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They hadn't been married for that long and generally their lives together were calm, loving and generally a bit dull if Josh was honest with himself. He loved Stella, but she didn't do enough 'exciting' things for his liking.

They had plenty of sex, but it was always 'vanilla'; they would be fucking and even though he thought she was enjoying it, she would always slap his hand or stop completely when he started anything interesting. He did get her drunk one night and after some sloppy and drunken sex, he managed to slip at least the first inch of his finger inside her arse before she went mental.

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Josh had tried to fuck her in the arse the last time he suggested giving it a go the reaction from Stella was a nightmare; shouting, sleeping on the couch, the silent treatment and definitely no sex for a week. He liked fucking her, but had so many additional thoughts on how they could expand their sex life. He only really got properly hard when he watched porn.

The kind of lust that actually made him yearn and obsess. It was just so fucking annoying as he knew that things could be so much better. Josh had so many more and exciting things he wanted to try, but slowly he came to the depressing realisation that this was it; he would never see two cocks in his wife, he would never feel her tongue lick his arsehole or the thousand of other things he REALLY wanted to do.

He once tried to fuck Stella while they were in the car and even got to play with her tits in the open air. Again he had used alcohol to lossen her up when they went out for dinner; it was a great night, touching during the meal and he even managed to see up her skirt.

He often felt jealous as hell as during his poker games with his friends; the 'stories' they told showed him that other women would do lots of awesome things. He listened like his life depended on it when Dave talked about accidentally coming in his ex-wife's mouth or the anal Phil had on his birthday last year. The worst was his childhood friend who had done so much more and would let everybody know about it.

Threesomes, foursomes, a bit of dogging and even swapping partners. Josh just hung on every word when Grant started talking he even got hard listening to one tale about fucking a drunk girl during a party he would have loved to take advantage of Stella like that. It was Josh's turn to host the poker night and even though Stella would normally go out for a girly night Josh knew she was in all night.

Stella asked if she could play but he had said no way and that girls were not allowed. This wasn't actually true but Josh liked the banter and knew that Stella would by definition sanitise the night.

No stories, no swearing and no outrageous bets. Josh loved it when the bets got high, the rush he got knowing that the money on the table was too big and if Stella ever found out the size of some the pots she would go mad. They had decided that Stella would stay upstairs and only venture down to say hello. So Josh set up the table, got the beers cold and also set up the shots ready for the quick draw round. Stella came down just as Josh was finishing up.

"So are you ready for your big night?" Stella said as she breezed past on her way to the kitchen. As she walked past she dipped in to the buffet of 'fatty snacks' that was a staple of poker night.

She wore a pair of black leg-ins and a canary yellow tank top and even Josh could see that she wasn't wearing a bra. Josh grabbed her as she went back upstairs and put his arms around her waist. "So are you happy with what is going to happen tonight?" Josh's question was more of a plea than a question.

He just wanted a good night without any hassle. "Yes don't worry I will be well behaved and leave you boys alone. I promise not to get all girly over your poker night".

As she turned to go upstairs Josh grabbed her tighter and gave her a kiss, "Thanks darling I owe you one for this. Do you have everything you need?" Nodding her head she walked upstairs just as the front door bell went. She changed direction and went to open the door. "Hi Guys, come in.

The beers in the fridge". "Hi Stella, gorgeous as always" Dave walked in and gave her a quick hug and kiss on the cheek as he walked past. Phil also greeted Stella and was a little bit more 'handsy' than Dave was and Josh watched with interest as Phil pulled Stella close to him and slipped a hand down to her lower back.

They chatted and Stella giggled a little as Phil whispered something into her ear. He even slapped her arse as they broke apart. "Oi that belongs to me. you touch, then you have to pay" Josh smiled as Stella skipped away from Phil and went upstairs. "See you boys later, I've been banished upstairs." "No way, who is going to get me beer and give me a lap dance?" Dave quipped. "I thought that was my job" Grant walked through the door with almost perfect timing.

"About time you turned up. I thought you had bottled out again" Grant opened his arms and said "One time and remember she was really dirty and the chance to fuck her over seeing you three." he stopped mid-sentence as he spotted Stella just going up the stairs. "Sorry Stella, didn't see you there" pivoting beautifully "you look stunning as usual" Stella returned to the group and gave Grant a hug.

