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valdamort set in his chair in the up most room of the riddle house, to wich he had been force to flee back to after a run in with domboldore. he curled his long skellital fingers around his wand, imerced in his dark thought. wormtail had been gone for far to long. he had sent the siveling coward to hogworts to spy on harry potter in prperation for his latest plan.

valdarmort would punish him for keeping him waiting and kill him if he came back with news that he couldn't keep harry from leaving the school. valdamort knew once domboldore was gone harry in one of his supidly vailint efortts ould leave the school.

if every thing went as planed he would have hary begging for death in a month. "nagini!" said valdamort in parsletounge. "make yourself known." a huge python slithered out of a hole in the floor and rapped itself around the back of valdamort's chair. " are you ready for our little indever my sweet." he said. nagini nodded, flicking her tounge. aloud sound like the backfireing of a car echoed through the room and wormtail appeared, his decreped form bent in a low bow.

" master i have returned with good news." he said. " good then i won't have to kill you but your still late!" hissed valdamort. "crucio!" wormtail fell to the floor scraming.

valdamort gave his wand a light flick and wormtail lay still and silent. " forgive me my lord, but the mudblood her cat." wormtail grovled " i do not care for your excuses rat, is the boy staying at school or not" said valdamort. wormtail crawled to his feet and nodded.

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" mirnerva mcgonagall scold him for even thinking it." everything was falling into place all that remained was nagini. valdamort ignored wormtail as he whippered as he stood and walked to the center of the room. " harry is lonly. he misses siruis and he need a father figure a male campanion other then the red head.

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i will send him this and more." he said raising his wand. it was the perfect sceem, send nagini into hogworts to befriend harry and gain his trust, then crush him. " the beauty of a veela enchantment of a mermaid and the firosity of a basalisk. all in the bod of a teenage boy. i can not wiat to see the out come." nagini coiled her self in front of her master and hissed loudly.

valdamort pointed his wand at her and hissed "TRANSGARMUS" a jet of blood red light shot out his wand tip and engulfed nagini in flames. her body twised and turned in the flame, becomg somthing else soemthing almost human.

when th flames died where once a pyhton set now was a young boy. his hair was long and black and fell in thick curls arounf his shoulders, his shcocking dark green eyes were the only thing stilll snke like about him. "nagini stand" said valdamort. the creature that once been nagini stagered to his feet. "nagini speek" the young boy opned his mouth and in a low sweet trusting voice said. " master" he was perfect, this was to be the week link in harry potters chain of life." wormtail fetch.

necro yes necro, fetch necro some thimg to ware. harry potter set in the common room of grffyndore tower packing his trunk. ron alrady done and helping him find radom thing he might need.

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if mcgonagall wouldn't let him leave he would sneek out. " where are we going again" said ron his brown eyes looking into harryis.

" i've said it at least two times already" said harry. wresstling ron to the ground. " we'er going to my parents house then we're going to find valdamort and kick his snake eyed ass." " oh" said ron as harry let him up. the two boys finished packing then whent down stairs. harmionie was waiting a thick spell book clutched to her chest and her cat crookshanks setting on her trunk.

" took you tow long enough," he said pulling out her wand. "well go on put your bags over there so i squrink them" harry and ron placed their bags next to hers, ron ooing the cat out of the way.

"menescularuis" she siad. with a loud pop the srunck to to size of snuff boxes.

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harry ron and harmoinie placed their trunks in the pockes of ther winter rodes. lets go. harry draped his invisable cloak over himself and his freinds and they set off.

with the marouder's map clutched tightly in one hand t harry led the way to the front gate. " ok we'll find the thresals and make a qiuk be line to my mom and dad's house" said harry pushing open the gate. they walked out a few feet into the deep snow.

suddenly harry tripped over somethin. "harry are you ok" said harmoinie rushingto his side. " yeah wht the heck did i trip over." he said looking at what had snagged his foot. at first glance it looked like a large black rock but then harry noyiced it was breathing. " it's a boy " said harmoinie pulling bacl the shear black hood that cover his face. " and he beautiful." harry and ron rushed to see what was she was talking about. there under layers of black fabric laid a boy with long twilight black hair.

