All Internal Renata sucks him and gets his cum load anally

All Internal Renata sucks him and gets his cum load anally
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Author's Note: This is the final chapter of my Challenge series. Many of the characters are already in secret taboo relationships with close family members.

Below is a list of stories you may want to check out before or after reading this one. I explain which characters are established etc. 1. "The Long Absence: Allen's Story" - introduces Robin, her daughter, Krista, and her grandson, Allen. Bob appears there too. 2. "Denise's Year" - Introduces Robin's other daughter, Denise. Reading that will explain how Denise ended up with her son. 3. "The Long Absence: Ted's Story" - involves Robin's youngest sister, Nikki, explaining how she ended up with her son, Ted.

It takes place during the same time as this Challenge story. 4. Other related reading (though not as important) is: "Dahlia and Darren," "Former Playmates Pt 3: Diane and Son," and "Juicy J." Finally, cameos of the other families from the previous Challenge stories appear in this one too.

This piece also explores the relationship dynamic between a mother and son with the theme of unconditional love. Most of it is my opinion, of how I imagine things would be in reality. As a result, this story contains a parent and child having sex with other people for various reasons, after their incestuous relationship was established. ******** The Challenge 8: To The Haven Chapter 1 What About Bob Bob pulled his fiancée, Robin, closer against him on the couch with one arm, his other pulling in Robin's younger sister Joanne.

"Why don't you two young ladies go ahead and suck my dick right now," he joked on the last evening of his week-long visit with Robin. "Bob!" Robin cried, swatting at his arm. "You've had a bit too much to drink for tonight." "Yes, and we aren't exactly young," Joanne said. "Well you certainly look it," The 70-year-old Bob smiled appreciatively at his 62-year-old wife-to-be. Robin looked far younger with dark brown dyed hair, amazing body, large breasts, and very few wrinkles.

"You too," Bob glanced at Joanne. She was 52, had equally thick, luxurious dyed brown hair, few wrinkles, and like Robin, a body some women in their 30s would love to have.

"At my age, an erection should never be wasted," Bob pulled them in closer, their large breasts smashing into him, his hand traveling down Robin's back, cupping her toned butt. "I think that's a great idea," Joanne said, catching Bob and Robin by surprise. Robin coughed, "Uh, you aren't actually thinking about " "Going to see Krista while you two have some alone time? Yes," Joanne said, removing Bob's hand from her hip, bending down to put her shoes on.

She hadn't had any wine and could easily drive the few miles to visit her niece, Robin's daughter Krista, for a little while. Joanne shook her head, backing out of Robin's driveway, thinking about how silly Bob was sometimes. There was something off-putting about him though. She couldn't put her finger on it, assuming she didn't know him well enough. Joanne arrived at Robin's seven months earlier, in January, seeking asylum after her marriage fell apart.

Joanne has thoroughly enjoyed living and reconnecting with her older sister. Joanne's niece, Krista and her son Allen, had recently moved back to town after a brief tenure living in another city due to work.

Joanne always thought of Krista as her favorite niece and was glad to live closer to her now. ******** "AH!! Yes!!!" Krista screamed and bellowed her answer to her son, Allen, simultaneously cumming again on his cock. "Who?" he grunted back, on top of her, slamming into her, their bed banging against the wall.

They were playing a game. Allen would ask his mother about her sexual past during sex and "punish" her either through royally fucking her, or a far more torturous method he sometimes used. Krista was too busy climaxing to answer right away, her eyes rolling in the back of her head. Allen stopped his powerful thrusts, giving her time to calm down.

"Who? What family member, other than me, have you fantasized about having sex with?" he calmly asked, catching his breath. Krista panted heavily, smiling up at him, caressing his face. "Joanne," she quietly whispered.

"Really? Your aunt, huh?" "Mmhmm. I always thought she was gorgeous. Her breasts were, and possibly still are, very impressive.

Nothing ever happened of course, but in my teen years I'd pretend that she would be my first lesbian encounter during a few of my masturbation sessions. That's all that ever became of it," Krista explained. Allen smiled down at his lover, kissing her forehead, "That's kind of cute, I guess." "Aren't you going to punish me?" his mother asked. "Oh, right, yeah," Allen replied, his mouth going to her neck, pretending he was taking a bite out of it.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Krista's eye shot open. "Quick, go to the shower!" she told her son. Krista hopped off the bed, grabbed a bathrobe, and closed the bathroom door, hiding Allen in there as he started up the shower. "Oh hi!" Krista said to her aunt, Joanne, greeting her at the door.

Her face was slightly flushed and her hair disheveled due to the hours of sex with Allen. "Hi!" Joanne replied, stepping in and giving Krista a hug. "Hope it's ok that I dropped in." "Oh sure, it's no problem at all, come in, have a seat." "Are you sure?

Looks like you are getting ready to go somewhere," Joanne noticed, sitting on the couch across from Krista.

"Oh yeah, no, I'm not. I'm waiting for Allen to get out of the shower. He has a date tonight," Krista said. This was a true statement and a girl Krista handpicked for Allen to date, in order to throw people off the scent of their secret taboo relationship. The girl was nice, but it was all a sham, orchestrated by mom and son. Joanne and Krista chatted briefly about mundane things, Krista occasionally glancing at her aunt's cleavage, giggling inwardly at herself over what she admitted to her son during sex.

"Have you noticed anything unusual about Bob?" Joanne asked after a moment of random chit chat. "Hmm, no, I don't think so," Krista replied, gulping, looking to her side. "What about him?" "I don't know. He seems very sexual and flirtatious. It just makes me wonder if he's completely faithful. He's got all that money you know. Maybe I'm just paranoid after what happened with my ex-husband," Joanne shrugged.

"Bob is quite a character, but I think he's just having fun with his jokes and flirts. But as a randy old man, who knows? He may be having fun on the side. My mom might even be ok with it," Krista said. Just then Allen appeared, dressed and ready for his date. He nodded at Joanne and feigned nervousness, asking his mother how he looked, if the shoes were ok, if the shirt was right.

Krista played along, acting motherly, saying her son looked great. Allen waved goodbye to Joanne, Krista walking him to the front door. Hugging her son, she whispered in his ear, "Try to save some cum for me to suck out of that big dick of yours later tonight, sweetie." "Ha, ok mom, I'll try," He kissed her on the lips and left. Returning to the living room, Krista smiled at her aunt, "I'm going to grab that shower and I'll be right back." "Oh, I can come back later if you want, I didn't mean to barge in," Joanne said.

"No, please stay. He's going out on a date, so maybe you and I can have our own date," Krista smiled, thinking about her teenage crush on her aunt.

Joanne chuckled, "Ok sure, that sounds great. It'll be the first date I've had since leaving Tony!" Krista turned, making her way up the stairs, disrobing as she was half way up. "Two secret relationships to maintain?

No thanks! She's probably not even bi-sexual anyway," Krista thought to herself. When her hand brought about her own orgasm in the shower minutes later, aided by thoughts of her aunt, she couldn't help by laugh at her silliness. "I haven't thought of her like that since before college!" she said to herself.

Chapter 2 His Final Challenge "Uh! Ahh! Yes!" Robin was grunting every time she bounced up and down on Bob. She was straddling him on the couch, riding his cock like a teenager. Bob gritted his teeth, squeezing one of her massive melons, "Yes! Ride it baby!" "I'm cumming!" Robin cried out. Bob grabbed her ass, squeezing it as his own orgasm approached. Bob moaned, filling her womb with semen, Robin shaking with pleasure, "That's it, yes, baby." He kissed her lovingly as their orgasms subsided.

"We really need to get your sister in on this," Bob said, he wasn't joking. "No, I don't think so," Robin rolled her eyes, getting off him, cum dripping out of her pussy.

She stood in the kitchen, pouring more wine. "What if I paid you?" "Paid me for what? And why?" Robin asked. "What if I paid you," Bob said, turning around to face her from the couch, "a large sum of money to seduce your sister which would, in theory, lead to the three of us having many incestuous sexual romps." Robin burst into laughter, "Ok, Bob, sure!" "I'm not joking.

Do you know how erotic it would be to see you and your sister having sex in front of me? The three-way aspect would be nice, I suppose, but just to witness you and her together.

Wow." Robin shook her head, taking her seat next to Bob on the couch, both still nude. "I think you're losing your mind." "Robin, what if I gave you $45 million dollars to have sex with Joanne. This would be in addition to the $30 million dollars I have in my will for you, amongst other things," Bob said, gently caressing her hand. "Bob, no, that's silly." Bob nodded and stood, walking to his duffle bag in the bedroom, pulling out a device that looked like a web camera.

"See that?" he placed it gently on the couch cushion in between him and Robin. "It would record it. Set it up. Then you can record it with this, or this option here," Bob pointed to a button on the side "would allow you to live stream it to my computer. In the event I'm in Atlanta if it happens.

This way I would have proof of it happening." "Bob, I don't know what to say," Robin replied skeptically. "You're serious about this?" "I am." Robin chuckled again, "You're weird. No thanks." "Suit yourself, I'll leave this here," Bob said, a sneaky smile appearing on his face as he grabbed the remote control. "I'll also provide you with any resources you may need to accomplish this.

Clothes, gifts, vacations with her. Whatever you need. When you and Joanne go to the Bahamas next month, you could become intimate there." "Great idea. Joanne and I going to the Bahamas. But your 'challenge' is pretty ridiculous," Robin said. Robin couldn't believe she had just been challenged that.

He was actually serious. She thought about why, wanting to ask him, but was too embarrassed for both of them. They sat in silence watching TV for the rest of the evening. Her mind was racing as one show ended and another began.

Incest was something she had no experience with, though watching her hunky grandson, Allen, grow and mature, occasionally having inappropriate thoughts that were quickly vanquished was all she had ever done. She wasn't a lesbian or bi-sexual, actually having sex with Joanne seemed so wrong. As the night progressed, she wondered more about Bob. Was he a sexual deviant? Did he have a secret life? Was he visiting hookers?

Robin felt very uneasy at bedtime. Chapter 3 Telling Joanne Joanne and Krista were asleep on the couch, the movie they were watching was almost over. Krista was lying against her aunt's shoulder. Joanne had her arm around her niece. Both women stirred when they heard Allen get home, stretching, smiling at one another.

Allen didn't bother coming to say goodnight. Instead he went straight to his and his mother's bedroom, stripped naked, and waited for her. Krista chuckled, listening to Allen climb the stairs, "Must've been a bad date." "Yeah, poor guy," Joanne chuckled back, grabbing her purse and keys. "Our date was fun, even if we did fall asleep," Krista joked. "Yes it was! Walk me out?" Joanne asked. Krista giggled, bending and extending her arm, her taller aunt sliding her hand through it.

Standing at Joanne's car, Krista hugged her aunt. "I had a wonderful time tonight. I think we should do this again sometime." "You know, I think that's a great idea!" Joanne said, pulling Krista in for another hug.

"I know I haven't mentioned this before, but I'm so sorry about what happened with your marriage," Krista said, brushing a lock of brown hair behind her aunt's ear. "Oh sweetie, thank you," Joanne smiled. "I've always thought you were so gorgeous.

You really are so very beautiful," Krista smiled softly at her. "So are you," Joanne smiled, touched by her kind words, pulling her niece in for another embrace, ending it with a slow kiss on the cheek.

"I'll see you later." Krista waved goodbye as Joanne backed out of her driveway. Turning to go inside, she giggled at herself once again, blaming Allen for asking that question during their sex game. She closed the front door, locking it, then headed upstairs. She was naked by the time she reached the top step. "You know I ought to punish YOU tonight. You asked me about family members other than you, that I fantasized about. Well Joanne happened to show up and I luckily didn't do anything stupid.

Having to have two secret loves would be really difficult," Krista explained. "Yes it would. For now you're stuck with just one, me," Allen said. "What about you? What other family members have you fantasized about?" Krista asked, climbing on the bed, grabbing his erection.

"Someone I spent most of my childhood and teen years with while you were working or out with friends," he answered immediately. "I figured as much," she chuckled. "Your grandmother is quite a knockout for someone her age." Engulfing his cock, slobbering all over it, they began their marathon nightly sex session.

******** "HE WHAT?!?" Joanne whisper yelled at Robin after she was told of Bob's insane challenge. "Shhh, yes, he's serious," Robin replied.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed in the guest bedroom Joanne had been staying in. Bob was asleep in Robin's bed.

"You told him no, right?" "I did," Robin confirmed. "That's a lot of money, but that's still very strange." "I know it is.

It makes me wonder about him too." "How so?" Joanne asked. "He is rich, he challenged me to do this, I don't see him everyday, and he could be up to other perverse activities in Atlanta. Who knows," Robin replied. "He's always been flirtatious, but it's always been in good fun. Challenging me to commit, um, incest, that's a little extreme." "Yeah really," Joanne rolled her eyes.

"When does he go back?" "Tomorrow. I can't help but wonder though," Robin looked away, shaking her head. "It's just so bizarre. It's like I thought I knew him. Some screws would have to be loose for him to challenge me to do this." "How much money did he offer?" Joanne asked. "$45 million." "Wow. That's a nice chunk. But still you'll get money when he dies, right?" "$30 million." "So a total of $75 million if we did this. Hmm." Robin looked at her sister skeptically, "You aren't thinking about going through with it are you?" "No, it's just, that's a lot." "I wonder if he's giving money away to other people too.

He seemed like he had it figured out, even providing a camera of sorts. He said I could keep it and film us doing it so he'd have proof." "Ok that is odd. If he's that prepared, then something is definitely going on that you don't know about," Joanne said.

"How do I find out though?" "If you had a spy of sorts that can relay information to you about what he's up to, that would be ideal," Joanne suggested. "Yes it would," Robin smiled. "They could go to Atlanta and maybe snoop on him. Who knows? If someone worked for him they could keep an eye on him. If they got close enough, they could really gather some great intel!" "Who though?" Robin answered immediately, "Krista." Chapter 4 Asking Krista Krista and Allen's bedroom was dimly lit with candles.

Allen was sitting in a large chair in the corner. His beautiful mother was straddling him, his cock embedded in her all the way. The silk, black tie of her robe was loosely tied around her neck. The robe discarded, lying on the carpet next to the chair. Allen gently tugged on the tie, pulling her head back, arching her neck to him. He slowly kissed and licked along it, sending shivers down her spine, causing her to moan, torturing her.

He was playfully interrogating her about her past sex life again a few nights later. "You've been with eight women, huh? That's a lot, I guess," He shrugged, resuming his kisses, his mother's eyes to the ceiling, fluttering shut when his lips made contact to her neck. He released his pull on the silk. "I suppose," Krista smiled at him. Running her hands over his muscled arms, she kissed his lips, savoring his taste.

Allen broke the kiss, "What's the youngest guy you've been with?" "It was over 10 years ago. He was 19. He was home from college for the summer. I worked with his stepmother. She admitted to me that he and she had been having a sexual relationship for a few years. She invited me over. I knew why. The night was spent with the three of us in bed. Then next morning it was just me and him. His name was Ulysses," Krista explained.

"Very bad," Allen teased, pulling the silk tie back once more, his mother arching her neck for him. He licked and kissed all the way from her nipples up to her jaw line. She shivered as the tingles went down her spine to her ass. The upward thrust of his cock nearly caused her to climax once more. "Anyone else worth confessing?" He asked, ending his pleasurable torture for a moment. Krista paused, glancing to a burning candle next to the bedside table.

She thought about her younger years, she thought about the company she used to work for, she thought about the man she used to work for.

