Hd small guy gay sex clips and sexy guys free video first time Elder

Hd small guy gay sex clips and sexy guys free video first time Elder
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Penny's Abduction and Slavery Luke is a mature man in his 50's, 6 ft 1in tall, 185 lbs, blue eyes, dark brown hair with a crew cut shopping at the local super market for his monthly supplies. Pushing his shopping cart slowly down each row of stocked shelves. He had just started getting the items he needed when he met a young woman that appeared to be in her mid twenties. As she approached he noticed she had the most beautiful light blue eyes he had ever seen.

He smiled and nodded to her as she came close ready to pass him. She smiled a beautiful friendly smile that made his heart skip a beat. Luke stopped and watched her closely as she pushed her cart by him. He noticed she was about 5 ft 3 inches tall, about 110 to 115 pounds beautiful perky breast he guessed "C" cup pressing hard against the tight white button up blouse open enough to show cleavage tanned to perfection, small waist accented by the small chain around the waist of the tight short denim skirt that ended about three inches below her perfectly shaped hips, she wore black stockings or panty hose, three inch sandal heels.

Luke also noticed a small silver choker chain around her neck with wrist and ankle bracelets to match. His immediate thought after observing the jewelery she wore that she must be into bondage. Being into BD/SM himself this thought caused his cock to begin to come to life. As he watched her walk to the end of the aisle with her perfect little ass moving seductively in the tight skirt.

He thought how he would like to have her hands tied over her head forcing her on tip toes with a spreader bar holding her legs apart opening her sex giving him full access to do what ever he wanted to her. Luke continued to think about how he would like to use his hunting knife to slowly cut her clothes off her perfect little body while watching the fear in her light blue eyes and ignoring her pleas behind the large black ball gag begging him to not hurt her and let her go.

He suddenly stopped in his tracks checking his shopping cart to see if he had forgotten anything he needed while walking aimlessly down the aisles deep in his fantasy about the beautiful young woman. He had just regained his focus on his shopping when she appeared at the end of the aisle coming toward him. He could not keep from wondering if she wore panty hose or stockings. He imagined her wearing stockings with a garter belt with a thong or no panties at all.

She approached him slowly stopping to ask if he knew where she could find pie filling. He told her where he thought it was. She thanked him and smiled when she looked at the bulge in his pants and walked away. Luke looked at his crotch and discovered that his imagination had caused his cock to fill his pants showing a clear erection in his pants giving a perfect outline of his hard eight inch cock.

He felt the heat in his cheeks as he blushed from what the young woman had smiled at. Luke decided at that moment he had to have her to use, abuse and fuck her for his pleasure. He hurriedly made his way to the cashier wanting to get checked out before her.

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He was already planning in his mind to find out where she lived and how to take her when he was ready. As he turned at the end of the aisle she was at the opposite end of the store. He smiled and pushed his cart to the check out thinking that he would wait in his pick-up in the parking lot until she came out and then follow her.

He waited patiently like a hunter in a hunting blind waiting for his prey to appear. Finally she walked out of the store to the middle of the parking lot two rows over from where he sat. He became aroused again watching her walk gracefully across the parking lot pushing her shopping cart of groceries. Luke watched every move of her sexy body as she loaded her shopping bags in the maroon colored Ford hatch back.

As she slid into the driver seat he wrote the license number down in case he lost her in traffic he could still possibly locate her address.

He started his pick-up waiting for her to pull out of the parking lot and followed far enough back not to alarm her.

She did not seem to be in any hurry so it was easy to stay far enough back to keep her in sight as she drove through town and out in the country about five miles before turning onto a small ranch style road. Luke pulled up to the entrance of the ranch road and pulled of the road where he could see her car pulling into a drive way at the front of a modest size home.

It was an older frame home with old style windows and a wooden front door. He watched as she carried her bags into the house through the front door. Since she made about three trips to get the bags into the house he assumed she lived alone or there was no one else at home at this time.

He could not see any other vehicles near the house but he needed to make sure that he would not be surprised by anyone when he took her from her home. Luke decided to take his groceries home and come back to observe the evening activities at her place. He lived about ten miles the other side of the small town which made it about a twenty minute drive from his place to hers. As he put away his supplies he thought about the things he needed to prepare for the taking of and entertaining the beautiful petite young woman that he could not get out of his mind.