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" harry we have to get him to the hospital wing." said harmoinie. harry nodded and picked the boy up." " have you all been stuffing your ears with troll wax!" yelled mcgonagall. harry ron and harmionie were all sitting in her office. the younge man they had found outside was safe in the hospital wing if only the same went for them.

" after i delibertly told you you were all to stay in your dorms." harry opned his mouth to argue but mcgonagall raised her had for silence. " now i will not take any points from your house" he said harmoinie gave a sigh of releaf.

" but for your actions you are banded from all school outings adn you wiill showing our gueste the ways of harwarts. " wait a moment" said harry.

" so we'er babysitting. mcgonagall nodded. " now out and t bed with you. oh and potter our guest necro will be sharing a bed with you untill we can make room for him." harry grummbled under his breathas he ron and harmoinie left. the boy was standing across from them. " thank you for saving" he said. his voice was a beatiful tone with an accent that sound like latin. " you have no idead how long i had been traveling." " you uh welcom" said harry.

he found it imposible to be angery at necro. " i'm harry potter, this is harmoinie and. the drooling mass over there is ron" ron have harry the finger but heonly after wiping is mouth.

it seemd that harry wasn't the onlt that necro was having some emotional effect on. harry lead necro up to the grifyendor common room. he took in every thing with the wonder of a new born child. " this place it is beautiful," he siad running his had over the side of the fireplace. " where do we sleep harry." that sentece suddenly made harry feel a bit turned on and it seemed he wasn't the onlt one.

ron slowly set down his face a bright red. " we sleep right up these stairs." said harry takinf necro by the hand and leading him up the staircase. harry lay in bed necro at his side they had all gone to bed earily. he knew that even though this whole thing had happend while everyone was sleep the whole school would know about it by the first class. necro set up and looked around.

harry could have swon his eyes had glowed red/gold for a secound. he looked at him and necro smiled. "harry thank you again for coming to my rescue." he said. he leend over and kissed harry on the lips. harry gently pushed him away ." hold on umm." he said trying to calm himself. he was getting a boner right ther and just from kiss. he wasn't sapposed to react this way from a kiss from another guy. " i.

don't think." necro nodded his head. " i'm sorry where i'm from a kiss is a freindly jesture. it means different hear am i right." he said laying back down. harry let out a long sigh. necros giggled.

" i'm sorry for make ing you get excited." he said rolling over and going to sleep. harry slapped his forhead. necro had noticed his erection. " hey potter i heard you got cought trying to sneek out last night an came across a little something." said draco has harry and ron walked upt to the potions class door. " so where is he" harry igorned draco and contiued his conversation with ron. suddenly everything fell silent. harry look behind him and saw coming down the dongen corridor was harmoinie ad necro.

he dressed in an outfit fit for a egpytion godess. his legs where bare of hair as were hisbare arms and chest wiched coved with only a bit of black and green fabric that concecced to the on around his wait with a gold ring. aothother hung around his neck. gold bangles circled his wrist and ankels. draco's jaw was practiclly hitting the floor. "he wouldn't where school uniform i found for him." said harmoinie shaking her head.

" he said it was to baggy and he would talk to the head of our house about it but for now he would where that." harry and every one for that mattrer had no real complaints about seeing necro dressed so exoticly.

the door tothe potions classroom swung open and snape stepped out. " all of you insideNOW!" he said taking his usual head count. he took a doulde take as necro walked in behind harry. " may i ask what are you whaereing." he said grabing on to necro's arm.

necro glared at him said somtehingl so low harry couldn't hear. snape let go o his arm and they walked into class. necro set next to harry. " oi potter" siad draco turning aboud in his seat. " what did snape say to your boy freind." harry was going to re taleate but necro told himm to turn his head. for some reason harry had to do as he was asked.

he turned his head and headr all the slytherine at the table in front of him gasp. harry looked up and necro was staring at him with the most inoccent look. but the draco's table was giving him the most tarrified glances. " it seem becouse of potter anf his pitifule group we have a new student." said snape. " necro pythen." necro stood up and gave the class a low bow. " any question for our guest" said snape. seamus raised his hand. " where are you from becouse those clothes don't look like anything from here." he said.

