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Pervcity inari vachs upherasshole butt fucking and deepthroat
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Introduction Tamara and simon were frist introduced to each other through a mutual friend at a party.

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Simon was about 5"6 in height with thick auburn hair and medium build. Tamara was about 5"4 in height with long brown hair. They both spent the night talking to each other and exchanged numbers at the end of the night. After months of meeting up and exchanging messages to each other Tamara and Simon had finally arranged to meet up for a meal at Simons.


Chapter 1- build up Tamara was getting ready for her dinner with Simon and the anticipation of seeing him again was starting to build. As she slipped a pair of skinny jeans, a nice top and a pair of knee high boots she thought back to the first time she met Simon.

He was about 5"6 in height with auburn hair, a medium build and piercing green eyes. He had soft calming voice and an adorable appearance. As they both sat and spoke that night Tamara was entranced in Simon's piercing green eyes and his smile. As she knocked on the door to Simons apartment and the anticipation of the nights began to once again build up.

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Simon answered the door and stood there and smiled at Tamara as she smiled back at him "you look beautiful tonight" he said as he showed her in and led her to the dinner table, "thank you" she said slightly blushing with a smile on her face. Simon and Tamara sat down and enjoyed the meal with some wine that Simon had cooked and exchanged pleasantries.

Chapter 2- foreplay (for her) After the meal Simon and Tamara move to the front room and sit down on the couch with a glass of wine and start watching a film. They both cuddle up together, after a while Simon starts slowly runs his had up and down her arm and kissing her neck passionately.

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As Simon moves his hand from her arm to her leg, he slowly runs his hand up and down her thy and kisses her neck, he slowly unbuttoning her top with his other hand, tamara lets out a slight moan of excitement. With her top unbuttoned Simon slides it off her shoulders, putting it to one side he moves his hand round and unfastened her bra and removes it.

He stops for a moment and looks at her breast. Moving his hand to her breast, he starts caressing one in his hand as fondling her other breast with his tongue, after a few moments he starts nibbling her nipples releasing another bigger moan of excitement from her.

Simon slowly unzips her boot, removing them and her trousers he slowly starts kissing down her stomach till he gets to her already moist pussy. Caressing her clitoris with his tongue he slips two fingers rhythmically in and out of her now wet pussy causing her to arch her back and moan in excitement.

After a while of this pleasure she felt like she could no longer restrain her self, she let out a loud moan of pleasure as her pussy tightened she started Cuming. Simon removed his fingers from her pussy replacing them with his tongue causing another moan of pleasure as she orgasmed. Chapter 3- foreplay (for him) Kissing his neck she removes his shirt and slowly runs her hand down his chest and stomach to his trousers, she undoes is belt and unbuttons his trousers.

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Removing his trousers and boxers she starts playing with his balls in one and and his already hard cock in the other. Teasing him she starts playing with the tip of his cock in her mouth, running her tongue over the helmet of his cock she slowly starts sucking on the tip of his cock causing him to moan with pleasure. After a few minutes of doing this, slowly she starts slides her mouth up and down the shaft of his cock going further down the shaft of his cock each time.

Getting to a steady rhythm of sliding her mouth up and down is shaft she plays with his balls in her hand.

Simon was holding her hair with one hand so he could watch as she sucked his cock while his other hand was playing with her clit.

While she's sliding her moist warm mouth up and down the shaft of his cock she moans as he plays with her clit causing him to moan with excitement, after a while she feels his cock get really hard, just as hes about to cum she deep throats his cock and he holds her in place as he shoots his load deep in her throat.

Swallowing it as she once more slides her mouth up and down his cock.

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Chapter 4- the climax After the foreplay he brings her too her feet and turns her round and starts passionately kissing her neck and playing with her breast, caressing her breast in his hand he moves his other hand down her stomach to her wet pussy then starts playing with her clit. He moves her to the arm of the couch and bends her over it then he stats teasing her, slowly puts the helmet of his cock in and out of her wet pussy.


Holding on to her hips he slowly teases her with the tip of his cock then he thrusts his hard cock into her tight pussy and hold it deep in her for a few seconds making her moan with anticipation of more pleasure he releases from her, he'd once again tease her with the tip of his cock before thrusting into her, holding her there with him buried in side her for a few seconds once again makes her moan with pleasure.

No longer teasing her and now at a rhyme she continues to moan with pleasure as he thrusts his cock deep in her pussy, after a few minutes of this he bringing her to the edge of orgasming, he stops stands her back up and starts coursing her nipples in his mouth. He sits down on the sofa and she faces him, as she slides his cock into her pussy she lets out a moan of pleasure.

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Once again holding her hips he forces her to slowly slide up and down his cock as he nibbles her nipple, moaning with pleasure she reaches round and plays with his balls in her hand causing him to moan in pleasure and thrust his cock deep inside her. As he thrusts his cock deep into her he holds her tightly for a few seconds unlabelling her from moving. Now getting to a rhythm of sliding up and down his cock while he holds her hips, he once again brings her to the point of orgasming and stops, moving her of he lap and once again back to the arm of the couch he bends her back over the arm of the couch.


Once again holding her hips, slowly sliding the helmet of his cock into her pussy she once again moans with pleasure, he immediately thrusts his cock deep inside her and holds her in place again, removing one hand from her hip he starts playing with her nipple. With his hand back on her hip he releases from her starting a steady rhythm, thrusting his cock deep inside her he feels her pussy get tighter as she's once again close to the climax, after a few more thrust he busies his cock deep inside her wet pussy and holds her there.

She moans with pleasure as she starts to cum, he release from her continuing with his steady place as she cums on his cock.

Just as she's nearly finished he thrusts into her twice more before he finally thrusts deep into her, holding her in place once more as hes buried deep in her still orgasming's pussy he starts to cum, he quickly release and thrust deep into her. As he shoots his load deep inside her tight dripping wet pussy the both let out a moan of pleasure and relief.

To be continued.

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