As he thought about how badly he wanted her and what he wanted to do to her he told himself to calm down and think straight with his brain and not his cock. He needed to be patient and not make any mistakes taking her. He could not stop thinking about having her tied up under his total control and hearing her screams of pain as he used different instruments of pain on her delicate little body. His cock sprung to full erection as he thought about flogging her perky tits making her scream behind the large black ball gag and begging him to stop hurting her.

He had to get some relief and get his mind focused so he dropped his denim wranglers with his jockey shorts to his knees and sat on a kitchen chair stroking his cock hard until he felt his balls boiling. He spit on his hand and gripped his cock tight jacking it fast. He groaned loudly as his cum shot from the head of his cock splattering the front of his denim wrangler shirt.

He had to change his shirt after shooting cum on the front of it. Supplies put away he found his leather bag with his hand cuffs, tape, gag, blindfold, collar and lease in it. He put it in his pick-up after making sure his hunting knife was in the bag. He had not seen a dog but decided to take his loaded tranquilizer gun. As an after thought he found and cleaned his dildo, but plug and Hitachi vibrator. He had not used any of the items in several months and they needed cleaning.

That done he put everything in his bag. Luke waited until about an hour before sundown and drove back to her place. Driving slowly past her road looking for other vehicles around her house he found a faint road about two hundred yards past her road going into the mesquite brush running parallel to her road.

It was perfect to hide his vehicle and his presence. Pulling down the unused road far enough he would be hidden from the main road traffic he parked as it was getting dark. The only light came from the full moon as he made his way cautiously toward her house with toy bag and tranquilizer gun in hand. Luke found a spot in the brush where he could watch the house hidden from view. He patiently waited and watched. He could see through the windows which she had the curtains open giving him clear view of her movements through out the house.

He watched for hours deciding there was no other occupants in the house. There was a small barn behind the house but appeared there were no animals. As he sat quietly hidden in the brush watching he saw her leave the kitchen after eating and cleaning her dishes.

She pulled her shirt off as she walked down the hall toward the bedroom. After about thirty minutes she came back into the living room wearing a thong and a short thin robe. He watched as she sat on the couch watching television and drinking what appeared to be a glass of wine. He watched her as she slid her left hand inside the robe and caressed her right breast.

He got a hard on watching. Finally about ten o'clock she got up from the couch and walked to the front door. He watched as she opened the door. Then he saw the German Shepard dog exit the house.

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The dog stood on the front porch looking around and sniffing the air as she closed the door and headed toward the bedroom turning the lights off as she went. Luke sat as still as possible watching to see what the dog was going to do.

After a short time the dog's ears perked up and he was looking in Luke's direction. Luke watched as the dog slowly walked off the porch in his direction. Luke slowly picked up the tranquilizer gun taking the safety off getting ready for the dog to get closer. Luke kept the gun aimed at the dog as he continued to slowly move toward Luke as if he were not sure what was in the brush. When the dog got about thirty feet away Luke fired the tranquilizer into his chest.

The dog jumped and yelped heading back to the house making it about half way before the drug put him out. Luke knew the dog would be out until morning without any ill after effects. Luke waited a few minutes and moved the dog to the barn and cautiously approached the house.

He peeked through the bedroom window seeing her on her side facing the window. He could see her plainly, thanks to the full moon and a light shining through the open bathroom door.

She had removed the short robe and the thong. He gasp at the sight of her beautiful tits, perky nipples and a smooth shaved pussy. He felt his cock starting to rise again. Slowly he backed away from the window going back to his brushy hiding spot he waited another hour giving her a chance to be sound asleep before making his move.

He approached the back door entering the kitchen and found it unlocked. He quietly stepped into the kitchen removing his boots. He moved down the hall to her bedroom easing the door open he watched her a few minutes seeing that her breathing was steady indicating she was sleeping soundly. He opened his bag in the hall, pulled out a ski mask putting it on, pulled out two pairs of steel hand cuffs putting one pair in each of his back pockets with half the cuff hanging out, took a blindfold and a ball gag from the bag.

