Wild Fuck Party With Two Amateurs

Wild Fuck Party With Two Amateurs
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Every woman thinks they have the best husband. But I truly do and this story will prove it. Teddy and I met 15 years ago accidentally. I was rushing thru the store getting my items and I literally ran into him with my grocery cart. Needless to say it was a happy accident.

After profusely apologizing and feeling very embarrassed, I noticed how handsome he was. I've always been attracted to older men, and I was guessing he was probably 18 or 19 years older then me. He was taller then me by a good 4 or 5 inches with silvery white hair, which I love. Clean shaven and very fit. Dressed in jeans and polo shirt he looked very yummy! He laughed at my clumsiness and told me not to worry about it. He said he liked being hit by pretty women.

I couldn't help but laugh and again apologized. He asked, with a smirk, "aren't we supposed to exchange names and numbers after an accident?" I replied, "I thought that only applied with a car accident." He chuckled and said, "Well you can't blame me for wanting your phone number.

Besides, what if I am really hurt?" I hadn't thought about that scenario and got really worried, then I noticed his laughing. "Nice try" I said. He teased a bit more and I relented and agreed to have dinner with him later that week. Let's just say, that first date went well, very well. Now 15 years later and he still keeps me laughing.

From the very beginning, our sex life was more then great! It was beyond amazing. Teddy as it turned out was 20 years older then me, let's just say, he put those years to good use. I was no virgin when we met, but being with him was like I'd never been with anyone else. His cock was bigger than average. We fit together very well. He could bring me to multiple orgasms and continue for quite some time and when he would finally shoot his hot cum into me, I would orgasm all over again.

After all these years it never got old or boring. We had a very adventurous sex life. We would sometimes find unusual places, like out in the woods while camping.

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At night we would use our back deck looking over the ocean and make wild love listening to the waves. We also have a private hidden deck, totally secluded.this was a favorite spot on a hot sunny day. We also loved to watch porn movies. This would always get us both very horny, we would start touching each other. He would always play with my nipples which would almost make me cum right there. My nipples have always been sensitive to touch. I would be stroking his thick shaft, all the while just waiting until I could climb on top of him and ride that cock.

After a while he would kneel down in front of me and spread my legs. He would caress me and spread my pussy. He would begin by gently flicking his tongue on the inner folds and slowly work into full on lapping and sucking my clit. The intensity increasing with every lick until I would erupt into a mind blowing orgasm. I would then climb on top of him and lower myself onto his rock hard pole and rock back and forth, the chair underneath us squeeling from the strain.

This position was perfect for me as it forced his full length all the way inside of me and rubbed on my clit which of course brought on another earth shattering orgasm which not only rocked my world, but probably the neighbors as well, as I am a bit of a screamer!

As I mentioned Teddy had the ability of lasting a very long time, so after my second orgasm, we would usually retire to the bedroom and spend the next hour or so leisurely enjoying each other's bodies. He would love to tease me by pumping in and out of me until I was just about ready to cum, then he would stop for a few minutes before starting again with even more intensity.

He would do this for what seemed like hours and he would finally fill me with his thick hot cum, which would instantly make me cum again. Sometimes while watching porn movies, we would get ideas. One thing I was always intrigued by, but had never tried, was being screwed by two guys at that same time. Double penetration always looked like it would feel amazing.

Teddy and I had played around with anal sex and both really enjoyed it. So the thought of having Teddy fill my ass and another cock ramming my pussy almost made me cream my jeans. Teddy knew I especially enjoyed watching the double penetration videos, but I had never told him I wanted to try it. We had never invited anyone into our bedroom before and we had both remained faithful to each other so what happened next came as a huge surprise to me.

I came home from work on a Friday night at the usual time not expecting anything out of the ordinary. Upon arriving home I was surprised to see Teddy was preparing dinner and had three places set at the table. I asked "Who is the third place set for?" He just said he had friend coming over, with no further explanation. He told me to just sit and relax and he poured me a glass of wine.

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This was usually a sign he was feeling horny and wanted me to feel the same way. Wine has that effect on me. As I'm sitting with my wine, the doorbell rings and I get up to answer it. I open the door and there stood the second most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on,(Teddy being the first).

The man was easily six feet tall with a very muscular build. He had dark hair starting to mix with silver, very sexy. His blue eyes looked me up and down and he smiled showing he liked what he saw.

I was a little surprised at this as he was supposed to be a friend of Teddy's. He said "Hi, I'm Levi, Teddy's friend." I welcomed him in and let Teddy know he was here. We made small talk for a little bit while Teddy finished the dinner preparation. We sat down to dinner and continued making small talk, but Levi kept giving me a look, like he was hungry. I found him to be very sexy, but was surprised Teddy wasn't picking up on this. Next thing I know, I feel a hand on my thigh, knowing Teddy was feeling horny, I figured he was working on getting me there too.

