Brunette Beauty Adriana Chechik Sneaky And Trashy Bang On Chair

Brunette Beauty Adriana Chechik Sneaky And Trashy Bang On Chair
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I was walking on the strip at midnight when a van pulled right beside me.

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I was pulled in, my hands, mouth, and ankles were taped. I struggled a little, but there was a side of me that liked to be handled roughly. I heard the voices of four men in the van. "lts bring her back to the apartment" Two of the men started unzipping their pants and jacking it off.

both were about 7 inches long and fairly thick. I had a dress on, one of the men took off my panties and bra, then fingered me a little to get me going. We got to the parking lot of the apartment building in the slums of town. they put a bag over my head to keep me from seeing where i was, and the next thing i knew, i was in the living room. There were about 8 men in total. "we finally have a slave, boys!" they were not too bad looking, their cocks were all 7 inches and bigger.

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I got really horny at the sight of their long cocks. then, one man came to my mouth and ripped of the tape, shoving his cock down my throat while the other watched and jacked off. "take it bitch! take my fucking cock!" he said that over and over again, slapping my face and smiling down at me.

I was then pushed down into the floor. they took of the tape from my legs and wrists. my pussy was so wet. my second cock was shoved into my asshole. i felt so good and so bad. these cocks were so good, and just when i got comfortable, i saw four men in the room pay the man that was fucking my mouth. they took out a camera and filmed my gangbang. I'm a prostitute, a whore, a slave to these men. the man that was fucking my throat finally came in my mouth and face. he brought the camera to me and told me to say nasty things into the camera.

I said "I love cum i love cocks and i love being a whore" i smiled and took another cock into my mouth. I was placed on top of another man while someone else came into my asshole. I moaned and took the cock and pain willingly.

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the continued to slap my face and ass. i now had three cocks in me, and jacking off two. pictures were taken and money was being made.


the cock in my mouth had came onto my face, he slapped me, and another cock was placed into my mouth. the men that had finished sat down to watch. they placed the camera in front of me while i was being double penetrated. no cock in my mouth.

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i was moaning and screaming in pleasure. i looked into the camera with my cum covered face. "give me all the cock. give me all the fucking cock!! im a cock whore, give it to me please!!." they were laughing and cumming in my holes.

i finished 8 men. took their cum and i cleaned the cocks that were in my asshole.

3 cocks in my mouth, 3 in my asshole, and two in my pussy. total. they took one more shot of me on camera, then one of them said he needed to piss. they talked amongst themselves while i was trying to recover. they dragged me into the tub, and pissed on me. all eight of them, at the same time.

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taking pictures of it. they were all aiming for my face. washing off the cum. i couldn't fight back. i was too weak, and too tired, and i liked it they turned the water on and left me in there to shower for the next round. FIVE HOURS LATER Three men came into the bathroom to take me out and place me on the couch. my other costumers have left. I began to suck their cocks while they were making phone calls to more clients. I felt like such a filthy slut as they watched me, took advantage of me, and vide taped me.

I felt so good though. the three men opened the door to three new clients. "this is your next appointment, whore" they took no time to take a hole. these cocks were bigger, and these men were bigger. i was being videotaped again, but this time i could see myself in the camera and on the t.v. then man in my asshole wouldn't stop slapping my ass. "I wanna buy this bitch for a day, this ass so fucking good!" the other in my mouth made me lick his balls and then talk into the camera.

I said "mmmmmm i love these cum balls, and big cocks." I licked his cock and sucked on it until he came The third man continued to watch. He had a really big dildo in his hand.


about three and a half inches wide! as soon as the man in my asshole finished, he shoved it up my ass and left it there. "saw this bitch on the website last night, I had to see if i could stretch her asshole" the dildo was so deep in my ass, stretching me apart.

I moaned and said " please fuck me already, this dildo is stretching me too far!" He took it out, put it back in, and fucked my pussy while i was in doggy position.

they were all laughing at me, calling me a whore, cunt, bitch, prostitute, cum slut, cock whore, you name it. he was done, and they made me rub my clit in front of the camera. my pussy was so used, my asshole, my mouth were all used up. I began to rub my clit in started to moan. I thought about the abuse and cocks i had, and i had an orgasm. I screamed so loudly in pleasure that i fell asleep. I woke up in a bed room. to be continued.