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Author's Note: This story takes place a few weeks after the events of Dawn's Lesbian Rape. This story is too long to write together, so I am breaking it into a few parts. I recognize the tone of these stories is quite dark and different. Hopefully the reader has come to understand by now what the source of that tone is.

Many thanks to those who have been positive and enjoyed. ----------------------------------------------------- It had been a few weeks since Dawn had her night with Kristi and Jess.

She was back to me just a few days later and was especially aggressive about getting my cock in her. It was pretty obvious that she wanted to reassure herself that she wasn't a lesbian, despite what she had done that night.

She always denied that she had slept with Kristi that night. No way. Kristi had the video to prove it. She took Dawn to her own house and had lesbian sex with her all night in her husband's bed.

Wow. Anyway, I had been talking with Dave, and we had decided that it was time to see if Dawn would keep her promise to him to return when he called. He also had some ideas of what we should do to her. Most of them were going to be very humiliating and painful for Dawn, but that's what Dave does.

Like I said, he can be pretty sadistic with women, but as we found out, Dawn was a closet pain slut. Once again, we needed a good weekend when her husband was out of town. We really wanted more than one night. As it turned out, we got lucky.


He was sent to Europe on business for a few days, including a weekend. International calls being expensive, he decided that for a short trip like this, she would be all right. He really was a fool. After all, I had been fucking his wife for 2 years, making her do anything and anyone I wanted, and he never suspected a thing. So, we set her up for that weekend.

It had been a long time since I had Dawn for that much time. With spring here, that also gave us some other opportunities that we had not been able to use in winter. This was going to be great. We started the night before. At just after midnight on Thursday, Dave called Dawn's cell phone. She was asleep, so when she answered, it took her a minute to understand what was happening. He asked her, "Dawn, do you know who this is?" She replied, "Yes, sir." He asked, "Do you remember your promise to come to me when I called?" Again, "Yes, sir." Time to bait the trap.

"Come to your boyfriend's tonight at 7." He went on to describe exactly how she was to prepare and dress, and then hung up on her. I was actually kind of surprised when Dawn showed up at my place, and followed the instructions to the letter. She was wearing the same short, white trench coat that she had worn for the night with the girls, and a pair of silver and clear 8 inch heels with 2 inch platforms. She was also wearing her three diamond necklace from her husband, her rings, and her big hoop whore earrings.

Her long blonde hair was freshly brushed out behind her, making her absolutely beautiful. But that was it. Under the coat, Dawn was completely naked. More than anything else that Dave could have done for her, her lack of clothes made it perfectly clear what was going to happen to her this weekend. She was going to be our whore. I was amazed that she had not refused to do what she was told. What was more, this time, she had to know that intense pain was going to be part of the experience.

After Dave's bruising of her massive DD tits when she was gang raped, there was no question he was going to do much worse to her this time. We really didn't talk when she arrived. Dawn knew that Dave, not I, was calling the shots here. I simply checked under her coat to make sure she had done what she was told, then walked her down to my car. To be honest, I don't know what I would have done if she had shown up with clothes on.

But she didn't. She sat down in the passenger seat and we drove off without a word. It only took us about 10 minutes to get to a shoppin//g center a short distance away from downtown where I live. I have noticed that almost every big parking lot has a place out of the way where it is possible to conduct discreet transactions without attracting attention.

I pulled over into the back corner near a hillside and backed into the space. No other cars were around us for at least 50 yards, and no one was in sight on this part of the lot. It was just getting dark, and the lights really didn't reach back here. There was little chance that anyone would see what was about to happen. Dave had been sitting quietly further up the lot, watching for us. Soon after we pulled in, I saw him back out of his space and drive around the edge of the lot towards us.

Of course, I knew where to look. Dawn had no idea. A moment later, Dave backed into the spot on Dawn's side of the car. She saw him, setting her jaw as though against pain. The moment of truth had arrived for her, although, like last time, her fate was sealed the instant she got in my car.

One way or the other, she was going with Dave tonight. Dave and I both opened our doors and got out. I noticed that he had opened his trunk as well. Dawn was going to have a much less comfortable ride the rest of the way. We walked back there, where I saw the trunk was empty other than a small black bag. I also noticed that he had removed the emergency trunk release inside the lid.

