Creampie Quickie On The Job

Creampie Quickie On The Job
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Big Tits When I saw those tits I was absolutely speechless. My niece, Madison, had brought a girlfriend, Emily, home with her from school that day. This was the girl's mother here to pick her daughter up and was she ever built. Her name was Cynthia and she sure looked sweet enough to eat.

I just had to invite her in so that I could spend more time staring at her enormous tits. I offered her a glass of wine and invited her and her daughter to stay for dinner. I told her that I was a gourmet chef in my spare time but that I worked in construction. Actually I owned the company and stayed in the office all day long but she didn't have to know that yet.

Cynthia took me up on both of my offers. She took a glass of a fine New York State red wine that was made out on Long Island. Then I offered her surf and turf. She went crazy when she learned that I had my very own lobster tank in the house.

So first I gave Cynthia a tour of my house. I showed her a couple of the eight bedrooms upstairs; each with it's own bathroom. I showed her the laundry room up there too. I always thought it was stupid to take your dirty clothes off on the second floor and put the washing machine in the cellar. Obviously the women that did the laundry didn't design the houses they lived in.

I had designed and built the house on the old Boston style so of course there was a Widow's Walk on the very top.

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In architecture a Widow's Walk is a lookout or an observation deck atop a seashore house providing a great view of its surroundings and of course the ocean since the sea was where most of the men worked in a community like that.

Cynthia loved the view of the backyard and couldn't believe how big my yard really was. She could see the girls playing way out back on the tennis court. Cynthia was very impressed with the view and with the beauty of my property.

Cynthia asked me about my niece Madison and I told her all about the terrible automobile accident that had taken the lives of both of her parents and how I had become her legal guardian. Then I took Cynthia back down to the kitchen to get things started. I got out four strip steaks and a pound of shrimp. I started up the big steam tray and the grill. Then I took Cynthia to help me pick out four lobster.

I put them in a tray with some water and took them back into the kitchen. I steamed the shrimp to get them ready for the shrimp cocktails. It only takes a few minutes. I had Cynthia get out four cocktail dishes and put some crushed ice in them. Then she got out the cocktail sauce while I chilled the shrimp that I had just steamed.

In no time at all we had four very full shrimp cocktails prepared and sitting in the refrigerator. I called the girls in and told them to wash up for dinner.

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By the time they had come to the table I had steamed the lobster and grilled the steaks to perfection. Cynthia had the butter melted and in small bowls.

Together we served the girls then ourselves. The girls could not finish their meals. I expected that and offered Emily a box so that she could take the rest home with her. I finished mine of course while Cynthia only left half of her steak. Then I served the cherry cheesecake. Even the girls had room for desert. Cynthia praised my cooking and said that it was better than a restaurant.

I smiled and thanked her. Cynthia sent the girls back outside to play and then helped me clean off the table. I loaded the dishwasher and turned it on. I said, "Would you mind if I asked you a personal question?" Cynthia just smiled. Apparently she could read my mind. She said, "Yes! They are real! I'll let you see them, touch them, and I'll even let you suck on my nipples if you want too! All guys want to try them out for themselves!" I said, "May I?

Really!" Cynthia said, "Yes of course! Your bedroom or mine?" I smiled and took her hand.

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She smiled too and followed my lead. I walked her up to my bedroom. It hadn't been on the original tour. My bedroom was actually a suite. Cynthia was very impressed. She walked in and headed for my couch in the sitting room.

She turned to face me as she reached for the bottom of her shirt. She pulled it up and over her head in one fluid motion. Cynthia stood there in her skirt and bra. Her breasts looked even bigger without her top on if that was at all possible. Her bra was a super heavy-duty item that unhooked in the front. I watched her start to unhook it. There must have been ten of those tiny hooks. When Cynthia was done she opened it right up popping both of those huge orbs into view.

She kept going until the bra was back over her shoulders and off of her arms. This incredible beauty had two basketballs on her chest. While I was staring at them she removed her skirt and her panties as well and then stood there nude as I checked her over. She was some piece of work. I approached her and she came into my arms.

