All boys penis photo gay xxx His bod was all stretched out and he

All boys penis photo gay xxx His bod was all stretched out and he
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Fbailey story number 302 Mom's Panty Drawer I'm fourteen and I like to snoop in my mother's panty drawer. First off I like rubbing her silky panties on my face, I like to jerk off in her used panties, and I never know what I'll find in her panty drawer.

I have found dildos, vibrators, and even X-rated DVDs in there. I have found love letters from old boyfriends, nude photographs of Mom, and dirty books that she had read many times. I watch the DVDs when I can, read her love letters, and scan her nude pictures. They were always Polaroid pictures but in recent months I have found copies that someone has printed off for her. Mom sure looks good naked. For a woman of thirty-two she still has it.


She had me when she was eighteen and still in high school. The guy wouldn't marry her and moved across the country. The courts made him pay child support but other than that he doesn't want a thing to do with us. Grandpa lets us live in one of his apartment houses.

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Mom is the manager. She collects the rent and get things fixed if they need it. Other than that she doesn't work. Mom takes very good care of herself, she works out regularly, and she watches what she eats. Translated that means that she looks out for me too and I also have to exercise and eat healthy. I started exercising around the house.

I do chin-ups on a bar in the doorway. I do sit ups and pushups on the living room floor. Mom usually watches me and will help hold my legs for the sit-ups. Then I got to hold her legs for sit-ups too only mom wears a lot of miniskirts. At first I tried not to look at her panties but I couldn't help it. She must have known what I was looking at but she never said anything so eventually I just looked and enjoyed. That is until she finished and I had to get up and rush away so that she couldn't see my erection.

Well that led to our sex talk about the birds and the bees. She said that it was perfectly normal for a boy to look up a girl's skirts if she lets him and to get excited in the process. Then she asked me if I had ever seen one of my female friends naked, no.

Would I like too, yes. She said that she would have a talk with some of the girls in the neighborhood but that it might just be easier for her to do it herself. What! Mom was offering to let me look at her body naked, to ask questions, and to touch her as necessary.

What! She was serious. I told her that I would have to think it over. She said that she understood.

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That evening right after dinner mom took a nice long bath then came out to watch television with me. All she was wearing was a see through neglig?with matching panties.

She looked good and she smelled good too. Then she popped in the DVD that I had seen in her panty drawer. I had not gotten a chance to look at it so I was interested. Mom sat real close to me so that our legs touched. She wrapped an arm around me, which pressed one of her breasts into my arm.

It was an incest movie about a mother seducing her teenage son.

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Mom would lick her lips, moan, and squeeze me tighter. Occasionally she would say, "I like that," "I'd like to try that," or "That looks like fun." Each time the boy was fucking his mother in a different position.

Mom named the positions for me too, such as missionary, doggy, and woman on top.


When the boy in the movie was standing, picked his mother up, and then sat her on his stiff cock mom asked me if I could lift her like that. Then during anal sex she said that she had never tried that and that she would really have to love the guy before letting him do that to her. Then she said, "I love you." I felt that everything she said and did throughout the movie was about us.

When the movie was over mom asked, "Are you ready to look at my body now?" I swallowed hard and replied, "Yes." Mom stood up, got between my knees and lifted her neglig?up over her head.

She tossed it into a chair. Then mom knelt down between my legs so that her breasts were right in front of me. She pointed out her breasts, her areolas, and her nipples. Then she told me to touch them, squeeze them, and to pinch her nipples. She said harder or easier as was required until I learned what she liked.

I hadn't even noticed when she started stroking my cock through my pants. I liked playing with mom's tits and she said that she liked it too. Then she told me that I could feel her up any time that I wanted too as long as no one else saw it. She said that I could do it in the kitchen, in the car, and even in the grocery store as long as no one else was watching.

Then mom stood up and asked me to lower her panties for her. I liked that too. Mom had very short well trimmed hairs on her pussy mound and the lower part was shaved bare.

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In fact she had just shaved it in the bathtub for me. She told me to smell it, touch it, and slip my fingers up into it.

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After a while she said that she should lay down, and then she got on the rug. She told me to smell of her pussy again and see what it was like after I had stimulated her.

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It smelled sweeter and it was a lot wetter too. Finally mom asked me to fuck her just like the son in the movie had done to his mother.


I took my pants and underwear off, I slipped my hard teenage cock into my mother's pussy, and I cum right away. I knew that wasn't right but mom said that it was perfectly normal for a man that was over stimulated.

She said that the boy in the movie was an actor and that I would get a lot better with practice. Then she told me that I could practice with her all day long if I wanted too.

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She told me to come into her bedroom and fuck her any time that I felt like jerking off. She told to come and get her if she wasn't in bed. She said that from now on my cock belonged in her pussy and not in my hand. I laughed but I knew what she was saying. I was already hard again so I just slipped it right back into her. Mom smiled and said that she had wanted that for a very long time.

Then she told me that she knew that I had been snooping in her panty drawer. She also knew that I had jerked off in her used panties. She told me about putting movies, dirty books, and sex toys in her panty drawer for me to find. She said that it hadn't been easy to get her girlfriend to take the nude Polaroid pictures of her so that I could find them.

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That was when she got a digital camera with a self-timer and printed them out at the drug store when no one was looking. That night I slept in Mom's bed, we were both naked, and that was the start of something very beautiful.

The End Mom's Panty Drawer 302