Perfect. With that, Dave walked back to Dawn's door and opened it. His words were simple. "Get out and come back here." Surprisingly, Dawn did not resist. Silently, she slid out and stepped towards the rear of the car, heels clicking on the pavement.

I looked at her, long blonde hair falling behind her, and saw the intense fear in her eyes. Unlike the last two times, Dawn knew this time she actually was about to be painfully humiliated. The details were not yet clear, but there was no question that she was terrified of Dave, as well as ashamed of herself for once more submitting herself to this agony. She knew she shouldn't be doing this, but also could not stop herself.

The open trunk lid on one side, and the wooded hillside on the other, made an effective screen to hide from passerby what was happening here. Dave kept his speech short, telling her, "Take off the coat and give it to your boyfriend." Dawn turned toward him, wide-eyed, putting me behind her.

He was telling her to strip naked in a public parking lot. When after a moment she didn't move, Dave barked at her: "Now, whore!" Her hands flew to the belt, untying it, then raised to her buttons. She undid each, slowly revealing her body beneath. As soon as the last button opened, I put my hands on the shoulders and pulled the coat off her. She stood nude before us. Dawn's great DD tits stood straight out off her chest, nipples fully erect in the cool evening.

Her cunt was absolutely smooth, just as I like it. Dawn's long blonde, almost white, hair, full and hanging most of the way down her back, lay perfectly around her face. The heels stacked her up, emphasizing her petite figure with massive, out of proportion tits. All around, she looked exactly like the fucktoy she was. Dave took it all in.

"Just as pretty as I remember, whore. I love the rack. You have one of the best I have ever seen. I see your bruises healed well too. Good. That means more fun later. Now turn around and face your boyfriend." She did. As soon as that happened, Dave took her arms and pulled them behind her. Moving quickly, he snapped the handcuffs on her wrists, pinning her arms in place. Dawn started to go off. "Hey! Asshole! Let me…" Her complaint silenced when Dave wrapped his hand around her neck.

He told her quietly, "That will be enough out of you, whore. Just stand there quietly and do what I tell you." I looked her right in the eye and asked her, "Dawn, do you know why we are doing this?" She shook her head but didn't try to speak.

I supplied her the answer. "Its because you are a big titted slut. This is what happens to girls with big tits like yours who like to get fucked.

Sooner or later, we show you what you are and what you deserve for having such massive tits. Now shut up and take it." With that, Dave released her neck.

He quickly produced a leather, padded blindfold and pulled it over her eyes, cutting off her view. Digging into the black bag, Dave came up with a pretty cute little item.

It was a leather strap with a rubber penis head, at least 2 inches across and 3 inches long, that buckled behind her head as a gag.

Pushing the rubber cock into her lips, he said, "Open." Dawn dutifully opened her mouth and accepted the cock head, after which Dave promptly buckled the strap tightly behind her head, forcing it deep into her mouth and cutting off her last chance to protest.

It was time to get Dawn out of sight. This was too big a risk. If someone happened by, this could get ugly.

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With that, Dave put his hands under her arms and picked her up, while I grabbed her legs. In a moment, we had Dawn laying facedown in the trunk, while she squealed into the gag. I knew Dave didn't really like steel handcuffs. He had told me once that they were loud, unforgiving, and caused the whore to focus on the wrong parts of her body. Pain from the wrists is not humiliating pain from the tits is.

So, I wasn't surprised when he produced 2 sets of wide banded steel cuffs with leather padding inside. One set quickly went on each ankle. Dave bent her legs back at the knee, then wrapped each cuff in place, locking it with a small padlock. Once they both were on her, he locked the two cuffs together with another, larger, brass padlock. Also in its hasp was a 2 foot length of chain, which he laid on Dawn's back.

Next, he put a pair of identical cuffs on her wrists, just above the handcuffs. The other end of the chain went into the hasp of the center lock again, forcing Dawn into a hogtie. Removing the handcuffs, Dave looked down at the whore laying nude in the trunk.

She had stopped struggling, and now could be heard crying quietly into the blindfold and gag. With that, we were ready to move on. I couldn't resist saying, "Have a nice ride, whore." The slam of the trunk over Dawn's head was eerily final.

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Dave and I hopped in his car and got moving. No sense sitting here any longer. It really blew my mind what was happening here, considering Dawn knew me, but didn't even know Dave's name.