Brief images flashed in her mind of his huge master bedroom, a roaring fire in the fireplace, his king sized bed, the silk sheets she gripped while her pussy was eaten out, lowering herself on his cock, crying out with ecstasy. "Bob," she said. "Huh? What about him?" Allen asked of the man his grandmother was engaged to. "Bob," His mother said once more, a slight smile appearing on her face.

"You mean, you and him? You worked for him and - " "Yes. When I was in Atlanta on business, we'd have meetings, afterward he took me to bed," Krista explained, caressing her son's face, moving her hands over his neck, and arms. "Does grandma know?" he asked. "No. Bob and I played it off like we never did anything. He'd flirt with me and I'd flirt back. It made things come across as though we never did anything like it was all just playful fun," Krista explained. "Wow." "Yeah, I was a very different person back then.

But you are all I ever need and want now. You feed my addiction," she said, kissing his lips. Allen smiled, "Thanks for telling me." "You aren't upset?" "No. It was in the past. Like you said, you were a different person back then. I'm still going to punish you though," Allen grinned. He untied the silk cloth from around her neck and stood, guiding his mother to the bed, her legs wrapped around him.

"But not for sleeping with Bob. I'm going to punish you for making us move back here, closer to grandma. Because now," Allen said, grinding his cock deep into Krista, "it's more difficult to keep our lifestyle a secret." "I know, I feel bad about that," Krista moaned.

"But you have another date tomorrow night. While you're on it, I'll be spending time with your grandmother." "Uh huh," Allen said, another hard thrust into Krista. "Ahhh!" She cried. "Maybe take your date back here and sleep with her. Just not in our bed." "You won't be upset?" another hard thrust. "Yes!" she moaned from pleasure, "I mean, no, I won't. Because you are mine in every way, forever. I love you unconditionally. If you have sex with some girl your dating, it's nothing compared to making love to me.

You'd just be using her for a quick fix." "What if my little sham girlfriend wants to get married one day? How do I handle that?" Allen asked thrusting again. "You marry her, and on your wedding day, you and I would make love. At the reception we would sneak off and do it again," his mother said. "You could get married. I have no desire to. But we would always have this," She added.

"Wouldn't you be sad?

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I would. I don't mind going out on a date every once in awhile to throw people off, but the thought of moving away from you, getting involved in a sham marriage," Allen cringed at the thought. "We could always tell your grandmother and other relatives that you're gay," Krista smiled, attempting to alleviate a bit of tension.

Allen laughed, giving his mother a few more hard thrusts, "Yeah let's wait and see how things are in a few years before spreading that lie, ok?" "Ok, sweetie," Krista kissed along his jaw line, while Allen guided her hands above her head, tying them together with the same silk belt from her robe.

"Now, then, let's continue," He grinned down at her and resumed his methodical, hard thrusts into her, never taking his eyes off hers. ******** "No, I can't. I won't," Krista told her mother the next evening. Robin had asked her to speak to Bob about getting her old job back, or at least seeing if there was another position that was open in his company. The last thing she wanted to do was go back to the sex-filled corporate life she once led that took her away from her beloved son.

Krista was done with that, admitting to herself that the hypothetical marriage situation she and Allen discussed last night would be heartbreaking. She could never be separated from him again. "I understand that you want to keep an eye on him, that you're suspicious of him, but I can't be your spy. I'm sorry," Krista added. Thoughts of her secret sexual relationship with Bob, before she introduced him to her mother, flooded her mind.

Krista's aunt, Joanne entered the room with more tea, "Are you sure?" she asked, having heard the conversation from the kitchen. "I'm sorry, I just can't.

I've settled and calmed down. Working at the company is not something I want to go back to. My life if simpler now, more enjoyable," Krista said, thinking of the love of her life, Allen. Robin and Joanne traded looks. Joanne spoke up, "Who else? Do you have any friends in the Atlanta area that could get closer to him?" "No, I don't," Robin replied. "What about Nikki?" Krista asked of her youngest aunt. "I don't know if she could infiltrate his company. Plus she may have a hectic work schedule, but you never know.

It wouldn't hurt to ask her." "She would probably love to do something like this," Robin thought out loud. "She and Bob don't know each other very well, but she always flirted back with him." "She's a bit of a tease and, well, she gets around," Joanne added.

Robin took a deep breath, "Yeah, I guess I'll call her then." Chapter 5 Nikki's Input Nikki was so excited about this spy and infiltration plan that she decided to drive down from Charleston, South Carolina the following weekend to discuss the details in person.

"Now then, let's begin," said the butt-length, long haired brunette in her late 40s. "I can't do it, but we can talk about who can." "Wait, what?" Robin asked. "I thought you could and that's why you're here." "Oh, no, I can't. I'm going on a 10 day singles cruise this month, plus a few extra days off here and there.

I'm tapped out for days off," Nikki explained, gulping down her wine. Robin and Joanne sighed, sharing another look. "Ok, that's fine; maybe you could share some insight with them?" Krista added.

All four women sat in the living room with their wine glasses in hand. Nikki brought several bottles with her. "Oh I will, sweetie," Nikki winked, taking another gulp. "Bob is up to something. You want someone to stay with him, to get close with him, to SLEEP with him," she smiled. "You want someone to gather intel. I love this! We, I mean, you, will use what you gather to CRUSH him on your wedding day," Nikki added.

"Wait what?" Robin asked again. "No one said anything about sleeping with him." "I've been thinking about this all week," Nikki grinned. "On your wedding day, you say 'no!' when asked if you want to marry him. At that point, whoever we can find to go up to Atlanta will come forward, bringing photos, documents, and other files incriminating him.

The police will show up, he'll be arrested and maybe, just maybe, you can sue him for millions for emotional damages." "That sounds ridiculous," Robin shook her head. "And I said nothing about sleeping with him!" "Nikki, you still have an active imagination I see," Joanne added. Nikki rolled her eyes, sipping more wine. "Why do you think he's up to something anyway?" Robin glanced to Joanne, who nodded her head, downing her own glass of wine.

"Nikki," Robin sat on the edge of the couch, "Bob issued a challenge to me. One that I didn't agree to. This challenge made me think about what sort of perversions Bob may have. It was one that made me question how he feels about me." "What sort of challenge?" Nikki asked. Robin took a deep breath, glancing at Joanne once more, "He challenged me to have sex with Joanne." "What!?!" Nikki exclaimed.

Krista's face reddened, her eyes widened. "He offered me a large sum of money to cross that line with Joanne," Robin added. Nikki settled, quietly pausing for a moment, "How much?" "$45 million," Robin answered.

Nikki's eyes widened as well, "And you said no?!? Are you crazy?!?" "Well, I mean, come on. You don't expect " Robin tried to answer. "For that amount of money? Yes! Yes to anything!" Nikki shook her head, disappointed in her sister. Nikki got up to retrieve more wine, coming back to the couch, "Close your eyes and go at it. It's as simple as that." "No, I don't think it's that simple, "Joanne said. "We've never been with a woman before. You might have, but not us. Plus she's my sister." "Right, and that's a lot of money," Nikki said flatly.

"Listen, he gave me a web camera thingy to record it, should we decide to go through with it. If we don't, then we don't," Robin said. "Look, I know he probably has you in his will and all that, but that's even more money on top of whatever you get when he kicks the bucket right?" Nikki asked.

"Yes, but," Robin said. "Then do it! Turn on the camera thingy, close your eyes, and go at it! Pretend she's someone else!" Nikki said. "Listen, you're missing the point," Joanne said. "No you two are," Nikki glared at her older sisters.

"That rich scumbag is giving away money, or should I say, even MORE money than you would get when he dies.


All you have to do is get it on with a woman you love and care about. Right? You never have to do it again, and you collect an extra $45 million," Nikki said. "This seems like a no brainer to me." "We aren't lesbians!

We aren't bi. Or whatever it is you are!" Joanne fussed. Krista remained perfectly still and quiet, hoping her red flushed face wasn't noticeable. Nikki went quiet for a moment, "Is that the only issue? Sex with a woman?" Joanne glanced at Robin, the two women shrugged. "You didn't state the incest part was an issue. I'm just saying," Nikki added. "Nikki, please," Joanne shook her head. "Why don't we take baby steps. Alright? I can help. Maybe, just maybe, that large sum could be yours. You could split it with her, deposit it, and invest it, whatever.

It'd be yours. Then at some point down the road, when Bob passes, away, that'd be even more money. I'm sure he's got other people he'd be giving his fortune away to. Well, you'd have a little extra, if you went through with this challenge," Nikki calmly explained.

Robin sighed once again. Nikki got off the recliner she was sitting in, taking a seat next to Robin. She put her arm around her, pulling her in tightly for a hug.

"You could even give me a couple million if you wanted," Nikki whispered, quickly bringing a hand to grab Robin's nearest breast. "Nikki!" Robin pushed her sister away. Retrieving more wine from the kitchen, "Just think about it. It'd be a onetime thing. You don't have to give me any, unless you wanted to." Chapter 6 Their Plan "You know what we should do," Nikki said after taking another sip.

"We continue with your infiltration plan. Get someone to get close to him. Find out what we can. IF he is indeed very shady, we expose him at the wedding and get as much of his fortune as possible." "Nikki," Robin sighed. "Expose him AFTER you two get it on. You'd collect $45 million. At the wedding, whatever crimes or shady things he's up to you expose, then you try to get even more out of him. Did you sign a pre-nup?" "Yes and it wasn't anything that I could use against him.

It was basically saying in the event of divorce, I get a smaller sum of money - $10 million. I'm old, I'm not young, and I don't have many years left. I'm not too concerned with trying to bleed him dry." "I understand that," Nikki said. "But what about your children and grandchildren?" "You could leave a lot for them," Joanne said, glancing at Krista.

"Ugh, now you're on me about it as well," Robin chuckled. "I'm just thinking that maybe he could be investigated. It couldn't hurt," Joanne stated. "If whoever we get to go to Atlanta, we can see if Bob seduces her, then she could get closer enough to snoop around," Nikki added.

"There you go again with wanting someone to sleep with him," Robin sighed. "Maybe we could say he assaulted this woman or drugged her.

First collect the challenge money, expose him at wedding, sue for some BS reason and get even more money!" Nikki explained. "I don't think that's how it works. The cheating exposes what kind of person he is, yes. But I don't feel like accusing him of crimes he wouldn't commit," Robin said. "Ooh! How about blackmail?

We find out what he's up to, then blackmail him to give you everything in his " Nikki said, before being interrupted. "No! Enough," Robin said. "This is getting silly. I'm ok with someone going up there, one of you, and seeing if he'll cheat, I guess.

If so, maybe even snoop around a bit to see what you can find. I'm even ok with," Robin paused, turning to Joanne, "attempting to take baby steps toward, well, you know." "Um, what?

Really?" Joanne spoke up, her eyes widening. "It's the wine talking, right?" Robin shrugged. "IF we find out what he's up to, I'm even ok with saying 'no' on the wedding day, AFTER we get the $45 million," Robin continued. Krista still remained quiet, watching her mother and aunt's plan and scheme, her insides tightening.

"I don't want to blackmail, I don't want to expose and sue and get him arrested. If he is indeed up to something, I'll want that money and then end it with him on the day of the wedding in front of everyone." "The money we'd get if you and I," Joanne attempted to ask. "Yes! Now then, let's drink some more wine and think about who to send," Robin said, Joanne quietly sipping her wine in shock.

"Krista is out, so she's can't go. Nikki, you said you couldn't due to work and time off. Joanne?" Robin asked. "If you go there, would you be willing to do what we discussed?" "Well, she can't go," Nikki spoke up just as Joanne was about to.

"We have to work on getting you two to feel more comfortable about sex with each other." Robin and Joanne both sighed heavily, "Oh yeah, that," Robin said. The women thought for a moment. "What about Denise?" Nikki asked, referring to Robin's younger daughter. "She lives in Miami though," Robin said. "Maybe she could take a long vacation from work.

Perhaps she'd be willing to spend it in Atlanta, claiming she's looking for a new job in the area. Staying at Bob's could be cheaper than a hotel," Joanne added. "She did go through a horrible divorce; perhaps taking some extra time off work would be great for her.

Plus I don't think she's seeing anyone. I know she's only met Bob a couple times, but I know for a fact she's always been attracted to older men. Her first husband was considerably older," Robin explained.

"It could work," Nikki added. "If she's single and willing to help us with our little plan, then call her up!" "Krista you've been quiet. Everything ok?" Robin asked her daughter. "Yep. Just mulling this over," Krista replied, thinking about Allen and wondering if he was home from his date yet, her pussy starting to ooze.

"How's Allen by the way?" Nikki asked of her nephew. "Oh. Um, he's good. He's actually on a date tonight," Krista said, hoping her and Allen's little strategy would keep their incestuous relationship a secret. "Great. He's a hunk of a guy," Nikki said, causing Krista to blush again. Luckily no one noticed. "I do need to call Denise anyway. We haven't spoken since her birthday last month," Robin said. "You do that. In the meantime, I want you and Joanne to work on getting more comfortable with each other.

Kissing, hugging, undressing in front of each other, all of that," Nikki said. "I'm going on a singles cruise this month; you two better be getting more acquainted with one another while I'm gone." Robin and Joanne shared another look, attempting to hide a giggle. Chapter 7 An Excited Mommy "Ahhh!!" Henry screamed in agony.

"Get off me! Get off me!" "What! What happened?" Denise yelled back. "Henry!?!" "It's hurt mom! Something happened," Henry said, sitting up, throwing his legs over the side of their bed. "What do you mean?" Denise asked, going to her knees in front of her son. "Let me look!" Henry winced, removing his hand from his cock, "We, we, gotta go to the emergency room," He struggled to say.

"Let me look," his mother said. Denise carefully removed his hands from his penis, going in for a closer inspection. "Oh my." "What?

What is it?" Henry shut his eyes, the pain radiating over him. "It's red and swollen," She said. "I heard it pop. It made a popping sound when you landed on it that time," Henry tried getting out. "Ok, let's go. Hurry," Denise grabbed their clothes, helping Henry dress, his hands cupping his injured penis once again.

Helping him to the car, Denise sped to the nearest emergency room. The last several sex-filled months have been amazing. Henry's cock was usually inside Denise every second they were at home together, before and after work. "Still hurt?" She glanced over at her son on the way. Henry closed his eyes, nodding his head. "Almost there, I'm so sorry baby," she said, tears streaming down her face.

"It's ok mom, just please hurry," Henry replied. They rode in silence the rest of the way, Denise ducking and speeding around the slow drivers.

After some paper work, Henry was taken by a nurse, leaving his mother alone in the waiting room worried sick. She was worried that it was damaged permanently, all because she got too excited and wild with her baby boy.

The hours crawled by. Thoughts of surgery entered her mind. She came down with all her body weight onto it, Henry's cock wasn't aligned perfectly to re-enter her, and then they heard it a popping sound, followed by Henry's scream of agony.

Henry emerged, finally, with the aid of a nurse. She helped him to his mother. "Well?" Denise asked, meeting them in the middle of the waiting room, running her hands up and down his arm. "The doctor said it's severely bruised. The urethra wasn't torn or damaged. There didn't appear to be any nerve damage.

He said it bent," Henry paused, cringing over visualizing his penis bending, "sharply, but the damage doesn't appear permanent and I should be back to 100% in several weeks. I won't have a crooked penis or anything.


He gave me a prescription for pain. He said to ice it down too." "Whew, ok, good," Denise said, running her hands through her thick mane of brown hair.

"Henry, I'm so sorry." Henry made sure the nurse was out of earshot before speaking Denise's title. "Mom, please, it's fine. You got really excited. You do that often," Henry said, turning to her, smiling weakly. "I'll tell my boss I injured my leg." "Good idea," Denise answered, mom and son sharing a chuckle.