Luke moved to the side of her bed admiring the beauty of the woman that was about to become his property. She was still in deep sleep when he grabbed her left wrist pulling it toward him putting his right hand on her shoulder forcing her face down on the bed. He twisted her arm behind her back as she awoke stunned.

Her eyes flew open wide as she felt the cuff click on her left wrist. She tried to fight back as Luke pulled her right arm behind her cuffing her right wrist to the left securing her hands behind her back. She started screaming a shrill terrified scream, twisting and kicking trying her best to free herself from this attacker. Luke raised up off her ass far enough to flip her onto her back. She screamed telling him to get off her and get the fuck out of her house.


He was straddle her crouch restricting her kicking and pinning her to the bed. Luke slapped her open handed with his right hand to her left cheek forcing her face to the right. He then slapped her right cheek with his left hand forcing her head to snap to the left. He told her to shut up and listen very carefully. She was shocked and felt the burning hand prints on both sides of her face.

Slowly she turned her head back to look into his cold blue eyes behind the ski mask. Luke picked up the large black ball gag from the bed telling her to open wide. She kept her mouth closed and angrily glared into his eyes. He drew his right hand back over his shoulder and brought it down with full force on the side of her left breast.

Fire shot from her tit through her whole body. She opened her mouth wide to scream from the pain but was cut short when Luke forced the gag in behind her teeth. She choked on the gag trying to push it out of her mouth as tears ran down her face from the pain in her tit. Luke buckled the gag strap tight behind her head lodging the ball gag deep in her mouth.

She was having trouble breathing with the gag and her crying. Her wrist and arms hurt from the steel cuffs under her back. Her tit and face felt like they were on fire, burning from the hard slaps. She was struggling to breath trying to force herself to settle down to make breathing easier.

The pain and the fear she felt made it hard to calm herself. As she struggled to calm down Luke turned and used the second pair of steel cuffs on her ankles forcing them together. Luke turned straddling her stomach holding her firmly on the bed. He sat calmly waiting for her to calm down. Finally her breathing became more steady and she lay still glaring angrily into his eyes. She was still sobbing from the pain in her body and fear of what he had in store for her. Luke took a breath and looked into her beautiful eyes.

He told her that she was now his to do with as he pleased. She is now his property. She will obey him with out question or hesitation or he will beat her mercilessly. He is going to control her totally and fuck every whole in her body any time and any where he wants.

He told her he would use her until she no longer pleased him and then he would sell her into slavery or if she pissed him off enough he would beat her until she died and bury her where no one would ever find her corpse. Luke felt her body tense and begin to shake violently from what he told her. She was crying so hard tears flowed like a country stream down her face onto the sheets of the bed.

She was breathing so hard and fast she was about to pass out from hyperventilating. Luke watched as she passed out. When she regained consciousness. Luke smiled an evil smile that almost stopped her heart.

He ask her if she was ready to serve him as his slave. She had knots in her stomach from fear but glared at him and tried to say "Never" through the ball gag. This angered Luke. He raised up off her body, flipped her on her stomach, turned straddling her shoulders and upper arms pinning her face down on the bed. He now faced her feet and had a perfect view and access to her beautiful ass.

Luke brought his open right hand down hard on her left ass cheek. Fire shot from her ass up her body making her flounce and scream as loud as she could into the gag.

Luke pounded her ass cheeks with both hands until her ass was burning red and his hands hurt from the force he was hitting her with.

She flounced under his weight, screamed and cried so hard her lungs hurt. She started begging him to stop. She would do anything he wanted if he would stop hurting her. Even though it was not clear from behind the gag. Luke understood what she was trying to say.

He stopped hitting her and raised up a little to take some pressure off her body. Luke reached down and forced his hand between her upper thighs. He felt the swollen lips of her pussy and she was sopping wet with pussy juice leaking from her cunt. He smiled thinking he knew the little bitch liked bondage from what he had seen of her in the super market. She lay crying and whimpering while he put a blind fold over her eyes.

He tied a rope around her neck snug but loose enough for her to breath. He then tied a rope to the steel cuff chain pulled it to the foot board of the bed securing it so she could not move from the bed.

