Mauro y payoya se dan gusto

Mauro y payoya se dan gusto
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Young female adventurers battle to keep themselves free. I am a professional erotic writer. Please visit my webpage to join my mailing list or view my full archive. I also offer erotic writings customized to your personal reading pleasure!

Each month I will update the site with personalized commissions (providing the purchasing parties agree to public publication) Visit my website for several discounts! -- I retain all rights of my writings as intellectual property -- They sat together in young Tsukino's living room. All of them dared not to move or even to have their eyes meet. Finally, Usagi turned her face to look at all the others.

"How different from everything else can this be? We've defeated other daemons before. These Youma can be no different." She smiled weakly.

Amy raised her head, looked up at the girl and shrugged before facing the floor again. Mina nodded in agreement with Usagi. "We've been warned… we can prepare." Finally, Lita stood up. She looked at the other Scouts and her face bore markings of disgust. "Are we seriously considering even a loss?

Should we not rise up to meet the challenge? We've defeated plenty of these before!" The others looked in between one another in nervous silence. Rei smirked a little bit and nodded.

"She's right you know, girls? There's no way we can go headlong into battle thinking that the war's already lost. If we did that, we might as well throw our hands in the air and call it quits.

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There's no way for us to possibly win if all we can see is loss." "And if the Youma do prove to be a challenge?" Amy spoke at last. "Simple! We fight harder!" Lita never gave much chance for the others to reply as well. The energy in the room had begun to shift. From cold hopelessness, there seemed to be a blazing fire starting in their hearts. Looking at each of them in turn, they searched for approval and found it, acceptance within one another.

Usagi was the first. She stretched out her hand towards the centre of the group. "Girls… you're right.

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There's no way we can back down now. The world's counting on us. This is much greater than us. We have to go… are you with me?" Rei and Lita didn't wait for a second calling and joined in.

Mina did as well and Amy well, she saw no choice but to do so too. "Let's fight!" *** It had been a hard road; they fought challenges, one after the other and only just barely pulled through.

They were drained, tired but still they fought on. The tree was just ahead and there was no way for them to turn back. Finally, they reached the Tree's resting place and stood for a moment admiring its great length, majesty and terrible size. For long moments they stood there in silence before looking to one another.

Usagi nodded and took a few steps forward. Mina followed and afterwards so did Amy, even if rather hesitant. "Your thoughts betray you…" She flinched.

"Who said that?!" She turned and faced only Lita and Rei. It hadn't been any of them; they even looked as puzzled as she did. Usagi spun to see the reason of the sudden commotion from within the group and saw nothing.

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They were alone still, amidst the roots of the Doom Tree who stretched out enormous before them. "Your friends are frail, weak." Usagi flinches.

"You heard it too?" Amy nods and yet, they are still alone. "What is going on?" Mina asks. "What's happening to the two of you?" Again, the voice. "They give in to fear." And the chills sent down the young Scout's spine petrified her.

Lita hisses as if provoked by an invisible opponent and Rei closes her eyes, murmuring, reciting prayers. As she takes one knee to the ground, the vines which cover the Tree's roots writhe away from her touch, as if reacting to her skin.

It is then heard. Hiding amidst roots and bark, vines, leaves and other such protuberances, the giggling echo all around them, the feminine laugh of delight incarnate. They were the Youma. Demons of delight, pleasure and stranglers of hope. All in them was beauty and grace as they moved down, showing the tender eyes of a predator, revealing the smile of a reaper. Their skin is green, their hair is the colours of passion and lust.

And they move further down the Tree's branches, through flips, drops and graceful falls, stretching and exercising their voluptuous figure as they drew near. Behind them, clouds of perfumed spores arose from the very tree to engulf soon the immensity of the air. And it descended. But their voice, the unsettling harmony of the tune they sang to enthral, and how they sang of pleasure and delight. How they spoke of agony and ecstasy. Above all, how they spoke of giving and choice.

And above all else, this they promised. "Draw closer…" They ushered. "Come for us…" They dared. And yet none of the Scouts moved. None of them flinched either… not any longer. The sweet perfume in the air enthralled them to a haze as they watched the Youma grow closer.

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They smiled unwillingly to the sweet touch of their gentle skin. Lita was the first to try and break the spell. She took a step, then another towards the beautifully wicked creatures but suddenly, her feet seemed heavier, as if bound to place. That's when she felt it caressing her ankles for the first time.

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At first, it seemed only one of these vines wriggled slowly from the floor to envelop her right ankle. It bound her to the floor, then, there was the second one who rose up to meet her too and slowly wrapped her into place. It was then that a third and fourth rose up, as if licking, caressing her thighs, binding her still.

Behind her, the loving touch of the fiend arose her breath and she sang in tune with the beating of her heart. Amy fell to her knees, as the Youma danced around them. She was weak, shaken and yet absorbed by the melodies and perfumes which they weaved with their movements. She lost herself in their eyes and the flick of their hands. And she felt afraid, yet invited. And as she was bound to the very roots with slow, humid vines wrapping her, tearing at her uniform, she felt a hand touch her chin.