"Beer?" Stella offered to Grant. "Awesome gorgeous". She walked to the kitchen and got out three beers from the fridge. All eyes watched her arse as she bent into the fridge. "Come on faggots, lets play poker" "First person to lose all his chips has to serve us beer and dress up in a thong". Dave said while sitting down. Stella put the beers on the table and as she walked back upstairs said "Enjoy, not too much noise and it is a shame I'm not allowed to play as it would be fun to take all your money".

"Alright sweetie, see you later" Josh said as she disappeared upstairs. All attention went to the centre of the table and Phil started to deal the first set of cards. Drinks, poker and banter were free flowing and it was perfect. Stella did pop down for after about an hour by which point Josh was up by about £300. "Sorry boys, just getting another drink after my bath." All eyes immediately followed Stella as she walked past the table in her white bath gown.

She went to the fridge and asked if anyone wanted a top-up. Four calls requesting more beer followed and straight after a roar went up from all of them as on the river card a Jack of Spades appeared.

This meant they all had to do a shot; this time it was Josh's choice and so it was vodka. "What are you idiots up to? You scared the whatits out of me and I nearly dropped the beer." "Shot round and as you are here you have to do it as well thems the rules" Grant opened the vodka and started pouring the drinks.

"Okay why not." Stella bent over Phil and took the drink - as she did her gown opened a little and Phil couldn't help but sneak a look at her perfect right tit - erect nipple and amazing perk flesh. Opened mouthed for a split second Phil shifted in his seat hoping this would never end. They all downed the vodka and slammed the glasses on the table disturbing a small number of chips.

"Damn that is fine" Stella eyes lit up and unfortunately for Phil, her gown straightened up and her beautiful breast disappeared forever. "Why don't you take a seat and play a few hands?" Phil couldn't believe what he was saying. "NO WAY" Josh said a bit too forcefully and Stella shot him a death stare. He visibly shrank in his seat and looked at his cards.

"No, I can't. thanks for offer". "Come on Stella, ignore Josh he is scared you will take his shirt." Dave smiled knowing that it would wind up Josh. An almost universal call came from three of the players suggesting that Stella would be most welcome.

As she grabbed the closest empty chair Josh was obviously not happy. "I will not lend you any money and any debts are your problem. I will make it my sole ambition to get you out as soon as possible" the bile in his voice was obvious but Stella didn't care. "Come on boys lets play ball" Stella laughed as she got a sizeable wedge of money out of her gown pocket. "Don't you think you should put some clothes on first?" Josh said as he dealt the first hand. Stella didn't move and just stared at Josh.

"Just deal the cards" she shot back. Josh didn't say a lot for the next few hands and Grant certainly didn't say anything when Stella leant over to pick up her winnings.

He got a great shot of Stella's perfect breasts hanging almost out of her gown. Stella was doing well, overall up on the night and this didn't help Josh's mood. Another couple of shot rounds appeared and Josh could tell that Stella was more drunk than he had seen her in a long time. From his advantage point he got a glimpse of Stella's leg and on at least one occasion thought she wasn't wearing any panties 'What the fuck is she playing at, fucking unbelievable. She basically showing off herself to everyone'.

Josh fumed and carried on raising where he could on Stella.


More drinks and more 'shot rounds' meant that Stella was really drunk and her poker play was becoming predictable and sloppy. Almost wiped out by some bad play Stella finally got a good hand, an Ace flush and couldn't help but get excited. She waited for her chance to bet and went all in. Immediately Josh folded and was closely followed by Dave. Grant looked over at Stella, cute as a button with those fantastic tits and that arse you could die for. Grant looked at his hand and started to fold but something stopped him.

He looked at his stack of chips and knew this was Stella's last chance. He paused and then called her bet. The next card only helped Stella and made her position even stronger.

In a moment of bravado Stella said "it's a shame I can't bet any more money as your arse is mine". That got everybody's attention. "You can" Grant said calmly, "you can add more funds anytime but you have to have the funds and unless you got some stuck in your panties you are shit out of luck" "Come on can't I write an IOU?", "No cash only, that's the rules" Josh said firmly "Please Josh lend me some money, I only want £1000. please". "No chance I told you at the beginning". Stella looked gutted and her eyes went around all three players hoping that one of them would help.

