Sexy petite asian girl does striptease and handjob pov tube porn

Sexy petite asian girl does striptease and handjob pov tube porn
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After the Xmas chick was found, the police stepped up the nationwide manhunt for me. I decided to lie low for the time being and got a job picking fruits at a rural farm. Didn't pay much but it kept me alive. For the next few months, I worked hard and always took care to avoid the busloads of visitors who visits the farm every weekend.

I managed to control my dark desires and satisfied my urges by masturbating to the sketches and writings in my notebook which was now updated to include the Xmas killing. I even considered not killing again until the day I saw her. She came with a group of friends to visit the farm. She was dressed rather conservatively, in a striped red t-shirt and blue overalls and wore a pair of studious looking glasses But some things stood out obviously.

The natural beauty of her face and the gentle swells of her breasts pushing out against her overalls. I decided there and then that I will have her. I started following the tour group from a distance as they moved around the farm, waiting for an opportune time to strike but it never came. Soon, it was evening and the group proceeded to the eating area for dinner before heading back home.

I was about to give up when I saw my target leaving her table and heading for the washroom located some distance away. I knew that it was then or never. I followed her as the area rapidly darkened with the setting of the sun. She entered the cubicle and closed the door as I slowly walked closer, taking out my trusty Taser from my pocket.


After a few minutes, I heard the door unlocking. I looked around for a final check.

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Fortunately there was no one else around or my plan would have failed at the last minute. My beauty walked towards me, unaware of the fate I had in store for her. I smiled at her and pretended to walk towards the cubicle.

As I passed her, I quickly pressed the Taser against the back of her neck and squeezed the trigger. She gave soft gasp and her whole body stiffened and gave a few jerks before going limp and keeling onto my waiting arms. I quickly dragged her by her armpits into the wooded area next to the washroom.

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I then carried her limp body towards an old abandoned tool shed which I knew was nearby. It was exhilarating to carry her limp and light body and I almost ejaculated just by looking at her helpless, pretty sleeping face draped over my arm, with her mouth hanging wide open, inviting me to insert my penis. "Soon, my love, I remembered whispering to her as I quickened my steps. Once inside the shed, I lay her down gently onto the dusty ground.

I removed the spectacles to enjoy the full beauty of her face. Just then, she gave a soft moan and started moving a little. I gave her another surge of electricity with the Taser. Seeing her lovely body twitching with the induced voltage and falling limp and lifeless again, the lust within me rose to fevered levels. But to prevent her from waking again and raising an alarm, I decided to end her life there and then.

I wrapped a strip of leather I took from the farm around her slender neck and pulled the ends apart hard, strangling her. Soon, her face turned the attractive shade of blue I have seen so often on my past victims. A sudden odour of ammonia and a slight dampness at her crotch told me that she has also peed herself. I suddenly felt sorry for her. She has tried so hard to dress and look demure and ladylike but has now unknowingly embarrassed herself either due to the unconscious fear of dying or as a reflex of being oxygen deprived.

Either way, this sign of vulnerability increased my arousal and I pulled her head towards me and started kissing her passionately as she died.

After 10 minutes, which ensured that she was quite beyond resuscitation, I unwrapped the leather strip from her neck, kissing her on her luscious lips pushing in her slightly protruding and swollen tongue back into her mouth with mine. She gave a last sensual sigh as the remaining air escaped from her mouth. I held up her body, squeezed and fondled her breasts and licked her face as I pulled down her overalls and ripped off her shirt, revealing her shapely, welcoming and open body clad in a black strapless bra and kinky looking panties, now stained with her piss.

I quickly undressed, pushed down her panties and wiped her vagina clean and dry with her overalls. I then rammed my rock hard penis into her vagina, still wet with her death piss, feeling her hymen tearing with my first thrust. 5 months of suppressed desires broke free as I penetrated her time and again while stroking her face and sucking her left breast which was exposed after I pulled down one side of her bra.

When I exploded in her, I gave an uncontrolled cry of ecstasy. Luckily no one else was around. I lay on top of her cooling body for a while, resting as I continued fondling and fingering her lovingly.

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A sudden hard on woke me up and I discovered my lifeless beauty still obediently below me. Her mouth remained wide open from all my kissing earlier on and now looked very inviting indeed. I straddled her body, kneeling down over her head. My engorged penis, dripping with pre cum hung just above her mouth. I stroked her parted, slightly purplish lips with my penis and inserted it into her mouth, enjoying the feeling of her teeth and tongue.

Within moments, she had swallowed a huge load of my cum as I ejaculated. Once more, I fell down on her in an exhausted sleep. I woke up again a few hours later.

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It was still dark outside as I pondered my next step, while enjoying the sight half-naked, very dead chick lying next to me. As I hugged and kissed her increasingly stiff and cold body, I realised that it would be very difficult to get her body off the farm so I would have to somehow hide her here. Throwing her into a pond or just leaving her in this shack was risky especially since police would no doubt start looking for her here soon. I then thought of using cement. Burying her in cement so her body would not be found and her decomposing fragrance would not be detected.

I walked to the construction storage building of the farm and dragged back a few packs of cement powder. One thing remains to be done before I cement my dead lover forever.

Cosmetics of course. All my other victims have been made up to look beautiful and lifelike before and she will be no exception. However there is a problem. She has soiled her clothes and they have started to smell. No victim of the Kosmetics Killer can be smelly. They should all look and smell nice. Thus, I decided to buy some clothes for her. Something sexier than the one she was dressed in. As it was my off day, I cycled to the nearest town after locking my precious dead half naked beauty in the shed.

I returned a few hours later, finding her little worse for wear probably due to the dry climate and lack of sun. A couple of flies were buzzing around her eyes and mouth and I quickly swatted them off. I have bought a purple baby doll dress with blue leggings. I thought she would look really lovely in those. I removed her bra completely, letting her right breast pop free after a night of action. I nibbled on each nipple lustily and then stuffed the bra and soiled panties in my pocket as a souvenir.

I slipped the dress over her head and pulled up the leggings snug over her sexy ass adjusting them. A perfect fit. She looked much better now.


I then moved on to the cosmetics. I took out my good old cosmetics pouch that have not seen use in quite a while but which I still bring around with me just in case. I applied a thick layer of foundation to hide the asphyxiated bluish complexion of her face. I tried covering her strangulation mark but it had turned an ugly dark red and was impossible to hide completely. I kissed her on her eyelids and then applied light blue eyeshadow, dark blue mascara and some eyeliner.

Some red lipstick and blusher and she looked as good as new. Well almost. Still a bit bluish but it would have to do. I sprayed some perfume on her neck and arms to keep her smelling sweet and fresh. I started feeling her up while cradling her in my arms and kissing her hair and face.

I was so aroused by all these that I rolled up her skirt and fucked her again. Then I was done with her. I started the hard work of digging a ditch into the soft ground next to the shed. I then mixed the cement and poured in a layer to cover the floor of the ditch. I then carried my dead companion and slowly lowered her face up onto the wet and soft layer of cement. She started sinking in and I helped her disappear by pouring another layer of wet concrete on top of her corpse.

Soon, only the swells of her breasts were visible above the cement and I soon had those covered as well. By the time I was done, it was night again. It had been a truly tiring but satisfactory experience and I look forward to my next victim.