She drove back, holding her son's hand on the way back to their home. She helped him inside, slowly guiding him down on their bed, taking his shoes off, climbing in next to him, kissing his cheek several times. "Please forgive me," She pleaded. "Mom, I do, it's fine," Henry caressed her face. "When I get all healed up, we need to remember to take it easy, to make sure I'm lined up perfectly if you want to start bouncing on me like that again." "Mommy was very excited," Denise kissed at Henry's ear, "a very naughty mommy." "Whoa, whoa, hold on.

We can't be doing anything that'll get ME excited," Henry moved away from his mother. "Awww, no kissing?" She pouted. "No. And don't even think about walking around naked like you usually do. Getting an erection is the last thing I want to do in my injured state." His mother was tearing up again, "Henry." He shook his head, pulling his mother close to his body, smelling her hair, breathing her in, kissing her head.

"I'll be fine. We just have to wait for it to heal." "Do you think we're being punished for, you know, having this type of relationship?" Denise asked, wiping away a tear. "Ha! No. We're being punished because you got too excited during sex and we weren't paying attention. You were practically jumping up and down on me," Henry said.

"Mmm, I sure was," Denise smiled seductively. "No, no, no sexy talk. Tomorrow morning is going to be a nightmare when I wake up." "Morning wood eh?" his mother asked. "Yep. So you wear a bunch of baggy clothes, we'll keep the affection light. No mashing those big boobs against me when we hug. No talking about your big boobs either. Nothing to make the blood flow to my injured little guy," Henry said. "Well, I wouldn't say he's little," Denise licked her lips, glancing at his crotch.

"See? You can't stop being sexy can you?" Henry joked. "In all seriousness mom, please, let's hold off for awhile. An erection will be extremely painful for me." Denise sighed, snuggling into her son, "I know. No flirting, teasing, and so on, I'll let it heal." Chapter 8 Asking Denise The next few days Henry rested, icing his injured penis, while his mother waited on him.

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She worked half days, leaving after she saw he was comfortable and watching TV, coming home to prepare dinner. Mornings were the worse, as he predicted, his mother offering to assist him with urination, to which he declined. Denise was growing more and more anxious. With each passing day, she wanted to pull her hair out. Sex with Henry had been constant in the last several months. It was what she needed, it was what she craved. As his mother, he was her most prized creation, as his lover, he was her everything.

Suddenly, she was without the cock she craved most, her addiction wasn't being fed. She was miserable, but also felt bad for injuring her son. She had trouble thinking straight, work was difficult, her mind often visualizing his penis then eventually any penis.

She was incredibly horny. She wanted to ravage him, but knew he had to heal first. "You know if you want to, you can go out on a date or hang out with someone," Henry suggested Friday night as the two lovers were lying in bed watching TV. "You're suggesting I find a man to sleep with?" Denise asked. "Well, I mean, I'm out of commission. Why don't you have a friend to, uh, provide a little relief," he winked.

"You wouldn't mind?" Denise asked, curious about his proposal. "Nah. What am I going to do? Dump you?" Henry laughed at the absurdity. "If you're horny, I'm not available and you have sex with a friend, am I going to not want to be your son anymore or love you any less?" "Well, no," Denise smiled. "What would you do if you walked in on me and some chick?" "I'd probably laugh, and say 'excuse me,'" Denise answered.

"Right. You wouldn't end our relationship," he said, waving his hands in a mocking way. "That would be impossible." "I know. What we have transcends everything. If you were some girl I was dating, then yeah I'd be upset that you would be cheating on me. Same goes for my wife. But you are more than that. You gave me life, you love me in every way a woman can love a man.

So no, I don't give a crap if you find some dude to take the edge off, or at least buy some toys to use on yourself," Henry explained. Denise looked at her son, eyes watering at his words, running her hands through his hair, "It's unconditional love.

That's what I have for you." "Would you be in love with the guy? No. Just using him as a substitute while I heal up. If you were a just a wife, yes, I can see myself getting angry. But like I said, you transcend that. So yes; unconditional love." "You know I'd still love you if you went on some sort of killing spree rampage. I'd be heartbroken, but I'd visit you in prison as much as I was allowed to," Denise said, causing Henry to laugh and slightly wince in pain.

They paused for a moment, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, "Look why don't you call someone and see if they're busy. Go out to dinner, maybe dancing, and who knows, you could get laid and think of me the whole time," Henry suggested.

"Just make sure I'm not around, because seeing you in action, well, I can already feel blood flowing to my cock." Denise laughed at her son, "Well the thing is I don't have many friends anymore. You and I haven't socialized much. Most of our time has been in bed. Plus I don't have many male friends, and no, I'm not into women." Denise shot her son a look, anticipating his suggestion. "I know, I know. I don't regret our lack of getting out though." "Me neither," Denise smiled.

"What about that Ulysses dude. You and him are friends right? Maybe hangout with him?" "He lives in Atlanta. He's not in Miami as often anymore," Denise said. "I'll just buy some new toys; I can't find my old one.

I'll be sure to use them out of ear shot," She added, winking at her son, climbing off the bed. Denise took a shower, careful not to undress in front of Henry, attempting to avoid causing blood to flow to his injured member. She gently circled her engorged clit as the warm shower water rained down on her. "He loves his mommy," She thought, now sliding her fingers in between the slit. Pushing two of them inside her, "I need a cock so bad," she whispered.

The thought of a substitute never occurred to her. But Henry was right. There was no way their bond would be broken or their relationship could end now that it's evolved to the highest form possible parent and child lovers. ******** The next morning Denise received an unusual phone call from her mother, Robin. She slowly entered her and Henry's bedroom, sitting on the bed next to him, her mouth open.

"Something wrong?" Henry asked, sipping on his orange juice, his legs propped up on pillows. "Well, no, not really. That was your grandmother and she asked me to do something very strange," Denise answered. "Like what?" Henry asked, sitting his juice on the bedside table. Denise explained everything Robin said, including interruptions from her Aunt Nikki when she grabbed the phone from Robin, going into details of the plan. "Seduction, sex, and spying! Denise, this would be so much fun for you," Nikki said before Robin took the phone away from her.

"Yes, well, that may be a part of it. Are you seeing anyone? I wouldn't want this to interfere with your relationship with him," Robin said. "Oh, um, well, I kinda," Denise paused thinking about her secret relationship with her son. She then thought about staying in Atlanta for a few weeks, away from Henry, letting him heal up without accidently turning him on, giving him a painful erection. "You don't have to, Denise. We can find someone else," Robin said. "So you want me to see if Bob will try to seduce me?

Should I let him?" Denise asked. "It's not key that you sleep with him. But if you allowed something to happen, IF he makes a move on you, you may be able to find out if he's doing anything illegal or shady as well. There's something else too," Robin paused, not wanting to share the incestuous challenge Bob issued her with Denise. "But I'd rather not get into that right now.

Suffice to say, I'm very suspicious of him and what he's up to sexually." "I see." "He may not be doing anything, but I just have a hunch that he's up to something. I figured you'd be sort of like bait, but you could also see what you can discover about him," Robin said. "I just know you haven't gotten to know him much, plus you always seemed to be attracted to older men, maybe it'd be enjoyable if he took the bait so-to-speak." "You wouldn't be upset if we did?" Denise asked.

Her mother was right. She had always been attracted to older men, especially ones that had a father-like aura about them. The couple of times she met Bob, they shamelessly flirted, deep down feeling attraction, curiously wondering about his skills in bed. "I'd be upset that he would do this yes.

But not with you. I just know he's up to something, and you'd be helping me find out what." Nikki grabbed the phone from her older sister, "I can see it now. You and Bob having amazing sex. He goes to sleep, you sneak into his office, you find files and evidence of money he's embezzled or people he's had killed. He wakes up. He nearly discovers you going through his things. You smile and take him back to bed. So sexy and hot!" "Ok that's enough out of you," Robin took her phone away from Nikki.

"Denise, just think about it ok? Let me know later." "Wow, that sounds insane," Henry said, after his mother explained what she was asked to do. "You gonna do it?" "I don't know. I could take off work for that amount of time. Mom suggested a leave of absence, blaming it on my divorce or something." "I think you should.

By the time you get back, I'll be all healed up. You could tell me stories of your adventures. You could be a sexy spy," Henry joked. "It sounds like you WANT me to leave for a few weeks," Denise pouted. "It is pretty difficult to look at you knowing I can't perform right now," Henry said, patting his mother's hand. "So would you stay with Bob or Ulysses?" Henry casually asked. Denise had forgotten about her fitness model friend, Ulysses. "Oh right, I'm not sure.

I may stop by to visit Ulysses, I guess." "So you're going to do it? Whoa this is getting me a little aroused, thinking of you coming home and I'm all healed up, us going at it like animals," Henry said. "Well then, I guess it's settled. I'll let your grandmother know," Denise winked at Henry. "If I hadn't injured you, I'd probably say no." "Well I'm unavailable, so you better pack, get up there and seduce that old rich bastard and find out all his secrets," Henry teased.

"You remind me of my Aunt Nikki," Denise rolled her eyes, grabbing her phone to call Robin back. Chapter 9 Arrival and Progress A couple weeks later, after setting up her time off at work, Denise drove to Atlanta from Miami. She wanted time to think about everything. She thought about Henry's recovery, how she would get closer to Bob, the possibility of sex with him, and what it all meant.

Her mother arranged everything. Robin asked if Denise could stay with him while she went on job interviews, lying to him, saying she was looking to move to Atlanta. Bob, of course, was as friendly as always, agreeing to let Denise stay as long as she wanted, suggesting it would be a great opportunity to get to know his future stepdaughter.

Denise and Bob spoke on the phone a few times before she left Miami. It was all very pleasant conversation about her plans and what's going on in her life. Glancing to her injured son, she chose to leave out a few details. Especially the detail about how horny she was, how she wanted cock more than ever, how she injured the one cock she loves most, how she masturbated as often as she could, sometimes at work, and finally, how her fetish was mature men, ages 60-75.

She also failed to tell Bob that the idea of living with one for a few weeks, him, excited her beyond belief especially in her heightened horny state. When she left Miami, Henry kissed her hard, lovingly, grabbing her butt, squeezing her breasts, moaning as he kissed her. Just as he felt blood flow to his penis he ended the kiss.

Denise glared at him and sighed, knowing he had to end it to prevent pain. His bruising was still pretty gross, a dark purple and blue, but the area was getting a little better. Some of the bruise was green and yellow, a sign of improvement. Denise drove as fast as she could; only stopping once. She arrived in Atlanta early and decided to take the edge off with the help of a friend. "Denise! Hi! You're early, are you " Ulysses was interrupted by Denise lunging at him, kissing him, pushing him back into his apartment.

The fitness model moaned, bending down to scoop her up, her legs going around his waist, still kissing him, relief via cock was the only thing on her mind. Ulysses took her to his bedroom, sitting her down on the mattress, undressing frantically. "It's good to see you too, friend," He smiled, watching Denise tear off her clothes. It was going to be a long night.

******** "You mean you haven't made any progress while I was on my cruise?" Nikki asked, annoyed at her sisters. "Calm down, ok? We have plenty of time to ease into this," Joanne said, rolling her eyes. "Have you two even kissed?" Nikki asked. The two older sisters shrugged.

"A couple times. To say hello, things like that," Joanne answered, flipping through a magazine. "Ugh. It's early August. The wedding is in late September. You two need to work on getting that money before then. From the sounds of it, Denise's job in all this might be the easier one," Nikki fussed. "Has Krista been over at all to help you two?" Nikki continued. "No, I think she's a little freaked out by the whole incest thing," Robin answered, unbeknownst to her, Krista had just had another orgasm with her son, Allen, a few miles away in their home at that very same moment.

"Whatever. Alright, let's keep working. Kiss for me," Nikki ordered. "Nikki, come on, is that necessary?" Joanne asked. "Yes it is. Now do it." "Oh alright," Joanne stood, walking to her sister, quickly grabbing Robin's face pulling her in for a hard kiss on the lips.

"There, see?" "Good. Robin, you kiss her now," Nikki ordered. Robin sighed, rolling her eyes, pulling Joanne in for a similar hard kiss on the mouth. "I want you two to both kiss again, except this time more slowly," Nikki instructed. Robin and Joanne sighed together, shrugging, "Just do it!" Nikki raised her voice. The two elder sisters smiled at each other. Joanne ran her fingers through Robin's hair, their eyes meeting. Slowly inching toward each other's mouths, Robin and Joanne kissed, their lips interlocking, pressing against the other for several seconds.

"There, see? Not so hard. Keep it up. I'm here this weekend. We'll get a lot done. I'll make sure of it," Nikki grinned devilishly.

"Let's get Krista over here. All of us will be involved to help get you two in bed." "I'll call her," Robin chuckled, somewhat amused at Nikki's dedication to this little challenge. She was far more interested than Robin and Joanne were. Krista was lying in Allen's arms, catching her breath.

She had just decided to lick her son's sweat from his chest when her phone rang. It was her mother. She figured she'd answer it since she and Allen were taking a break before another round of lovemaking.

"She wants me to come over tonight? I'm not sure how I feel about that whole incest thing," she grinned at Allen, climbing on top of him, straddling him. "She does? Yeah I don't mind hanging out, but don't you think it'd be weird to have me watch you and Joanne kiss?" Allen ran his hands slowly up and down her torso, gently cupping her breasts, while Krista listened on the phone.

"Yeah. Maybe. Nikki does like being involved. For all that money, we probably should all come together to support you two. No, not at all.

If you two go through with it, I wouldn't think any less of you," Krista told Robin, while running her hands up and down Allen's chest, winking at him. "Ok, well I have some laundry to tend to, so I'll come over later tonight," Krista ended the call, tossing her phone to the side, bending down, kissing and licking at Allen's muscular frame.

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"Maybe grandma and Joanne doing this could open doors for all of us. You and I could be honest about our relationship. Maybe if Joanne is into it with her sister, you and her could " "Stop," Krista smiled, putting an index finger on her son's lips.

"I agree with you, but let's not assume anything like that." Allen nodded, pulling his mother's face to his own, kissing her passionately. Krista had finished the laundry hours earlier. Chapter 10 - Nudity "Oh good, we're all here," Nikki stated after Krista arrived. To their shock, Nikki began undressing. Robin looked on, "What are you " "Getting naked. All of us," Nikki replied, tossing her shirt aside, unzipping her shorts. "Uh," Krista's mouth hung open.

"Just do it. Relax, we're going to drink and share stories. No need to freak out. We're just going to sit around naked. It's no big deal," Nikki explained, unhooking her bra, letting her medium sized breasts breathe. The other three women glanced at each other, sharing uncomfortable looks, silently agreeing to go through with it.

"That's it, good. I leave Sunday. We will remain nude until then," Nikki said. Krista spoke up, "But what if " "If your son shows up? Well then I guess he'll be in for a nice little surprise," Nikki winked at her niece. Several minutes later, all four women were naked, sitting on either the couch or chair.

Krista blushed, glancing over to Joanne's large breasts, thinking about how amazing they still looked. Glancing at her mother's, she noticed hers were similar, though slightly more saggy. Both had fairly large nipples.

Nikki walked around, grabbing wine from the kitchen, as if she were clothed. Coming back to the living room, she told Robin and Joanne to sit closer together, to relax. "Now then, let's talk about sex. Not with each other, but just sex in general," Nikki said. "Go around the room and tell everyone what the wildest thing you've done sexually is." Krista's gulped, shrugging nervously, not wanting to go first.

"Robin I think I know what yours would be. Why don't you go first," Nikki suggested.

