Wicked teenie spreading legs feeling fat rod in snatch

Wicked teenie spreading legs feeling fat rod in snatch
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It had been two weeks since Kelli's' dad had put the chastity belt on her, and it was torture, she was so horny and she couldnt do anything except play with her breasts, prom was coming up and she had a hot date and she wouldnt even be able to do anything, she had tried to pick the lock multiple times, no such luck. The night of her prom her dad was waiting downstairs with a camera as she finnished getting ready, she had a strapless black dress that only reached mid thigh and clung to her breasts, her hair was in an updo with a few ringlets around her face, her lack of bra showed her hard nipples poking at the fabric of her dress, she had silver earring and a necklace on, a blue flower on a bracelet and strappy silver heels, light natural make up.

She went down the stairs and saw her dad, blushing as he stared at her and she saw a bulge growing in his pants, he snapped a picture of her walking down the stairs "well I'm glad I got you that chastity belt, because with your slutty tendencies and the way you look your gonna need it tonight" he said making her wince, but she just nodded, her date rang the door bell and her dad answered and let him in, snapping some pictures of them together.

her dad took her date aside "now i know my daughter is a tease, but you better not try anything" he warned and then chuckled "not that it'll do you any good, wont get anywhere, but dont try it anyway" he said, smacking the guy on the shoulder lightly and laughing at his own joke, he let them go telling them to be home at midnight and not a minute later.

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Kelli had fun with Ben, enjoying the few slow dances they did plus a couple of bump and grinds, he was grinding his crotch against her ass and she was getting horny it felt like he had an impressive package, they left the dance about 15 min before everybody else to go hang out in his car, making out, his hands on her breasts, groping and making her moan into his mouth, he lowered her dress and sucked the nipples of both breasts till they were hard as rocks and bruised, all red and glistening with a light purplish color starting to spread over them from his sucking so hard, her pussy was sopping and she had completely forgotten about the chastity belt until his hand reached down to stroke her pussy and got metal instead, he lifted her dress in frustration, looking down and growling in anger when he saw the belt "what the fuck?

you got a key to this right?' when she shook her head and bit her lip, groaning in frustration he snapped, smacking her "you fuckin tease, you dont have any holes i can use, get me all hard, i work you up and i don't get anything for it?!" Kelli whimpered and held her hand against her sore cheek, nodding quickly "im sorry Ben i forgot" she muttered he shook his head angrily "not good enough" he then grabbed her hair, tangling it and ruining her nice updo as he pulled her down, undoing his pants and letting his cock out "seeing as your mouth is the only thing thats of any use to me i guess ill have to settle for that so you better do a damn good job" he said shoving her down and making her suck his cock, he wasnt as big as she had expected, actually her dads cock was longer and thicker, so it wasnt hard for him to give him a blow job, using the technique her dad had taught her, sucking his balls while her hands stroked him, then going back to sucking him off till he came in her mouth, he didnt taste good at all and she gagged and coughed as she reluctantly swallowed it and cleaned him up.

he fixed his pants and drove her home, still angry, there wouldnt be another date "considering all you could do was blow me your not to bad, surprising for such a cock tease" he said chuckling as he shoved her out of the car, throwing her purse out and driving off with the passenger door still open and swinging.