Yet she had allowed herself to be chained nude in the trunk of his car. What can you say about a woman like that? Dave lives not too far from me, but he wanted to go to his hunting cabin. I knew he had used it before for this sort of thing, and had a good bunch of stuff that he needed for the weekend stored there. Since that was about a 2-hour drive, it gave Dawn a lot of time to work herself into a panic.

It also meant we were going to be driving mostly on country roads, where there aren't any stoplights. That meant we didn't have to with other cars or people around us and have somebody notice the car rocking oddly or hear crying from the trunk. There was a lot of crying from the trunk. We could hear her bawling for at least an hour as we drove. I have to admit, I wondered what Dawn was thinking. Did she think she was going to die? She certainly knew she was going to fuck.

She knew Dave was going to torture her. The only question was how he would do it. The horrors she produced in her own head definitely added to her humiliation. While we were driving, Dave talked to me about what he had planned for Dawn this weekend. Some of them actually shocked me. But this was his deal, so I didn't tell him no. The trip was a quiet one, especially once the crying in the trunk finally quit.

By this time, we were out in the middle of nowhere. I had never been out here before. Dave slowed down, then turned off onto a gravel road.

He had to stop almost immediately at a gate, which he got out and opened, then closed and locked behind the car. We did not want to be disturbed by unannounced visitors. It was at least another 2 miles up the dirt road before the old farm house came into sight. Dave pulled around back where he parked. We got out of the car and went inside.

He wanted make sure everything was set before we got Dawn out of the trunk. It made sense, that way there wouldn't be any embarrassing accidents. This weekend needed to go perfect. It took us about half an hour to get the power on, the heat on, and prepare a few special things for Dawn. When all of that was done, it was time to go collect the whore, our toy for the weekend. Dave and I walked out to the car, where he popped the trunk.

Dawn was laying on her side. I could see she was shaking with fear and a little bit of cold. It was only about 60 degrees, which probably was a little uncomfortable for her.

After all, she was nude. Dave released the hogtie chain from her wrists, then released the lock between her ankles. He used the chain again as a hobble chain, allowing only a short stride, so she couldn't run away. Not that she could do that blindfolded, but it certainly enforced her humiliation. Dave then dug back in the bag, still in the trunk, and came up with another steel band with a leather lining, this one a bit bigger than those on Dawn's wrists and ankles.

I realized it was a collar, which he promptly fitted around her neck. He clipped another chain to a ring on the front of the collar. It made me wish that Dawn could see herself leashed like an animal. I suspected that she would eventually. Chained as she was, there was no way Dawn was getting out of the trunk by herself. So, I got her legs and he got her arms, and we pulled her out to stand her on her heels. She was unsteady, both from being unable to see, as well as the effects of her pretty rough ride.

She looked awesome, standing there in the night air. She was blindfolded, gagged, handcuffed, shackled, collared, leashed, and nude. It was obvious from her posture that the whore was completely cowed. Dave remained short with her: "Follow me, whore." He pulled on the leash, indicating where she was to go. There was a concreted walk that went up to the door, so she didn't have footing problems.

The couple steps up apparently were obvious to her when the leash went up. Having her wearing the hobble chain made the steps interesting for her to climb. I followed. As soon as he had her inside the door, the rules changed. We stopped in the entrance, where Dave released the lock holding Dawn's wrist cuffs behind her. "Down on your knees, whore." Dawn quickly complied. He continued, "From now on you will not walk a single step in this house without my specific permission.

You will crawl like the animal you are." With that, he pulled on the leash again. She almost fell forward onto her hands, quickly crawling behind him. I heard some sniffles, which let me know she was crying.

This was really humiliating for her. Now she had been reduced even further. Dave had an interesting idea. He noticed that whores like Dawn often believe they have a right to being treated as an equal when it comes to lots of things, but especially sex.

They want to be turned on, to have foreplay, to be shown how wonderful they are. I knew that Dawn thought that way.

So Dave decided to take all that away from her, in a pretty brutal manner. He led her on the leash down the hall to the stairs, then down into the basement. It was really fun watching Dawn crawl. Her DDs swung freely underneath her, while the chain between her ankles jingled. I loved the sight of her moving with Dave, completely in his power. She had some trouble negotiating the stairs, but eventually, with some encouragement of jerks on her neck by the leash and collar, she got to the bottom.

