Big black cock gets unfathomable inside the soaked cunt of a sexy arab babe

Big black cock gets unfathomable inside the soaked cunt of a sexy arab babe
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Logan is by far the hottest guy in my High School, and I'm lucky enough to be his best friend. When I moved here from England 7 years ago, he was the first person I met, and we instantly bonded. He's one grade ahead of me. Of course, he's completely straight though, or at least I thought he was. So anyway, this was our 4th year doing the annual school play together. He was now a senior, and I, a junior. Even though we are both pretty much High School jocks, we do get some enjoyment out of doing the play.

It's kind of become a tradition of ours. This year's play was Peter Pan the Musical. Our school puts on the most popular play in the whole area every year, so it's kind of a big deal. The night before auditions, I went to his house to spend the weekend.

It was a Friday so we just got back from soccer practice after school. It was pouring and we were both cold, tired, muddy, and irratated at life. I usually drive my car to school, so we both just rode back in my car. "Sorry I have to make your car so muddy and crap" he said. "It's fine. It's leather so I can just wipe it off" I responded. "My seat is dirtier than yours anyway" we both just laughed.

I gave him my ipod, "Here. You're in charge of music" He took it and started looking through the music. "How about this one?" he said. Here in Your Arms by Hellogoodbye started playing.

The Irony of the lyrics was kind of funny. He started singing to me in a 'gay' way. We're the kind of friends that are just so close that we can act gay together knowing that we're both straight. He had no clue I actually was gay though. We always talked about girls and such while in school. Since it was a short car ride home, we had just enough time to listen to only two songs. We pulled into his driveway, and got our stuff out of the car. His mum wasn't home yet, and would'nt be home for another 5 hours.

His dad was away on business. We both entered the living room and took off all of our clothes except for our shorts, being careful not to make his cream coloured carpet muddy. I couldn't help but stare at him from the corner of my eye as he slowly took off his soaked red jersey, exposing his muscular chest and perfect set of abs.

This is what one those magazines would call "The Perfect Washboard Abs." I proceeded to take off my jersey as well. He commented "Oohh. Looking mighty sexy there." Since I knew he was just joking, we just laughed it off. Not to boast, but we both had good bodies, but his was way hotter in my eyes.

He then started stripping off his knee-height soccer socks and shin guards, revealing his perfectly sculpted leg muscles and his feet. My eyes very discreetely scanned him from his feet, to his chest.

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And the short running shorts he wore that day made it easy to see his bulging thigh muscles, and his perfect ass. After I took my gear off too, we both went to take our dirty clothes to his laundry room. We went into the living room for a bit to watch TV.

"I feel like I definitely need a shower" he said. "Me too" I laughed. "Okay, you go first then" he insisted. So that, I did. I walked upstairs, with the slightest feeling that he was staring at my ass. But to avoid awkwardness, I didn't look back. I got undressed, putting my wet and muddy shorts in the clothes bin.

I entered the shower and turned on the hot water. Since I was freezin, it felt almost orgasmic as the water slowly ran from my hair, down my face and down my body. I spent a good 40 minutes in there. As I got out, and started drying my hair and my body, I realized that I left my bag with all of my clean clothes by the door. I put my towel around my waist, and headed downstairs. I was still wet enough to have water dripping from my hair though. I saw Logan from the second floor hallway, which looked over the living room.

He was sitting on the couch with his hand on his cock. I was quick to think that I should just go down and in a sly way, ask him what he's doing. But instead I though I should make my presence known. So I cleared my throat a little as I was walking down the staircase.

I saw him quickly remove his hand and pretend that he was just relaxing and watching the television. He turned around and commented "Oh look at that sexy man in the towel. I'd tap that" "Shut up you asshole" I responded in a joking manner.

"Well excuse me, someone is a bit rude" he replied, still joking around. "I just came down because I forgot all of my stuff by the door" I responded. "Well since you're out, does that mean I'm free to go in?" "Go for it" I said.


As he walked upstairs, I followed carrying my bag. I couldn't help but stare at his ass and his muscular tan back as we walked.

