Dong loving action for aphrodisiac Cindy

Dong loving action for aphrodisiac Cindy
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It's good to be King Chapter 4 It's winter now.

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I've spent the early spring learning how I could manipulate my world, almost an entire summer perfecting my world and in general all the minute details, and most of the fall getting to know my subjects the whole village, and what power I had over them. Honestly, getting used to ordering people around was very new to me. It took me a few weeks to get into it. But all-in-all, it was working out just fine. The real big hurdle for me, was getting use to being intimate in front of everyone. It seemed no matter what I did to try to find a little privacy their was always a few.

or a few dozen girls around to watch me. I wonder if I will ever have to just fuck in the middle of the open.

Back to the here and now, my cave-of-a-home had a recent renovation a few weeks ago just before winter settled in. Several of the women kept trying to pile into my cave, just to be with me and was overcrowded. So eventually someone had the idea that it came down to-- "Make the cave bigger." Two dozen women in a few days, dug it out to three times its width, and damn near ten-times deeper.

It worked out great, cause I wasn't in the mood half the time to venture outside to get anything. Inside was nice and warm, if not sometimes a draft would enter. A small annoyance at best. But with Nicole and a few other women always at my side for constant warmth, it usually was never an issue.

Especially when they were covered in fur and wrapped themselves close to me. Other neat things to bring up while I'm at it. A few chicken sized dinosaurs also nested in my cave. I forget what they were called, so I just called them [chickens]. Seemed to work. But just as interesting were the women inside. Being winter now the women were all in one way or another, in a state of lethargy.

I did not anticipate this. The full-furred women would wake up, eat, and maybe inquire about me, but overall did little else, and went back to sleep. The other women like Nicole, human with animal traits, were more active. They could be awake all day, but also didn't do anything really active. The human women on the other hand, were just as I was. It basically came down to the day/night shift. For the whole first week of winter, it came down mostly to Nicole and the human women to keep me company.

My pillow happened to be the warm leg of a Fox-woman as she slept behind me.

And while many of the women slept beside me providing warmth with their bodies, my jacket provided as a general blanket. Nicole insisted being under my jacket as well. Not that I complained. <Gee, what a shame this'll only last another few weeks.> I thought with a grin.


-- That evening we gathered together for a dinner. Nicole as usual was leaning on my side, a wavy-brunette-haired woman with strikingly deep green eyes served me assorted berries as I leaned backwards on her. "Hey you." I pointed out to a short-haired red-head. She turns to me awaiting my request. "Get on all-fours under my legs." "Yes King-Shawn." She answers back sweetly. She crawls over towards me as I lift move my legs out of the way. She sits herself on her hands and knees as I rest my feet on top of her close to her hip.

With Nicole still at my side I pulled her into me and kissed her. She digs her hands under my shirt and feels all across my chest as well as trying to pull me closer to her. Not to be outdone I'm also feeling her chest. Two handful sized mounds only slightly bigger than my hand can hold. The brunette behind me, joins and rubs my back as she kisses my neck. Quick hands also go down my back and reach around to undo my belt-buckle. Had to admit it.

Teaching them how to undo my belt was rewarding. Selfish, but rewarding all the same. My pants undone and the zipper down, her hand reaches in my undershorts to pullout my tool and encased it with her fingers, as she kisses my chest through my shirt, each girl using a hand to steady themselves. A soft moan came from their lips as we would deepen the kiss. "My King" purred Nicole, now her hand joined in stroking my swollen dick.

"Eep~!" she squealed happily as I firmly pushed her backward onto the ground. To her surprise, I stood, pulling the brunette up to me. Impatient hands worked my pants off, followed by my shirt, leaving me naked before the two. Both girls very much approved of the change in dress code.

The brunette's hand returned to my hard shaft, stroking it inexpertly, but with obvious eagerness. I groaned, I smiled with a mouth full of teeth as my lips curled up. Nicole watched as I pulled the unresisting girl tight to me, but then reached between the brunettes legs and cupped my sack in her hand.