Dave led her over to one corner, where he had a double bed set up. No sheets, just the mattress. I had glanced around the basement when we came in earlier, and was pretty impressed and just a little startled with the things Dave had there. The bed was the simplest, but I agreed it was going to be effective in the process of breaking Dawn. That was the idea here.

Dave wanted to break her. He wanted to turn Dawn into a total whore, who would take any pain, do anything he wanted, and who would utterly humiliate herself because it amused a man for her to do so. She was here because I told him once I didn't think he could break her. After all, remember she cursed at me when we gang raped her all the way to the end. We would see. When he got to the bed, Dave told Dawn to stand up.

When she did, he turned her around and backed her up to the side. When the back of her legs hit the mattress, he pushed her shoulders until she sat down. He grabbed her ankles, and swung them up and around until she was laying in the middle. We both quickly took her arms and pulled them out above her head, toward the corners. Dave had prepared chains on the corners, and the locks snapped into the rings on Dawn's wrist cuffs, locking her in place.

It only took a moment to unlock the hobble chain between her ankles, and then pull her legs to the same corners to second chains. That meant Dawn's legs were fully spread and up above her, heels towards the ceiling. Her tits were laying out, pouting for attention. Dave pulled the gag out of her mouth.

There wasn't any need for it anymore, and we wanted to hear her screams. Dawn started mewling quietly, obviously in pain. It had to hurt to have her legs abruptly pulled up over her head without an opportunity to stretch them, especially after being confined for several hours. She also was scared. She didn't know what was happening to her. What was happening was Dave was about to rape her without any warning, while at the same time beginning her torture.

He pulled off his clothes, quickly but silently. While he was doing that, I did what Dave had asked me to do. I picked up a set of clover clamps and squeezed them open. Being careful not to let the chain between them touch her, I set them around her nipples, just off her skin so she had no idea what was coming. Dave was ready to go. He stood at the end of the bed. At his signal, I let the clamps go, allowing them to slam shut on Dawn's erect nipples.

Within just a moment, Dave fell on top of her and forced his cock into her cunt. Dawn screamed out in incredible pain. Dave was hurting her exactly the way he likes to by inflicting pain on a woman in her most sensitive places. Dawn was screaming like she was being gutted, at the same time she was shaking her tits back and forth, in a futile effort to dislodge the clamps. Dave bent his head down and with a flip of his hand, slung the chain between them over his head so it lay against the back of his neck.

As soon as it was in place, he lifted himself up off Dawn, pulling her DDs up off her chest into painful cones. Dave was also really pounding her cunt. Every thrust was ripping into her. Dawn was now begging for him to stop. "Please!

Please stop!" She continued screaming, with a piercing tone every time he hit her. Going so hard and fast, Dave didn't last long. He didn't care. This rape wasn't about him, really. It was all about hurting Dawn. I wasn't surprised when he finished after a few moments, then climbed off her. The clover clamps stayed on her tits, though. Dave had decided that Dawn was going to suffer some kind of pain continuously throughout the weekend. This was just the start. Dawn lay there, bound to the bed.

She had stopped screaming, and now was crying into her blindfold. I had wondered why Dave had left her without her sight. I realized now what the reason was. He didn't want her to see who it was that had raped her. That kept it impersonal; it was just pain and humiliation. We decided to give her a few minutes before we moved Dawn on to the next torture. Dave had a really intricate plan for the weekend, and he didn't want to rush it. We sat quietly and listened to her cry.

After about 15 minutes, it seemed to us that Dawn had calmed herself. It was time to go on to the next step in tonight's opening act.

Remember, we had 2 more days to go. We had set things up already. Dave had decided to capitalize on several things he had seen Dawn take before. He put on a purple robe and moved across the room and got ready for her, while I went over to the bed to release Dawn from her chains.

When Dave signaled he was ready, I released the chains holding Dawn's arms and legs in place. Pulling her by the leash, I got her off the bed and onto the floor. I was amused to see that she didn't try to stand up. She got on her hands and knees while I re-locked the hobble chain between Dawn's ankles.

Her tits, still locked in the grip of the clover clamps, hung beneath her, with the clamps chain touching the ground below her.

