Yanks BBW Samantha Belle Vibrates Her Cunt

Yanks BBW Samantha Belle Vibrates Her Cunt
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"Why dont you love me anymore?" I had heard that countless times over the past week or so. found and I weren't even dating, in fact she had a boyfriend so i dont know why it mattered to her so much that I was kissin another women. I wasn't goin out with the women mind you, I was( and still am) a bit of a flirt, I cant help myself if i see a beautiful women i have to make her feel beautiful.

Is that so wrong? " How many times do I have to tell you, I do love you,I cant help that but I have to move on." I said and pressed send on my phone. Every second waiting for a responce was pure agony. I didn't want her to be sad, I really did love her but what are you supposed to do when you see the women you love with another mans arms wrapped around her.


Its torture, the only way to get over it is to find some one new and move on. Until the bitch throws a fit about it. My phone vibrates next to me on my bed. I roll over, grab my phone and flip up the screen. "YOU DONT LOVE ME YOU LIER!!!!! :,(" She replies. "Jesus women" I think to myself.

I lay on my bed trying to think of a way I could calm her down enough to listen, but befor I can my phone vibrates again and i get anothe rmessage."If you really love me you'll prove it." She said. That caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting her to say that, so naturally the only responce i could think off was "how?".

Within seconds she replies "NVM" "NO, found," I said," finish what you were gonna say!" I slammed the phone shut as if she could feel it. Her reply was something I never would have expected. " FUCK ME OK JUST FUCK ME!!!" My mind went blank for a sec.

Did she really just say that? The question kept running through my head. Found was one of the hottest girls in school and she was asking, no, telling me to fuck her.That was to good to pass up. "OK." I reply plainly.

"OK WHAT ?" She Screams in text form.

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"OK as in ok I understand and ok as in . ok ." I say, pretty much scatter brained about the entire situatation that was unfolding in front of me. "Really?" She replied. "Ya lol.When ?" I was pinching myself trying to make sure this wasn't some twisted dream that i would wake up disappointed from. "Tomorrow after school?" "Perfect!" And it really was perfect, I couldn't believe it.

We spent the rest of the conversation talking about where we were gonna fuck and what was gonna happen. We also went over her "Do's and Dont's" so that I didn't mess this up befor it began. I spent all day at school walking around thinking about what the afternoon was gonna hold.

It was gonna be my first time and Honestly I was happy it was gonna be her. Minutes felt like hours as I waited for the last bell to ring. My heart was beating so fast it hurt my chest, I could fell my anxious body shaking as the final bell rang and i threw people outta my way to get to the door. I was a line backer for the school football team and was one of the heaviest lifters on my team(even though i was only a sophmore) so when I say threw people outta my way I literally mean threw them outta my way.

I walked through the parking lot quickly trying not to run to my truck. Found was waiting at my truck by the time I had made it over there.

She was wearing a tight red shirt that showed off her perky breasts and dark skin and a pair of daisy duke style jean shorts that showed off the curve of her sexy curve. "Hey Lost, You wanna unlock the door so we can head out." Her voice snapped me out of my trance that her body had put me under.

I reach into my pocket, brushing against my already rock hard cock, and pull out my keys.

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Befor I knew what had happened we were already on the back roads heading for the train tracks.I park my truck on an old dirt road next to the train tracks that people rarely used except for the reason we were using it for right now.I turn off the truck and found and I crawled into the back seat of my old dodge. Almost imediately we lock lips and start exploring each others bodies. Founds hands grab the bottom of my shirt and in a quick movement she pulls the shirt over my head and drops it to the floor board.

I start to kiss and bite at Founds neck.


Soft moans escape her lips, I knew her neck was her weak spot and I loved the noises she made when I sucked on her neck.

I run my hands down to the bottom of her shirt and slowly lift it up revealing her cute little tummy.

I pull her shirt off and quickly go to take off the bra. I get my first look at her beautiful free breasts with her perky nipples. lean forward and start to suck on one of her breasts while my other hand fondels the other breast.

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I start to kiss my way down to her tummy to her shorts.I feel her breath catch as I unbutton her shorts and slowly slip them off, panties and all, revealing her soaking wet pussy. I start to kiss Founds neck again.

I feel her hands move it my belt buckle. She pulls down my pants and my cock bounces out of my boxers hard as a rock. "You ready?" She smiles.

I answer by pushing her back and directing my cock into her wet pussy. My cock slips in with out a problem. I feel chills run all over my body, I had never felt anything like this befor. I didn't want it to end and it hadn't even began yet. After letting my nerves calm a bit i started to move my cock back and forth inside her pussy.

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I could hear Found moaning as i started to get the hang of it and move faster, all the while kissing and sucking on her beautiful naked body i could feel her nails digging into my back as I continued to thrust my cock into her.

Found pushes me off of her and sits me down on the seat. She then straddles me and grips hold of my cock and slowly directs it into her pussy.

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She takes a few seconds to get into position then she starts bouncing up and down on my cock. I put my right hand on her hip and played with her clit with my left. I could feel her pussy tighting up around my cock. I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer I was about to cum but i was gonna last as long as i could befor then.

Found grips hold of my long brown hair and pulls me in close for a long and passionate kiss. I could still feel her nails digging into my back, I couldn't take it anymore. I tried to warn her I was about to cum but my mouth couldn't form the words. A wave of estacy floods over my body as I fill her pussy with my cum.I hear Found moan as she pulls my cock out of her pussy and collapses next to me. I pull her in for one last long kiss and hold her warm body against mine.

Then we got dressed and i took her home she had told her mom that i was "tutoring" her. When i got home i walked outta my room without my shirt and walked past my lil sis. "O, bubba what happened?" I hear her say from behind me. I freeze I had forgotten about the scratches on my back she had left.

I turned around as cooly as I could and with a straight face I say. "O, I was just fucking around with one of my friends."