Every individual muscle was defined as he held the railing and walked. I was just imagining him on top of my virgin body, feeling his weight. Oh the fun we could have together. We both went to his room.

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He got some clean clothes, and as he left, I started going through my bag to get my clothes. I heard the bathroom door shut, so I didn't bother closing the door to get changed. My cock slightly grew as the thought of just doing naughty things with him intensly corrupted my mind. Just as I took off my towel to further dry my hair, he walked back in. Surprised, I quickly covered my half erect dick.


"Oh my gosh, sorry man" he said. "It's cool, you just entered unexpectedly" I replied. I had a feeling he did it on purpose. He grabbed a towel from his closet and returned to the bathroom. I got dressed, except for a shirt, and headed to the kitchen for a snack. After eating a peanut butter sandwich I went to the couch to lay down. Before the commercials even came on, I fell asleep. An estimated 30 minutes later, I felt a warm hand slowly find its way from my navel, into the ripples of my abs, to my left nipple.

I woke up but kept my eyes shut because I didn't want it to end. I knew he was probably just being a toold and messing around, so I didn't think anything of it.

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But I could slowly feel my pants getting fuller and fuller. I was growing and did'nt want it to be noticable, so with my eyes still shut, I flipped over. After about 20 seconds of him shaking me I opened my eyes. I saw his lips coming closer to my face. I thought to myself, "Could this really be happening?!" I felt his warm seducing breathe come closer with the scent of peppermint gum.

Unfortunately he quickly steered to my ear and asked,"Cameron, wanna watch a movie?" "Sure." I replied. He put in Zoolander and both got some pasta that his mum had left us on the stove. After eating, I rested my plate on the floor. "Ugh, I'm so tired." I said. "Wanna take a nap then?" "Sure." I responded. He moved to the smaller arm chair to give me room to lie down. Before I knew it, his mum was waking us up in the morning for auditions.

We both quickly got dressed, and got in my car. We were on our way. We had to perform short dances, and songs. At the end of what was 5 hours, the roles were announced. He got Peter, and I got Captain Hook.

Costumes are usually fitted 2 weeks prior to the play, but there were a few things that each of us tried on. All they had for me was a horrid feathered hat that did'nt even resemble what it's really supposed to look like. They said they'll fix it in due time. But Logan. Logan got to try on a pair of silk green tights.

He asked to come with him into the dressing room, so I did. He wasted no time. His pants quickly came off, revealing his tight grey boxer-briefs. I looked down just for a second.

But it that one second, I read a full description of his package. It was beyond perfect. There was a detailed outline of the shape and head. I could just imagine it fully hardened, throbbing in my mouth as I sucked it dry and made him tremble. My virgin mind took off as he put on the green tights, defining every muscle on his ever so sexy legs. I just thought in my mind how fucking hot he was.

"Be right back" he said as he went to check with the costume director. I could slowly feel my dick growing and seperating my jeans from my skin, as I though of him taking away my virginity. I heard him coming back, so I quickly sat down. "Everything's good" he said. Again, he took off the tights to show the outline of his dick in his boxer-briefs. He had to be at least 9 inches hard. He put his pant back on, and we left. We both decided to go to the park and chill with some friends.

We went on the swings, and down the slides as if we were children again. Dark approached and everyone besides Logan and I left. We did'nt have to be back until 9:30 anyway.

We decided to play manhunt in the dark, just like old times. It was my turn to hide, and the slide was the safe base. I decided to go in the tall grass behind the see-saw. After counting to 100, I heard his footsteps slowly grow closer. I couldn't look up though because that would just reveal me. Silence fell. My heart was pounding wondering where he was. Then I felt a hand quickly grab my shoulder and a voice yell "Gotcha!" "What the fuck!

You scared the shit out of me!" I screamed "Hahaha sorry dude, you set yourself up." he laughed. I jokingly punched him and he punched back. A few punches slowly turned into rolling into the short grass.


Him on top of me. We were just play wrestling though. I felt his hand slowly go under my shirt. We stopped. I looked up at him and all I saw was the hot silhouette of Logan with a park light as the backdrop.

