Gay fucking sex video and black anal tube first time Ass Cheeks Get

Gay fucking sex video and black anal tube first time Ass Cheeks Get
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What does a man do when he's cocky and sees his own cock as the center of the universe? Well in my case, I stay that way and wouldn't have it be otherwise. I'm now 45 and divorced, bi-sexual. My wife just couldn't take it anymore because I can be a prick and I demanded a lot of sex and a lot of nasty things from her. So, she did stick with it for 15 years and then took off. No bother to me.

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I was still fucking around on the side. Hell, if she wasn't willing to do what I wanted then I was going to get it elsewhere and she was aware of that. I made no effort to hide it. Don't really know where I get it from.

Well yeah, my father was the same way with women and I sorta admired it and became the same. That and watching way too much porn from early on and getting my attitude from the guys in the videos.


I got into sex with guys probably earlier than with girls. When I was 12 I got a boy from school to suck my cock after school in the backyard behind the shed, or even in my room sometimes. Then it wasn't long after turning 14 that I was walking home one weekend from the movies and this guy offered me a ride and so I got in his car and he started putting his hand on my leg and then toward my crotch. I wasn't expecting it, but I didn't stop him either. So he asked if I wanted to go see his apartment and I was up for it.

We went there and he didn't waste time in getting my pants down and taking my dick into his mouth. He sucked me off twice the first time. Then I would make up stories about going to the movies or the local mall to my parents and I'd go see him and let him blow me, most of the time more than once.

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He'd show me whatever porn I wanted from his collection, straight, gay, name it. I really started liking the gangbangs and assfuck videos so he'd put those in for me and then suck me as I watched them.

That started my porn addiction. Then at 15 I got another guy from school, high school at this point, to suck my cock and I got him to take it up his ass. We'd go to his mom's apartment after school before she'd get home from work and I'd fuck the boy senseless and jizz in his ass.

It became addicting and at this point I was becoming a freak. I became pretty cocky from this and expected him to have me over any day I wanted. And pretty much he did. I dated some girls in high school and after a few I got one who was loose and let me fuck her. I had no problem getting her to suck my cock and after a couple weeks I talked her into taking it in the ass after smoking a joint with her.

I went out with her a few months, then moved on to this other girl and then after a couple months I was seeing another.


Then I ended up fucking this neighbor lady who would have me over to mow her lawn in front and back. Man, she was a nasty bitch and I fucked her anally a lot of the time, she loved having me cum in her ass.

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Through all of these girls I was still fucking and getting head from the guy from school. Now at home I would always be walking around in briefs in the morning and I enjoyed getting a hard one when my mom would be around. I caught her checking me out a lot and wanted to tell her to suck me off, but didn't want to get kicked out of the house.

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Still, I gave her the thrill of seeing me hard in my briefs whenever I knew dad was in bed still, or showering. I used to peek into their room at them fucking sometimes and stroke my cock all quiet. Now today, I'm very much a perverted freak. I get my rocks off on anything nasty and especially taboo.

You'll find out more of what I like when I start posting my fiction stories on here. But for now, I thought I'd give you an intro to who I am. I am an independent consultant working for myself and am successful. I own a house in the mountains and I am used to having people over, male or female, who know when they are over that they are to service me and do just what I want, whatever it is at the moment.

I like being cocky and could care less as to who might object. I enjoy being a man very much and deserve to be gratified. I enjoy the act of meeting whores who are working and hustlers doing the same and taking them wherever I wish to take them so I can have my way with them. The feeling that I own them for the moment gives me a rush and I often do as I wish whether they are into it or not.

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I'm not in a place where I NEED to pay for it, but to do so anyway just so it will guarantee I get what I want makes it well worth it. Often I have them service me where others can see and that pleases me. I much prefer anal sex to anything else, especially ejaculating into the anus of males and females, especially if they find it repulsive. So call me an arrogant prick, all that will do is give me an erection because this is something I am already very much aware of.

I am an exhibitionist who enjoys being naked for myself and in front of others. I have a superb cock and believe that anyone would want to suck it and feel me drain my balls into their mouth.

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For now, that's it. But there will be a lot more.