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Kelli put herself together as best as she could, it was 10:30 and she didnt know how to explain to her dad why she was home so early, she snuck quietly into the house hoping he wouldnt hear her, luckily she could hear the bed in her parents room thumping against the wall, telling her her parents were too busy fucking to bother with her, she went to her room and let her messed up hair down and began to brush it out, taking off all her jewlery and her heels, she was just finished brushing her teeth when the bed stopped shaking upstairs and she heard her parents moving around and getting into the shower, hopefully they would leave her alone, she was taking off her dress and rubbing ointment into her now sore and very purple and blue nipples, definitely left a nice hickey she thought sarcastically, it was 11:30 and she knew her mom would be asleep but she didnt hear her dad come downstairs and the living room was dark when she went to the kitchen for some ice for her sore breasts, with her chest uncovered, gasping when she ran into her dad as he flicked the light on, she blushed and tried to pull her dress up but her dad had already noticed her sore breasts and he stopped her, bending down to take a peek at them, he looked up at her and grabbed her wrists and dragged her over to her room and sat her on the bed "now tell what happened so i know who to punish, you or that boy that took you out" he demanded still not letting her cover her breasts as he held both of her hands with one of his, still examining her breasts, she reluctantly told him how she had kind of been a tease and gyrated her hips on Ben's as they danced and how they had made out and she let him suck her breasts, then she tolkd him how after Ben saw the chastity belt he made her give him a blow job and then ditched her, she was ashamed of herself and wouldnt look anywhere but the floor, she was a slut and a tease just like her dad had said, if she had bothered to look up her dads eyes wouldnt have met hers as he was still staring at her breasts with a growing erection, but he was angry too "see baby this is why i told you not to be such a tease, im sorry that he hurt you cause of the chastity belt, but im glad he didnt get to take your virginity so i cant be too sorry about the belt" his free hand reached up and lightly traced her nipples, even the soft touch making her cringe and pull away, he sighed and shook his head sadly " here baby let me take care of them, this might hurt at first but i promise they will feel better afterwards" he leaned her back on the bed, closing the door with his foot as he leaned over her, he didnt think his wife would wake up and come down, but he reached over and locked the door just in case, then laying over his daughter he leaned down and kissed one nipple, hearing her whimpers and try to pull away, but as she was laying down on the bed with him on top of her there was nowhere to go, he flicked his tongue out over her nipple and she continued to whimper and cringe "hush now baby im gonna make it better" her murmured before softly sucking her nipple into his mouth, Kelli gasped and whined, but after a few seconds of his suckling her breast the pain eased and she began to feel heat in her stomach, arching her back and pressing her nipple into his mouth, he then stopped and did the same to her other breast, and oddly it eased the soreness, he then got up, telling her to stay as she was as he went to the kitchen, he came back with a glass with ice cubes, pinning her down with his body as he pressed one to her nipple, she cried out and his free hand covered her mouth "Kelli do you really think im gonna hurt you?" as she shook her head he smiled saying "of course not, this will help too, just like when i sucked on them" she nodded and bit her lip to keep quiet, he just held the cube to her breast till it began melting, water dripping down both sides of her breast, her nipples hard again, lightly shivering, he then put what remained of the cube in his mouth and sucked her nipple, pressing the cube to it with his tongue until it completely melted, she couldnt help purring now and she could feel her pussy getting all wet again, her stomach clenched and she wriggled her hips, her dads thigh pressed between hers and against the belt, pushing the cool metal against her cunt, he turned and did the same with the other breast and her hand was on the back of his head, eyes closed and moaning, arching her back as far as she could, needing more.

when both cubes were gone he licked up the remaining water and began to massage ointment into her now only slightly sore nipples, her eyes opened, cloudy with lust as she looked up at her dad and thanked him, he got up and was gonna leave the room and she whimpered and grabed his hand, tugging him back "daddy please dont leave me" he smiled "but babygirl, taking care of you has caused me to have some needs that your mom needs to take care of" he turned to leave again but she held his hand tighter "but daddy cant I take care of them?

i sucked your cock before and it seemed to help, and it helped Ben !

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please let me help daddy?" he shook his head and stroked her hair "i know you helped me before, but that was bad remember, you were being a slut, right?" she nodded her head and he turned to leave again shoving her hand off his "besides what i need only big girls can do and your not a big girl, your mommy is" this made Kelli pout and her eyes teared up, she was horny and she just wanted her dad, he was the only one besides herself who had made her cum, and after he had helped her she just wanted to return the favor.

her dad saw her tearing up and he let go of the door sitting down on the bed and pulling her close "now now, whats wrong?" Kelli shook her head, she didnt want to tell him and have him think she was an even bigger slut then he already did when he insisted she tell him she just blushed and asked if he could take off the chastity belt just for tonight.

"no i cant, it stays on unless you have bathroom needs or when you get married ill give your husband the key" the tears began to roll down kelli's cheeks and she muttered angrily "its not fair, i have needs too daddy!

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you get someone to take care of yours, i have a lot of needs and they are making me hurt, and im more grown up then you think i bet i could do "big girl stuff" better then mommy if i gave it half a shot" he turned her to face him and lifted her chin, looking into her eyes "you think your so grown up? think you can take care of my needs like i want?

