Spy husband shares hot sexy wife with huge bbc

Spy husband shares hot sexy wife with huge bbc
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.

--- Mouth part 6 (mF, anal, blackmail, inc, nc, oral, impreg?, reluc) by Krosis of the Collective --- Jay never told Leslie who the third guy was in their foursome that night.

Despite how fucked up the situation had been and how scared she was that she might get pregnant, it had been one of the most exciting sexual experiences of her life, to be tied up and manhandled by three men.well, young men. She certainly couldn't call her little brother or his friend Cal boys anymore, not after they forced her to take their virginities. In the late morning Jay demanded another blowjob.

"Jay." she said, embarrassed, "Could you.go down on me again?" He unzipped his pants and his six incher popped out. "Naw, I don't want to have to wait for you to blow me, and I won't want to lick your twat afterward." "We could sixty-nine." "What's that?" They adjourned to her bedroom and she stripped for him while he lay on her bed.

His cock got harder looking at her sexy 19-year-old body as she revealed each part of it to him again. Then she got on top of him and turned around into the classic sixty-nine position, her pussy over his face and her face above his cock. "Now lick me." she said back at him, and then she engulfed his cock with her mouth. Jay had learned from his buddy Cal's big brother Steve just last night how to lick pussy, but getting his dick sucked at the same time was distracting!

Leslie lowered her pussy to his mouth and he started to lick, but it was upside down from how he had learned so it was awkward. "Mmm." Leslie moaned around her brother's cock. He was obviously still an amateur but what he was doing was better than nothing. Soon Jay pushed one finger inside his sister's pussy and his tongue found her clit.

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She started to move her hips up and down in order to increase the penetration while sucking harder on his pecker. She had gotten close to cumming when Jay cried out and his penis throbbed. A second later her mouth was filled with his cum. She swallowed expertly, as he got upset if she didn't. And then Jay stopped playing with her slit. "Ohhh." she moaned in disappointment, pushing her pussy at his face.

"Get off!" he ordered. 'That's what I was trying to do,' she said to herself, but she clambered off of him. He also ordered her to make some lunch, without putting her clothes back on first. --- As she washed the dishes later he came up behind her naked form, reached around and started to play with her clit.

She got wet quickly and he slipped a finger inside her. She stopped with the dishes and used her hands to steady herself, bending over so Jay had better access to her pussy.

Which was the wrong thing to do because Jay then dropped his shorts and lined his cock up with her now wet and ready vagina. Before she could say anything it slipped inside her. "Oh!" she gasped, and he pushed her head down so her butt went back and he then had a better angle. He thrust hard, burying his dick all the way inside her.

She didn't want this!

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It felt good, sure, but each time he was inside her increased the chance he would cum, and she was very fertile right then!

Getting pregnant from her brother would ruin her life! Still, she hadn't cum from the sixty-nine they had done earlier, so she was overdue for her orgasm. His cock, his disgusting incestuous dick, was making her feel really good as he rammed into her. She was already getting close. But if she came, would her clasping pussy walls cause him to cum too?

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She was torn, and close.she almost didn't care anymore, if she could just get that release. He pulled out, making her feel utterly empty. She moaned in disappointment.


"Hey, we should watch a movie." --- They sat side-by-side on the couch, her still naked, and the movie he pulled up on FlixNet was a romantic drama, which seemed out of character for him.

Of course, everything he had done over the past few days had been out of character.or was it his real character coming through now that he no longer had to hide it?

But if this was the real him, then why was he watching a romantic movie with his sister? At one point the main characters were making out on a couch similar to the one they themselves sat on. Suddenly the female protagonist got up and straddled her partner.

She fumbled with the guy's pants and because she was wearing a skirt she was able to simulate fucking him while keeping the movie from becoming X-rated. It was a very sexy scene, though, and Leslie felt her nipples harden and her pussy become wet. "We should do that," Jay said next to her.