His hand inching it's way towards my pussy, slowly reaching under my short skirt and gently pulling my thong to one side.

He noticed immediately the wine was working as my pussy was already wet, he pushed a finger inside of me and I squirmed, trying not to show anything on my face about what was happening under the table. I concentrated on my glass of wine, when all of sudden I felt another hand and looked at Teddy.

He had one hand under the table and the other was holding his cocktail, it was then I realized it was Levi! Looking stunned, Teddy just winked at me and smiled, giving a nod to Levi, letting him know it was ok. I sat there with Teddy's fingers probing my pussy and Levi's hands caressing my inner thigh. I kept looking from Teddy to Levi not sure what to think, but my mind running crazy with the thoughts of what was happening. First off, I was unsure how Teddy would react if I showed I was enjoying it, but then realizing Oh My God I was totally enjoying it!!!


I looked at Teddy and he smiled, told me to relax and enjoy it. So I did, I spread my legs a little wider and felt Teddy's fingers withdraw only to be replaced by Levi's big hands. It's amazing how you get so used to your husband's touch that the touch of another man can be so electrifying.

Feeling Levi's fingers enter my pussy almost made me cum right there. A little moan slipped out of my mouth. Levi was fucking me with his fingers with such intensity it wouldn't be long before I reached orgasm. Teddy seeing me enjoying this so much, came over to me and unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my ample breasts from my bra and began to suck my nipples.

I looked into Teddy's eyes as the orgasm began to build, he held my gaze smiling at me and watching the intensity on my face. He kissed me as the waves of my orgasm crashed over me. He looked at me and mouthed "I love you" and smiled.

It was such a surreal moment that I almost forgot it was Levi who had just given me the most amazing orgasm. I looked at him and he was smiling at me as his fingers were playing in my wetness. I was still so horny and it must have shown on my face as both men stood up and helped me to my feet, as my legs were a little shakey. Teddy led the way into the bedroom and stopped just short of the bed and turned and slowly began to undress me from the front, then Levi came up behind me, removed my blouse and unhooked my bra and peeled it off.

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He reached his hands around and played with my breasts. He was pushing against me from behind and I could feel his hard cock. Even thru his jeans I could tell how big and thick it was, my pussy throbbed at the thought. Teddy had worked my skirt and thong off and I stood naked between two very handsome men.


I said "I don't want to be the only naked person here" and both Teddy and Levi started to undress, all I could do was watch with hunger, now knowing exactly what was going to happen tonight. As the guys finished undressing, I lay on the bed and couldn't help but rub my fingers on my very wet pussy. Levi was undressed first and he immediately dropped to his knees and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. His pulled my fingers from my pussy and sucked my juices off of them.

Then he bent in and gently blew on my pussy, sending a shiver throughout my body. Then his tongue began it's assault on my clit, causing me to moan and squirm. By now Teddy was naked and standing at the edge of the bed with his cock standing at attention.

He climbed onto the bed and knelt over me so I could suck is throbbing cock. I loved the taste of his manhood. His cock was so hard and big around, normally it was hard for me to get him into my mouth. But I was so horny I didn't even realize I was practically swallowing the length of his shaft. He began slowly bucking his hips in and out of my mouth, I sucked on him until he had to stop before he came.

All the while Levi was eating my pussy fervently and had me at the brink of another orgasm when he popped his thumb into my asshole. It shocked me at first and caused me to pause, but then he began moving it in and out while continuing to lick and suck my pussy, that was it, I was screaming with Teddy's cock in my mouth while another thundering orgasm shook my body.

When I came back to my senses both men were lying on either side of me. I thought I must be dreaming to have these two beautiful men in bed with me, both of them running their hands all over my body. Teddy was rubbing my ass and left breast and Levi was rubbing my pussy and my right breast.

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I looked from Teddy to Levi and felt tingles all over. I leaned over and kissed Teddy, a full on, full of Love kiss. Then I leaned over and kissed Levi with a fuck me now passion.

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He got the hint and climbed on top of me and pushed his rock hard pole into my hot, wet and waiting pussy. He was larger than Teddy, and he knew that, as both men had seen each other at this point. He pushed into me, slowly and just let his cock rest in my pussy for a few minutes, allowing me to get used to his size.

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I was used to it and ready for all of it in seconds. I started bucking my hips and he followed suit. He began slowly pumping and I couldn't help myself and looked at him and said "for the love of God, FUCK ME!" With that said he took off like a rocket and began pounding his full 8 inches into my sloppy wet pussy. While he is pounding into me, Teddy is sucking my nipple on my left and rubbing and pinching the other nipple.