A long pause when Josh was just about to say that the game would have to continue without Stella when Phil said he would lend her the money.

"Brilliant, thank you Phil" Stella jumped up and gave Phil a massive hug. He could feel her soft tits splash against his side and smiled knowing the rules of lending money in the game. He got his wallet out and counted out £1000 in £50 notes. "You are a life saver, I will pay you back with the winnings I promise", "What if you los." Josh was cut off before he could finish his sentence by Phil and Dave who both hoped that she would lose and would have to pay Phil back instantly.

Josh was annoyed as hell and understood what the boys were getting out. They settled back into the game and Stella re-raised the bet and left herself £500 to play with depending on the River card. The final card was laid down and Stella took a second to try and look confident without giving too much away. Little did she know that because of the drink she was showing a little too much of everything and like a pack of hungry sharks circling their pray the other players were waiting for her to make the final mistake.

That mistake followed shortly as Stella put the final £500 down and sat back watching Grant to see his reaction. He didn't do it quickly or with any kind of malice but he slowly matched her bet and turned over his cards. To Stella's utter amazement in front of her was a full house, threes over kings.

It took a little while but Stella realised that she had actually lost. "Shit, what am I going to do now". "For starters you need to serve us beer and wear a thong" Grant said. Funny" said Stella. "No, he is serious, that was the rules of the game and first one out has to do it, you should have seen Grant the last time" Phil said trying to lighten the mood. "No fucking way am I going to serve you beers with my tits out wearing a thong".

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A silence fell on the group and Grant looked at Josh. "You need to be very careful about paying your debts. This is serious Stella and we always pay our bets".


Josh spoke carefully and slowly while looking directly into Stella's eyes. She shrank in her seat and suddenly became nervous. "It is only for fun, I know I owe Phil £1000 but I will get it to him I promise". Grant took the pot out of the centre of the table and said "Sorry Stella, the rules are all debts are settled straight away plus you have to serve us beer in a thong".

The words hit Stella and she started to look around the room hoping for someone to help. Nothing came and Josh said "You need to take your gown off and go and get all four of us beer" Stella was sure she could see a smile come across Josh's face when he said that. "I can't believe you are saying this to me, I thought you loved me", Stella started to cry. "Don't cry and get your gown off now".

Grant got up and walked over to her chair. Without notice he pulled the gown down and all the others stared at Stella's tits and instantly started cheering.

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"Fantatic tits Josh", "you dog, you never told us she was this fucking hot", "does she suck cock as well as her tits looks?" Stella didn't understand who said any of this but as she tried to cover up, her arms were forced to the side. Her nipples started to harden and Grant's grip started to hurt a little. Stella tried to struggle but Grant just held her tighter and she realised that she didn't have a choice. "You are a bunch of arseholes and if you think you are going to get away with this then you are sadly mistaken" Stella's resolve was impressive, not as impressive as her tits but her words seemed to bolden the group further.

"Your choice, serve us beer by yourself or it gets worse" Grant moved his hands over to her right tit and started rubbing, gently at first and then with a little more vigour and eventually he pinched her nipple which made Stella let out a cry. "Okay, okay, let me up and I will serve you beer", "no funny business, no hassle". "Okay I said I would do it didn't I?" Everyone watched as Stella stood up and walked to the fridge, her tight 24 year old body was magnificent and all the three other boys could think was that Josh was a lucky boy.

Stella opened the fridge and with the combination of the blast of cold air and Grant's help made both of her nipples erect. As she turned Josh watched her eyes knowing that he should step-in and save her and he was conflicted but she was warned about this, but didn't take heed, 'fuck her, she shouldn't have made the bet' he said internally, 'I will do something if it gets out of hand'. His gaze moved to her boobs which almost betrayed gravity.

"They really are a cracking pair of tits you got there Stella", Grant smiled at hearing Phil's comments. She placed three beers on the table and went back to get the fourth all the time the boys looked over her body, looking for new and interesting parts. Dave spent most of the time looking at her bald pussy hoping to see more of details but even though there was a gap between her thighs he couldn't quite see her pussy lips. She put the last beer on the table and slowly covered her pussy and boobs with her hands waiting for her instructions.

