Kleber santos Baiano Quente S atilde_o Paulo

Kleber santos Baiano Quente S atilde_o Paulo
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Kimiko slipped silently into the room, wearing a short floral silk robe and panties. Her black, silky hair, which normally cascaded over her shoulders, was gathered in a clip, with bangs falling over her forehead. Her client was lying face down on the mattress, resting his head on his arms, a folded towel over his muscular buttocks. Quietly, she struck a match and lit an incense stick in a holder on the bureau, and then pushed a button on the CD player.

The music was quiet, pentatonic, twangy: a Japanese stringed instrument known as a koto. She took a bottle of massage oil from the window sill where it had been warming in the sun's rays, and approached her customer, kneeling between his parted legs and admiring his well-formed, tanned body. Unsnapping the lid on the bottle, she poured some oil on her palm, then set it down again.

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She rubbed her hands together and placed them against his shoulders, her knee insinuating itself between his thighs. She began to press her fingertips deep into his muscle tissue, applying strong pressure, almost at the edge of pain.

Her fingers kneaded his shoulders and back, seeking knots of tension, working them patiently as she sensed him begin to relax under her touch and the soft, hypnotic strains of the music.

Slowly, methodically, her fingers worked their magic, on his neck and shoulders, his lower back, his arms. Periodically, she poured more of the warm oil on her palms, spreading it over his skin, making it glisten in the room's dim light.

Each time she leaned forward, her knee pressed a bit further between his legs, tantalizingly close to the place where they joined. She removed the towel covering his buttocks, and slid her hands up over them, her fingers once again pressing into his muscle tissue and kneading him there as well. She heard a soft moan escape his lips each time she did this, and a hint of a smile crossed her red, full lips. Now Kimi moved her hands to his legs, once again applying the slippery oil, working her fingers deep into the overworked muscles of his thighs and calves.

He parted his legs a little more as she worked, and Kimi glanced knowingly at his slowly lengthening penis as he raised his hips slightly to give it room.

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With exquisite patience, she began to massage his feet, one by one, pressing her thumbs deep into the flesh of his arches. She then concentrated on his toes, massaging each one. Letting his feet fall again, she quietly untied her robe and shrugged it off and draped it over a nearby chair, thus revealing small, firm breasts tipped with proportionately small, taut nipples.


Tenderly, she began to run her fingernails lightly across his skin, like a feather caressing him, her fingers gliding everywhere, up to his shoulders, along his back, then down to his legs. Her delicate fingers slid upward, barely touching him, tantalizingly close to the sensitive flesh of his scrotum, but carefully avoiding it.

She knew she was teasing him mercilessly, but he kept still, apart from the tell-tale growing hardness between his legs and the almost imperceptible, unconscious rising and falling of his hips. Silently, Kimi leaned forward, placing her hands on the mattress on either side of his torso, and slid up over him, grazing his back and his buttocks ever so lightly with her erect nipples, moving slowly to and fro.

Then she leaned down and extended her tongue-tip, tracing slowly along the supple skin of his back, leaving a trail of wetness wherever her tongue touched him. Once again he moaned softly, as if to encourage her. It was time to get down to the business at hand, she thought.

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Kimi moved back, sitting on her feet, and slid her fingernails lightly upward along his inner thighs, brushing like a soft breeze against the hairs that covered his balls. Her client groaned, and he pressed his knees into the mattress and raised his hips in open invitation. Kimi was not to be hurried. Slowly, patiently, her fingertips caressed the sensitive sac enclosing his burgeoning balls, teasing them as if she were perfectly content to do so all afternoon. The minutes ticked by as she continued her slow ministrations, his penis fully erect now underneath his body.

Finally, her fingers slid forward along its length, and he gasped as they lightly encircled his aching hardness, slowly stroking it with her slippery fingers. At length, Kimi whispered the first words she had spoken since she came into the room. "Turn over". Her client quickly turned, revealing his thick, helmeted penis, perhaps eight inches long, pulsing with blood with every beat of his heart.

Kimi slowly crawled up over him, once again caressing his skin with her pert, erect nipples. When she moved one of them upward along the underside of his penis to the sensitive place just beneath the head, it leaped upward in response. Kimi smiled, leaning down and surrounded his penis with her tawny breasts. She enclosed them as she moved to and fro, capturing his rigid flesh in a soft embrace and stroking it slowly with her body. The man closed his eyes and moaned as the exquisite sensations enveloped his body, and his arousal continued it's slow, tantalizing crescendo.


After a few moments, Kimi sat back up and reached for the bottle again, pouring more of the warm oil on her palm. Easing both of her hand forward, her fingers slid around the shaft of his cock, slowly encircling it and moving along its length, spreading the slippery oil. At the same slow, deliberate pace, she began to stroke his cock with both hands, a hint of a smile again crossing her geisha-like features as she gazed into his eyes. She loved the smooth, supple feeling of his fat cock in her embrace, so alive and responsive as her fingers slid up over the crown, then back down to the base.

