Mi novia me la mama rico y profundo

Mi novia me la mama rico y profundo
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Sissy the Redhead: Mamma's Home Pt III I couldn't wait to get out of the car when I pulled in out driveway. A six hour drive home from picking up my sixteen year old son from his father's, and the whole time I felt his eyes on my legs and chest.

Granted, I was wearing a hot leather mini-skirt, and a halter top that showed off my flat stomach and huge double d tits, and it's not like it didn't enjoy the attention, it's just that six hours of having a hot, wet pussy I couldn't touch made me really cranky. Especially since my son had a raging hard on the entire trip. I had to force myself not to grab that cock the whole way.

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It's not that I was above doing that sort of thing. In fact, I've been sleeping with my daughter for the lat year, ever since she turned twelve and, believe it or not, seduced me.


She's just like her mother, a very horny little slut. Hell, by twelve I was fucking guys twice my age, which is why I have two kids at the age of thirty-one. But that's a different story. As for my son, since he lives with my ex, I only see him for a month or two out of the year, and I won't make the first move.

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I f he wants me, he can have me, but it needs to be his idea. Hey, even a slut like me draws a line somewhere.

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For now, I just needed my pussy licked. I figured I could send my son out to go fishing in the river behind the house while I made up for lost time with Sissy. Once I sent my horny son on his way (I'm sure he was off to catch less fish in his basket than he was more sperm in his hand) I set about to find my sexed up little daughter.

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There was a note on her pillow that said she would be swimming across the street if I needed her. Across the street? With that hot couple in the nice house? I wondered how they had meet, because they weren't the sort of people I usually run with, or that Sissy is used to meeting. They drive Volvos and wear ties and dresses.


My friends ride bikes and wear tee shirts. I knocked on the screen door to their front porch, but there was no answer. The door to the house was swung open, so I let myself in. "Hello? Anyone home?" Still no answer, so I walked toward the back of the house where the pool was, and into the kitchen.

I heard some noise coming from the fenced in back yard, and as I approached the sliding glass door, I couldn't believe what I saw.

There was my sex pot teenage daughter, in a skimpy bikini, on her knees in front of the man who lived there, and she had the biggest cock I have ever seen wedged down her tiny throat. I know that when I left, she had technically still been a virgin, but it looked like that had since changed. I couldn't even move. I didn't want to move. My pussy became instantly soaked at the sight and I wanted to see what would happen next, so I positioned myself where I couldn't be seen, and started to finger my steaming hot cunt while I watched.

The man had his hands on the back of her small red head, and was grinding that monster of a cock down into her, and she was taking it like a pro! I could see her throat and lips stretched out, and she was breathing through her nose every time he'd pull back for another thrust. Good girl, I thought.

You take that cock! Then I saw the wife. She had a bikini top on, (which was a shame, because I had gotten myself off more than once with those perfect tits in my mind) but no bottoms. "My turn, sweetie," she said as she thrust her shaven pussy towards my daughter's face. Sissy let the dick slide from her throat, turned, and pushed her face into the woman's crotch. I've never seen her look so hot and turned on. The man was stroking his cock with two hands as he watched them, and I had three fingers jammed up into my pussy, which was sending thick juices down my legs and onto their tile floor.

"God," the woman said. "Baby, I want to watch you fuck her little hole!" She hissed her request though clenched teeth, and Sissy's throat was working hard, so I knew the woman must have been cumming as she spoke. The man grabbed my little girl in between her legs and by her hair, and lifted her up off the ground. I didn't know what was hotter, how roughly he was treating her, or the squeal of pleasure she made when he did it.

I had always played the dominant one with her, it only seemed natural, but this was a whole other level of kinky, and she seemed to love it. The man practically threw her down on top of their patio table. Then the woman pulled my girl's legs up straight, and held them for her husband as he pulled her bikini bottoms up, just enough to expose her downy red pussy.

He bent over and licked her, first her pussy, then he tongued her ass. She squealed again, which didn't surprise me, I knew very well how much she like her asshole filled. The man stood up after a minute, Sissy's pussy was glistening with his spit and her juices.

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He began to work the head inside her. It was the size of plum, for god's sake! I didn't think he'd get it in, but after a minute her lips puffed out and accepted him. he pushed slowly, giving her time to stretch, and in a few minutes he had his whole, thick shaft shoved all the way up inside her little body.

From my angle, I could actually see the outline of it bulging up in her belly! When I saw that, I came hard.

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A pint or more must have shot out of me and puddled up on the floor, and I knew I had only gotten started. The scene in front of me would have me coming for a year. I only wish I had a video camera so I could watch my daughter get impaled by that log over and over again. The man began to long-dick Sissy. He pulled out and thrust in over and over, while his wife whisper words of encouragement to them both, one hand holding Sissy's ankles in the air, the other working her clit.


I saw her cum at least twice, and saw my daughter shudder more than once. Sissy was a squirter just like me, but that pole was blocking any of her sweat cum from shooting out. The woman must have had the same thought I had, because she let go of Sissy's legs ling enough to come around squat in between her legs and tell her husband to pull out as she opened her mouth under my little girl's swollen snatch. When he withdrew, a flood of cum gushed out and filled the woman's mouth.

Then she stood up with her cheeks filled, her mouth closed, and spit some into her husband's mouth. Next, she leaned over Sissy and spit some of her own cum into her mouth, the rest she swallowed. Watching that must have pushed her husband over the edge. He was wildly pulling his giant cock when he grunted, "God, here it comes!" I've never seen my daughter move so fast.

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She scurried off the table and dropped to her knees next to the woman, right in front of her husband. After a couple more strokes, he began to spurt geysers from the tip of his dick. I almost passed out at the sight of all that cum.

Both the woman and my daughter had their mouths wide open, like a couple of good sluts, and he plastered every inch of their faces AND filled both their mouths!

They both had to swallow more than once to get it all down, and I came another pint onto the floor. By the time they started to lick one another's faces clean, my knees were buckling and I weakly made my way out of the house before they caught me there. As it was, there would be enough evidence that something was up when they found my pond of pussy juice on their floor. But after the flood they just left on my daughter, I figured we were almost even.

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Almost. To be continued.