He stops sucking and looks at me and kisses me so hard, I am so horny and I feel another orgasm coming on. Levi's cock is rocketing in and out of me and I can feel his cock grow even larger and harder and I hear him start a guttural moan.

Teddy is now laying beside me stroking his rock hard shaft, which is a total turn on for me. It's more than I can take and my orgasm pulses thru my pussy which sends Levi over the top and I can feel his cock spewing his load into me. He slows down and let's my pussy milk every last drop from his cock. When he is milked dry, Teddy taps him on the shoulder and he gets up and Teddy takes his position. He doesn't take but a second and he is pistoning in and out of my pussy with fury.

He has watched Levi bring me to climax 3 times now and he wants to show he still has what it takes for me. And he does! He knows just how to position himself and drive deep enough that his balls rub against my ass. He grinds himself to the hilt and rubs on my clit, his fingers finding my asshole and begin poking in and out.

The assault on my pussy is so overwhelming with pleasure I almost black out, but then I feel Teddy growing harder and feel the deep deliberate drives into my hot, dripping pussy. I hear his breathing quicken and I know his climax is near, knowing he is about to come, sends me into yet another mind blowing orgasm. Teddy feeling my pussy contracting on his shaft, sends his hot cum deep into me. Again, my contracting pussy is milking his thick cock.

When every last drop is milked from his cock he rolls to the side of me and let's out a completely satisfying sigh. I look at him and can see he is still coming down from his orgasm.

I almost forgot Levi was even there, until he reaches over and starts rubbing my nipple between his fingers. I turn to him and see he is stroking his cock, which has come back to full attention. I realize this night is not over yet and smile. I'm thinking to myself, could this be the night my fantasy becomes a reality?

All 3 of us lay there for a few minutes just rubbing each other's bodies, kissing and teasing. Teddy is kissing my neck and lifts his head to whisper into my ear, "I love you." I look over to him and kiss him and tell him I love him too. He then gives me a funny smile and looks at Levi and gives him a nod.


Before I know it, Levi pulls me on top of him, guiding me down onto his pole. God he is big and feels so good. I'm on my knees and he starts pumping up from the bed, up and down, in and out. The motion feels so good. I am thoroughly enjoying his cock sliding in and out of my very stretched and wet pussy when I feel Teddy behind me. He reaches down and runs his fingers from my pussy to my ass, bringing my juices with it. He begins rubbing my juices into my ass, making it nice and slippery.

With my ass lubed from my own juices he slowly pushes his rock hard cock into my ass. Words cannot describe the sensation of having two large cocks inside you at the same time. Levi is filling my pussy with his thick shaft and my husband is filling my ass with his thick shaft. I can feel the two cocks sliding together, I ask if they can feel each other and they both moan "YES".

Levi is pumping my pussy and Teddy is pumping my ass, I can't believe this is happening. This is my fantasy right here and it is better then I ever imagined. Levi is pumping in and out of my pussy and I start pushing back onto Teddy's cock in my ass.

The sensation of Levi's cock sliding into my pussy as I push Teddy's cock deeper into my ass is mind blowing. I am moaning and screaming with pleasure. Levi grabs my breast and starts sucking my nipple. His hot wet mouth on my nipple only increases my pleasure. I am climbing fast to an orgasm, but it is so much more than "just an orgasm". My entire body is pulsing with pleasure, the feeling has no description.

The man I love more then anything is pumping into my ass with fury while Levi with his gorgeous cock is pummeling my pussy.

All I can do is rock back and forth keeping time with the boys. The motion and the sensation of these two cocks has pushed me to the very brink of this whole body orgasm. I start screaming and trembling with the first waves of this incredible episode and it just keeps coming and coming.

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The waves keep crashing over me, every inch of my body is covered with goosebumps. Every nerve ending is alive with pleasure.

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My pussy is a river with no end in sight. This whole body orgasm is wracking my body when I feel Levi's piston of a cock start to cum deep inside of my pussy. Teddy, feeling Levi's cock spewing, starts his own earth shattering orgasm. He fills my ass with his hot cum. The sensation of having two cocks coming at once inside me is more than I can take. I'm screaming and bucking wildly, Levi and Teddy holding me tightly to keep us all bound together.

Slowly, we begin to settle into a rhythm of me rocking back and forth on Levi's cock, while Teddy gently pushes in and out of my well rimmed ass. Finally I collapse on Levi and feel Teddy's cock slide out of my ass. I roll off of Levi and his softening cock. Teddy lays down next to me and asks if this fulfilled my fantasy?

I asked "how did you know this was my fantasy? " He said he watched my face when we watched those double penetration videos and he knew he had to make that happen for me. Laying there with Levi's cum running out of my throbbing pussy and Teddy's cum running out of my ass, I have to say.I have the best husband.EVER!

The End