" i'm from a tribe in the amazon." said necro. " i was seent to hogwarts for a better magical education." aother hand in the air tis time it was draco. " my father said that peple in the amazon have spesceil magic." he said now regaining his usal snearing smile. " ye it is true," siad necro getting up agian and walking to the front of the class. "ron would you come up here please." without a moment's hesatation ron was striding to thewhre necro stood. a low beat flowed throught the class and harry realized it was coming from inside his head, coming from necro's mind.

slowly necro begane to bellydance around ron who seemed dumbfounded. he slid against him. he snapped his finger and ron set down. he snapped thenm again and ron begane to dance aropund the class like a ballerina. harry stopped loughing. necro was ginving ron cammands not just with the snapping of his fingers but in pousletounge.

only harry noticed. slowly a fter ron was now under his spell necro rederected his spell on harry. " i know you understand me harry." said necro not moving his lips. he was inside harry's mind. " please don't fear me, i wont you to be harry with me." necro snapped his fingers again and the music stopped. ron came out of his trance and looked around.

everyone was loughing and even ron joined in realizing they where loughing at him but not knowing why. he and necro set down on either side of harry ron telling harmoinie how it felt to uinder necro's spell. " harry did i do good" said necro.

harry nodded and smiled at him. " you were wonderful. we harly ever ge tot lough i this class." necro slid his hand down harry's thight and into hos pants. harry didn't say a word, he didn't wont to. necro massoged his cock slowly with his thumb and indect finger. harry gave low sigh. for the rest of the period harry could hardly conentrate with necro playing with his cock under the table.

ron and harmoinie kept asking him if he was ok becouse he conetued to give off low grouns and sigh and the ocational throwing back of his head.


that night harry ron, harmoinie and ginny set in the common room by the hearth. harry was lying in ginny's lap as she played with his hair.

ron set at at harry's feet with his head acroose harry's ankels. harmoinie was in the sofa reading a large book called magic of the amazon. " has anyone seen necro" said ron. harry looked around.

sure enough necro was no where to be seen. " he said he wanted to take a bath." sai fred and gourge coming down stair. " we recamented the prefect bathroom." harry laied back down and ozed.


necro was a big boy he culd take car of himself. hour pasted and on atfer another everyone left for bed untill only harry ,ron and harmoinie where left. " ok" said harry jumping up. " he's been gone to long i'm going to look for him." ron and harmoinie nodded.

ron ran upstiars and got harry's invibale cloak and the map. " we'll stay up and wait for you." he said handint them over to harry. the trip to the prefect bathroom was a short one. " Pine fresh" said harry as the poortrait slid aside to let him. the bathroom was full of a sweet perfume and the most beautiful sound he had ever heard.

at first he thought it was the portrait of the mermaid but as he looked around he realized he was ginving a very heated and hate filled glance at a corner of the great bath. necro set with his eye closed singing. " alas my love you do me wron to leave out on this winter's dawn. far sweel love to and all i know. i leave you now for the snow." he sang.

harry set at the egde of the bath pulling off his cloak. " i tough i heard you." said necro opening his eyes. he glided through the water twords him. harry putt his hand in the water and necro held it in his own. harry smiledleaned in and kissed him. necro pulled him not the water. they rolled arounf in the bubblesthey wrestled untill harry was soaked. he pulled off his cloths and threw them out of the tub. necro presed his body agained his nad moaned.

they continued to wresle around for a few mor ments untill harry pulld himslef out of the tub. " wow that was. fun" he said laying down of the dry marbole floor. necro laied nec to him with his head on his chest. " harry do you think i'm bad." he said tracing harry's nipple with his finger. " no why would i" he said seeting up. " you a cool person and i like you." necroc smiled then pinned harry to the floor. he mounted him and be hag to rubb his ass against harry's cock. " it this ok then, is this cool." he siad.