Letting go with one hand, she lightly caressed his tense balls with her fingernails, as if coaxing the sperm upward from his twin orb-like reservoirs.

Calmly, her face placid, she slid her fingers up and down, feeling his arousal grow, until his thighs began to tremble, symptomatic of his approaching climax. He resisted the temptation to move, to thrust, content to leave himself literally in her hands. Deftly, Kimi brought him perilously near to his orgasm, then slowed her movements, her fingers pressing into him beneath the head, quelling the imminent surge of his passion.

Then she resumed, bringing him close yet again, holding him there as the seconds ticked by, the minutes, seeming to know with certainty when the slightest additional caress would transform him into a runaway train.


Always, always she stopped just short of that point, when she sensed that he could hold back no longer…and then let him descend. The slit at the tip of his penis exuded a steady silvery ooze of fluid, a portent of the furious, pulsating torrent to come, when his tortured balls could no longer contain it.

Her eyes holding his captive, she leaned forward and extended the tip of her tongue, lapping it up and savoring it on her tongue as he watched. Now Kimi lowered her head, her lips lightly touching the tip, kissing it softly, letting them linger there. And then, she slowly moved down, her lips parted, and took him softly into the warm, wet sanctuary of her mouth.

Her head slowly bobbed, her lips sliding to and fro over the sensitive ridge of penile flesh. Once again she sensed how close he was, but was intent on prolonging the gentle torture until his explosive climax could no longer be forestalled.

He groaned as her mouth engulfed his engorged penis, feeling nothing but warmth, wetness, suction.

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He watched in exquisite agony as she made slow patient love to his cock. She felt him draw near again to the point of no return, and slowly let his penis escape from between her lips. She let go of him, and reached down and slid her panties off, disentangling them from her feet. Naked now, she moved up over him, resting her knees on either side of his hips.

She reached for his throbbing penis, guiding the head between the wet folds of her pussy, moving it back and forth along her cleft before positioning it at the entrance to her vagina. Gazing at him, her expression the ultimate in Asian inscrutability, she slowly sank down, engulfing his penis inch by slow, exquisite inch inside her, until he was buried in her to the hilt.

Her vaginal muscles tightened around the thick girth of his cock as she began to move slowly up and down, her face intent, concentrating on giving him pleasure, her own mounting arousal secondary to that. He continued to let her do the work, resisting the overwhelming temptation to thrust up into her and meet her descent.

Her pace did not quicken -- she maintained the same deliberate tempo with which she had begun. But inexorably, her pleasant torture of his body brought him to the brink once more. And once more she held him there, stopping her movements and squeezing him tightly with her muscles.

She raised her body until just the head of his cock was nestled between the petals of her delectable pussy. Then she moved, ever so slowly, caressing just the head of his penis with her vaginal opening.

With his cock still poisted between her labia, she leaned forward and closed her lips around one of his nipples, sucking it hard as her tongue bathed it with saliva.

Then she moved to the other, as he teetered precariously on the precipice of orgasm. She released him and sat up, her lips wet and parted, panting a little as she began to move again, her eyes locked on his, sinking down on his cock.

Her pace accelerated now, wanting to at last release the pressure that had been gradually building in him to the point of bursting.

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Suddenly, he closed his eyes and groaned aloud as he crossed the threshold. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeaahh&hellip.uhhhhh!!" Quickly, Kimi raised her body, and his penis flopped out, rigid and angled upward above his flat stomach. She lowered herself, reached down and slid her fingers around the shaft. Her grip tightened as she felt his semen racing upward along the tube, free at last from confinement.

His balls erupted in a molten frenzy of pent-up cum, spewing forth as if shot from a cannon. The first pulse was so forceful that it hit the side of his face with a long, pearly rope of cum. The second, still more copious, burst across his chest. Again and again his cock flourished, a raging, pulsating torrent of sperm erupting onto his stomach, unleashing all the exude from her gentle, patient torture of his body. Kimi stroked him, her fingers matching the pace of his rhythmic spurts, until his balls were nearly emptied, his cock drooling semen from the tip.

As his climax flagged, she bent down and captured him in her mouth, nursing on his cock as he emptied the rest of his essence onto her tongue. At the end, she released him, her fingers moving up the shaft tightly and forcing a last ooze of cum from the tip.

Her tongue reached out and gathered it on the tip, returning it to her mouth and slowly swallowing. Slowly, lovingly, she extended her tongue again, and methodically lapped at the accumulated sperm on his belly, ropes of it draping off her tongue onto her lower lip. Letting him go again, she moved up and softly kissed him with wet, spermy lips, letting the kiss linger. Then, without a word, she got to her feet and went out the door. Returning a moment later with a hot, wet towel, she proceeded to clean him up, with careful attention to his now-limp penis.

The music stopped, and silence once more permeated the room. The man spoke softly, reverently, almost in awe. "Kimi-san.that was incredible." She smiled passively at him.

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