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Robin sighed, "Fine." She took a large gulp of wine. "You were there after all." "Go on," Nikki grinned. "Forget that we're all naked, just relax and share the story." "Well a few years ago, before Bob and I started dating, you and I went to Atlanta for some conference thing for my former work.

You just had to drag me to some dance club, you just had to buy me a bunch of drinks, and you just had to get me talking and dancing with this younger guy." "Mmm, I knew you'd pick this story," Nikki grinned over her wine glass. "Yeah. Anyway, that was the first and last time I was ever in a three-some.

It was a blur of bodies, mostly yours, unfortunately, and it was awkward. I tried focusing on the guy as much as I could, but you were all over him. After you had your, um, turn, you passed out and I was able to relax a little bit. It wasn't all that great. Had you not been there egging me on that night, I might've had a more enjoyable time with him," Robin said.

Joanne chuckled, "I bet he had a good time." "Oh he did. I almost wore him out though," Nikki added. "He was very sweet and polite to me. Uly, Ulysses, I think was his name." Krista's eye's shot open, Joanne nearly dropped her wine. "Was he a fitness model? Did he have dreadlocks?" Joanne asked. "Yes, how'd you know?" Robin asked.

Joanne took a large gulp of wine, sitting her glass on the table next to the couch. There was only one Ulysses she knew. "When I left Tony, my stepson, TJ, was so wonderful and sweet to me. He's nothing like his father. I stayed with TJ a few days, but knew Tony would suspect I was there.

So TJ sent me to Atlanta for a week or so, before I came here, hoping it would throw Tony off in case he checked here first. I stayed with his half-brother, a fitness model, with dreads, named Ulysses," Joanne admitted. Nikki's eyes brightened, "And you two?" "Oh yes.

I was so angry about Tony, he was there, and he was sweet to let me stay there. I went for it," Joanne said. Krista cleared her throat, "Um, around 10 or so years ago, I had a threesome with a woman named Devin and her stepson. The next day, he and I, spent time together, just us two.

He was 19 and home from college break. His had just started to grow his dreads." Krista paused, taking a deep breath, "His name was Ulysses." The other three women erupted in laughter, calming Krista's nerves, causing her to smile a bit. "He must get around then!" Nikki joked. ******** Denise collapsed on Ulysses' chest. She was exhausted. They had been going at it for hours. "Are you sure Henry doesn't mind you being here?" Ulysses asked.

"No, not at all," Denise replied breathlessly, kissing Ulysses. His cock was still embedded in her, he hadn't cum yet.

He broke the kiss, "I mean I would hate for him to be upset." Denise smiled into his face, "Henry and I have a very special relationship. Perhaps I'll share that with you one day, but please know, to tell you I love him more than anything would be a huge understatement. Our love transcends everything. I told you how much I need sex from him, I told you about his injury, and I told you why I'm here in Atlanta. With that said, I want you to keep fucking me until the sun comes up," Denise ordered her friend.

"Yes ma'am," Ulysses sat up, bringing Denise with him, taking one of her large breasts to his mouth. ******** Back at Robin's the four women were getting drowsy. The wine was kicking in. Nikki was curled up on the recliner, asleep. Krista was dozing off in the other one. Joanne was lying against her sister, trying to stay awake. Robin kissed her head, whispering in her ear, "You think we can do this?" Joanne shrugged.

"I mean it's just us, you know?" Robin slurred. Joanne nodded her head. "I do love you very much," Robin slurred again. "I know I haven't said it much, but I really, really do." Joanne sat up, turning to face her sister, "I love you too." She giggled, falling over on her, their large breasts pressing against each other, Joanne giving Robin a sloppy, drunken kiss before resting her head on a breast, falling asleep.

Robin closed her eyes, holding her sister tightly against her body. Chapter 11 Bob's House "So you're going to meet Bob today?" Ulysses asked, yawning and stretching the next morning. Denise did the same, saying she might stay there awhile, but would be back at Ulysses' apartment that evening. "I'll give you a spare key then," Ulysses said, sitting on the side of his bed.

Denise sat up, thanking him, kissing him along his shoulders. "You think that old guy can resist those?" Ulysses asked when he felt Denise's breasts against his back.

"Who knows," she sighed. "I would hope he doesn't cheat on my mother, but if it leads me down a rabbit hole of information, it's best she knows who she's really marrying." "Yeah.

I'm going to grab a shower," Ulysses stood and stretched once more. "I'll join you," Denise moaned, slapping his ass playfully. A few hours later, Bob answered his front door, smiling widely, motioning Denise to come in. "It's good to see you again!" He hugged her tightly, quickly kissing her cheek. "Yes, likewise, it's been awhile!" Denise smiled back him. "He's adorable," She thought of the old man, following him into his mansion. "When is your first interview?" He asked.

"Oh, um, Monday," Denise lied. She had no job interviews. "Great! That'll give us today to spend some time with one another. I'll get to know my future stepdaughter a little better," Bob said, putting his arm around the busty brunette. "Yes!" She agreed, putting her arm around him, patting his back, as they walked. "I love that top, by the way," He complimented her.

"Oh thanks," She smiled, looking down at her black and silver, floral pattern tank top. "Let me show you around some," Bob said, not removing his arm from her waist. He showed her where the nearest restroom was, the huge kitchen and dining room, many guest bedrooms, finally arriving at his.

"Oh wow, Bob, you have a huge bedroom," she smiled, looking at his king-sized bed with dark red silk sheets, a fire place, and master bathroom, featuring a huge hot tub and a shower that could easily fit four adults with room to spare.

Denise couldn't ignore her increasing heart rate. Thoughts of a white haired, older man, slowly sliding into the hub, followed by her, refilling his wine, made her tingle. "Thank you dear," Bob smiled, looking over his future stepdaughter discreetly. "Happy belated birthday by the way." "Thank you," She said, turning around, smiling at him. "How old are you? IF you don't mind me asking." "I turned 39," Denise chuckled.

"39. You look 29. You're one of a family of gorgeous women, all looking younger than they are. Great genes," Bob smiled. Denise blushed, looking to the floor. "Come, let me take you to lunch and then shopping." "Shopping?" Denise asked. "Yes, I want to buy you some nice clothes for your interviews," he winked.

"Oh, Bob, no you don't have to do that," Denise said. "I know, but I want to. It'll be a great time for us to get to know one another. Plus I get to walk around with a beautiful young woman on my arm," He winked. Denise laughed, swatting at the playful older man, "People will think you're my sugar daddy." "Well as long as you're here, I will be," He pulled her in for another hug, Denise smiling at him, resting her arms on his shoulders.

"Let's go." Denise followed him out, instinctually holding onto his arm. Bob opened the passenger side door of his car for her. He opened doors for her.


He bought her several dresses and shoes. Finally he bought her lunch, sitting across her from, holding her hand, "You said you're staying with a friend?" "Yes," Denise smiled back at him. "You're more than welcome to stay with me," Bob said. "I know, but I haven't seen my friend in awhile. Maybe another night." "I would love that," Bob said, caressing her hands. "You are stunning Denise." She blushed, "Thank you Bob.

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Thank you for everything today. You really shouldn't have taken me shopping." "It's not a problem. I enjoyed it," He said. "Why don't you come back after your interview Monday afternoon? I'll have dinner prepared for you." "Sounds great," Denise said, guilt for lying tugging at her heart. They enjoyed dessert, Bob paid the bill, and then took her back to his mansion.

Denise thanked him again for buying her clothes, halfway wanting to return them, but didn't. She kissed him on the cheek goodbye, letting him know she'd be back on Monday. Bob watched her leave, closing his door when she made her way out of his long driveway.He clutched his chest, his forehead beading with sweat; he took a few deep breaths, and tried to calm down.

It wasn't heartburn like he originally thought. He gave Robin a call to say hello, temporarily ending the anxiety. Chapter 12 Showering The next morning, Krista was also feeling anxious. She was glad Nikki was leaving in a few hours, returning to Charleston.

She had made all four women sleep nude in the bed together. Luckily, she didn't urge anyone to do anything sexual mostly likely to reinforce the nudity comfort level first.

Krista slept on the left side of the bed, enjoying her Aunt Joanne's naked body against her own, feeling Joanne's butt against hers. She wanted to turn around and snuggle against her back, but was too nervous. They had been nude all weekend - Nikki shamelessly answering the door to a shocked pizza delivery guy the night before. Everything they did was in the nude. Besides admiring glances from Krista to Joanne, they barely noticed the lack of clothes by Sunday.

Until Nikki made them all shower together before she left. The four brunettes hardly fit in the shower, squeezed in there uncomfortably, like a sardine can. Krista watched Nikki direct Robin and Joanne to bathe one another. It was all very casual, nothing seemed sexual about it. They'd lather each other up and rinse each other off. The only sexual aspect was when Krista whispered to Joanne, "I'll do your back." Joanne said that was fine. Krista slowly caressed her aunt's skin, gliding her hand down her wet back, covering it with soap.

She rinsed her off with the extendable shower head, watching the soap flow into her ass crack. When she was done, she passed the showerhead to her mother, closed her eyes and rested her forehead in between her aunt's shoulder blades, her hands resting on her waist. "Allen, you're going to get it when I get home," she thought to herself, angry that he unintentionally awakened her aunt fantasy.

"Finally!" Robin cheered when Nikki left. "I can get some clothes on." "Yeah, I need to be going too," Krista piped up, grabbing her clothes. "It was kind of fun, though, wasn't it?" Joanne asked. "I suppose it was nice to have someone to bathe me," Robin shrugged. "But Nikki is gone for now and it was crowded in there." "Yep," Joanne agreed, putting her bra on.

Krista, fully clothed now, hugged her mom goodbye, followed by an awkward hug to her Aunt. She sped home, finding her son in the shower, stripping and joining him, not caring that she recently showered herself. "You're going to get it!" She pushed her son against the wall, kissing down his body, going to her knees, taking his cock in her mouth. "Give me that fucking cock!" Allen obeyed, picking Krista up, her legs wrapping around him. He spun around, pressing her against the wall, guiding himself in, powerfully thrusting into her.

The bathroom echoing in her cries of pleasure. ******** In that very same moment, Krista's younger sister, Denise was in an identical position with Ulysses. She held on, her feet locked around his butt, as he thrust upward. Denise's eyes closed, thoughts of Henry filled her mind. She climaxed loudly, when visions of her and Henry in bed, followed by Ulysses joining them. Her pussy convulsed on Ulysses' shaft when she pictured Bob watching them, smiling and removing his clothes.

Bob. She'd see him tomorrow afternoon. Ulysses moved her out of his shower, quickly reaching back to turn it off, still straddling him, he guided her to his bed. Denise asked herself if she could really go through with sex if Bob came on to her.

Ulysses' machine-like fucking caused her to climax again, "Yes!" she cried out from pleasure, but also answering her hypothetical question. That day, Ulysses took her to his gym, working out with her.

They showered together afterward. That evening, they met up with his stepmother, Devin. The two women hit it off immediately. Denise learned she worked for Bob. She asked questions about his character.

But Devin only had good things to say about Bob. After several drinks, the two women were dancing with Ulysses one on each thigh, grinding into him.

When Devin went to the restroom, Ulysses pulled Denise in for a long kiss, stopping when Devin returned. As they were leaving, Devin pulled Denise in for a hug, whispering in her ear, "He loves to have his ass licked." Denise's eyes widened as his stepmother kissed her cheek.

"So, you and your stepmom?" Denise asked, later that night, lying in Ulysses' arms. "Well technically, she's no longer my stepmom. But she's the only mother figure I've had in my life," Ulysses sat up. "How long have you and her been, you know, doing that?" Denise asked, running her fingers over Ulysses' six-pack abs.

"Since I was 15." Her eyes widened, "Hmm, ok." He shook his head with annoyance, "She must've been drinking again. She gets very open and forgets to be discreet with certain information!" "Hey, it's ok," Denise said, sliding down his body, planting kisses on his stomach. "I think it's beautiful." "You do?" "Yes," She thought of telling him the truth about her and Henry, but her phone vibrated interrupting her thoughts.

Denise gasped, "Henry!" "Hey mom." "How's your friend, sweetie?" "About the same. It's a little better I guess," he answered. "I miss you and him so very much my love," Denise smiled into the phone.

"Do you have any stories of sex, scandal, and spying to tell me when you return?" Henry asked. "Ha!

Nothing major has happened on that front. Sex, well, maybe," She giggled. "Mmm, naughty mommy. You love your baby's cock the most don't you?" Henry asked. "Mmm, yes, nothing and I mean nothing compares to it. I want to devour it, I want to feel it explode in me, I want to " "Whoa, whoa, that's enough mom," Henry stopped her.

"My penis twitched and it hurt. So let me let you go, and we'll talk later." They ended their phone call. Denise curled up to her substitute cock-provider, they chatted about her schedule tomorrow, Ulysses telling her to come and go as she needed. She silently wondered if she'd be spending the night at Bob's. ******** Nikki was moaning with pleasure while slamming her ass into her mountable dildo in her own shower that night.

She was cumming to thoughts of a family-wide orgy. Her sexually deviant mind was racing with potential possibilities and ideas Bob's challenge to her sister created. Chapter 13 Getting Closer "Tell me you didn't wear that dress to your interview!" Bob joked the next evening, opening the door for Denise. She was wearing a dark red, tight, slinky little number he had purchased with other, more professional dresses. "No, of course not!" Denise smiled, kissing Bob on the cheek, entering his home.

"Well you look incredible," he said, spinning her around with her hand, looking over her hourglass figure. "How did your interview go by the way"? Bob said, taking her hand, leading her to the back of the house, out onto the balcony which overlooked his huge backyard and swimming pool. "Uh, well, not so good.

But I have a couple more, so hopefully something will stick," Denise answered. "Yes, I'm sure everything will work out. Care for some wine?" he asked, grabbing a bottle from a small wine rack next to some stairs, which led to the pool house. Denise smiled and nodded, watching the old man pour her a glass.

She took in her surroundings, his home was huge. "Here you are, dear," Bob said, standing behind her, reaching around to give her the glass. He put his hands on her waist, gently massaging her with his thumbs. "You smell wonderful too," he said after leaning into her hair to breath in her scent.

Denise blushed. "Thank you again," She placed her glass down, turning around in his arms, resting her own on his shoulders. "My mother is very lucky to be marrying such a charming man." "It's all an act," Bob joked. "Is it?" Denise raised an eyebrow. The two stared into each other's eyes. Bob glanced down at her generous cleavage. Looking back into her eyes, a small smile formed on Denise's mouth. Their trance was interrupted by the cook letting them know dinner was served. Bob let the cook know they were eating outside and to bring the food to them.

Bob guided Denise to a small, candlelit, table for two near the pool. She smiled at him through the candlelight's orange glow, illuminating their faces in a soft orange. "Bob this is amazing. Your house, your kindness, everything." "I'm just glad to be spending this time with you. I've convinced your mother to move in after the wedding. You, her, your whole family could move in for all I care." For a moment Denise thought about how amazing that would be, but then remembered her secret with Henry would be difficult to maintain.

"Bob that does sound great, but I'm sure you and my mother would like privacy for your intimate moments," Denise said, giving him a naughty smile. "Perhaps." "I'm sure she'd love to climb in that hot tub with you.

I know I would. I mean, uh, use the hot tub," Denise caught her slip, blushing as dinner arrived. "Aww, you got my hopes up. An old man like me would love to share a bath with you," Bob winked, cutting into his steak. Denise thought back to her first husband. She was in her early 20s, he was in his 60s. She loved bathing him, even though he was perfectly capable. She loved kissing him, making love to him; his fatherly appeal was similar to Bob's. She was eating her steak, trying to ignore her increasing wetness.