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He then tied the end of the rope around her neck to the head board slats. He told her if she fought the ropes the noose around her neck would tighten shutting off her air.

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She lay still on her stomach wrist cuffed behind her back, gag in her mouth, blindfold preventing her to see, a noose around her neck tied to the head board, and her ankles pulled toward the foot board and tied. Her face, tit and ass hurt so bad she could not stop crying. She felt him get off the bed and she lay still thinking about what he said too her. Could she survive his cruelty? She had always had fantasies of being abducted, tied, punished and fucked but this was too real.

Even though she realized she did feel some sexual excitement during his abuse of her body she did not want to admit it. She thought that she could not endure any more pain like she was feeling now. Her only chance to survive this ordeal is to please this psycho. As she lay tied to the bed she felt she had seen those blue eyes some where before. Did she know this man that had abused her so bad? While she lay tied to the bed Luke went through her purse finding her driver license and found her name is Penny, twenty three, 5ft 4inchs tall, 113lbs, blue eyes, black hair.

Luke smiled thinking all that information but does not say that she has perfect tits, ass and a beautiful smooth pussy and I am going to enjoy owning the whole package. Thinking about this and the fact that his cock has been hard for the past two hours he decided he would fuck her hard before taking her home. Luke put Penny's purse and lap top next to his bag and walked back to the bed where Penny lay tied and helpless still crying.

She felt him untie the rope from the foot board and climb on the bed. She tensed waiting for the next cruel pain he is going to inflict on her poor body. She lay waiting and dreading the pain to come. Her ass still hurt badly from the cruel beating he gave her. To her surprise he gripped the sides of her hips and lifted her to her knees. She thought "What is he going to do" then the fact hit her hard that he was about to rape her.

She started to struggle as she heard his zipper to his wranglers. Luke slapped her sore ass hard telling her to be still and take it if she did not want more pain.


She jumped and screamed into the ball gag as the slap to her ass renewed the severe pain. She steadied her self realizing it would be better to take the rape without the pain since it was going to happen no matter what she did or said.

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Luke smiled at her crying and whining into the gag making his cock harder. He was so hard for so long his cock was starting to hurt. He leaned in and licked her ass down to her pussy lips drawing a gasp from her. Luke loved the sweet taste of her pussy nectar which had her cunt sloppy wet. Her cunt lips were swollen and red. He used his fingers to part her pussy lips and licked with a wide tongue from top to bottom of her pussy sending an electric shock through her clit as his tongue pressed hard on it as he licked over it.

She sucked in a breath of air and moaned against her will when he hit her clit. He stuck his long sharp tongue in her hot wet hole and fucked her with his tongue before moving down to her clit pulling it between his teeth holding it while he used the tip of his tongue to work her clit back and forth, side to side and round and round until she was leaking more pussy juice and involuntarily moaning while pushing back into his mouth.

She felt a strong orgasm building in her gut not wanting it to happen but could not control what he was making her do. Luke felt her body tighten. Knowing she was on the edge he pulled his mouth away making her moan behind the gag from the let down of her orgasm. He pulled his pants and under wear down to his knees as he move in close to her. She felt the head of his hard cock at the opening to her cunt as it parted her outer lips and brutally shoved deep in her cunt.

She screamed with the pain of the sudden intrusion of his big cock as his balls slammed against her clit. Until now she had no idea how big his cock was. The pain and pleasure of his cruel slamming of her cunt sent her over the edge.

She came so hard she could not get her breath. She was screaming with pleasure and squirting for the first time in her life. Luke drove his cock in and out of her cunt hard making her orgasm last longer than she had ever experienced.

Penny's inner pussy muscles gripped and released his cock involuntarily with each thrust of his cock. Just as she was about to stop cuming Luke slammed deep in her cunt held there and shot his cum shot after shot four five hard spurts deep inside her forcing another squirting orgasm from her.

Luke lay on her back with his cock buried deep until he became soft and slipped out of her. He backed away from her. Penny collapsed exhausted from the intense orgasm from the brutal rape of her cunt. Luke laughed an evil laugh and told her he was going to rape her ass and mouth next but that would have to wait until he got her to her new home. He needed to recover himself from that fantastic fuck. Penny felt his hand tenderly brush over her long black hair as he told her to relax while he got his vehicle to take her home.