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Breathing heavily his hand slowly went higher up my shirt. He then grabbed my shirt and yanked it over my head like an animal. I could tell he was contemplating what to do next. "Go ahead" I said breathing heavily.

He slid his hand through my dark hair and said "Are you sure?" "Yes" I replied. He roughly lifted my head and started to explore my mouth with tongue. He grabbed my head with both hands, hoovering over me, and bit my lip just enough. My heart pounding out of my chest, I pushed him off and got on top of him. I took his shirt off and corrupted his masculine body with my tongue. From his lips, to his navel.

I found my way back up to his left nipple and bit just hard enough to make him groan. He pulled me down on top of him and once again grabbed my head with his muscualr hands. "What took us so long?" Both of us being virgins, I violently pulled his pants and boxer-briefs down past his knees, thankfully he was just as big as I imagined.

His throbbing dick went into my mouth and quickly grew. Bobbing my head up and down, I rubbed his body feeling every ridge of his abs.

His thick dick pressed again the back of my throat and I gagged. I felt warm sticky precum slowly run out of him. I ran my tongue back up to his mouth and grabbed his face. He violently moved his tongue around my mouth. "My turn" he said. We stood up and he got on his knees.

He looked up at me with his his mysterious navy blue eyes and yanked my pants down. I let out a lowd moan as I felt the inside of his warm, wet mouth with my throbbing dick. I pushed his head closer and felt the back of his hot throat with my dick head. My head tilted back in pleasure as I slowly ran my fingers through his thick brown hair. "Are you ready for more?" he said as he looked up at me. "What do you mean?" I said. I had and Idea of what he meant.

He stood up and pushed me. I walked backwards until I fell back, cathcing myself with my hands behind me. He roughly flipped me over and pushed the side of my face into the ground. Panting, he wispered, "You'll never forget this." He slapped my ass and seperated the two spheres. I felt his warm spit lubricate my tight hole, and I loudly moaned as his index and middle finger found there way in.

He wet his hand with his warm saliva and rubbed it on his throbbing piece of meat until it was well lubricated. Without hesitation, he violently stabbed his entire dick into my virgin hole. He put his right hand over my mouth as I let out the loudest squeal.

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As I gasped for air, I tightly grasped the grass and felt a wave of painful pleasure engulf my entire body. He pulled out halfway and once again, he pounded his entire dick into me as if it were a knife into a piece of meat. He removed his hand from my mouth and gripped my broad shoulders. In and out, he continued to practically tear me apart like a wild beast. I fell weak as his masculine hands slid from my shoulders, down my back, and onto my waist.

He powerfully grasped my waist, and once again began to savage me. "Mmm yeah. Fuck me." I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he bit it hard enough to make me scream from pleasure. His hot sweat was dripping from his chest and forehead and rolling down my back. After about 20 more minutes, I could tell by his panting that he was growing weaker. The volume of his groaning was increasing.

He layed down on top of me. I felt his rippling abs and powerful chest pound against my back second after second. I began to scream as he went deeper and deeper. "Ah fuck. Fuck!" he repeated as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. I could feel every pulsing vein in his body on top of me. He let go and dug his fingers into my back muscles as hard as he could.

He began screaming like he was getting murdered. He grabbed at my chest and punctured with every finger as his body grew stiff, but weak.

His head settled on my shoulder as he screamed as if he were in agonizing pain. He puched his dick in one more time as hard as he possibly could. I screamed and trembled as a powerful discharge of hot substance filled my now painful hole.

I felt too weak to even turn. He grabbed my face and again we made out like it was the Titanic. He pulled himself out. I felt his warm juices seep out of my ass and down onto my balls. He flipped me over and began to suck me off. It was long until I had the most powerful orgasm of my life. My body trembled and I weakly screamed as cum forcfully ejaculated onto Logan's face, and some onto my abs.

"Mmm Cameron" he wispered, as he climbed up my body. Both satisfied, we made our way to my car and cleaned ourselves with a couple of towels I had.