The cook brought out dessert, followed by a small box. After Denise finished her cake, Bob stood, opening the box, making his way behind Denise. He pulled out a pearl necklace. "Bob?" She asked. "Shhh, relax," He said, bending down, pushing her hair out of the way, putting the necklace around her, clasping it. He slowly massaged her shoulders. "Bob, I don't know what to say." "Don't say anything," He extended his hand, helping her stand. "Stay the night." "Bob, I can't.

I didn't bring clothes," Denise said. "I wouldn't need them," She thought to herself. "Plus I have another interview in the morning and I," "Ok, It's fine, darling," Bob said, caressing her face. "Will you come back tomorrow?" "I'd love to," She caressed his face in return. He led her by the hand back inside, this time to the dining room.

There was a cabinet in the corner that had a stereo system. Bob turned on a CD; it was some old Frank Sinatra music, a slow song. Denise knew what he wanted to do without being asked. She gladly took his hand for a dance, staring lovingly into the old man's eyes. "I know from your mother, that you and your father weren't close.

I'd be honored if you considered me like a father," Bob said. "Bob, I " "You could even call me your father," Bob suggested, pulling her closer against him, her breasts mashing against his sports-coat covered chest.

"I don't know what " Bob leaned in, whispering to her ear, "or dad." Bob planted several kisses along her neck and cheek. Denise's heart fluttered, her breathing increased, she wanted to kiss him back, but at the same time she wanted to run. "Bob, I, I better go. I have an early interview," She pushed him away, slightly shaking nervously. "As you wish. Will you come back tomorrow?" "Yes," She said without hesitation. She knew where this was going. She felt guilt flowing out of her.

Her mother would want to know if he tried to seduce her. Denise would let it happen, too. She grabbed her matching red purse and headed back to Ulysses'. Bob watched her car pull out of his long driveway. He did his best to ignore the pain in his chest while they danced. He calmed himself down, took an aspirin, and then called Robin to see how her day went. Chapter 14 For Herself After a sex-filled night with Ulysses, cumming over and over again, thinking about Bob, his gifts, his words, his home, and where everything was headed, Denise arrived at his house around noon.

Bob acted like nothing had happened the previous night, welcoming her warmly, giving her a hug. He led her out back once more, stating how hot it was. Pulling out a bag near the pool house door he handed it to Denise. "Which is why I bought you this," He said, nodding at the bag. Denise's mouth dropped when she pulled what looked to be a small garment from the bag. Upon closer inspection, she saw it was a tiny, black string bikini with diamonds consisting of the top and bottom straps.

She had no idea if they were cubic zirconia, or the real thing. She only knew that Bob could easily afford it. She was speechless.

"I have some business to tend to, please take a nice swim, enjoy your summer," Bob said. Denise's mouth still open, nodded, and made her way to the pool house to change. When she exited, donning her new bikini, Bob was indoors, leaving her alone. She had put on a bit of suntan lotion found in the pool house.

By the pool, she decided to lounge in the sun - thinking about her situation, the gifts, the affection, and her own desires.

She considered calling her mother to discuss things, but changed her mind. Denise was enjoying spending time with him. She was enamored by Bob and his kindness.

She briefly thought of him as a father-figure. Those thoughts led to making love to him. She never once questioned why they led to pseudo-incest with the man, her thoughts naturally went there. Perhaps her mature man fetish, perhaps it was her incestuous relationship with Henry, perhaps she just wanted to for herself.

After awhile, she slowly entered the water, enjoying the cool and refreshing sensations on the hot day. She swam and went under the surface, wondering if Bob would join her.

He never did. Back inside the house, in his master bedroom, Bob's doctor was reminding him to take it easy. He gave him a prescription, and told him to call if he had any questions. Bob nodded and walked his doctor out, feeling his chest tighten, he asked his driver to take him to get the anti-anxiety prescription filled, not wanting to drive himself in the event something happened to him.

"Hi there!" Bob called out to her from the balcony overlooking the pool an hour later. "Getting in with me?" Denise called back. "No, we have to get ready!" "Ready? For what?" Denise asked back. Bob held up a white bathrobe, coaxing her out of the water. He watched, with a sly grin, her curvy, busty frame emerge from the water. Denise pushed her long, wet hair back, grabbed a towel and made her way up to him on the balcony.

He smiled, holding the robe open for her to slide into. Afterward, he grabbed her hand and led her to his bedroom. "Go ahead and shower. They'll be something on the bed for you when you get out," Bob winked at her, leaving her to bathe. She showered quickly, wrapped the towel around her, and was once again shocked at what she saw on the bed. It was an elegant, silvery, gray dress, next to it, diamond earrings. It was a perfect fit.

It came to her middle thigh, any shorter and it would've been inappropriate for a dinner date. The material was silk soft; it also supported her breasts perfectly. The slight dip at the neck exposed very little cleavage. Denise put on the earrings, turning around in front of his full body mirror in the corner of the room. She was speechless once again. Denise was going to enjoy this night. She was going to thank Bob for his kindness. She wasn't thinking about anyone else but her and him.

She nodded at her reflection and left his master bedroom. She wasn't wearing underwear. Chapter 15 Even Closer Bob ended his call with Robin, talking about her and Joanne's Bahama trip soon, not suggesting she use that gift vacation to seduce her sister. He hadn't brought it up at all, not mentioning the challenge to Robin since he offered it to her that night in July. Tucking his cell phone in his coat pocket, he waited for his date to arrive.

She did a few minutes later. His date, Robin's daughter, Denise looked stunning in her silvery dress. Standing in front of her future stepfather, she smiled, kissed his cheek and took his arm. It was one of the most romantic evenings she had ever had. They had dinner, flirted, danced, and went for a lovely walk afterward. They found themselves staring to each other's eyes on a pause in their walk.

Bob had just told her how much he enjoyed her company tonight. Denise caressed his trimmed white beard, looking lovingly into his eyes. Denise took a step back.

The moonlight that was illuminating her face, turned orange. Still looking in Bob's eyes, their surroundings changed from a romantic, nighttime park, to Bob's master bedroom. The orange glow of his fireplace was to their left. Not taking her eyes off his, Denise slowly slid her dress over her shoulders, sliding it down her stomach, letting it fall off her hips. Bob said nothing, watching as a nude Denise slowly removed his jacket, unbuttoned his shirt, sliding that off his shoulders as well.

Bob looked over the naked woman's body, nodded to her, bent down, scooped her up and took her to his bed. ******** "Well, how are things? Have you two gotten closer? Have you heard from Denise?" Nikki asked Robin on the phone the next morning. "I haven't heard from her. I spoken to Bob like I normally do, but he only mentioned that she stopped by," Robin said. "Ugh, I should've gone. I'd be on top of things. But that's ok. Anyway, your trip is coming up soon.

I want you and Joanne to shower together, maybe even take a nice bubble bath together. Maybe pretend she's someone else and you are really close with her. I think you should use this Bahama trip Bob is buying you to get even closer," Nikki tried to help.

"Sure," Robin rolled eyes. They ended the call, Robin sitting next to Joanne on the couch, "Nikki seems to think you and I are going to get it on when we go to the Bahamas." "Ha. Is that right?" Joanne passed her sister part of her biscuit. "She just likes to help. She likes to feel involved. I should've known she'd be excited about this challenge," Robin said, eating the morsel. ******** Denise was on her back, legs spread wide, her fingers gripping the silk sheets of Bob's bed as he lovingly lapped at her pussy.

It was a wonderful way to be woken up in the morning. They didn't go all night, but after Denise's final orgasm, which happened as Bob was ejaculating into her, they laid down, Denise in his arms. Bob held her close to him, kissing her head, sweetly, just like a father might. Denise melted in his arms, their nakedness reflecting light from the fireplace, watching the dwindling flames as the night progressed.

She fell asleep in his arms. After Denise climaxed the next morning due to Bob's oral skills, he guided his erect cock into her, rolled over on to his back and sat up, bringing one of Denise's breasts to his mouth.

"Bob," She whimpered. "Yes darling?" "So good," She breathed heavily, slowly grinding against him. "Our little secret, yes?" Bob asked, before resuming squeezing and nursing her breasts. "Yes!" she moaned her answer, right as another orgasm coursed through her. "Good," He said, grabbing her waist, feeling her shake in his grasp. They continued for the rest of the day. After each session they would rest, take a nap, or Bob would tickle her, flirt with her, ending the teasing with holding her against him.

Later that night, after dinner in bed, Bob had settled into a warm bubble bath Denise prepared for him. Getting in the huge tub with him, she poured herself some more champagne.

Afterward she poured Bob a glass. She gave it to him, slowly easing herself into the water, Bob's other hand guiding his cock gently into her hungry pussy. She let out a soulful moan when she straddled him, his cock embedded all the way. "This feels amazing," She said, sipping from her glass. "Yes you do," Bob said. Denise chuckled, "I meant the water, but yes, you feel great as well. Can I ask you something?" "Anything." "You said I could call you my father. I was thinking of something else," Denise said.

"Oh? What would that be?" Denise took his and her glasses and put on them on the side of the tub. She bent down, her breasts resting on Bob's chest, and kissed him seductively. "I was thinking I could call you dad." "I would love to be your dad," Bob answered. "And you can think of me as a daughter, not a stepdaughter," She kissed him again, harder and longer this time; Bob's hand coming out of the bubbles, gently rubbing her ass.

"I like the sound of that my sweet, beautiful girl," Bob said, kissing at Denise's neck. Denise broke away, grabbing his face, "Make love to me. Dad." "I will. All night, darling," Bob said, thrusting gently up into her. ******** The next evening, Denise's moans of pleasure were echoing off the bathroom walls. Bob was behind her in the shower, slowly guiding himself in and out of her. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head when Bob reached around to hold her large breasts as he made love to her.

When he came, Denise went to her knees before him, sucking him clean. "I trust you Denise," Bob said after she orally cleaned his cock.

"There's something I want to share with you." Denise kissed her way up Bob's stomach, chest and finally mouth. Moaning while they kissed, Bob held her close to his body while the steam enveloped them. "You can share anything with me," Denise said, Bob kissing at her neck, causing her to moan once more.

"I will," Bob said, bending down to kiss at her breasts, Denise arching her back for him. They finished their shower, Bob telling her to put on a robe if she liked, while he prepared to show her something. Bob put on some pajama pants and exited his bedroom. Denise was alone, wrapping herself up in the soft white robe, smiling at herself, and thinking about the last 24 hours of love-making to Bob.

"It was more than sex," she thought. To her it felt like finding a new father and making sure he knew how she felt.

She never had a chance to do that with her real father before he left when she was young. One thing she didn't think of was her mother Robin. It never once crossed her mind that she had slept with the man her mother was engaged to.

She even forgot about infiltrating and getting closer to him to learn of any wrong doings. She assumed he was going to get her another extravagant gift. Thirty minutes later Bob appeared, smiling, gesturing her to follow him. She wondered if it was a new car. Following him into his office, she watched him take a key to a small hole where a lamp on the wall was. After turning the key, Bob slid, what appeared to be a book shelf, to his left, revealing another room behind it.

He gestured Denise to enter it. Her mouth hung open in shock. She slowly walked into a room with many monitors and computers lined up on the wall. Video footage was playing on the various screens. Denise froze, paralyzed, unable to look away. Chapter 16 Bob's Secrets Denise saw a monitor displaying footage of Bob having sex with a blonde woman. She was on all fours and was looking over her shoulder at him, her large, muscular ass, jiggling with each impact from Bob. Another monitor showed two women making out in a bathroom stall.

One of them looked familiar to Denise, but couldn't say for sure who the woman was from her vantage point. Another monitor showed a young female using one of Bob's restrooms. Another monitor showed a younger man sitting across from Bob in his office.

The poor guy looked upset, as though he had been asked to do something unpleasant. Three other monitors all had different footage, but appeared to have the same brunette woman in each of them.

The people she was having sex with were all different three younger women. Another monitor had a bearded young man and an older redhead. He was muted, but Denise could tell he was talking to the camera, the woman in the background smiling.

Then Denise looked at a final monitor in the middle of the others. "You look so beautiful during sex, Denise," Bob whispered in her ear. Denise was watching footage of herself. She was on her knees, her arms extending behind her, her hands running through Bob's hair as he took her from behind, his hands holding her breasts.

"Bob what is " "There's more," He interrupted. He sat at a laptop, clicking to open some files, Denise sat in his lap watching him work. The files were blue prints and various house designs. Some other files were photos of land in various stages of development.

Marsh areas, palm trees, the beach, followed by foundations of homes, completed images of homes, and finally, a photo of a large concrete structure with a sign on it. The wording said: "The Haven." "That's the name of the neighborhood I own and had built.

It's in Charleston, South Carolina," Bob explained. "See that woman there on those three monitors? That's her and her children. They live in that neighborhood. See that guy I'm talking to in that one? He and his mother, the blonde I'm having sex with here, they'll be moving there too. There's more as well," Bob explained. "Since January, I've been issuing challenges to various people. The challenges involved sex with a relative - usually a mother and child.

However, my latest and final challenge was to a woman and her sister. I challenged her to seduce her sister for a very large sum of money. A little more than what I offered the others here.

Do you know why?" Bob asked. Denise just shook her head, still in shock. "Because it was your mother. I challenged her to have sex with your Aunt Joanne. If she goes through with it, she gets $45 million dollars in addition to what she gets when I pass away," Bob said. "If, if she doesn't do it?" "Well, then she only gets what's in my will.

But that's not the best part. These challenges have been to people who I was using as test subjects. These test subjects are moving into the homes of this neighborhood AFTER I see they have incestuous hearts via my challenges.

I needed to see if I could build a neighborhood where each and every house consists of special, incestuous, loving families. If your mother meets my challenge, then she and Joanne, and even the rest of the family, can move into a home there," Bob explained. "If not," Denise said. "Well, according to my will, she'll have complete ownership of the neighborhood when I die. But if she's isn't wanting to perform incest with her sister, she'd be missing out on that aspect.

She'd probably be the only non-incest house in the neighborhood if she moves in at all. Plus, she only gets ownership when I die, which may be awhile, and then again, it may not." "What if you two divorced or didn't get married?" Denise said, gulping, imagining a neighborhood where everyone lived as one community of incestuous families.

The challenge her mother issued her, to snoop and spy on Bob entered her mind next. "Well, she'd get nothing then, no houses, no ownership of that neighborhood," Bob answered, Denise couldn't let that happen. Even if her mother didn't have sex with Joanne, she'd still own that neighborhood when Bob died.

Denise and Henry could move there perhaps even before Bob passed away. She was speechless. "Bob, I don't know, this is," "Amazing, isn't it?" He asked. "Imagine a whole community of love that transcended any form of romantic love.

Full of love that encompassed all forms into one." Denise nodded and slowly stood. Turning to face Bob, she disrobed, straddled and kissed him. "Ah, my newest daughter," Bob said, looking into her golden brown eyes. "So beautiful, so perfect." "Why did you tell me about this?" Denise asked.

"Perhaps it was the way you spoke to me, calling me a dad, followed by making love to me. Perhaps I wondered if you and your son Henry ever crossed any lines.

Maybe if I had a mother like you, I would." Denise started tearing up, wiping her eyes with one hand, the other fishing out Bob's erection, "We have." "You and your son?" Bob asked, wincing as his cock entered her.

Denise sniffed and nodded. "Oh my sweet darling, that's so wonderful to hear." Denise cried, kissing Bob through her tears, slowly squatting up and down on him in the chair. Minutes later she orgasmed once again, throwing her head back, eyes shutting when the upside down monitors came into view. Bob climaxed as well, grabbing her breasts, injecting her with semen. ******** The next morning, Bob rolled off Denise after cumming in her, pulling her against his chest, catching their breaths, "I have five other daughters, Denise." "What?