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Her face showed the pain she was feeling. Dawn was, unknowingly, facing Dave, sitting in a chair across the room. The situation was much like the night a few weeks before when she had been gang raped in my apartment, with Dave and Dawn in similar positions.

I got her to see it herself by standing behind her and pulling off her blindfold. The chair Dave was in was a straight-backed wooden one, with a strong resemblance to a throne, even to the point of sitting up on a three-step dais Dave had built above the floor.

That was precisely the intent. From her position on the floor, Dawn had to look up at him, reinforcing her inferior position. For a few moments, there was silence as Dawn's eyes adjusted to the light after being blind for hours. Then she picked her head up, looking up at him.

Dave spoke to her, saying, "Crawl to me, whore." To my amazement, Dawn started crawling towards him, tits swaying beneath her, with the chain from the clamps dragging on the floor. I could see the pain on her face. Every time she moved, the clovers pulled tugged on her nipples. Yet she made the crawl forward, until she reached the foot of the dais.

Dave stopped her at that point. "Lay flat on your face, whore, arms out to your sides." After only a moment's hesitation, Dawn lowered herself down, crushing her tits beneath her. A sob escaped her lips as the clamps twisted her nipples.

She really was a sight, laying there naked. Dave was ready for the next step. "So, whore, do you remember asking me to hurt you? To beat your tits?" Her reply came through her tears, "Yes, sir." Dave continued, "Do you hurt now?" Again, "Yes, sir." "Did you like being raped?" Her reply, with a sob, "No, sir." "Are you ready for more pain now?" Dawn really started bawling now, but managed to choke out another, "Yes, sir." "Good.

Because that is what is going to happen to you." Dave continued, "Stand up and lift your hands over your head." As soon as Dawn came up off the floor, I was on her. The steel cuffs on her wrists were pulled off, and quickly replaced with leather suspension cuffs. I pulled the blindfold back over her eyes as well.

Dave didn't want Dawn to see this coming. With the clover clamps still shaking on her nipples, I pulled her hands up high and clipped them to the locking hook over her head. Seeing this, Dave triggered the motor in the rafters from the remote sitting on the arm of his throne. With a whine, the steel cable pulled Dawn upward, first her arms, then her whole body. It was only a few moments before her body was dangling several inches off the floor. With her heels still on her feet, she tried to flail them around, but was prevented from doing so by the hobble chain.

It made an unusual ringing sound as it bounced beneath her. Even more interesting was how her DD's rode high up on her chest, with the chain between the clamps swinging between them.

I could tell from the mask of pain on Dawn's face that she was already suffering, and she had not even really begun to receive the agony Dave had in store for her this weekend.

I was amazed at the sight. Dave does things to girls that are really over the top. What made it even more interesting is that he was more sophisticated than brutal. He was about to beat Dawn, but do so with style. Dave let her hang in the dark for several minutes. Dawn's cries eventually reduced to whimpers, but never really stopped. Finally, she hung still, no longer trying to stand on air.

When Dave saw that, he quietly picked up the short but supple whip he had next to his throne. Silently descending the steps, he moved to the side where he could get a good swing at Dawn's hanging body. Carefully considering his stroke, Dave stretched back, then swung with all his strength. It was a perfect swing. The whip struck Dawn straight down across her left nipple, tearing the clamp off and making it fall.

The force of it dropping caused the right side clamp to pull tight, increasing the pain. Dawn's scream was piercing. She started bucking in her bonds, her head snapped back, with her long blonde locks falling behind her. Dave immediately reset himself as Dawn began crying out in pain. He swung again, repeating the strike on her right nipple. The effect was the same, ripping the clover clamp away, dropping them to the floor.

Dawn's scream of pain tore through the basement. Dawn started begging for mercy. "Please don't hit me anymore!

Please! I can't take this!" Dave was simple in his response: "Yes you can, whore." I had remained silent, but this time, I had to speak. "Do you know why he is whipping you?" I wondered what answer I would get.

She responded, "Yes, sir. Because I am a big titted slut." Wow. With that, Dave swung again. This time, the whip struck hard on both of Dawn's DDs, compressing them in the middle. Immediately, he recovered and hit her again and again, faster and harder.