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well fine then, i'll let you give it a shot, i dont want to wake your mother anyway, besides if your hurting from your needs then its my job as your dad to take care of that pain" he reached in his pocket and pulled out the key to her belt, unlocking it and taking the belt off, gasping when he saw his daughters soaked bright pink tight pussy, his cock growing uncomfortably erect, he slipped her dress off, it had just been lowered under her breasts and lifted over her hips, only covering her stomach, he made her lay down again as he just looked at her for a few minutes as he began to strip, a sigh of relief came when his cock was released from the confines of his pants and boxers, Kelli saw his hard cock and got a little nervous, how was that supposed to fit, she closed her legs nervously and sat up, not so sure now "nevermind daddy i dont think im big enough after all" he shook his head and pushed her back down on the bed, leaning over her and pushing his cock into her mouth, she was comfortable with this so she began to suck and lick him, her hand lightly squeezing his balls "now you wanted to prove your a big girl, cant back out now, you cant stop doing something every time you get a little nervous, no daughter of mine is a quitter, understand?" Kelli nodded as she continued sucking his cock, stopping as she sucked his balls into her mouth, lovingly lapping at them before returning to sucking his cock, she still gagged when he deep throated her, she thought she wouldve been used to it by now, but he was a lot bigger then Ben.

after a few moments he pulled out of her mouth and stroked her face lovingly, then moving down and stroking her breasts, moving over her stomach, making Kelli giggle and squirm wildly when he kissed her belly button, when he nipped and licked at her button she bucked, laughing "daddy your tickling me!" he smiled and began to tickle her more purposefully, his hands pinning her down as she squirmed and squealed, his tongue dipped into her belly button making her moan and laugh at the same time, caught between the pleasure and being tickled, he finally moved down and Kelli tried to catch her breath only to gasp when his mouth wrapped around her clit and began to suck as his finger slipped inside her wet slit, she moaned loudly and pushed her hips up, pressing on the back of his head with her hand, he teased her, sucking licking and fingering her till she was about to burst, her legs wrapped tight around his head and her cum spilling into his mouth and down her thighs, but before she could cum her dad stopped, grabbing her legs and unwrapping them from around his head and pulling away, she was whimpering and begging him for more, but he just shook his head and climbed over her, positioning his cock outside her wet lips "im gonna fuck you now baby girl" despite how horny she was she got a little nervous again and tried to clench her thighs but her dad wouldnt let her and his cock rubbed over her pussy, she closed her eyes when his cock rubbed her clit, moaning softly, he took this opportunity while she was relaxed to slip the head of his cock in her tight slit, she gasped and her eyes popped open, it wasnt as bad as she thought and she wiggled her hips upward allowing him to slip in another inch, he began rocking back and forth inside her, easing her open until his cock came up against her cherry, his teeth were gritted as she was so tight around him and she kept wiggling, driving him wild, he held her hips as still as possible as he began to press his cock against her cherry, she started to whimper as she felt a pinching "no daddy its too much i think i want to stop now" but her dad silenced her with a kiss "im gonna make you a big girl now baby" he growled in her ear, barely giving her brain time to register that as he pulled back and then slammed his hips forward, tearing through her hymen and slamming the rest of his cock into her, now balls deep in his daughters cunt.

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Kelli screamed and he quickly covered her mouth as she cried and tried to get out from underneath him, her pussy felt like it was on fire as her blood dribbled around his cock and onto her thighs, down to the bed, he kept her mouth covered as he slowly pulled back and thrust all the way in again, she whimpered and cried everytime he did, feeling his thrusts growing faster, his mouth was lapping at her breasts and the pain began to ease, starting to feel good again, when her whimpers turned to moans her dad took his hand from her mouth, reaching down to rub her clit as his mouth moved from her breast to her lips, he could feel her already tight pussy begin to clench almost painfully around his cock as she got closer to cumming, he was now pounding her as hard and fast as he could, thank god her mother slept like the dead cause the bed was pounding on the wall, his thumb pressed down on her clit and Kelli bucked her hips up, her pussy clenching so tight her dad had to stop fucking her, his mouth over hers absorbed her cries as she came hard, when she began to calm down enough for her pussy to loosen around him he began to pound her again, it only took a few minutes more before he was cumming, slamming her pussy hard as he filled her up with his hot cum, biting her neck as he pumped his seed into her, making her cum again, her pussy milking every last drop from his cock.

he stayed inside her even as his erection began to die down, stroking her hair and kissing her, she was panting and covered in sweat, both of their juices leaking out of her pussy and around his cock, making a puddle on his balls, her thighs, the bed "am i a big girl now daddy?" she asked and he nodded too out of breath to respond "better then mommy?" he chuckled and swatted her ass "yes baby girl, gave mommy a run for her money" Kelli grinned and hugged her daddy, cuddling against him as she yawned and began to fall asleep with her daddy still inside her, he moved to pull out and get up and she whimpered, asking him to stay, he agreed, pretty worn out himself, and they fell asleep holding eachother and smiling.

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