Five?" She sat up on her elbow. "Yes. I impregnated my mother twice. Of those two daughters, Diane, knows I'm her father. We met as adults and have slept together quite a few times over the years. She was the first to move into The Haven with her son.

The other," Bob sighed, shaking his head. "I also impregnated my aunt. She had a daughter named Julie, who I found as an adult living nearby. She was my very first challenge. She was able to deduce I'm her father shortly before she and her son moved to Charleston." "I have two other daughters. They were with my first wife," Bob continued. "Sadly, I was a fool and didn't consider them my real daughters, even though they were.

My love for my mother and aunt blinded me to that. I lost contact with them shortly after they were born when their mother and I divorced many years ago." "Wow. Does my mom know?" Denise asked. "She only knows about my first marriage and that I'm estranged from those two daughters.

I hope one day I can find them. Perhaps one of my other children will. I kept my other children a secret from her. I couldn't exactly tell her about meeting them as adults, having sex with them and so on, so I kept my mouth shut." Denise didn't know what to say once again. She simply shook her head, wiped her eyes, and gave Bob a kiss. "Would you like to meet them? Julie and Diane that is. In The Haven?" Bob asked. "I suppose. When?" Denise asked.

"We can leave tomorrow. I have a small plane we can take. There's a small airport outside the city my pilot can land in. We can stay a few days, unless of course, you have more interviews," Bob said.

"No, no more interviews," Denise smiled, "I'd love to meet them and see this place." "Good, we'll leave tomorrow morning." Chapter 17 Traveling "That was Bob just checking in on us," Robin hung up her phone the next morning, thankful it wasn't Nikki that called. She and Joanne finished packing for their trip. "You know she's going to call and harass us about all this before our flight," Joanne said.

"Then I'll just let her drone on, in one ear and out the other. This challenge is really quite absurd, but whatever!" Robin sighed. "I hope you two have a great time," Krista said, watching them pack.

"We will! It'll be a great time," her mother said. "Thanks for taking us to the airport too." "Have I packed too much?" Joanne asked. "Maybe I shouldn't pack any clothes at all!" "Ha! Very funny. Nikki would say you shouldn't," Robin chuckled. "Ok, I think we're about done then. Krista, ready?" Joanne asked. Krista drove them to the airport, silently wondering if her aunt and mother would have sex.

She wondered if Joanne would go through with it. She found herself getting aroused at the thought of her and Allen going to the Bahamas with Joanne, stopping herself when she thought of her own mother joining in too. She secretly wanted something to happen, but dared not urge them on, for fear of exposing things with Allen. She wondered if her mother would even tell her if she and Joanne had sex on this trip. An hour later, Krista watched the two beautiful older women walk down the long terminal, secretly hoping they would make love to each other.

They hardly acted any different from that weekend Nikki was in town. They didn't seem interested in keeping up with Nikki's "coaching" either.

If they did go through it though, she and Allen could come out of their closet, so-to-speak, and everyone could be happy.

She sighed and turned to walk back to her car. "Ok, Ok! Geez," Robin fussed at Nikki. She called right before the plane took off and passengers had to turn off electronic devices. "Why'd you even answer?" Joanne asked. "Just to humor her. She's getting really antsy about this. She went on and on about the money, about you and I, and ugh, so silly," Robin said.

The two ladies were in first class, thanks to Bob. They dinged their champagne glasses, smiled at each other, making a small toast to a wonderful vacation. Sitting the glasses down, they held hands, the plane taking off to their island destination. ******** Bob's small private plane landed in an equally small airfield outside of Charleston shortly before noon.

He had a rental car waiting. Denise bent down to suck his cock while he drove; Bob chuckled, pulling over to park instead. He told her he wanted her to take in all her surroundings. Denise agreed, giving him a blowjob, swallowing his seed on the side of the road, before making the drive into town. Bob phoned his daughters informing them he was in town on a surprise visit, explaining his sexy new daughter was with him.

Diane and her son weren't home, but would be the following day. Therefore, Julie's home was the first stop. The dirty blonde, busty, 41-year-old greeted her father with a wide toothy grin.

Denise's eyes widened seeing Julie in a small, red, thong bikini. She was outside planting some flowers in the front yard. She hugged Bob, followed by a long kiss on the mouth. Bob introduced Denise, explaining she was his newest daughter, his hand cupping her ass so Julie could see. Julie gave Bob a knowing smile, hugged Denise, welcoming her and her mother to the family. Just then, a young man, around 18, exited Julie's home, hopping down the front steps.

"And who is this young man?" Bob asked, thinking he looked a little familiar. "Oh that's Lenny. He lives a few houses down. He had a sleep over last night," Julie said, putting her arm around the kid's waist. "Ah, you're friends with her son?" Bob asked. Lenny blushed, looking to the grass.

"Well, yes, they are friends. But it was just Lenny and I last night. My son, stayed with Lenny's mom. He should be home soon," Julie explained. "Ok, I better go," Lenny blushed again. "Alright, give me some sugar," Julie said, pulling the younger guy in for a steamy kiss, causing Denise to blush too. "Tell your mom I said hello.

Hope she wasn't too wild for my boy." Lenny nodded, waved to everyone, and made his way down the sidewalk. Julie gave Denise a tour of her massive home. There were six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a huge dining room, a pool and hot tub in the backyard, along with a very spacious living room area. Julie explained she hoped, in time, to fill the bedrooms with other family members. For now it was just her and her son, Ray.

They were chatting in the upstairs bedroom Julie and Ray occupied. It was then that Ray arrived home from the neighbors. "We're up here Ray!" his mother called to him. Bob shook his hand; he was introduced to Denise, shaking her hand politely.

Bob and Ray talked amongst themselves, while Denise and Julie did the same. "So, um, your son was at another mother's house last night?" Denise quietly asked. "Mmhmm, they recently moved in and I made her a casserole. Ray went with me to give it to them. She thought Ray was a cutie and asked if she could borrow him for the night.

I said sure, as long as I get to borrow her son. So that's what happened!" Julie informed Denise. Ray came over, putting his arm around his bikini-clad mother, "Her daughters got involved didn't they?" Julie asked him. Ray blushed and nodded. "Great now you'll be over there all the time!" she joked. "It didn't bother you that your son was with another mother?" Denise asked, glancing at the blushing teen. "Nah," Julie waved her hand, then gave Bob another hug and kiss. "We're all cool moms here, there's no drama or anything like that.

It's kinda like we're all one big family, I guess," she said, resting her arms on Bob's shoulders, kissing him several times. "Thanks to you!" "I don't know about that," Bob chuckled. Denise's heart melted, this all seemed incredible. "Are you taking me out tonight, dad?" Julie asked. "I'd love to," Bob smiled. "Great! Denise you're a mother, right?" Julie turned, asking her. "Yes I am, why?" "Can you babysit?" Julie winked, nodding to her 18-year-old son. Denise tried not to laugh and nodded in return.

******** "So, you and your mom," Denise said, sitting next to Ray with a bowl of popcorn, watching TV. "Yep," He quickly replied. "You don't care that she's not with you tonight and that she was with another kid last night?" Denise asked. "Nope, we're kinda together, so at the end of the day she's still mine. Forever," Ray said. "Right, more than just mom and son," Denise nodded.

"You like living here?" "We love it. My mom got so much money from Bob we don't have to work. I'm taking a year off from college to spend time here with her," Ray said. "That's wonderful. Will you miss her when you do decide to go to school?" "Yeah, I'm hoping to go somewhere close.

But either way, I'll know she'll visit me at school," Ray said. Denise couldn't stop smiling. This seemed like a wonderful place. She imagined her and Henry living here. She imagined her mother one day living here. She had no idea if Robin would be involved in the incestuous nature of The Haven, but she hoped that her and her Aunt Joanne might be.

In the back of Denise's mind, it meant her and Henry could also come out with their secret relationship. "Ok, it's 10pm, bedtime for you!" Denise said, standing, pulling Ray up with her. "Huh?" He asked. "I'm your babysitter and I say it's bedtime!" Denise joked, pulling Ray along.

"I, uh," Ray stammered when Denise pushed him into his and his mother's bedroom. She stood in front of him, removed her tank top, and unclasped her bra, letting her large breasts free. "It's bedtime," She winked. Ray's open mouth slowly curled into a smile.

Several hours later, Denise was woken to sounds of laughter. It was Bob and Julie finally getting home. She removed Ray's arm from around her naked body, sat up, got off the bed, and tip-toed down the hall.

She peeped into one of the guest rooms to see Julie naked, straddling Bob. She watched the two of them make love for a few moments, before smiling and heading back to bed. She curled up in Ray's arms, running her hands up and down his stomach, she thought about how much she missed Henry, wondering if he'd love this place too. ******** "So how was he?" Julie asked a shocked Denise, sitting at a smaller kitchen table the next morning.

Julie was nude, serving breakfast, after saying she only put on clothing to leave the house. Denise couldn't help think of the similarities between herself and this woman. "Oh, he was very good. Very sweet, too," Denise looked over to a clothed Ray. "Good. His mother taught him well," Julie said. "Morning Dad," She said to Bob when he entered, tying his pajama pants. "I'm so glad you call me that," Bob said, pulling Julie in for a long kiss.

The four of them ate breakfast, chatting about nothing important, mundane things, just like a regular family except one of them was naked. Chapter 18 The Bahamas The resort was an immaculate, newly renovated, vacation spot.

It had its own staff and the rooms were basically villas each having their own back courtyard with a bubbling hot tub. "Oh wow, this is amazing, Joanne!" Robin placed her bag on the bed and checked out the bathroom. The shower was huge large enough to fit two people. "Look out here!

Oh my…" Joanne looked into the small courtyard, noticing the hot tub. Robin joined her, standing next to her; she put her arm around Joanne's waist.

"Bob was nice to send us here," Joanne said. "Yeah, this is amazing, it really is. Thank you Bob!" Robin laughed.

Joanne grabbed Robin's face, bringing it to hers, kissing her hard. "Mmm, eager to get started sis?" Robin said, breaking the kiss.

"I've been wet since we got on the plane this morning," Joanne said, pulling her sister in for another passionate kiss. "Well, then, let's get to it," Robin said, taking a step back, looking at Joanne seductively. The sisters embraced once again, kissing frantically, peeling and tearing their clothes off. Joanne spun Robin around, pinning her against the wall, "Silly Nikki." Robin moaned, pushing Joanne away, grabbing her bra, yanking it hard, "We didn't need her coaching at all." Joanne tore her sister's bra off, kissing her again, smashing their breasts together, "But like you said, she loves to feel included." "I'm giving her a share of the money, might as well include her," Robin added, unzipping Joanne's shorts, helping her slide them down, while Joanne did the same to Robin.

"This is quite absurd. What we're doing for money," Joanne noted, stepping out of her shorts, her mouth attacking Robin's again. "Mmhmm," Robin moaned into the kiss, "but we're old, might as well have fun!" The two sisters spun each other around a few times against the wall, making their way to the back door leading out into the small, private courtyard, which featured the hot tub.

"I've never been with a woman," Joanne breathed in between kisses. "Neither have I," Robin replied. "But we're old, I don't give a shit, we're getting paid, so let's fuck!" "I agree!" Joanne said, dipping to scoop up her older sister. "We'll figure it out!" Robin's legs wrapped around Joanne who was struggling to hold her sister's weight. She basically tackled her down into the hot tub, causing both of them to laugh and scream.

Robin regained her balance, quickly tackling her sister in return. Continuing their kissing, Robin's fingers went to Joanne's crotch, sliding up and down her pussy lips; her thumb grazing Joanne's engorged clit. Getting lost in the sensations Robin was sending through her spine, Joanne nearly forgot she had a pussy to play with too, her sister's. Joanne pushed Robin to standing position in the middle of the hot tub, her hand mimicking Robin's actions.

The two sisters paused their kissing, gazing into each other eyes, stimulating each other's clits. Their fingers simultaneously dipped into each other's vagina, curling forward, causing each other to moan with ecstasy, never taking their eyes off the other.

They resumed kissing, their tongues getting involved, swirling around in each other's mouth while they fingered each other, standing in the hot tub. Then it happened, for both of them. That tingling, burning, explosion building and building, getting bigger and bigger, coursing through them in waves of pleasure; the two sisters climaxed together. "Yess!" they both cried out in the hot tub, their hands furiously working, their arms speeding up and down, against each other's bodies.

When it passed, they held each other, out of breath, moaning. "Let's go inside," Robin said. Minutes later, after a brief discussion of positions and determining what would be most comfortable for the two of them, the sisters were on their backs in bed, their legs interlocked with one another, their pussies grinding against the backs of each other's thighs.

Joanne moaned, gripping Robin's knee. Robin moaned in return, placing her hand on top of Joanne's. "I can feel it again," Robin cried out. "Me too! I'm, I'm cumming!" Joanne exclaimed. Their legs tightened, trapping each other in a vice, their bodies shaking with orgasmic delight. Joanne climbed on top of Robin, making sure their thighs ground against each other's pussies, kissing her passionately. "We're doing it," Robin spoke, "we're millionaires." "Well you were marrying one," Joanne said, grinding against her sister.

"I know but now, you're rich, we all are," Robin said, grinding back. They came again minutes later. "I've never eaten pussy before," Joanne said, spinning around into a 69 position.

"May I?" she asked, looking over her shoulder. "Of course, I want to try it too!" Robin answered. The next hour consisted of the siblings licking, kissing, and eating each other out in a 69 position.

Joanne was on top first, they took a break, and then Robin got on top. Afterward they laughed about how their jaws were sore. Holding each other, making dinner plans, Robin remembered they didn't bring the camera Bob gave her. They thought for a moment in silence, then turned to each other, smiling mischievously about an idea each of them had.

They showered next, taking turns sucking each other's breasts, kissing over each other's bodies. They went to dinner, took a nice walk around the resort, and ending the evening attempting a crab-like position.

They propped themselves up on the hands and feet, their pussies meeting in the middle, grinding against each other for several mutual orgasms. They fell asleep, naked, in each other's arms, with huge smiles on their face. They woke the next morning, showered again, ate breakfast, and sat out by the pool in their bikinis, flipping through magazines, like nothing had happened.

Chapter 19 The Haven Continued That same morning, after breakfast with Julie and her son, Bob and Denise walked down to Diane's. She and her son, Elliot, went on a small trip together and were returning home. Diane and Elliot were considerably older than Julie and Ray. She was 53 and Elliot had recently turned 31. "So I guess that makes Bob my father-brother?" Diane chuckled, after meeting Denise, explaining again, that Diane's mother was also Bob's, and that Bob was Diane's father.

"Yes, you're right. Julie is a daughter-cousin then," Bob chuckled back. Denise smiled at both of them. "I came out ok. At least I don't think there's anything wrong with me," Diane jabbed her son. "I'm sure Elliot wouldn't agree." "You are pretty crazy," Elliot jabbed her back, making his way to the kitchen. Their house shared an identical floor plan with Julie's. "Crazy in bed," Diane smiled to Bob, hugging him again.

After lunch, Diane suggested they all get in the hot tub. Bob said he'd join them a little later after making a phone call. Denise put on the same bikini Bob had gotten her. Diane complimented her on it. "She has nice boobs too, doesn't she Elliot?" "Huh? Uh, yeah," he smiled awkwardly at Denise as if to apologize for his mother's silliness. Inside Diane's home, Bob was on the phone with his doctor, "I don't need to go to the emergency room." "Bob, are you sure?