She was soft in her touch, just the right amount of touch. The brunette in my arms was just beautiful to the eyes. As I squeezed her soft rump, she pushed her tongue in my mouth. Then I felt Nicole take my throbbing tip in her mouth, from between the brunette's legs. "Ooohhh." I moaned through the kiss, as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. <So damn good.> I grabbed Nicole's head from behind and pushed her face closer.

Accounting for space, her mouth had half of my piece inside. One hand of mine remained on her breast as the other cupped between her legs, to find a damp oil-slick in its place. I felt Nicole's tongue pressing my dick to the roof of her mouth while she sucked.

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I felt Nicole's hand with mine as she joined in stimulating the brunette to a fervor. She panted and made sweet moanings as she received our ministrations.


Then I felt Nicole's cum covered hand stroke my rod from tip to base. My knees shook and both me and the brunette fell backwards. Light laughter in the act didn't take away the willingness to continue.

I rolled the brunette over, rising her up on her knees and forearms, taking the time to present her in the best position. Looking at her drooling sex, soaked thighs and puffy pussy lips, I also saw something else I wanted for now. She rested her forehead against her crossed forearms. She was doing her best to relax herself to allow me in, but her body's instincts were fighting.

I gasped as my tip suddenly popped inside her, and feeling the nearly-painful tightness of her ass as it relaxed gradually.

Nicole was busy fondling my sack, giving small kisses on my mouth, and small licks on my neck as I pumped into the brunette. I shifted my weight above her, then thrusted down, driving my whole tool into her ass. "SHAWN! AHh!" She shrieked out, gaining an audience at the same time.

Three other women I couldn't exactly see close to the door, one woke up, the other two just turned from each other to look our direction. A small orgasm rushes from the back of my eyes and flushes down to my lower back, as the same feeling goes from my dick, to hip, and up into my chest.

"Oohh, there." I pulled out just until my tip creating a rush of sensation, then pushing back in was the final straw. "AAHhh." My hands mashed her hip into mine, then came the release.

I'll admit it, I wasn't a major stud that could go on and on and on. But with a village full of women. this didn't really bother me. I slowly leaned on top of the brunette, wrapping my arms around her waist, and rolled to my side while still inside the woman.

The smell. my cave reeked of sex, its smell went from the back up to the cave entrance. Nicole was behind me with one arm under my arm and the other around my neck. I turned my body as much as I could without pulling out and kissed Nicole's lips. I feel the red-head, that had served as my foot-stool, move near the brunette then climbs over her half way and starts licking my chest lightly. Lapping up small drops of sweat.

Her warm tongue slides one way then the other. At times it's quicker then others. Nicole joins her, as she begins licking my shoulder. I feel her little pink tongue swipe at my skin. Her reward is my hand moving between her legs. My fingers climb up to her soft, wet, tight opening. I tease her again and again, grinning openly among my harem.

"Ohh-- my King-- ohh you-- so much-- ahh, ahh, --ohhhh." She moans in a delightful song of [oh's and ah's] It was absolute torture that I'd pull away from her wet-neither-lips, only to resume again. The redhead moves down and licks my chest, down to my stomach, and finds my deflating member. She takes the head of it in and lightly sucks on it. Not in a way to make me come, just enough to feel good.

She licks my thighs to my knees and back up. Then down my other leg and back up. The pleasure shooting up Nicole's body is intense, and I know it based on how she has moans before her climax, and in just a few moments her head whips back, she thrusts her chest out, and she came.

She slowly lays down by me. Exhausted and spent. "You down there." I say to the red-head. "Come on up here by us, you're done." She crawls over by my empty side and lays down.

I knew I wasn't gonna come again for the rest of the evening. Now was a good time to call quits.

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I'm so tired, and. happy. {Wirr-squack!} My head brushed against one of those chicken-sized dinosaurs nesting inside my cave. Guessed I ticked it off. Noisy little bastard it was. -- Five days later, early afternoon: Not much went on today.

aside from the regular sex. I was outside getting myself some water, since it was one of the few things I couldn't order anyone to do for me. for now. Basically since it was as cold as it was, only about a fourth of my subjects were ever outside, and it was to pick fruit for others in the caves they lived in. I liked all the girls in my cave but today I was in the mood for something else. I walked past my cave and climbed up the hill, peaking inside one dugout cave after another.