She looked down and saw that he had extracted his cock again, but Leslie was naked instead of wearing a skirt like the actress. "I." she didn't want that. Up until this point Jay had always been on top of her or behind her when he fucked -- no, raped -- her. For her to get on top. "Do it!" he commanded. She got up and climbed astride him tentatively. Despite Jay being beneath her she actually felt more vulnerable than with their other sex sessions.

Jay lined his hard cock up with her pussy. She looked away as she felt the head start to push between her vaginal lips. Then he grabbed her hips and pulled down. Half his cock rushed into her and she gasped. Jay looked back at the TV. The male actor was massaging his partner's boob as she gasped and bounced in his lap.

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Jay pulled Leslie all the way down so their crotches were grinding together and then likewise groped her boob. Both of them moaned. "Ride me," Jay urged. He grabbed Leslie's hips and pulled her up and then back down. She continued the movement, and soon she felt her orgasm, twice denied to her, approaching again. 'No, no.' she said to herself. This was so dangerous! Jay continued to watch the R-rated carnal display on the TV.

"Kiss me," he said to his sister as she bounced in his lap. She stopped. "WHAT?!" "I said kiss me!" He pulled at her head, trying to bring her mouth closer to his. "No! That's.gross! You're my brother!" "More gross than fucking your brother?

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More gross than cumming on your brother's cock?" He moved his hands back to her hips and ground his crotch into hers, eliciting a gasp from her. She hesitated, and then bent down to lightly kiss his lips. He then moved forward and smashed his lips into hers. His tongue snaked between them. His hands urged her to move her hips again. She did so, not breaking the kiss. She was so confused.her body felt so good right then, her pussy filled with hard cock while her brother was kissing her passionately.

Then his fingers moved to her nipples and pinched them. That elusive orgasm, twice denied to her that day, blew through her defenses and blossomed deep inside her.

She frenched her brother hard and bounced in his lap energetically as pleasure exploded within her, around that hard cock. "Nhh! Mhhhh!" she grunted as she rode her brother, continuing to kiss him as he made her cum. Jay had been surprised when his sister had started to shove her tongue down his throat. Then he felt her pussy grip his dick hard as she came and he realized that he was going to cum too.

But if he did that then she was probably going to get pregnant! A part of him wanted to impregnate his big sister, the bitch that lorded her seniority over him a lot while they were growing up, but she had pointed out just a few nights ago that if he got her pregnant then he would have no more power over her; the fake incest video of her that he and his buddy Cal had doctored wasn't worse than the stigma of carrying her brother's baby.

His cock started to feel REALLY good and he was moments away from blasting her insides with sperm! He grabbed her hips, forcing her to stay still. He broke the kiss. "Don't.move!" he grunted, gritting his teeth. He tensed the muscles down there, willing himself not to cum. "Wha--?" Leslie tried to keep moving but then she realized what was happening and tried to get off of his dick. "NO!" he yelled, holding her tighter. "Don't move!

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She felt a throb deep inside her and her blood ran cold. "Did you.?" "No," he lied through closed teeth. He had cum just a little when she tried to pull off of him.

Deep inside the college girl's primed reproductive system a large drop of sperm-filled semen dripped from the tip of the boy's penis and transferred itself to the walls of her vagina. Both of them remained perfectly still. Throb. "Jay." "I'm.holding it!" Another drop of potent babymaking seed was being absorbed into his sister's depths. Finally Jay felt in control again.

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He let go of Leslie's hips and she quickly moved up and off of his dangerous prong. She turned away and bent over to see if any of his cum was running out of her. This put her in a very compromising position. Jay shoved her forward so that she landed on her hands and knees, her butt in the air. Jay had never really considered this before, but he was so horny he didn't care. If he couldn't cum in her pussy. He pushed his cock up against his sister's asshole.

She felt it. "Jay, no! Not there!" Then she felt him push, and surprisingly his cock head popped through her anal sphincter.