"Thank you Stella, that wasn't too hard was it?", Stella felt panic as she saw the look in their eyes, she quickly looked at Josh for sanctuary but he was exactly the same as the others. "Now as far as I see it, one of us owes Phil £1000 and as payment has to be made tonight YOU need to come up with a plan on how to pay him back" Grant was in control now and the other three boys let him do it.

They knew from the stories and previous debt incidents that things will get sorted tonight. Josh was looking forward to seeing where this would lead but knew she could only afford to pay one way.

"Josh, do you have the £1000 to pay Phil back?" Grant asked. Stella eyes pleaded to Josh to help her and she pulled herself tighter waiting for an answer. "No Grant, I do not have the money and neither does she". The words slapped Stella hard and she knew she was in trouble. "No money for Phil so Stella what are you going to do?", this was getting exciting, they all looked at Stella "Nothing, you can all go fuck yourselves and especially you Josh, we are supposed to be married.

I will be getting a divorce and calling the police if you don't stop this and let me go." Stella defiance was admirable and she even uncovered her bare tits to point at Josh which obviously exposed her tits to the four boys and made them smile.

Grant swiftly stood up and slapped Stella across the face, his strength was too much for Stella and she fell to the floor.

"Not a fucking option you stupid cunt, you pay all debts tonight one-way or another, your choice. As Grant said this Stella covered her left check and cried not the floor. Dave did notice her pussy as she fell and was excited to see more detail when Grant hit her. "Get up you stupid bitch and tell us how you are going to pay Phil back?" She rose slowly and when she stood you could see redness on her face.

"Sorry I did that Stella but you will pay, you don't have any money and so in these cases we have a formula that means you pay and we get paid.

So as you are spouse of a player you are on a tier three so it means that you mouth is £50, your pussy is £75 and your arse is £100" Stella took a little while to comprehend what she heard and it didn't really sink in that they have a formula for this kind of thing.

"What, what did you say?" Stella words stumbled out. "Oh for GODs sake, your mouth is £50, your pussy is £75 and your FUCKING ARSE is £100, got it" Grant was getting irritable now. Before Stella could say any more all four of them got up and surrounded her. She shrank even further and tried to fall to the floor but hands had already started to grab and grope her. Grant was the hardest and almost pulled Stella over when he squeezed her boob.

Phil has started touching her arse and smiled like a Cheshire cat when he started on her pussy. "Get her on the table before she falls down" Phil picked her up and even though she tried to fight him off she didn't feel strong enough. The bright light partly blinded her as she lay naked on the table completely surrounded by four horny and vengeful men. Her mind was racing and she tried to protect her most delicate parts. Grant once again grabbed her tits and squeezed them and pinched them until he left red marks.

He pinched her nipples and let everyone know that Stella's nipples were rock solid and that they felt amazing in his mouth. He wasn't gentle with his teeth, biting and sucking her left boob while slapping her right. Smack, smack, smack his right hand swatted her beautiful c-cup breast and boy was he enjoying himself. Dave hadn't really done anything up until now and had been watching as Stella had been moved to the table but his confidence and cock rose to a point when he wanted in.

He moved quickly over to her head and forced it so that she was looking directly at his groin.

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He unzipped his jeans and took out his 7 inch cock, turgid and ready for her month. "Well done Stella that is £50 off", Dave shoved his stiff cock into her mouth as he shouted. Stella was shocked and didn't know what was going on, her tits hurt like hell and Grant's every bite seemed to get harder, she felt her face forced to the side and her eyes grew wider as she saw this stiff cock in front of her.

She couldn't resist as Dave thrust it inside of her throat. He wasn't gentle as he pushed and pulled inside of her mouth. Dave has reached a rhythm quite quickly and was enjoying her mouth. Stella had tried to push him away in vein and her mouth felt good. He pulled her a little closer to the side of the table so he could force more of his cock in her mouth and he quickly felt the back of her throat.

She gagged and so he slowed a little until she could take all of his cock.

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The pressure was building and he loved face fucking this slut. He even had time to play with her tits while he fucked her face. "I'm paying myself back £75" Phil moved over to her legs and had to fight a little to prize them open.

He took a little time to look at her pussy even though her legs were moving around trying to shut the door. She quickly tired or got distracted by the large cock deep in her throat but she did placate and it made his job that much easier.