In one cave their were three sleeping fox-women, in another was just empty, I passed one cave with a lone mouse-girl eating fruits. Attractive, but not what I had in mind. "Hello, King Shawn." A few lovely passing ladies greeted to me. "Hi Girls." Also attractive, but not today. <So many choices, so little endurance.> I climbed a level higher, and walked along the uhh."door-ways" 'till I saw a lovely young fox-girl resting alone inside her cave eating an apple.

I let myself in. "Hello King Shawn." "Why hello there, young one." She looks about 19 or 21 years old, her skin is lightly tan from the fall, her tail is not yet bushy but mostly white, her protruding-ears atop of her head of black, neck-length hair have little black tips. I notice her forearms and hand are actually more tan than the rest of her body. The cave is not nearly high enough for either of us to stand upright, but it's no problem for her, as her crawls on all fours to me.

Her large breasts swing back and forth with each pace towards me "How can I help you?" She asks aloud, with her pale blue eyes almost demanding an answer from her king.

<You've already started, thank you."> "My cave is saturated with the smell of myself and the ladies. I've come here for a fresher place of sleep, and you look like you'll do just fine." I said with a smile. She scrunches her forehead and asks.

"What's satture-ate-ted?" ".Trust me, it's nothing you need to worry about." I wouldn't mind explaining it, just not now. I crawl down beside her, as she also sits down beside me just as I wrap my arm around her waist. "Ahh, here. Let me be also a good guest." I reached into my inside pocket of my jacket, and pulled out two pomegranate fruits.

I use my pocketknife to cut it in half and handed one half to her.

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"Oh, King Shawn." I look at the doorway at the sound of another voice. Another fox-girl. She was as lovely as the girl beside me. Her protruding fox-ears are also black furred, her tail is full and bushy and also white.

Her stright hair is a light hazel brown, and matching eyes. Her breasts were a modest hand-full, and yes her nipples were erect and tight from the cold weather outside. <Man this just keeps getting better.> "If I knew you would arrive, we would have dug further for you." She kneels down in front of me, placing a wide leaf before us with collected berries in it." "Ohh, it's fine." For the next hour or so we just talked.

They asked me on how the cave could be changed, we talked about what they did during the fall season. I kinda like this. The talking died down, and the collected fruit consumed. I wanted to do something different. "So girls would you like to do something for me?" "Yes." They answered. <Sex I've had.what else is there?> I straighten my palm-length beard as I think. <Yeah.> "Kiss each other." Their reaction was of surprise.

I could see a question, coming.

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"But she's a woman like I am." The first one said. "Aren't we just supposed to only kiss you?" The other asked. This question got a chuckle out of me. <I never thought about it like that.> "Don't worry, it's fine. I wouldn't have asked you to do it, if I didn't think it wasn't okay." With that explanation, and a quick look to each other, they kissed.

It was a brief little kiss. "Do it again. but, longer." And they did. They held the kiss for sweet, long, lengthy seconds. The first girl closes her eyes, as she absorbs the sensation of affection. I crawled behind the first fox-girl, and stroked down her back and back up into her locks of hair on her head. I can smell the sent of her skin. It's earthy, with traces of various fruits, and leafy greens, fresh tilled up dirt and cut grass.

I move my hand around her waist and feel the weight of her breasts in each hand. Her reaction is she gives a small flinch, then arches her back, pressing her body into her new kissing mate. I shove my nose into her neck as one of my hands leaves her breast and travels to her little tight love-nest. She gives a short, muffled yelp through the kiss. My other hand goes over to the hand of the other fox-girl, and guide it to where I had held a soft mass of flesh seconds before.

"O-oh." She breaks the kiss with a mouthed-shudder, as a finger of mine enters her little love-tunnel. Her hip bucks back slightly when I pullout and reinsert my finger back in.

Her hips do this fun little grinding motion, it's a bit of a circle, then back and forth, another little circle and a *lean on one side. "Huh." <I think she likes it.> My attention goes back to her head, and more-so her protruding ears. Why I did what I did, or what possessed me to do it I don't know, but I open my mouth and take her whole ear in my mouth and gentily bite down at the base. "Oh, AHhh!" She whimpers, as her leg twitches and flips-out.