What she didn't know was that some of the semen he had extruded had acted as lubricant, making it easy for him to penetrate her ass. "Aah!" she cried out at the intrusion. She had never done anal before! Jay was able to get half of his cock in her before he started to cum.

"Agh! Shit!" he cried out as his doomed sperm blasted into.well, shit. He pulled out and Leslie flopped down, defeated. "Ohhh." she groaned. She felt lucky that he hadn't fully embedded himself in her ass, as it had been painful. 'She deserves to feel good after that,' Jay thought to himself, and he reached underneath her in order to find her clitoris.

"Uh?" Leslie gasped at the unexpected contact. Her orgasm had been cut short when Jay had almost cum while they were on the couch so her clit was super sensitive.

"Ohh.Jay." Jay easily found her extended clit. He also took his other hand and dipped two fingers into her pussy. Soon she was gasping, close to orgasm.


Jay felt warm liquid on his fingers as he thrust them into his sister's overheated depths. Finally she came. "Unhh!

Ohhh!" She pushed back at his penetrating digits as he felt her insides grip them. Finally she collapsed forward, dislodging his fingers. Jay then saw they were glistening, but not with her vaginal secretions.with semen!

He looked at Leslie's behind. The load of cum he had left in her ass had spilled out and down her perineum, finally inundating her pussy lips, and he hadn't realized that he had just been pushing that potent sperm inside her! Man! He had finally decided that getting cum inside his sister wasn't a good idea and now he couldn't help it!

He thought fast: "We should get cleaned up. To the shower!" He had to help her up, and got her into the bathroom and under the shower spray before she noticed the dangerous mess.

When they were done he was hard again due to the proximity of her wet, naked body, and the thought of his secret swimmers inside her. She sniffed his cock to make sure it was clean and then gave him his final blowjob of the night. He would have sixty-nined with her if she had asked but it looked like she was dead tired and just wanted to get to bed. --- Mouth part 7 (mFF, bi, blackmail, inc, nc, oral, impreg?, F-solo) by Krosis of the Collective --- On the next day their mom got home.

"How are my gorgeous kidlets?" their Mom said, enveloping each in a quick hug. "Okay, I guess," Leslie replied noncommittally. "What's wrong, sweetie?" The college student looked over at her younger brother, who had suddenly become very still and intense, and then back to her mom.

"Just.going to miss you when I go back to school," she replied. --- Jay came to Leslie's room after everyone had gone to bed. To her surprise he didn't want sex; he actually wanted to discuss what would happen after she left.he would need her help. When they were done talking he demanded a blowjob from her, though. --- The next morning: "Hey Mom, could I get your help with a school project?" Leslie asked. "Sure sweetie," her Mom said helpfully. --- That night: "This is the last of the sleeping pills Cal stole from his mom, so this has to work tonight," said Jay as he crushed them up into the teacup.

"It'll work," agreed Leslie, grabbing the honey from the shelf. --- Leslie held the video recorder as both she and Jay stole into their mom's room. As expected, the older woman was sound asleep on the bedcovers with her clothes still on. They turned the room light off.

They shook their mom and called out to her. No response. Then Jay flicked her nose hard, as he had done to Leslie when he had drugged her. Their mom was right out. Leslie zoomed in on her mother's face so that you could make out that it was her but not that she was asleep, and Jay grabbed her hair off camera, moving it this way and that to make it look like she was saying something, just like Jay and Cal had done to Leslie that first night.

Then they turned the light back on. They undressed their mother down to her thong, admiring her new tan as they did so. It seemed that Mom had done some topless sunbathing while she was away, as her large breasts did not have any tan lines.

Their Mom had had children while she was young and was currently only forty years old. The divorced mother of two also made sure to go to yoga classes and eat right. She was a knockout, an older version of Leslie but in better shape. She would make Jay an excellent replacement when his sister went back to school. They put a sleep mask on their mother so it wouldn't look like she was unconscious and then Jay removed his own clothes.

