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Amateur bbc blowjobs cuckold hd interracial wifes
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He could hear her slamming things around in the kitchen. Honestly what did she expect would result? Ready for another confrontation he approached her again. "Ashley, stop. You brought this on yourself.

As soon as the girls are asleep you will accept your mistake and then we will move on! Understood?" She refused to look at him; in response she slammed another cabinet door. His irritation showing he fisted her hair, pulling her head around forcing her to look at him. He spat, "You should have thought twice before telling me no. To add insult to injury it was in front of my girls.

You know better!!" After releasing her from his grip, she continued cleaning the kitchen. Still angry, she was struggling to be more reserved about it. Just watching her made him hard. Every move she made beckoned him to touch her.

Not tonight, he thought in disappointment, tonight he would not get to enjoy her fully. And it was due to her own stubbornness.

Infuriated he left her to tend to his daughters. She was waiting for him in the bedroom when he was done. He closed and locked the door behind him. She still refused to look at him, even after he cleared his throat. Taking the chair across from the bed, he waited patiently.

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Her jaw was tense; he could see the proud look in her eyes and her inner conflict. Admitting she was wrong and submitting to her punishment had always been her greatest battle.

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As the minutes passed, they sat in silence. Shakily she stood, she finally look him in his eyes nodding compliantly.

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Reaching behind her she slipped the zipper of her dress down, gliding the straps down her shoulders slowly, seductively. He enjoyed the way the light played off her skin as she exposed herself to him. He struggled to keep his growls of desire to himself. Her breasts fully exposed her nipples hardening in the cool air.

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He motioned for her to continue. The dress hanging at her hips loosely.


Turning she pushed the dress to the floor, exposing her plump ass. Quickly he approached helping her rid herself of the satin panties she wore.

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His hand on the small of her back pushing her to lie across the bed. Kicking her legs further apart, her upturned ass and pussy were in plain view.

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His fingertips massaged her cheeks gently lulling her into a false sense of comfort. He could feel her relaxing into his touch.


In quick succession he slapped both cheeks harshly causing her to cry out. Leaning forward he whispered in her ear, "You have to learn! Is this the only way you will learn? With each spank you WILL say I am sorry for telling you no! If not the count will start over." As a rule, each cheek would be hit 26 times (representing her age). His hand arched high landing swiftly on her left side making both cheeks jiggle.

Quietly she groaned, "I'm sorry for telling you no." Spanking her made his cock spring to life. He enjoyed watching how she responded to his touch.

Her ass glowing red, the slaps echoing off the bedroom walls. She flinched every time his hand battered down on her. Each slap was unforgiving; by count 10 his hand was stinging.

On number 18 her clear words had become only mumbles between her sobs. He wanted to be sure she had learned her lesson. Hit 19 and 20 were aimed a little lower, where her milky thighs connected to her firm bum.

His next target was her inner thighs. His goal to make sure she had trouble sitting down the next day. Surveying his work, he had one final blow to land.

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Turning his hand over he swung his hand down. The back of his hand along with his knuckles slamming into her left and then right cheek. From the way her body jerked he knew it would leave a lasting impression. Absently running his hands over her hot and tender cheeks gave him such a rush. His cock was throbbing begging for relief. Gathering her panties from the floor, he stalked to the bathroom slamming the door. Once alone he wrapped her silk panties around his meat.

Working the material up and down his member, he imagined sliding his cock into her warm wet pussy.


The familiar way she tightened her muscles around him. The way she would beg him to cum inside her. Her pussy so tight, pulling him deeper as he rocketed in and out. He imagined her shaking beneath him as an orgasm seized her body leaving her breathless.

His hot jizz shot into her panties he cursed her for not allowing him to be inside her that night.

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Still stroking his softening cock, he yearned for her lips to be locked around his dick. Tossing her panties into the hamper he washed his face and returned to the bedroom. Her back was to him, laying at the far edge of the bed. Sliding into bed he reached for her, he felt her movements still as she waited for his next move. Even though she resisted he pulled her to his side of the bed careful not to touch her sore bottom.

Gently stroking her face, he placed a soft kiss to her lips. Looking into her teary eyes he declared, "I only do this because I love you!!" She was holding desperately onto him as her sobs overwhelmed her body. He never pushed her to the extreme, he never physically hurt her. And he knew deep down the only thing hurt was her feelings and her broken pride.

She worked hard to never disappoint him. What she had yet to realize is that she never would.