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O'Connor Cove By Jax_Teller Five years ago I moved to rural America and lived off the grid on 500 acres. My nearest neighbor was one and a half miles away and was seasonal. Most of my life I had lived in the heart of the city with inner city conveniences.

Life was good but from time to time I missed the excitement of a big city, mostly for the sexual entertainment. Night clubs, strip clubs, and the general availability of sexual encounters that were common in the city just were not heard of way out here. The running joke concerning relationships out here was, you don't lose your wife you just lose your turn, which also meant the folks kept the sexual side of life quiet.

Out here in Deliverance USA the nearest town of three hundred people was fifteen miles away populated by mostly Christian folks. The whole county only had one flashing light and over half of the roads were not paved.

There were still areas that were cut off when the lakes' water was high. There is only one bar around and it is at the VFW. The county had only recently allowed the sales of alcohol, before that it had been a dry county. On Tuesday March 13th I went into town to check my PO box and while at the post office I ran into a guy who I'd helped when his truck was stuck a few months back.

He reminded me of how lucky he had been that I had been willing and able to help him. He thanked me and handed me a lottery scratch off ticket and said good luck I hope you win you deserve it.

I never played the lottery and generally considered them to be a rip off. But because the ticket had been given to me, I decided to follow the numbers for the day and it was one of the "super" drawings of 46 million dollars. I ended up falling asleep before the numbers were announced. When I woke up in the morning I remembered the drawing and listened to the morning news and to my utter amazement or dismay, I had the winning numbers.

I double checked the ticket and the numbers and I was holding the winning ticket. The news announced the ticket was sold in this county and that they were still waiting for the winner to come forward. I consulted with my lawyer and took a couple weeks to make plans on how I wanted to use the winnings. I decided that I didn't want the publicity that comes along with such an event and the rules of this lottery allowed for an anonymous winner.

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I had my lawyer present the ticket in my behalf, and within the week of that day I had 40 million dollars. I had my lawyer make a public announcement including a web address to make requests for a charitable donation. I intended to choose one charity and fully fund it as opposed to just giving to a list of charities. The Charity that ended up getting 5 million dollars was the domestic violence project.

They had a proactive stance that many of the other domestic violence charities didn't address. They actually got directly involved in the rescue of the victims of domestic violence freeing them from their abusers.

They also included slavery and human trafficking in the efforts. They impressed me in their ability to do what other well-meaning organizations wouldn't. They often passed their clients onto other organizations to capitalize on their uniqueness. I took twenty five million dollars and invested it with a broker friend, and told him to keep investing in safer long term stocks.

With the rest of the money I decided to build an adult themed entertainment complex on the lake front. I billed the resort as clothing optional and that only adults were welcome.

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The area I chose on the lake had a cove and an island that was 6000 acres. I was able to obtain permits to build the resort on my island complete with a marina.

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I was surprised that the permits were granted, but in the current economy any project that would boost the local job market and tourism was welcomed. In fact the county offered tax incentives to assist but I turned them down because I wanted this to be my project and didn't want any restrictions that would come with government monies. I had decided to make the resort by reservation only.

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I advertised in several adult markets and hired a crew to work the resort as the construction was completed. The local folks got wind of my adult theme and tried to get me closed down but because the lake was the border between two states I was technically not in the same state and they had no jurisdiction.

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I went to a special town hall meeting they had called to organize against me and made it clear that they were and would be profiting from my resort, by buying supplies and creating employment opportunities and boosting the tourism. I also told the main group that opposed me that tourism would likely go up just do to the proximity of the resort to the town. I made it equally clear that if they didn't curb their resistance to my resort that I could and would build a hub closer to the resort and truck all of my supplies in and make a gift shop/store and restaurant so that any tourists would use my facilities rather than go into their town and frequent their businesses.

I had an open house day before the grand opening for the local folks to come see how their businesses have and would benefit from my resort. The attitudes changed in the weeks after that and I even had a few folks from the town stay at the resort. After four months I had a solid booking and I decided to have an end of season lake party. I advertised in the boating magazines and in the adult publications a party on O'Connor Cove, and sponsored by the Resort.

I hired ten boats with tour guides leaving from the Resorts' marina for my guests that may not own or know how to operate a water craft. I put an outdoor cooking station on the end of the marinas' pier so that folks could pull up in their boats and get food without going ashore. As the weekend approached the weather cooperated and the lake was jumping.

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There was a boat sponsored by the Go-Daffy website folks who I'd contracted for my website and they had dancers in little bikinis' with their logo on them. There was a floating dock that was anchored in the cove from the GGW producers that did special events at the Marti Gras in New Orleans LA. They had a DJ and speakers setup along with wet tee shirt contests and prizes to be given away every hour during the day. My resort was booked full and the other resorts in that area of the lake were also booked.

The marina in town was busy with people off loading their boats and leaving for the cove. The authorities that usually patrolled every part of the lake had set up a safety check just off shore from the marina in town and at the docks where folks were putting in their boats, checking for life preservers and safety equipment. It was great that they did not round the point to our cove and were very respectful, handing out warnings mostly.

I took my personal cabin cruiser out with a crew of 5.

There was the Captain, Jackie Morgan who was responsible for maintaining safe operation of the boat. She was 32 years old had her Marine pilots' license and was a certified diver and boating safety instructor for the state. She wore an A typical sailor uniform from a fashion catalog. The pleated shorts were half way down her thighs, and fit her butt nicely. The top was a white shirt with blue striping tied in a knot just above her bellybutton.