Just like on the blackmail tape Jay and Cal had made of Leslie, he pushed his hard cock into his mother's mouth. Just like Leslie, their mother began nursing on it. Leslie began feeling a persistent itch between her legs. She had had sex with Jay every night since he had blackmailed her, she was in the tail end of her fertile time of the month, and they were doing naughty, forbidden things to their mother. She was extremely turned on!

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"Jay, I want you to fuck her." Jay looked surprised. "Really? We only need a blowjob for the tape." Leslie thought of all the times that her mother had punished her for stupid things, like staying out too late with her friends.

"Yeah, stick that fucking cock in her, little bro." Jay liked his sister's new perverted streak. He took his cock from his mother's mouth and clambered between her shapely tanned legs. He pulled her thong off and whistled at the small "airstrip" trim job she had made of her pubes. Then he went down on her, applying some of the techniques that Steve had taught him from a couple nights ago. Leslie reached forward and tweaked her mother's substantial nipples while Jay licked the older woman's pussy.

She thought about how both kids had fed on those big titties when they were babies and her pussy throbbed a little. She smacked Jay's ass. "Get in there!" she urged. "Jeez! All right." Jay replied, lining his stiffy up with his mother's now wet and distended pussy lips. Both of them held their breath as Jay pushed inside. His mom's pussy wasn't as tight as Leslie's but that was to be expected for an older woman who had birthed two children.

Still, it felt good and the slightly less tight pussy did not change his mind about what they were doing. Once he was most of the way inside he pulled back halfway and then pushed himself all the way inside, hard. There was a little resistance but as the lubrication spread through his mom's pussy it became easier.

Jay got a good rhythm going and he watched his mom's boobs jiggle up and down as he rammed into the sleeping woman. He felt funny and decided to take one of the nipples into his mouth, suckling like a baby. This felt really good to him. Leslie took the opportunity to undo her shorts and used one hand to frig herself while the other kept filming. Jay was getting close. "Should I finish in her mouth, or do you want it?" "Cum in her," she replied instantly.

"WHAT?!" Jay asked incredulously, though he didn't slow down. "You've been so good, pulling out and not cumming in me, and I know you wanted to. You deserve this, Jay. Cum in her.put your cum right where you were made." "Oh shit," Jay said, moving faster. "Do you think she's on the pill?" "She uses a diaphragm," Leslie replied, moving to the side table and opening its drawer. "Here it is." She held up the item in question, definitely not in a position where it would do any good for their mother's current predicament.

Jay was huffing now, thrusting very fast into the sleeping woman. "But.what if she gets.?" Leslie dropped the diaphragm back into the drawer, closed it, and then moved behind her brother.

She whispered into his ear, "Then we'll say it's her boyfriend's, of course." She dropped the camera and reached behind him while frigging herself again. As she caressed his balls and gave them a little squeeze she said, "Knock her up, you bastard." Jay howled in primal rut as his orgasm shut down his logical brain and the animal part took over. He felt his balls give up their cargo and his cock exploded deep inside his mother's possibly fertile reproductive system.

Spurt after spurt of potent, incestuous, sperm-filled semen inundated the insides of his mother's luscious, unconscious body. "Oh fuuuuck." Leslie cried out as she came hard at the thought of her brother possibly fucking a baby into their mother. She gave his balls a small, extra squeeze to make sure as much seed as possible came out in order to give his swimmers the best chance. Then she fell to the side as her legs gave out. She lay there, shaking, another orgasm washing over her as Jay continued to grunt as he inseminated their mother.

--- The next morning, Leslie hugged her brother. "Good luck," she said, looking back at the house. He was going to reveal the video they had made to their mother tonight. As a respected lawyer and PTA member she would have no choice but to accede to her son's amorous blackmail, just like Leslie had.

Leslie was free, for now, and heading back to college. She would soon hear how their gambit played out, and would wait on tenterhooks to see if her own period would come in the next couple of weeks.