She lifted her head, smiling, surrendered and the demon smiled back the very same way, taking her closer to her breast before meshing her lips with her own. And she exhaled and said nothing. Mina had fallen into the graces and curves of the demons, she was lulled into their arms as a pup would to an owner. And she inhaled deeply their perfume and her breath grew heavier.

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She would grab at them, only to have them move further from her grasp. And she felt her head grow heavier. She stretched out an arm and was thus caught in their weaves. "Be mine…" They whispered to her, but never accepted her. And she tumbled as the vine pulled her down and slowly, others caressed her figure until she disappeared altogether.

Now only two of them remained and the figures which danced and touched, spoke and teased were around them. And the more Usagi fought to retain their consciousness, the heavier the pink haze became, until she could reach out for rational thought no longer. She lost herself not to the melody, not to the spores alone, but to their touch.

Their hands took her from behind and rose her up above the ground, and their lips touched and caressed her skin. And she felt it too, her breath, her pulse over hers. They embraced her and Usagi was seen no more. To Rei no tender kisses, no discrete caresses were reserved. And through prayer and meditation, she shut out the voices of the Youma and did not waver underneath their spell. The spores however, the haze and perfume which made its way into her mind was troubling her.

She opened her eyes, seeing the mass of vines writhing, wriggling and squirming in her direction. And seeing she was alone, she shut them out again.

Now, she would wait, she would recite prayers and incantations to keep them away. She mumbled, pleaded, ushered for her prayers to be heard, she felt her legs be bound together, then her arms, and her chest tightened as it entangled her further.

Her mouth was now covered and she opened her eyes only in time to see the last glimpse of the Tree before she was engulfed. And everything went dark. *** Usagi opened her eyes, finding herself bare and naked before all her colleagues. They bore no garments as well and hung from dangling vines in between the branches of the Doom Tree. She gasped and strained, struggling to get free but to no avail. "Awaken, my dearest…" She heard the voice again around her.

She looked and searched but found nothing. "Awaken to me, my sweetest. Have you not felt my calling?" She struggled again and shook her head. "Where are you?!" "All around you." She shuddered. "What do you want?!" "You." The chills ran down her spine.

It was hopeless; she couldn't get free despite how much she tried. Time passed as she watched the others hang unconscious. She screamed out but it only echoed around them.

She hung her head. "Why are you doing this?" "I wish you no harm, human… I wish you only to see the world through my eyes. I wish you to learn and make a choice simply.


To remain and fight, lose and be turned… or accept fate and become free. Free to choose your own path. Free to experience everything you've deemed forbidden before." The voice continued as she heard the diffuse giggling of the Youma who approached them once more.

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They split between all five of the girls who had begun to awaken once more. She shuddered and tried to move away from the touch but there was nowhere to move. She was restrained, bound in place and the demon's hands travelled up and down her body, caressing her skin.

At first the touch was almost painful, and her sensitive skin sent chills all over her body. The Youma moved behind her and ran her finger down her spine. Usagi bit her lip and she felt the Demon's breath over her neck. "You are ours now… one of us." She hissed softly, as if inviting her to play along.

"Please…" She whispered. "Don't…" A kiss over her shoulders, a hand over her curved body as she lay exposed to the Demon's whims and desires. She exhales softly and gasps a little bit as the demon takes a hand over her nether regions and then withdraws her touch.

"Did you not enjoy it?" She inhaled deeply the sweet perfume which arose with the Youma's arrival. Their voice seemed sweeter, the air seemed lighter, and her breath grew heavier. She never replied. "All the pleasures which you feel are made ready for you and with them, all the doors would be open for you… you need only to want." Again, the same touch, the same feeling of want, warmth and belonging.

She closed her eyes and squirmed underneath the fingertips of the devious beauty. Throwing her head back, she took a deep breath so as to resist and lost herself to the perfume further. She looked at the other scouts being caressed and loosing themselves to the Youma's chants and callings.

Biting her lip she pressed her thighs against one another, feeling something build up from within her. All of her body was sensitive now. Then, she met face to face with the Youma once more and she approached her. She smirked a little before taking Usagi's face in her hands and, licking the corner of her lips, she joined hers with Usagi's in a deep kiss.

She was flushed red and a small moan escaped her throat as she pressed her legs together. They parted. Again the question: "Did you not enjoy it?" "…Yes." "Then you are ready, my dearest Child." The voice spoke once more, but this time, she did not wince. She watched as the Youma brought with them, the garments which they yearned for.

Around her waist, a belt with a skirt just long enough to reveal the beginning of her thighs. Around her chest, a single leather strap over her breasts kept them in place. She felt exposed but with no shame.

Around her, her friends had too fallen to the Demon's wiles. Dressed all the same, exposed, aroused by the Demon's touch, they too bore the uniforms which she sported. The last thing on her was a little leather strap, similar to that of a collar, over her neck bearing a little star.


She exposed her neck as it was placed upon her to ease the preparation and to better savour the touch of the Youma. Finally she felt her prize. The vines began to loosen their grip around her and slowly carried her to the branches were the others stood. She kneeled down as her sore and sensitive body threatened to lose its strength. A hand reached out for her and took her to her feet.

Watching all other Scouts follow the Demons to different directions, she stood proud and she attempted a smile before letting herself in the demon's arms. "Welcome my child. You are free just as we are."