Tia cyrus likes to get pounded hard

Tia cyrus likes to get pounded hard
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She finally realizes how hot she is I have been married to my 1st love for over 30 years…we met as kids-16 and 15 years old, and were wed just after high school. Sherry has always had a good shape, but when she started to work out in her 20s, she became super HOT.

She was blessed with a round butt, and step aerobics, and the stairmaster, turned it into a world class ass. Her thin waist became a flat toned treat for admirers to lust over.

While exercise actually made her boobies smaller, Sherry has firm round orange sized breasts that are capped with maddeningly wonderful nipples.


These babies harden when I talk about them. They belie her when she says…not now. She has great legs, honed to perfection with the working out, pretty feet and hands, a great back and fantastic shoulders and arms. A body worthy of worship, and worship it I do.

She is very pretty as well, and takes great pride in her mane, which frames her face nicely. This girl has aged like fine cognac and is better at 50 than most ever are. Most 20 somethings would be envious of Sherry. But Sherry calls herself fat, covers her body with too many clothes, and worst of all, doesn't wear all of the HOT outfits I have purchased over the years. This woman is hot, but doesn't know it.

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That is until last night. We had been alone without kids for the first time in years…many of them.

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We went out for a quick dinner, and came home and fucked…some quick nibbles on each other's privates, followed by a short but effective fuck from behind. The edge was off, now…we would get serious. Sherry left me to pick out a movie from on demand…she'd be right back. About a half hour later, I was provided with the treat of a lifetime…Sherry had used the time to change into an outfit that I could only describe as awesome.

She appeared in a tight tiny leather skirt and bustier, not really covering her, and 5 inch platform sandals. Her sexy belly was bare, down to the top of her landing strip, her back and arms were available for my lustful viewing, and her legs looked fantastic. I was thrilled by her outfit, and even more when she told me to strip. My cock was stiff as I slipped off my shorts, and Sherry took note…Excited?, she asked teasingly.

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She fastened leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, and a collar on my neck. I was tethered to the coffee table in the family room. Sherry them moved the furniture, turned on some funky music and began to dance.

You always tell me you think I am hot. I want to see how sexy you think I am. She danced and strutted around me, offering her ass, cleavage and body to me, driving me crazy with desire.

My cock was throbbing, even though I could not and she didn't touch me. Sherry took off the top after a couple of songs, and began to play with her nipples, while tormenting me with things like…wish you could touch these? Suck my nipples? My cock nearly erupted as she teased me, visibly throbbing and oozing pre-cum. You look like you're about to cum? Could you? Without being touched? I'm not that sexy, she said.

I mumbled a whispered response like…I bet I could if you kept this up. Sherry slipped off the little skirt to reveal her trimmed pussy, and glistening lips. She straddled my chest, and sat down with her pussy inches from my face.

She began to toy with her stiffening clit, while asking if I want a taste…want to lick me? She was jamming 3 fingers into her juicy slit, while feverishly rubbing her engorged clitoris. As she erupted, I had to fight back the urge to join her in the throes of ecstasy. She kept rubbing, and cumming seemingly endlessly for over a minute, when she literally screamed and shot hot liquid from her pussy straight into my face.

Sherry had never squirted, or at least not so obviously. As she began to calm, she seemed in a trance. She had a satisfied look on her face, and she got up, leaving me covered in her juice, in bad need of relief myself.

Sherry returned moments later, still naked except for her heels, carrying a big dildo. She again straddled me, this time facing my feet. As she stood above me, she began to rub the dildo on her pussy, spreading the lips open, and lubing up the fake cock. Pulling it out, she said…lick it and thrust it into my mouth. I hungrily took it, licking and sucking. I was so horny, and so helpless, I was willing to do anything at this point. Sherry plunged the dildo into her pussy, inches before me, and I intently watched it disappear into her wetness.


Slowly it reappeared glistening with her juices. In and out that dildo went, fucking that sweet hole like I wanted to be.

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As she built up a rhythm, she lowered herself down, so I was smothered by her sexy ass. I licked her rapidly, and eagerly, trying to penetrate her little anus.

She ground into me, fucking her pussy with her big tool. She started cumming, and as she pulled the monster cock out, I realized she was squirting, or actually flooding again. The juice poured into my mouth from above me, as she rubbed herself.

I still had not eaten my wife's pussy and her she had had several powerful orgasms. I of course was still erect, still throbbing, oozing lube so much, there was a puddle on my belly. As Sherry eased back from this orgasm, she lowered herself onto me, and said lick me Ron. Make me cum with your longue…and cum with me to prove your devotion. I was glad to hear both, and tore into her pussy with my tongue and lips, trying to make her cum even harder than she just did.

I waited for her to grab my cock to bring me off, since I couldn't do it myself. I started to beg her, thinking she forgot, when she pulled away from my mouth to find out what I was trying to say. Please touch me Sherry, let me cum, pleeaaase, I begged.

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Sherry chuckled…I never said I would help you. I want you to cum without any contact physically. Cum because you are turned on by me.

Cum because you love licking me. Cum because I want you to. She smashed her pussy onto my face again, and started urging me on.Cum for meshow me how hot I make you.

Cum…CUMMMMMMMM And she started erupting into an orgasm that made the last two seem tame. She gushed cum into my mouth, screamed loudly, and grabbed my hair and pilled me into her cunt.

Suck it and CUM for your MISTRESS NOW!

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And I began to shoot hot sperm from my untouched cock. I came buckets, as if I was fucked or sucked a good long time. Sherry was ecstatic, and became even more beautiful to me as she stood above me. I now know that you think I am hot.

You will no longer have to beg me to dress up for you. I am going to drive you mad. I came like never before, and I liked it…plan on this more often. She scooped up my cum, and rubbed it into her pussy, before she sat back onto my face and I ate my own cum for the first of many times while she had her final climax of the evening. I now live with a woman that wears incredibly sexy outfits whenever we are together.

She teases me and flashes me keeping me aware of her power, and constantly aroused. Our sex life is tremendous, with me getting to lick her 2 to 3 times a day, and fucking 4 or 5 times a week. I masturbate while licking Sherry on days she doesn't let me fuck her, so I cum at least once a day.

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Every once in a while we go through a night like this…she wants to make sure I still think she's HOT enough to make me cum. It took a while for my dream to come true, but now I am living a dream every day.