Gay bondage studs doctor When Bryan Slater has a strained day at

Gay bondage studs doctor When Bryan Slater has a strained day at
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I wake up to hear you in the kitchen. I get dressed and ready for work, our normal routine.

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I come around the corner and see you standing there. I stop in shock. My eyes trace your form from head to foot and back.


I can't believe me eyes. You're standing in nothing but an apron making breakfast.

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I slowly cross the room, still not sure if I'm awake or still asleep dreaming. I can see the beads of sweat rolling down your neck. You wipe them off with your palm and keep cooking, as if you being like this is normal.

You're too warm. The sweat keeps dripping down your body, making you glisten in the sunlight from the window above the sink. Each step I take brings me closer to you. Finally I can see the strands of your hair, smell your skin.

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With one last step I bring myself to your back and wrap my arms around your waist. I gently place my lips on your neck and kiss from your ear to your shoulder. I feel you sigh and relax, arching your neck for more of my attentions. My hands trail down the length of your body. From your shoulder to your hips and back I caress every curve.

I bring my hands over the tops of your shoulders and down your chest, slipping them under the thin fabric of the apron. I can see your nipples pushing against the white cotton and want to touch them, to stroke them. I glide my fingertips over each one making them stand up as if they wanted more. You close your eyes and let your head fall onto my shoulder. I reach around you and turn the stove off with a click and pull you around to face me.

I kiss those lips of yours and stare into your green eyes. Like polished pools of jade. You lock onto mine and quiver with the intensity you see in them, the passion I have for you.

I lead you to the kitchen table where I sit you on the edge. I move in close between your legs and can feel the heat of your arousal. I bring my lips to your neck again and wrap my arms around you. I pull the string that is keeping you hidden from me and watch as you body is slowly revealed.

I gasp as I see your sex. It is so lovely to me. I lift the apron off of your lap and place it on the table. I run my fingers up the inside of both your legs to your pussy as I kiss your lips. I suck one of them into my mouth and gently nibble on it. Your breathing is coming faster now and you sigh into my kiss.

You quiver at the touch of my fingers so close to your clit. I touch your swollen lips and you gasp as I push them together against your clit making you squirm. I kiss and trail my fingers down your body so light they feel like feathers on your skin. I smile as I watch goose bumps trail behind every place I touch. I stop my lips over your nipple and suck on each one, licking them at the same time. You're beginning to moan, this teasing pleasing you.

My fingers continue, as if on their own, to find your slit and what is buried there. I brush over your clit, making you jump, to your love hole.

I move my fingers around in circles and then back to your clit. You are so wet my fingers are dripping. I kiss down your chest and over your stomach. I pause to kiss and lick your belly button. I stop.


I can smell your sweet juices and my mouth waters. I can't wait to taste you. Finally I slip my tongue over your clit. You inhale sharply at the feel of my firm tongue against your it. I push my finger into your pussy and slowly pull in and out. You're moaning and shaking with every entering of my finger. You're so wet I slip in another one. I keep a slow steady pace, licking your clit with every thrust.

I feel you quivering. Your pussy begins to start clenching around my fingers. I start to thrust a little faster, my tongue matching every stroke. You entwine your fingers in my hair and hold me so I won't pull away.

You pull me into your pussy and I go faster. I push in deeper and harder and faster, my tongue dancing over your love button driving you wild. Your breathing is raspy now.

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I can tell your ready to cum. I wrap my other arm around you and pull you to me even closer so you can't get away. I nibble on your clit and hold it between my teeth and thrust even harder, faster.

You're moaning and gasping out my name. Telling me, no, begging me not to stop. Your hands grab my hair tighter and you throw your head back in ecstasy.


You cum over and over again, soaking my face and hand. I don't stop my tongue or my fingers. I want you to remember this all day as I know I will. I lick off all of your sweet tasting juices making you jump every time I hit your clit or enter your love hole.

You're shaking from every orgasm that is wracking your body. Finally, I pull out of you and lick my fingers. I slowly stand and kiss every inch of you. Your chest is heaving, your nipples still hard and poking through my shirt. I kiss your neck.

You put your hands on either side of my head and move my lips to yours. I bring my arms around your waist and kiss you with the same passion I did before, if not stronger.

I don't want to let you go. I pull away reluctantly not wanting to leave you, wanting to stay and make love to you all day, to stay tangled in your hair and breathing in your skin.

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I kiss you once more and start to walk backwards. Our hands slip from each other as I back up. I walk out the door and into my car to go to work. The taste of you is still in my mouth and the scent of you is still on my clothes.