"Oh-Ahhhhh!!" She cries louder, as her body twists sideways onto the floor. Her ear falls out of my mouth, leaving a few strands of fur, and a cotton-like taste in my mouth.

She's on the floor panting and heaving. She quickly rushes a hand to her wet ear and rubs it at it's base. "Ohhhooohh." She coos and moans at the action. Her kissing partner looks on at her, then at me, as if I had an answer. <She's not playing with herself, and she's definitely not cumming.> I sure as hell didn't know everything.

I move .her hand away from her ear that she rubs. "Does that feel good?" I ask. Her eyes are wide open at me as she pants. Her head twists the other way towards me.

"Uhh-huuh." She coos out, in a sugary sweet voice. Her hand goes to mine again and guides it to her ear again. "More?" She begs. <Is her g-spot on her ear?> I think as I give a gentle rub. She shoves her head to sandwich my hand between her head and the ground, to force me to rub harder.

She has a wide silly grin on her panting face. <Well, it save time cleaning up messes.> I lift her by the shoulders on my lap.


"Here, straddle her over her chest." I said to the other fox-girl. She does as I ask. She places a leg on both side of her companion. Not only is this sexy to look at, but it'll also keep the other fox-girl from moving around to much. I first give a kiss to the straddling fox-girl. I use one hand to stedy myself by holding on to a large breast from below.

Then I rub her ear at it's base, she grins and coos aloud. I rub harder, she attempts to twist out of her position. Then I give a deep massage at it's base. For a moment I felt cartilage shifting under my fingers. "OHHHHH!!! AHhhHhhhhhhh!!" She almost knocks off her partner by sitting halfway up.

I'd swear she was having an orgasm but there wasn't the smell to dictate she was having one. While she came down from whatever she had, I was fully hard, and would not stand for anymore.

"Switch side with me." I tell the other girl. She nods as we change positions. "What do you want me to do?" "Just keep rubbing her ear gently. I need satisfaction." My pants came off, and my stiff member comes out through my undershorts. I straddle her across her stomach and place my piece between her large mounds. She gives me an uneven lazy smile as I hold her breasts together. "Rub." I tell the other fox-girl, and she does.

As she rubbed the fox-girl under me starts squirming and writhing. I push and pull my member from between her lovely soft mounds, as her body turns and writhes under the massage of her ear-base. "Ohhhh- Mooree." She whines sweetly. "Should I?" The other fox-girl asks me. "No, not yet." Her breasts are soft to the touch, and naturally soft as they conform to every demand my fingers and dick ask of them. Each thrust is like sliding my piece between two hand-fulls of silk., cool and soft.

I feel the build-up in my back. "Alright, go." I tell her. She begins to rub her ear harder, the girl below squirms and turns as she tries to sit up. A big long grin across my face appears as she moans and screams from the massage. It's a wonderful sound. Another stroke back and forth between her breasts and I feel I about ready. "Open up." I say as I grab the fox-girl from the back of her head and bring her down and force my dick in her mouth.

"Swallow!" Was my last uttered word, then I came. "Swallow." I repeated. A few moments pass as I empty out myself into her mouth. My hand leaves her head as I begin just stroking her cheek to under her chin. Eventually I am fully drained and I retract my piece from her mouth. I roll over onto my back and rest against the dirt-cave-wall.

The fox-girl with the large breasts, cuddles up next to me wrapping her arms around me. The other fox-girl lays on my other side and leans in to kiss me. "AH! No kissy. Not after I come in your mouth." But I do pull her to rest against me. <I don't think I'll ever get tired of this.> I think as I just lay back.I'm not tired, just spent, and wonderfully at that. I'm not quite sure what to make of the ear-rubbing thing, but it was sure damn fun.

It didn't take nothing to make her moan and writhe under my touch. Why it was her ear, I don't know. <Oh well. No mess, no fuss.> To Be Continued. [Authors Note.] [I don't mind constructive criticism, as I've seen in the story comment section, and I do read them. I do take account my pace of writing, so as far as it being "slow" well that's how I write. Thanks again for taking the time to read my writings. Votes and comments are much appreciated.]