harry took hold of his hips and helped them move. " ginnny cant' find out ok" he said necro kissed harry from head to to working his way to his now aching hard cock. he licked the head teasing harry, thenran his tounge down the shaft. harry moaned as necro played with his dick like a ice cream. finally he place it in his mout. swallowing it all.

harry was about 9, inches to be exact and necro had no problems fitting it all in his mouth. he sucked slowly, working harry into a frenzy.

he had the poor boy whrithing under him.

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Necro placed hi thumb right onharry'y rose bud nd pushed. with the pressure of the thumb and the perfect way necrco was sucking his dick harry knew he wouldn't be able to stop himself from cumming. necro pulled away as if senseing harry's aprouching ejaculation. he smiled ad let harry relaxe be fore contienueing.

harry pulled necro's head away from his cock by his hair and kissed him. necro semmed to love harry's roughness. it was harry's turn now.

he kissed a quick path down to necro's hard tanned and almost hairless dick.


as harry licked at necro's piss slit he noticed he had a tattoo on his in thigh. it was a skull surounded by roses somthing was behind the roses, coming out of the skulls mouth but harry was too rapped up in lust to think about it. necro's dick was the perfect size, and the perfect lenght for harry's mouth. not to big but not at all small. maybe about 11 icnes and a little fatter then harry's. harry sucked slowly on necro enjoying the salty taste of his cock and th lovly sound of his moans. necro bunked his hips trying to drive his dick deeper into harry's mouth.

soon he fucking his face. " bend over " said harry firmly. necro gave a smirk but didn't bugde. he wahnted harry to make him bend over and harry was all to willing to give him what he wanted. he grabed necro by the hair and waist and turned him over. " fuck me potter" said necro in a regal tone. harry pressed the ehad of his dickon necro's assholea dn found it wonderful wet.

his dick slid right in, but the hole was still tight and harry love that above all. he gave a few slow thruse enjoying looking at hsi dcik slide in out of necro;'s tight ass. then he sped up. necro screamed in pleasure. he arched his back as hary fucked him faster and faster. he loved it when hhe pull his harry and ramm his cock in to his ass to let hin know he wasn't finished. harry reached aroun and jacked necro off at the same speed he was fucking him that was too much necro gave on last moan and came all over harry's hand.

harry licked his fingers and found the sweetest taste. the taste and the sight of such purly white cum made harry want cum too. he sped up his thrushed making necro begd him not to stop. then he expoled right in his tight shot, two shot, and three shot one after the other. harry collasped on the ground. necro layed his head on harry's chest and they stayed like that for hours untill they both fell asleep.

" harry, harry wake up mate." a voice. harry opednhis eyes and looked around. he was back in the coman room in the boys dorm. ron seamus and harmoinie where all setting on the side of his bed looking at him. " about time" said seamus. harry was scared out of his mind. had someoune found him and necro asleep in the prefect bathroom adn broth them back heare, or had they come stumbleing through the portrait hole in a durken passionate embrace.

" how did i. uh get back here" he said fearing the answer. " don't your rember harry." said harmoine " you when to the libary to find necro and ended up falling asleep." ron noded.

" necro saw you on his way back and carried you all the way to you bed." ron poited at his bed and therewas necro sound asleep.

" i let him have my bed and i slept on the couch down stairs." said ron massaging his neck. harry realized he was wereing a clean, and dry school uiform. his hair had been combed and his glasses were shined. " come you you two" said harmoinie. " seamus has already left without us. harry got up then poused. " what about necro." he said looking as his secret lover. " " we tried to wake him up three hours ago and he wouldn't buge he would just roll over hiss at uss then go back to sleep." said ron.

harry could keep his mind off necro as he ron and harmoinie made their way to the grate hall for breakfast. necro smiled in his sleep to be continued