She wore a captains' hat with her hair pulled back in a pony-tail. She was a beautiful woman and was used to dealing with naval types. She also had the muscle and bravado to back her orders. The second mate, Mary Garrison, was a daughter of the towns' mayor. She was wearing a string bikini bottom that had an eye patch piece of material in the front and a string that went between her butt cheeks in the back.

She was topless and her breasts were perfectly tanned. She had graduated last year and was the wild child of the family. She and I had fucked more than once in the last year and I considered her a friend much to the chagrin of her family. I also had hired the videographer Jason Coleman and he brought his assistant.

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Jason worked for a television station full time but did independent video work on the side. He was a young hippy looking character that made little effort to hide the fact that he smoked Mary Jane regularly. His assistant Karen was a very thin young looking blond. When I first saw her, I asked him if she was legal age and I made him produce a drivers' license for her which I photocopied before we even got on the boat. She was very good looking and I had the feeling she'd be at home dancing around a brass pole.

Although thinner than I appreciated in the female form, her breasts were almost unnatural looking. I found out later that her family was filthy rich and she just liked being on video and that her breasts were natural.

The fifth member of my crew was Diana Cook my personal assistant. She was fun loving and had asked to come along, and I was thinking of having her along anyway, so she was there with her phone and computer.

Diana had moved to the area recently and was happy to have the job and didn't have the attachments and family ties that came with some of the local folk. She was wearing a standard bikini that really showed off her figure well.


I had never seen her out of her clothes before and it was a nice change from the usual informal business attire she normally wore. She did most anything I needed and was often my sounding board on new ideas. I admired her mind and talents concerning my businesses, and now I was getting to see her relax somewhat. In the back of my mind she was on the list of women I would consider wife material. We toured around the cove often stopping to shake hands and greet guests.

Diana would let me know when we were coming up on someone of notoriety or one of our guests so I could look like I knew them all. When I we stopped by the Go Daddy float I went over to them and was announced by the DJ and the PR guy made a short pitch telling everyone how I had used them to make the website for the resort and the events of the weekend. I shook hands and waved to the folks tied up and anchored around their float and soon I was back on my cruiser motoring to another populated area of the cove.

Some of the boats were rocking with music and people dancing and drinking having a grand time. I was amazed at the number of naked folks around considering the cameras and videos going on. I also saw a couple boats where folks were openly engaged in graphic sexual activity. I had contracted Jason for every bit of footage and instructed Jason the videographer that I was looking for promo type videos not porn but to get everything he could. I did a few live interviews which were being live streamed on the internet and portions of those interviews were made into videos for YouTube.

This event was larger than I hoped. The various video production crews stopped shooting as the sun went behind the cliffs surrounding the cove, and that is when the real fun started. We anchored about 200 yards offshore ½ mile into the cove from the resorts' pier and had our interior lights on.


Almost immediately a jet-ski pulled up and Mary the first hand secured it, and lent a hand to the ladies coming aboard. They got off the jet-ski and came aboard, both buck naked. I was introduced to Nikki and Jenny and they told me that they had heard that this whole event was my idea.

Jason kept his distance and kept recording as if I was simply being interviewed. I told them about the area and the lack of adult entertainment and confirmed my involvement. They sat on either side of me on the couch and it wasn't long before the three of us were kissing and stroking each other. Jenny began tugging at my shorts and I lifted up as the two of them pulled my shorts off, and began licking and kissing my cock, and each other.

Jason was still filming and when I made eye contact with him I gave him the thumbs up sign to let him know to keep filming. I was just sitting there letting them play with my cock and Nikki stood up and mounted the couch as Jenny kept sucking my cock. I kneaded Nikki's breasts, as she put them in my face and I licked and sucked on her nipples too. Then she turned around and squatted down as jenny held my cock up as it slid into Nikki's pussy.

I was having the time of my life and I looked over to see Mary on a deck chair her legs dangling over the arms of the chair. She had pulled the small patch of material that was her bikini bottom to the side, and was rubbing her clit roughly with her other hand.

I remembered how tight her pussy was when I had fucked her and she was watching as I was fucking one beauty, while the other one licked and sucked my balls. I wasn't going to last for long at this pace. My balls got tight and as I started to come Jenny pulled my cock from Nikki's pussy and greedily sucked every last drop of come from my cock and then got up and went over to Mary and positioned her mouth over Marys' and dripped my come into Marys' open mouth and then kissed her wildly thrashing their tongues together.

Mary shook and came violently and as Jenny lowered her head to suck on Marys' nipple Mary screamed fuck yes and squirted in pulses as she came and then went limp her one hand came to rest on the back of Jennies' head while Jenny licked the come off her other hand. Nikki had slid off the couch and knelt at my feet and licked and sucked at my cock as it softened but remained solid. I looked around and the crew looked like it was time to head in and I thanked Nikki and Jenny for coming by and told them that it was time for us to be heading in for the night.

I told them to feel free to mail or message me later if they'd like. The crew made ready as the two beauties mounted their craft and puttered off. I was pleased to see that they were headed to my resort. Diana noticed my focus and told me that they were guests and the cabin number they were at. She asked if I wanted to do something special for them and I asked what she had in mind.

She said that she could send them an invite to breakfast at my table in the morning. I said great idea and Diana said done, just like that. I thanked her for being such a great assistant.

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She smiled back and said that she was going off the clock if that was ok with me. I agreed and she got herself a beer. End of Chapter 1