Please don't hesitate to do so," His doctor sternly advised. "I'll be fine, it's passing now. I feel better," Bob told a half truth, rubbing his chest. His doctor sighed on the other end of the phone, "Alright. I'm still stopping by when you get back." Minutes later, Bob joined the others in the hot tub, Diane sliding next to him, curling up against him.

"You going to take me out tonight?" she asked, just like her half-sister/cousin hybrid, Julie. "I'd love to," Bob smiled. Diane moaned, reaching under the water, into Bob's swim trunks, attempting to pull his cock out. "Mom! Come on," Elliot said. "He doesn't want to see my old man penis. I don't even want to see it," Bob chuckled, his daughter laughing, withdrawing her hand from his shorts. "I'm going to try to get my other sisters in here, living with us," Diane said.

"Poor Elliot will be surrounded by sexy blonde women." Elliot nodded and shrugged. The four of them chatted a little longer, Diane increasing her flirts with Bob to the point where Elliot suggested they go inside. Diane thought that was a great idea, leaving Denise and Elliott alone in the hot tub.

She was sitting across from him and figured she'd use this time to interview him similar to how she interviewed Ray. "So, you and her are together as well?" Denise asked. "That's right," Elliot answered. "I was married. But my wife wasn't very attentive.

In short, mom gave me the attention I needed. And it is incredible." "I know," Denise smiled. "Oh yeah? You have a son?" "I do, and yes, we are together as well," Denise answered. "Maybe you two can move here one day. It's a great place; we got a nice private beach area too. I love it," Elliot said. "I'm guessing your mom and Bob are uh, upstairs," Denise winked. "Probably. They'll probably be out all night too.

She's pretty wild," Elliot said. "Wears me out." "Do you have any other family members that know about you and her?" Denise asked. "Yeah my sisters know about it. One of them was a little shocked when we told her, the other was totally for it," Elliot explained. "Do others in your family know about you and your son?" "No, I'd love to tell them. I'd love to live here with all of them, maybe even under one roof.

But I'm not at that point yet. There are certain things involving my mother that need to be worked out first," Denise said, wondering if her mom and Aunt Joanne had sex yet. "Well I hope everything works out for you. You seem like a lovely woman," Elliot smiled. The two of them were startled by a loud moan coming from inside the house.

Elliot chuckled, shaking his head, "Mom." "She's getting into it," Denise added. "There seems to be a lot of sex here." Elliot smiled, leaning back, enjoying the sun. "Yeah there is. It's all casual sharing of mothers with other children or sisters and brothers and so on. There's a house full of redheads down the street, they are all friendly, and even invited us over.

It led to an orgy of course," Elliot explained, watching the white, fluffy clouds float above them. "It's kinda like everyone is part of one large family. The mothers are everyone's mother, occasionally sharing kids with each other, their own biological children are their main lovers of course," he added.

"Sounds like a beautiful system," Denise said. "It is. If we keep getting more families to move in, I can only imagine the size of the Mother's Day orgy we'd most likely have," Elliot said. Denise thought about his words, picturing entire family units joining with others, their offspring making love to all of them. Denise stood in the middle of the tub, reaching around, undoing her bikini top, letting it fall in to the water.

"Elliot." He looked to her topless body, his mouth curling into a smile. "Shall we?" Denise asked. "Might as well," he shrugged. Denise pulled her bottoms off and straddled Elliot. Inside the house, Diane was looking out of her bedroom window, watching Denise ride her son. Bob was standing behind her, slamming into her.

"Ahh yes! Harder!" Diane begged. Bob grunted as he worked, Diane's eyes rolled into the back of her head. ******** That evening, Bob took Diane out to dinner and as Elliot predicted, they were out late.

"You could talk to a realtor," Elliot suggested holding Denise against his body on one of the lounge chairs by the pool. "You and your son could move in. I'm sure Bob wouldn't mind." "Maybe. I really want my mom to move in here. She's not incestuous like us, but," Denise replied.

"But what?" "I'm hoping certain things will happen," Denise said, unsure if she should tell this guy about the challenge. "If things do happen, then yes, my son and I will move in." She closed her eyes imagining all of them in the house together. She wanted to call Robin and tell her about everything. But Robin didn't tell Denise of the challenge. Her mother had no idea any of her children were in incestuous relationships.

In that same moment that Denise gazed to the starry sky above them, her mother and aunt were in the Bahamas moaning, cumming, joining their bodies in orgasmic bliss.

The next day, Julie called the new neighbor she traded sons with to ask if two of her daughters were available for Ray and Elliot. Diane wanted to spend some quality time with just Bob, Denise, and Julie. They stayed the night at Diane's. Denise's future stepsisters slowly removed her clothing, telling her to relax, not be nervous, and reminded her they were all family.

They guided Denise to Bob, letting her cum on him first. Rubbing her back as she ground against him, they kissed her arms, shoulders, and neck. Denise's eyes opened wide when the two women each took one of her breasts, kissing and sucking them gently. "It's ok, darling," Bob whispered. She looked into his face, grinding against him, she let an orgasm wash over her nearly the most powerful one she had ever had.

The other two women took turns riding Bob in a similar fashion. They went on all night. Just like Robin and Joanne. The two sisters collapsed on the bed in their resort room, exhausted and sweaty, kissing each other's lips over and over before fading off to sleep.

Chapter 20 Phone Calls The Bahamian employee of the resort knocked on Joanne and Robin's room, a smug grin on his face, he's done this before. He politely asked Joanne to keep the noise down. Robin was on the bed, wrapped in a towel, putting finger nail polish on.

Joanne in a similar towel eyed the employee up and down. "When do you get off work?" She asked him. "I am off duty at 5 pm, in one hour, ma'am," He asked.

The luckiest employee at the resort knew what Joanne was getting at. "Do you mind?" She turned around to Robin. "Oh no, go ahead. Go out and have fun. I have to call Nikki and tell her about everything anyway," Robin answered. An hour and half later, Joanne wearing a lovely sundress, answered the door. The same employee answered, extending his arm. "We'll be back," Joanne looked at him, then back to her sister, "tomorrow." "Have fun," Robin chuckled, she was exhausted and was perfectly fine with her younger sister going out.

Joanne pulled her dress up, exposing her bare ass to her sister as they left. Robin called Nikki a few minutes later. She cheered excitedly for her.

They then discussed how to inform Bob and prove to him they did the deed, since Robin forgot to bring the camera. After they figured out a delightful plan, Robin called her other daughter Krista, telling her the same news. Her and Allen were in the middle of sex, but Krista paused, recognizing the ring tone. She pretended to be happy, but in truth she was overjoyed. She agreed to the plan Robin and her Aunt Nikki came up with, hoping she didn't sound too enthusiastic. She told Allen and the two lovers, thinking about how to tell them of their relationship.

Krista decided she would when Robin gets home. ********* Denise was back at Bob's home. They made love for most of the day, rolling around on his bed. Visiting The Haven made her miss Henry even more. She wanted to call him and tell him all about it, but more than that she wanted to see how he was healing up. "I'm at 95% mom," Henry excited told her. "In two days I should be 100% healed and ready to go!" Denise started crying, tears of joy, mixed with tears of desire, and tears of bittersweet memories.

She desired Henry so badly, but never expected to learn of such wonderful things about Bob and The Haven. The next evening she left Bob's, giving him a loving kiss goodbye, caressing his face, telling him he'd see him at the wedding, following by a genuine "I love you, dad." She went to Ulysses' apartment to return his key and gather any clothes she may have left there.

She stayed the night, planning on leaving at dawn the next day. Denise watched the sunrise out of Ulysses' balcony. She was dressed and her bags were packed.

He exited his bathroom, still naked, searching for some pajama pants, putting them on, and made his way over to Denise. He rubbed her shoulders, "You sure you don't want breakfast? I'll be glad to fix you some." Denise shook her head, turning around to face him, "I need to be going. But thank you." He escorted her to his door, hugging her, kissing her goodbye.

Denise trailed her hand up and down Ulysses' bare stomach, "I want you to promise me to focus on your stepmother. Make her your everything. Not that you haven't already, but please, just do it." "Denise, I, I will. I love her," Ulysses answered. "Make sure she knows it that you love her in every way.

Maybe you could even move," Denise stopped. "Move?" She sighed heavily, not wanting to get ahead of herself; it could be a long time before she ever saw The Haven again, IF she did.

She didn't want to go inviting people to live at this place just yet. "Just make her your world," She gave Ulysses another long kiss goodbye, thanking him for letting her stay there. Halfway home, she called her mother.

Robin and Joanne were packing for their return flight the next day. "So, you're going home. How was it? Did you uncover anything about Bob?" Robin asked. Denise thought for a split second about all the love making sessions, about learning of his incestuous challenges, about building The Haven, about meeting his children, about his plans for Robin. "No, nothing," She answered. "He was a perfect gentleman. He took me shopping for clothes, he was sweet, entertaining, he was perfect.

You are a lucky woman, mom. We're all lucky to have him join the family," Denise added, wiping away a tear with a hand, quickly putting it back on the stirring wheel. Robin sighed a sigh of relief, "That's wonderful." They ended their phone call. Joanne asked what Denise said. Robin smiled, shaking her head, "She didn't find anything.

She said he was a perfect gentleman. I guess he just had a fetish for me and you to get it on for money." "Well, then, our little plan to prove to him what we've done here should be a very enjoyable reward for him," Joanne said, taking Robin, kissing her, grabbing her breasts. Chapter 21 Return "Mom," Henry said, seeing his mother in tears, standing outside their home in Miami. He rushed to her, picking her up, spinning her around. Denise began kissing him, guiding him back inside.

Once indoors, she's began peeling off her clothes, guiding Henry back to their bedroom. Her top, her bra, her belt, her shorts, her thong, mixed with Henry's t-shirt, shorts, and boxers. She pushed him back on the bed, her lips glued to his. He sat up, guiding her to straddling position. Denise nearly came when he entered her. Seconds later she did. She shuddered in his arms, his hands holding her face, kissing her, sending her overboard. She began crying, wiping away tears.

"Mom?" Henry asked. "I have so much to tell you," She said, his perfect, functioning cock balls deep inside her. "You had an amazing spy adventure?" He chuckled. His mother shook her head, "There's so many beautiful things I learned, Henry." "Tell me." "I will, but for now, I want you to keep fucking me until the sun comes up," Denise ordered her son. "Yes ma'am," Henry replied, taking one of her large breasts to his mouth. ******** "Yes!" Nikki barged into Robin's house, startling her and Joanne.

She sped as fast as she could from her home in South Carolina; incidentally a few miles from the utopian Haven, Denise was shown. "I'm ready!" She squealed. "Ok, ok, calm down. Let's get Krista over here and discuss it with her," Robin said. Krista arrived a little later, assuring her mother that the plan they decided on was ok with her. "Please be honest with me.

If you are uncomfortable doing this," Robin asked her daughter. "Mom, it's fine, I understand," Krista said, biting her bottom lip, blushing, wanting to scream to the room that she and Allen were together. She didn't. Carefully biding her time until it was right. "Ok, Joanne?" Robin looked to her sister. "Nikki and I," Joanne said, looking to her beaming younger sister, "are going to teach you ladies something.

It's something that I could do during my marriage and Nikki apparently can do as well." "Ready?" Nikki asked. Krista and Robin nodded. "This will be a great thing when we show Bob. But we need to practice," Joanne added. "There are tricks to allow us to do this," Nikki said. "We're ready," Robin spoke up. "Undress," Joanne said, glancing at her niece. All four women removed their clothing.

******** Days passed. They practiced and practiced, rehearsing their routine over and over. They were ready. Nikki told them all she quit her job, she was on her way to become a millionaire.

On Labor Day weekend, a few weeks from Robin's wedding, she drove them to Atlanta to stay with Bob. Halfway there, Nikki spoke up. "None of you all asked about my singles cruise I went on in July." "Oh, sorry, how was it?" Robin replied, sitting in the passenger side seat. "I ran into Ted. He was on the same cruise," Nikki said, speaking of her 25-year-old son. "Yeah. I fucked him." Joanne spit out her water, getting some of it on the back of Robin's seat.

"You did?!?" Robin asked. "Yep. It was beyond amazing," Nikki answered. "All this incest talk, and the fact I hadn't seen him in a long time. It happened. I don't regret it. I'm going to New York and drag his ass down here to live with me later this month, before the wedding." Robin and Joanne chuckled at the interesting news. Krista cleared her throat, quietly speaking. "Allen and I have been lovers for over a year now." Robin's mouth dropped, turning around to look in the back seat, "Krista.

Really?" "Mmhmm," She smiled back. "When he came home from the Marines." "Oh sweetie, that's, that's wonderful," Robin said. "Look at me! Saying that you and your son doing that is wonderful!" she laughed.

"Well it is," Nikki added. "After everything you and Joanne did and all of us did, I think it is." Krista leaned to her right, into her Aunt Joanne's arms, overcome with joy that she was able to get it off her chest thanks to her Aunt Nikki. The next hour, the car ride was spent in quiet reflection.

Krista sat up, smiling at her Aunt Joanne. "Joanne." "Yes sweetie?" She asked. "When I was 18, I remember masturbating to thoughts of you. I would pretend you were my first lesbian encounter," Krista said. Joanne's mouth dropped, a few seconds later, they started giggling. "We're going to have a wonderful weekend," Joanne told everyone in the car.

Chapter 22 Proof Robin arranged everything. She alluded that she and Joanne had slept together and wanted to prove it to Bob. She asked him to wait in his office for them to arrive at his home.

Bob wasn't told that Krista and Nikki would be joining them. The women let themselves in, pausing before entering Bob's office. "Everyone ready?" Robin asked.

"Just like we practiced. Krista, Joanne, you two think you'll be able to pull it off?" Nikki whispered. "I think so yes, mind over matter, like you taught us," Joanne answered. "Good, let's undress," Robin said. The four women quietly began removing their clothes, placing them in a neat pile by the door.

When everyone was naked, Robin knocked on Bob's office door. "Come in!" He said, thinking he'd be watching Robin and Joanne. When four naked women, instead of two, made their way into his office, he looked on in shock.

"Robin?" "Shhh, no talking." The four brunettes lined up before him, Bob sitting on the edge of his desk, watching.

Nikki, Robin, Joanne, Krista, stood, naked, smiling at him. Robin cleared her throat, Nikki turned to her, gently pushing her to face Joanne. Krista did the same on the other side. Robin and Joanne joined hands, Nikki and Krista behind them, caressing their backs. The two sisters started kissing. The kissing intensified.

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Growing and growing until they were holding each other, groping each other, slowly guiding each other to the rug on the floor. Krista knelt behind Joanne, Nikki behind Robin. They broke their kiss, sitting back on their hands and feet, staring at one another. They brought their pussies together, squatting up and down, grinding them against the other. Krista holding her aunt, Nikki holding her sister, as Robin and Joanne were scissoring, moaning and grunting their way to an orgasm.

Krista felt her Aunt Joanne tense up, she knew hers was approaching. Robin and Joanne threw their head back, eyes to the ceiling, crying out in pleasure. Krista felt Joanne shake and cum in her arms. When Robin and Joanne came down from their orgasm, they looked over their respective shoulders, unwrapping their entwined legs from each other.

Krista helped Joanne go to all fours, Nikki doing the same to Robin. Nikki then moved over to Krista, who was also going to her hands and knees. "Initiate the love circle," she whispered to the group. "Really? Is that what we're calling it?" Joanne whispered back, rolling her eyes.