Dawn reacted with screams each time, her tits bouncing in every direction, her heels waving beneath her, seeking some contact with the ground, to no avail. Dave didn't stop until her had whipped Dawn ten times on her tits. By that point, Dawn's head was hanging backwards, her long blonde hair dangling behind her. She had stopped screaming, but was clearly still awake. She hung limp, no longer trying to fight. She was just accepting the pain. With that, Dave stopped for now, dropping the whip on the floor.

The beating was enough to hurt, mark, and humiliate her, but not enough to cause permanent harm. Like I said, Dave has class. Dawn's DDs were quivering, moving up and down with each breath. Dave gave her a minute to rest, then triggered the winch to lower her back to the floor. Unsurprisingly, Dawn didn't have the strength to hold herself up. Dave let the cable drop until she collapsed in a pile on the floor.

I stepped up and removed the suspension cuffs and replaced the steel ones, then pulled on Dawn's chain leash until she pulled herself up onto her hands and knees, causing her whipped DDs to swing beneath her again.

Dave stepped up behind her and lowered himself down. When he put the lube bottle to her ass, Dawn immediately tried to scuttle away. Dave wasn't having any of it. He grabbed her legs and held on, saying, "Hold still, whore. It's time for me to fuck your really great ass. Everyone else has already had it.

My turn." I was amazed when she stopped resisting and instead dropped herself down on her hands, raising her ass up to be fucked. Dave didn't wait. He lubed her up then shoved his cock into her ass, quick and hard. Dawn immediately screamed again.

She clearly wasn't ready for this. Of course, Dave didn't care. But he was a little tired of hearing Dawn's screams of pain. His solution was simple. He turned to me and said, "Stick something in her mouth, will you? My ears need a break." Having been the assistant all night, I was happy to oblige. Pulling my pants down, I knelt in front of Dawn and pulled her face up off the floor by the leash. She knew what was coming. Rather than fight, the little whore opened her mouth to take me into her.

Even though I have been fucking Dawn for years now, and seen her do so many amazingly humiliating things, I still am astounded when she does something like this. Clearly, she didn't like how Dave was treating her, beating her, and abusing her, but yet she did not have to be forced to allow me to fuck her face. I really don't know what to say about her, besides the fact Dawn undoubtedly was a whore. Dawn didn't disappoint. She had been trained by me to be an excellent cocksucker.

She knew how to open her throat and take my cock balls deep. She did have this screwy idea that sucking cock wasn't important because she didn't get off on it, but I didn't give a damn. She did know how to use her tongue, and was doing it right now. Working he bottom of my cock with it while milking me with her throat, Dawn did an amazing job on me. At the same time, Dave was really slamming her ass. Every shot caused her DDs to slam together. Dawn was also really good at being fucked in her ass, considering I had taught her almost everything she knew.

As a matter of fact, except for tonight and the night a while back I had her gang raped, I was the only guy Dawn had let fuck her in the ass. Not even her husband got to fuck her like that. I loved the sight of Dawn taking both Dave and me at once. She literally was sliding back and forth between us. Dave was hitting her really hard with his cock, but doing it in a way I knew maximized Dawn's pain, but didn't really endanger her.

Obviously, a serious injury was off the table here. We didn't want to have to answer a lot of questions, after all. But Dave was really sticking it to her. Finally, I couldn't hold it anymore. I grabbed Dawn's head and held her down on my cock, closing her throat so she couldn't breathe.

In moments, I was dumping my load, a particularly large one, into her. She took it all, every single drop. I knew she would. The one time, years ago, that she tried to spit me out, was also the first time I hit her. She knew not to do that. As soon as I backed out, Dawn dropped her face down again, crushing her tortured tits beneath her. It was only another minute before Dave came in her ass, marking the end of Dawn's major fucking for the night.

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It was time to set her up to be humiliated and to think for the rest of the night. I moved across the room toward a part we had deliberately kept dark earlier so Dawn wouldn't see what was prepared for her. I made the final preparations while Dave recovered from using Dawn's ass. As soon as he was ready, Dave stood up and tugged on Dawn's leash.

Accustomed by now to being led like an animal, Dawn came up on all fours, ready to crawl wherever Dave led. She was still blindfolded, so she had no idea where she was going. All the better. It would make the shock of seeing where she was going to sleep even stronger. Before he moved her, Dave added a metal buttplug, the kind with the crystal on the end, to Dawn's ass. She was obviously crying at this humiliating device, and did not like having it inside her.

