Busty black blowjob milf in threeway

Busty black blowjob milf in threeway
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This story picks up where my previous one left off. I was thinking about sex a lot, but coming from a small town where everyone knows everybody, I didn't want to do anything about it.

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As well, I was scared about what my mom might think. Thankfully this changed later on. But in the meantime. I found other ways to have fun I was always trying to sneak around my mom so I could read her romance novels. I loved it when they described sex scenes.

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I'd read them and used my fingers to masturbate. Unfortunately, i never got an orgasm this way. I tried rubbing my small breasts (at this time, about an A cup), but they didn't have much of an effect on my arousal (unlike now). I almost got caught reading and masturbating a few times, and once or twice she found the books in my room and got extremely mad.

But that didn't stop me, in fact, it made my desires stronger. The one day while reading one of these novels, my cat jumped on my bed and started licking my face. I just had a glass of milk, which was why he was eagarly licking my face.


This gave me an idea. I was going to try 2 get the cat to lick my pussy. Now before this point i had already experimented with a few objects and tried to insert them in my virgin pussy. Case in point: various bombs that my brother had for his G.I. Joe Collection. He never did know that i took one or two of his bombs and modified them by cutting some portions off and such.

I experimented with a lot of objects at this time: popsicles, taper candle, some vegetables (after I'd washed them really well), hairbrush handle, etc. But i was longing for more clitoral stimulation. Hence the cat idea. I grabbed a glass of milk right before bedtime and took it to my room along with the cat.

I waited till mom and dad had been in bed for awhile, and then I decided to try it. My cat was lying on my pillow catnapping (like cats like to do). I woke him up, and took off my pjs. Then I poured some milk on my pussy and surrounding area and put the cat's head between my legs and tried to make him lick me. Needless to say, the cat wasn't that impressed, but I didn't give up. He started to lick my pussy a bit. It was a sensation i had never before experienced.

The rough bristles from his tongue felt wonderful. Of course though, the cat quickly got tired of this and struggled to break free before i got any real stimulation.

I tried this several times.

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The cat just didn't want to cooperate, so I had to give up. About the time i turned 15, I had a few guys my age lusting after me. I broke away from my shyness a little bit, but did not know how to react when a guy hit on me.

Needless to say, one or two had tried to make advances on me (including a few of my brother's friends) but I managed to brush them off. It was not like I didn't like them or didn't want sex, I just was scared. I knew all about sex by this time and about Sti's and pregnancy and stuff like that. IT scared me a little, but that just pushed me into more masturbation.

Rubbing my hairless pussy gave me great pleasure, but I still never managed to get off.


Even now, I have a hard time getting off by just rubbing myself. One day my mom had left me home alone, as she went to town or somewhere (I lived on a farm, but the only animals were cats and a dog).

Anyways I was alone for a few hours. I decided to go snooping in my parents' room for the hell of it. Well I found a treasure trove of items. First of all, I discovered a large box of porn and other magazines that my dad had amassed in their closet. There were various magazines; Penthouse, Penthouse Letters (one of my favorites), playboy, hustler, and some hardcore porn magazines. I was excited. I decided to hunt elsewhere in my parents' room. Next thing that I found was a few pictures of my mom taken on a Polaroid.

Man, did she look pretty hot in them. I didn't really look at them too long; I was like whoa that's my mom. She was wearing some sexy lingerie. My body seems to have taken after hers, as I now have nice sized tits (a 34 D/ 34 DD); whereas I knew she had about a 38 C or so.

Not bad size. Anyways she looked pretty smokin' hot. I found handcuffs in my dad's drawers. Interesting I thought, and made a mental note of them to use them later. But I wanted to explore more Now I had watched a video at my grandparents that i found outlining sex toys and their use and such so I knew a little bit about them. I went snooping more around mom and dads room and found some of the lingerie my mom wore in the pictures, and some other stuff.

Crotch less panties, half cup bras, stockings, garter belt, etc. I got really excited. What I found next was the mother load. I found mom's sex toys. :) There were a few vibrators tucked in the drawer, with sleeves for them and nipple clamps and a few other things. I was excited. I tried to turn the one vibrator on, but discovered it did not have batteries. Well I went and found some. I wanted to experiment with the toy.

I was excited.

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I also wondered what it would like to be in lingerie. So I put on some of the sexy lingerie of my mom's that wasn't way too big, got on my parent's bed, and plopped some batteries in the vibrator.

I then turned it on and decided to test it out. At first I went and sued it on my nipples.

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I ran the vibrator on low power all over them, getting them excited. MMM I grabbed a magazine and started to look at the pictures. This got me pretty hot so I decided to take things farther and applied the vibrator to my clit. Wow I thought. I had never experienced anything so arousing and that had felt so good in my life at the time. I got extremely aroused. I didn't know what was happening too well at the time, as this was the first time I had ever experienced such pleasure.

I noticed I was getting really wet around my pussy. Then at one point my mind went blank and i couldn't focus on the porn. I began to feel this intense tingly wonderful sensation that started in my pussy and soon flowed throughout my body. Then next thing I knew, my muscles started contracting. I experienced my first orgasm (though I didn't realize it at the time). All of a sudden I heard a car outside.

Oh shit. my mom was home. I hurriedly tried to place stuff back where it belonged (taking a magazine with me) and ran into the bathroom, and pretended to be using the toilet. Mom shouted as she came in the door. "I'm home" I barely could register her voice, as I was still in awe of my experience. I had to calm myself down for about 10 minutes before i could go and face her. Needless to say, almost every time after that that I was home alone, I went and used her vibe, and often dressed up in her lingerie.

A few times I almost got caught. I also snuck porn into my room and stuck it under my mattress. Lord did my mom ever freak out the one time she found some porn in my room.

After that I kind of quieted stuff down for a bit.

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I began to become a little less shy and more comfortable around the opposite sex. I still was scared to talk with guys, but could manage to say more then a few words to them. I started getting fantasies about a lot of the guys at my school. I wanted to kiss them or at least be close to them and touch them a little (even just to dance with them), but I was scared. It took a hot older guy from out of town to convince me to break free from my shyness and to at least dance with guys and get physically near them.

Wow, he was hot. I remember how he was 19 and I was not quite 16. He asked me to dance with him and I did. It was a slow song, so of course we danced nice and close. He began to let his hands roam a little. I had to stop him.

because it was a school dance and I was shy. He ended up asking me out but I said no because of the age difference and because I was shy.

But from that point on I began to get closer to guys. I had been hit on lots before. The worst was some older guys chasing me around in their car and ogling me and honking at me and following me around and throwing a bunch of lines at me.

I was shy and did not know how to react, so I ignored it.

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I got mad at myself after though, as I wanted to go and kiss a guy. My friends all had had boyfriends at this point and were not nearly as good looking. I was jealous.

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My one friend had even lost her virginity and had sex with a few different guys. Part of the problem was despite looking so hot; I was incredibly shy. I also was told that I looked young for my age. Anyways I've broke out of my shyness now, especially when it comes to sex (chapters planned for later involve the first time I lost my virginity, college dorm room sex, car sex, bathroom sex, outside on quad, etc.) which will be all true stories.

Those stories will be written at another time however.