.

I smacked her thighs a few more times, sending sexy ripples through her thighs and ass and leaving red marks. I put on some clothes, gathered up my few belongings and left the house. I never went back to that house.

I always wondered what her reaction was when she finally woke up. I've said many times that I would have paid a million bucks to watch her wake up and try to figure out what happened to her.

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But the fact that I did was enough for me. I lived with a friend until we graduated high school. I got accepted to a local community college and ended up being a carpenter and a fabricator. My life is just fine, and I often think about my mom. I know that if she hasn't already died yet, she'll still be in that house living that pathetic, miserable life.