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But she voiced no complaint. She had learned that she was here to suffer pain and humiliation for our amusement, and knew that no complaint would make a difference, and probably would add to her pain.

Dave then started walking along at a reasonable pace, towing Dawn behind him. When they were about 3 feet away from where I was waiting, he stopped. Dawn waited patiently, knowing she had no choice. I am still amazed at her ability to debase herself. No reasonable human being would accept what was being done to her without a fight, yet here she was, nude, on her hands and knees, massive rack hanging beneath her, blindfolded, cuffed, and leashed, submitting to being led like an animal.

Amazing. Dave reached down and pulled the blindfold off Dawn's head. I was looking right at her and could see the shock and horror in her eyes. Before her was where she was going to spend the night: a cage. I could see Dawn was actually shaking as she looked at the cage, the rear door already open.

It was a typical dog cage, about 4 feet long and 2 feet high and wide. Steel bars, which would keep her securely inside. There were also a few other add-ons that she could not comprehend right now. But she would soon. Dave unclipped the leash while I removed the hobble chain. "Crawl inside, whore!", was the command he gave. Dawn didn't move, frozen with fear.

Dave slapped her in her ass, still wet from the cum and lube leaking out of her. She did the only thing she could. Dawn crawled inside. We moved quickly to lock her in tight.

We first reached through the door and pulled each ankle to the side, where we locked each one to a ring on the side. Brass padlocks will not come loose, no matter how hard she fights. Then we reached in and each grabbed an arm, pulling it back over her back. Dawn tried to fight us a little at this point. She didn't understand what we were doing. She caught on when Dave held her wrists together while I put a padlock between her cuff rings.

Dave held her arms high while I slid the steel bar across the width of the cage. Dawn realized that she was about to be in for an even more uncomfortable night that she expected. A short length of chain from her cuffs to the floor of the cage prevented her from lowering herself down. That meant all her weight was hanging from her arms, pulling on her shoulder sockets.


Her DDs hung free beneath her. We didn't want to waste the opportunity that massive rack brought with it. Dave had found what I had to agree was a devilishly clever idea to add to Dawn's pain. They were two pairs of small but strong round magnets. Dave separated each pair, then reached inside the cage to hold one half on each side of Dawn's left nipple.

When they were about 2 inches apart, they leaped from his fingers to slam together, crushing her nipple between them. Dawn immediately screamed again, as they created intense pain, bulging the nipple out on all sides around it. Liking what he saw, Dave attached the other pair to her right nipple in the same way, allowing them to fly to each other, the better to increase the pain factor.

By this point, Dawn was wailing, struggling against the arm bar, whipping her DD tits back and forth, trying to escape the magnets' crushing force.

It did no good. The magnets stayed firmly in place, successfully resisting every effort to make them fall. With that, it was time to add the final humiliation and pain device. To a mount on the floor between Dawn's knees, Dave connected a short bar. Attached to the end of it was a magic wand vibrator. A little adjustment and it was set right on her clit. The cuffs and arm bar had her locked in tight enough there was no way she was going to be able to get away from its assault on her nub.

A flick of the switch, and Dawn was on her way up. Dave had explained to me what he was doing. Losing control of her body this way, Dawn had no control over when she came or not.

This further reinforced her humiliation. But it also meant pain. While the 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd orgasms were exciting, after that, they became more and more painful. He said that after a night with the wand on her, any stimulation to her clit would cause even more pain. That's just the sort of sadistic idea he would have. At Dave's direction, I reached inside and replaced the blindfold.

He figured that she would fear the blindness even more than the dark. The clang of the cage door, followed by the click of the heavy padlock, sealed her inside for the night. With that, Dave decided it was time for Dawn to rest, so we headed upstairs. Well, what he really meant was that she was going to spend 6 or 8 hours chained in that very painful position, unable to move, unable to do anything but suffer.

The sound of the vibrator went well with her screams, echoing around the basement. I wondered what we would find in the morning. One more thought hit me as I walked up the stairs. After all he had done to her, Dawn still didn't know Dave's name. Amazing that she actually debased herself that much for a guy whose name she didn't know. Stupid whore.