He tied her ankles to the foot board of the bed, pulled his pants up and walked out of the room. Stopping in the kitchen he put his boots on and slipped out the back door.

He drove his pick-up to the back of Penny's house. She heard his foot steps coming down the hall and started to cry again. She was hoping he was done and gone. Luke stepped inside the bedroom door stopped and admired the captive beauty tied to her own bed waiting for him. He thought that she might have tried to get free while he was gone. Penny had actually tried to turn over but it caused so much pain in her arms and ass as well as the noose tightened slightly she decided the pain in her bruised left tit was not near as bad as the alternative.

Luke gathered his bag, her purse and lap top putting them in his pick-up he went back to her. He untied the noose from the head board and the rope from her ankles. He left the noose on her neck to help control her if needed but remove the rope from her ankle cuffs. He rolled her over on her back making her scream from the pain in her red bruised ass.

He helped her sit up on the edge of the bed causing more excruciating pain in her ass. She screamed and started to cry hard again.

Luke told her he was going to take her to her new home now as he bent over putting his shoulder in her mid section, arms around her waist and picked her up. She was draped over his shoulder with her ass sticking up and her head down his back. She felt the strong muscles in his arms and back as he did this and thought she might have been attracted to this man before he brutalized and raped her.

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She did not even know what he looked like or what age he was. From the strength he had she guessed him to be in his early thirties. Luke carried her to the bathroom and gently stood her in front of the toilet bowl telling her to relieve herself before the trip to her new home. He helped her sit on the pot eliciting another scream of pain in her ass as her weight pressed it onto the seat.


He stood back waiting for her to urinate. She could feel his presence and had a hard time releasing her bladder but she did need to go bad and finally let it go. He ask if she were done and she nodded her head yes. He helped her off the pot, pulled paper from the roll, turned her and forced her to bend over exposing her ass and pussy and wiped the piss from her sore swollen cunt.

He flushed the paper down the pot, stood her up right, turned her and putting his shoulder in her mid section and picked her up. Luke carried Penny through the house out the back door into the cool night air. She felt the cool air on her ass, pussy and tits and gasp. The cool air felt good on her burning ass and caused goose bumps all over her body.

Luke opened the back door of his pick-up sitting her on the edge of the back seat making her squeal with the pain in her ass.

He turned her around forcing her to lay face down on the back seat. He pulled her cuffed ankles up to her ass and tied the noose rope to the chain on the ankle cuffs putting her in a hog tie. He turned her on her side facing the back of the seat. There was enough slack in the noose rope not to choke her unless she tried to straighten her legs. He forced the Hitachi vibrator between her legs against her clit telling her it better still be there when he took her out of the pick-up if she did not want her tits to feel like her ass.

The thought of him beating her breast sent shivers through her body. He turned the vibrator on medium high just to keep her aroused but not let her orgasm.

As she heard the motor start and the movement of the vehicle she wonder how long she would have to endure the annoying vibrator which was already stirring her arousal. Penny got angry with herself for getting aroused from the abuse and treatment of her captor. She had viewed lots of bondage sex sights on her computer when feeling lonely and horny to make her orgasm to relieve sexual tension.

Penny's ass, arms, legs, jaw, and breast hurt from the abuse and being tied so long. On top of the pain the vibrator on her clit was driving her near insane with the need to cum but could not get over the hump to cum. She hated the way this ass hole could control every aspect of her mind and body. Penny lay still on the seat trying to force an orgasm from the vibrator and started thinking if she were to submit to this cruel psycho would he treat her better and not hurt her anymore.

She began to remember some of the stories about people in a Master/slave relationship and how many of them actually turned to romantic love for each other. The slaves seemed to enjoy getting pleasure from giving their Master pleasure and giving him anything he wanted without question or hesitation. At that thought she remembered that her captor had told her that is what she will do for him.

Penny began to realize how she had been aroused when he abused and used her earlier. With that thought in mind she started to think that this is something she actually wanted or needed or both. She decided at that point that she would do her best to adjust to her new life, at least until she could escape this psycho without any danger to her.