Nikki ignored Joanne, bringing her mouth to Krista's ass. Krista brought hers to Joanne's and Joanne brought hers to Robin's. Finally, Robin completed the circle, bringing her mouth to Nikki's ass. The four women began licking and kissing each other's puckered holes. After several minutes, they all began lowering themselves to the floor, lying on their sides. Krista moaned, as her mouth invaded her Aunt Joanne's pussy, her head trapped between Joanne's thighs.

Nikki was swirling her tongue around her niece, Krista's, pussy, her head in a similar trap. Joanne was eating out Robin and Robin was eating out Nikki just like they had been practicing.

Bob looked on, his mouth hanging open. All four women were eating pussy for the next several minutes for Bob. His office was filled with moans of pleasure. He sat on the edge of his desk watching this circle of pussy eating relatives with a shocked expression on his face.

Krista struggled to keep it together, tasting Joanne's pussy almost always caused her to cum, but they had been practicing this for days at Robin's. She held it together and kept eating. Joanne struggled too. The secret weapon Nikki and Robin taught them was truly mind over matter, but her niece was so very skilled at eating her out.

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Finally it was time time for them to unleash their secret weapon upon Bob. Robin stopped licking Nikki's pussy, which caused her to stop doing the same to Krista, and so on, until Joanne withdrew her tongue from Robin. Their bodies were weak, nearly ready to explode. Their minds were wrought with erotic desires. Their pussies were dripping onto Bob's carpet.

They all lined back up, on the floor, propping themselves up with one arm, bringing their other to their own pussies. The four women began furiously rubbing their clits, facing Bob's direction. He watched as they masturbated in front of him, unable to speak or move. "Ready?" Robin called out, her voice trembling. "Yes!" the other three cried with pleasure. "Bob. Sit on the floor!" Robin ordered him, barely able to keep her orgasm in.

Bob did as he was asked, four pussies all facing him, less than an arm's length away. He could reach out and touch each of them if he wanted, but their owners were too busy rubbing themselves to orgasm. Then it happened. All four climaxed at once. Bob's eyes shot open when he noticed Robin's pussy emitting clear fluid, squirting all over Bob's shirt.

Nikki was half a second behind Robin, dousing Bob with her squirting juices. Next was Joanne, having been taught by her sisters, climaxed and squirted her nectar all over Bob. Finally, having trouble, Krista thought of Allen, she thought of Joanne, she thought of Bob, she thought of everything that had happened this summer.

She thought of family-wide orgies. The image of her, her aunts and mother, making love to her and her son, caused her pussy to erupt like never before.

All those practice sessions and instructions from Nikki paled in comparison to the torrential, water hose-like spray of her vaginal fluids onto a shocked Bob. When it was done, the four women collapsed, lying on their backs, shivering, shaking, and writhing with pleasure until their orgasms subsided. Bob sat there, mouth hanging open, pussy juice dripping off his bearded chin, his shirt drenched, saying nothing.

He wasn't sure if he was awake or dreaming. Chapter 23 Money, Love, Truth Bob slowly came to his senses, aware that he was awake and what he had just witnessed wasn't a dream. The four women were still moaning, coming off their climax, but gradually started sitting up. Bob had wiped his face of their fluids and made his way behind his desk. Sitting there, he paused, still in shock. He watched Nikki stand and help Robin up, Krista doing the same with Joanne. The four of them, hands held behind their back, looked at Bob with small smiles on their face.

He watched them stare back at him, blinking rapidly, shaking himself out of his trance; he reached into the side drawer and pulled out a checkbook. He struggled to write four checks. Finally finishing, he made his way to the lineup of ladies, handing them each a check. It took all of Nikki's composure to keep from squealing with delight when she received a $50 million dollar check. Joanne and Krista's reactions were more subdued, but thankful, for their own $50 million.

Robin, however, threw her arms around Bob, holding him tightly, thanking him for the $100 million dollar check she had just earned. It was far more that what she was initially going to receive on top of what was in Bob's will for her. The three other women hugged him too, Robin kissing him passionately, guiding the others to assist her with removing Bob's clothing. When he was naked, they guided him on his back, onto his desk. Each of them took turns riding him, cumming on his cock.

Robin went last. She nodded to Bob and they climaxed together, Bob filling her with his seed. They walked, arm in arm, all five, to his master bedroom next, collapsing on it with Bob in the middle. He used Nikki's flat stomach as a pillow.

Robin was on his right side, Joanne on his left. Krista was on the other side of Joanne. A few moments after they settled down, Joanne rolled over, facing her niece. They caressed each other's face, smiling lovingly into their eyes and began kissing. ******** All five showered the next morning. They bathed Bob, kissed him, sucked him, and did the same to each other.

The water went cold since they were in there so long. Bob joined them in the dining room for lunch. He put on a bathrobe and sat at the head of the table with four naked women. "Bob, why don't you get naked like us?" Nikki asked. "Because you ladies are trying to eat. I would hate for you to lose your lunch!" Bob joked. After their meal, filled with laughter, Bob cleared his throat. "You get more than that money, Robin." "There's more?" She asked.

"In my will, I've left you an entire neighborhood. It's in Charleston. I built a haven of sorts for incestuous families. I've never told you, but I was involved with my mother and aunt, sexually. I had two children with my mother and one from my aunt. Two of those three will be at our wedding this month.

I met them as adults, and yes, I've made love to them," Bob explained. "Bob," Robin said, her eyes tearing up. "There's more. Now that you are incestuous, experiencing this most unique love with your family, I want all of you to move into that neighborhood after our wedding. For all I care, you each can have a home there," Bob added. Robin was speechless, nodding her head in agreement. She glanced at her daughter and sisters. She stood, urging them to stand as well, all four leading Bob back to bed for an afternoon of lovemaking.

As the sun was setting, Nikki was talking casually about plans for the evening. Joanne sat up, looking over to Krista on the other side of Bob. "I was thinking Krista. Why don't you and I go out on another date?" Krista smiled from ear to ear, "I'd love to." "Mom, since Bob was honest earlier, I thought I'd be honest as well," Krista said, Robin, resting her head on Bob's stomach, sat up. "As you know I used to work for Bob around a decade ago, before you and he met.

Well, we had a sexual relationship pretty much my entire tenure with his company," Krista confessed. "I thought you should know. I kept it a secret, thinking it might upset you when you and Bob started dating." "Oh sweetie, no, it was in the past and now, everything is different," Robin said, pulling her daughter in for a passionate kiss, her tongue swirling around in Krista's mouth. Bob and the others watched them make out for a few minutes.

Robin ended the kiss, wiping Krista's mouth, "We're going to have a wonderful life in this haven Bob has built." A little later, Joanne and Krista were holding hands, walking around Bob's mansion, still naked. They ran into Nikki, who was adjusting her makeup and hair in a mirror by the front entrance.

She was actually clothed. "What are you up to?" Joanne asked. "Oh. Well, I'm going to see a friend tonight. Luckily, his number was still the same from years ago," Nikki explained brushing her hair, adjusting her cleavage and sexy black dress.

"Let that be a lesson, ladies, always keep the phone numbers of the good fucks. You never know when you might need it again!" They laughed, watching her leave, driving off in a convertible Bob let her use. The night ended for each one in the same way. "Ahh! Ahh!" Joanne and Krista had rolled around on the ground, falling into the shallow end of the swimming pool, splashing as they ground their pussies together, scissoring in the moonlight.

"I love you!" Krista called to her aunt. "I love you too!" Joanne replied. "Ahh! Ahh!" Nikki cried out as Ulysses thrust upward, pinning her against his wall, her legs around his back. "I love that cock!" "Ugh, ugh," Ulysses grunted, holding her up by her ass, bouncing her up and down. "I'm surprised you remember me," Nikki said between breaths.

"I remember everyone," Ulysses said, slamming her down on the bed. "Ahh! Ahh!" Robin climaxed once again on Bob, collapsing on top of him, kissing him. "Thank you," She said. "No thank you, Robin. I'm so glad you'll move to Charleston. It's a beautiful neighborhood and I don't mean just the houses and scenery." "I can't wait to spend the rest of my days there with you and our families," Robin kissed him once again, before falling asleep in his arms.

Chapter 24 Wedding and Epilogue It was a small ceremony. After Labor Day weekend, Robin had to pull a lot of strings to cancel the venue in Jacksonville, where the service was going to originally be held, and move it to Charleston. It took place on the private beach belonging to The Haven. There wasn't even enough time for Robin to even move in yet. She wanted it to be in that location though. The attendees consisted of Robin's family, including Denise and Henry.

Also, the growing population of The Haven all residents now thanks to Bob. The bride and groom stood in front of a small gazebo at the beach entrance. Robin was wearing a simple dress, a little bit of cleavage, but nothing wild. Bob was wearing khaki shorts and a nice white shirt.

Denise had planned on telling Robin about her and Henry after the service, since she was able to deduce the reasoning behind Robin wanting to marry there. Denise didn't get a chance to. After not following doctor's suggestions, after not seeking help when he should have, Bob's health decisions caught up with him, leading to his own demise, his downfall. He collapsed shortly before he and Robin were to end the ceremony with a kiss.

It was far worse than the others. Bob wasn't unable to calm himself down. The chest pains didn't pass. It was bad. He knew what was happening, he knew how things would end. Someone called 911. Robin hovered over him, crying, holding his hand.

Joanne, Krista, Nikki were kneeling next to Robin. On Bob's other side was his daughters Julie, Diane, and Robin's other daughter, who would've become one of Bob's stepdaughters. She learned of Bob's secrets earlier in the summer. Denise was crying along with everyone else, patting his knee.

"I'm sorry for anything I've ever done to hurt you," Bob quickly blurted out, referring to Robin, but really to anyone within ear shot.

"Bob, please," Robin cried, gripping his hand. "Move here," he reminded her. "My will. It's all yours. The Haven. You own it now," Bob struggled to say. Robin cried harder, nodding her head. Bob glanced around to each of the women surrounding him. "I love you all," he whispered. They said it back. One final look to Robin, "Invite Denise," he managed to say.

Robin looked to her crying daughter on the other side of Bob. "I love you," Bob repeated to Robin only. She leaned forward, kissing his lips, completing the wedding ceremony. "I love you too," Robin said in return. She felt Bob squeeze her hand, his eyes looking to hers, and then his grip loosened, his eyes stopped blinking, and he was completely still.

Robin gently closed his eyes shut, crying with her family around him, waiting for the ambulance to take him away. ******** Epilogue It was just before Thanksgiving. After dealing with paperwork and lawyers that handled Bob's will and estate, Robin and Joanne had just settled into their home in The Haven.

They had also settled into a nice, hot, bubble bath together. "How was your date with Allen last night?" Joanne asked Robin. "Oh it was incredible," She moaned, taking a sip of her wine. "Details please?" "First, my grandson took me to dinner.

It was warm out so afterward we walked on the beach. You were over at Krista's having sex, so we came here instead," Robin closed her eyes. "Yeah? Then what happened?" "I was in the kitchen, cleaning a glass, when he came up behind me. He grabbed my waist pulling me back against him. I felt him, I felt his erection, and it felt huge." "Yes? Oh my," Joanne sipped her glass. "I got on my bikini, we went to the hot tub, we drank some, we flirted some, I straddled him, we kissed, I removed my top, and," Robin paused catching her breath.

"Krista was right, Allen is VERY well endowed." "What a lucky grandson!" "We went all night. That's why I've been resting a lot today. I'm old," Robin said. "You may be in your early 60s,but you look like you're in your 40s, so I don't want to hear it," Joanne joked. "And yes, I know he's well endowed. Krista and I had a three-way with him this morning when he came home." "You're naughty!" Robin said, Joanne moving closer, pulling Robin into straddling position.

Joanne wiped away the soapy suds from one of Robin's breasts, sucking it while Robin talked. "After Bob passed away, Allen was there. Helping us move, playing on the beach, I knew where it was headed. I knew when he took me out on that boat I bought him, I knew how that night would end," Robin recounted her and Allen's first time a month earlier. "Mmhmm," Joanne moaned, still working at Robin's breasts. "We anchored out on one of the nearby creeks; he gave me champagne, complimented my skimpy bikini.

Ahhh," Robin smiled. "And?" "That night. That night the waves gently rocked the boat in sync with his loving thrusts. Oh Joanne!

He felt so good! I'm, I'm cumming!" Robin cried out, Joanne's mouth busily engulfing her nipple, her tongue flicking against it.

"I love this place," Joanne smiled, holding her sister as her orgasm subsided. "We should talk about filling this, and the other, homes in our neighborhood," Joanne said, pushing Robin off her, changing position to where Joanne was now straddling her. She offered Robin a breast. "Yes, I agree," Robin said, holding it, taking it in her mouth.

"Now I'm not sure about my children, but look at Krista and Allen. We need to consider all of your children." "Yes, well there's Denise. She had to get her house in order and take care of a few things, and then she and Henry will move here." At that same moment in Miami, Denise was running away from Henry, both naked, playing with him. He caught up to his mother, tackling her on the sofa, kissing her.

They were so happy to be moving to The Haven soon. "You have four daughters, two are and will be part of this community. So what about Crystal?" Joanne asked. "I have no idea. She and I aren't close. I need to give her a few million though to help her out, now that I'm able to, but I don't think she'd want to move here. I don't think she's like us," Robin explained. In that very same moment, in a trailer park in southern Florida, Robin's youngest child, Crystal was soaking wet with sweat.

She was pregnant and straddling her son on the couch, sweat dripping off her tits, grinding against him, making the trailer sway back and forth. She looked similar to her older sister, Denise. She was pregnant, her son fertilizing her at the end of the summer. "Yeah, you should reach out to her," Joanne suggested. "What about your other daughter?" Robin sighed, knowing who Joanne was referring to.

Robin rarely spoke with that daughter, now living in Los Angeles, having left with her father as a young child, they hadn't seen each other much at all. At that same moment on the other side of the country, in LA, a baby was crying. "Your turn," Dahlia told her son, Darren, the father of the baby.

He sighed, kissed his mother, slid his cock out of her and put on a robe to tend to the crying child. He looked back at her naked, voluptuous body, smiling before leaving their bedroom. "It'd be a great opportunity to rebuild your relationship with Dahlia," Joanne suggested. "Yes it would," Robin agreed. "We could all live here." Down the street, Julie was straddling Ray in bed, smiling down at him.

He ran his fingers through her hair, bringing her down for a kiss. In Diane's home, one of her sisters, not a child of Bob's, had recently moved in with her son.

Diane was out with her nephew, leaving Elliot home with his aunt. She giggled, taking his cock by the base, and wrapped her lips around it. Right next door, Vernon pulled his tongue out of Nicole's ass. His mother smiled, turning around, pulling him down on top of her, wrapping her legs around him. Vernon's aunts were moving in soon. Across the street, more of Darla's family was moving in. Her twin daughters, Lilly and Jessica, were hugging her.

Darla's son, Ken, smiled at them, helping them unload a truck, happy to see them make amends. Darla's house was practically full now. A couple houses over, Marcia and her daughter, Elle, were locked in a beautiful 69 position. They had just moved in, after Julie found them thanks to information Bob had given her, and were thinking about asking more family members to join them. At the end of the street, Fernanda closed her bedroom door, happy that her sister, Claudia was taking care of Fernanda's son, Jonny that night.

Fernanda and her neighbor, Dolly, were going on a double date with their fathers. Lenny was showering with two of his sisters in their home. The remaining sister was having sex with her mother, Lisa, in their bedroom. In Krista's home, she was cumming again with Allen, rolling around in bed.

Down the hall, Nikki's son, Ted, pulled his mother's head back by her long pony tail, slamming into her lubed up asshole. Nikki, gritting her teeth, begged him to go harder and harder. And finally, in Robin and Joanne's home, the sisters dinged wine glasses, shared a kiss and made love until they fell asleep. Then End.