Phil liked to take his time with things and Stella's pussy was going to one of them. He took a moment to study her and see how her outer lips looked, he traced the lips with his finger from top to bottom and back again.

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He took a deep breath and could just smell her fragrance. He delicate moves were disturbed by the rhythmic thrusting of Dave's cock but it didn't stop him from moving one finger between her lips. Phil's cock was obviously straining but it nearly exploded when he felt dampness between her legs. He inserted his middle finger between her lips and circled her clit enough that Stella moved her hips.

He kept circling and even gently squeezed her clit all the time her hips started to move and her pussy got more wet. He licked her clit at the exact moment he shoved a finger into hole.

Not gently as he had done before but quickly and with a good amount of force.

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Stella tried to move out of the way but by now she was stuck. He moved his finger quickly and increased the pressure. He put her clit between his teeth and inserted two fingers into her pussy. He was having a great time and covered his face in her juices as well as his fingers and he enjoyed slipping his finger out of Stella's pussy and down to her arse; the slippy trail obviously made Stella uncomfortable but it didn't stop him from breaking her puckered hole with his pussy juice covered fingers.

Phil was sure he heard a moan from Stella which just egged him on; he increased the speed, the lapping of his tongue and the amount of fingers in her pussy. He didn't stop playing with her arse and knew he had to fuck her shortly. To he honest he was getting tired as he finger fucked her pussy so he bit her clit again and pulled back to see his hard work.

He stepped back and admired the soaking mess in front of him and couldn't wait to pound her pussy. He undid his fly and pulled out his stiff 6 inch cock, it was small compared to Dave's but it was thick. He got into position and screamed "fire in the hole" and without warning her he filled the pussy in front of him.

No warning just a hard trust into her very damp pussy. Stella moaned as she reacted to his cock. Her legs her half bent and wide open so Phil could grab hold of her outer legs and get plenty of grip and traction.

He gripped and thrust deep inside of Stella and he could see her tits move as he started to fuck her. He loved the way tits swayed during fucking and even though he knew he would piss off the work Grant was doing with her tits he didn't care. She obviously wasn't that active sexually as she was tight and he loved the feeling around his stocky cock.

Both Dave and Phil picked up the pace and Stella could do little but take a cock in her mouth and a cock in her pussy. She didn't realise that her body started to betray her as the assault on his mouth and pussy hadn't allowed her to know what was going on. The rhythm of two cocks had calmed a little and her lust took over. She moaned a little and then more loudly as she felt Phil grip on her neck tighten and his pace increased.

She knew what was coming, literally but didn't know when. She tried to push him away but didn't stand a chance as finally Phil thrust deeper and harder than ever before.

What followed was Dave stiffening up in her mouth, his grip pressing her face deep into his pubic hair and lots of cum in her throat. The panic started to overcome Stella as she tried to swallow everything Dave gave her.

He relaxed a little and withdrew his cock but it didn't stop him coming, in fact he did it on purpose as there is something beautiful about a whore's face covered in cum. Dave spurted a last few globs onto her face and withdrew with a large smile on his face. Stella didn't have a lot of time to recover or even wipe the cum from her face before the pounding of her pussy started to make Stella lose control. Phil knew she was cumming as her body tighten up and her eyes closed, plus she become very vocal and he could hear the extra sound from her flooded pussy.

He knew the final hurdle was close but wanted an excellent finish so he dug in and increased the revolutions per minute. Phil felt like he was king and could do anything as he filled her pussy with his cum. He grunted and fell on top of her as the last few thrust made sure she had as much cum inside of her.

As he recovered a little he noticed a puffy and erect nipple by his side so he sucked on it a little as he withdrew and pushed back into her cum filled hole. Stella lied almost still her legs spread and Phil's and Dave's cum leaking across her neck and from out of her plundered pussy.

She shifted and almost missed the cocks that recently filled her but little did she know that her abuse wasn't even close to be finished. None of the boys told her that even though she was raped she had only paid off £125. Josh watched with a mixture of anger, hunger and confusion, he had just seen his wife take two cocks that were much harder and much more extreme than he had ever let him do and she had come a lot harder.

This is not right, this is not how it should happen and Josh knew he was going to make sure she knew it. Please let me know if I should carry this on? Be kind as it is my first story and constructive criticism is most welcome.