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I could easily get my arms around her small waist but her big breasts actually kept our lips from touching. I could feel her grinding her pussy into my crotch with a sexual need. I released her waist and leaned into her to kiss her soft lips. Then she sat down on my couch and leaned back inviting me to sit next to her.

I sat and held the tit closest to me in both hands. I lifted it up and realized just how heavy it was. I could not imagine carrying around two of them on my chest all day long. As Cynthia had mentioned I looked at her breasts and I touched them. Then I gave her a breast examination by poking my fingers into her flesh and making small circles. I covered every square inch of both of her breasts.

Oh yes and I sucked her nipples to my hearts content too. She really liked to have them sucked and even had an orgasm. Soon Cynthia was taking down my pants, getting my cock ready, and trying to get it up between her firm tits so that I could tit-fuck her. She smiled at me and opened her mouth in a fashion that indicated that she was making a target for my cum. I smiled and started tit-fucking her big breasts as she held them together.

This was certainly a new experience for me but apparently not for her. When I did cum I only hit her chin, then shot onto her neck, and then just it dribbled into her cleavage. Cynthia rubbed it in like an expensive lotion. Cynthia said, "Now was that all you had expected it to be?" I replied, "That was my very first tit-fuck!" Cynthia said, "Not your last one either as long as you continue to invite me to dinners like that one!" I smiled and gave her a kiss before pulling up my underwear and pants.

I was just about to help Cynthia get dressed when the girls barged in. I turned and blocked Cynthia from their view and then said, "Madison!

You know better than to enter my bedroom without knocking!" Emily said, "I'm real sorry! I got to the door first and just turned the knob!" Then Emily turned to Madison and in a low voice said; "I told you so! She likes to show them off! Especially to men!" I looked at the two girls standing just inside my bedroom door. They were both fourteen years old and very pretty, however Cynthia's daughter Emily was much more endowed than my niece Madison was.

In fact Emily was looking ever so much like her mother's daughter. Her breasts were at least two and possibly even three times bigger than Madison's breasts were. Then I felt Cynthia behind me move to the side a little bit. Madison's eyes flew wide open. She said, "Holy shit! You were right!


That are gigantic!" Emily said, "Mom since you have shown him yours, can I show him mine too?" To my utter amazement Cynthia said, "Sure honey! If you really want too!" Madison was as much in shock as I was when Emily started to remove her top.

Emily stood before us in her bra. I watched as Madison reached out and felt of one of Emily's breasts. Emily smiled at us and then removed her bra too. Her big breasts bounced free of the restraint. Emily said, "Now show us yours Madison!" Madison looked at me, thought about it for a moment, and then she smiled right at me as she too removed her top and bra. That was the very first time that I had ever seen my niece's bare breasts. They were cute and perfect for a girl her age and size.

Next to Emily though they looked very small. However next to her mother Emily looked like she was still wearing a training bra. The three topless women then stood side by side for me so that I could admire their breasts. First there were Cynthia's humongous breasts, then Emily's good-sized breasts, followed by Madison's sweet little titties.


I asked all three of them if they would mind me taking a picture of them topless. Cynthia immediately said that it was okay for me to take a picture of her and Emily. Madison blushed but said that it was okay with her too. I got the feeling that Madison was being pushed into this because her girlfriend's mother had said yes for the both of them.

No mater what, I took their picture and asked them to turn slightly for a second one and to face sideways for the third picture. I still couldn't believe the tits on Cynthia. That was not all of the pictures that I wanted to take but I figured that I had better stop while I could. Child porn is frowned upon in this country.

I got around behind Cynthia and lifted her breasts with my hands. God were they ever heavy. I reached around Emily too and hefted her breasts. Madison just looked at me and smiled so I cupped her breasts as I had the others.

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I spent a little longer holding her titties. I really liked them and this was the first time I had ever touched my niece's titties. Of course I had worried about getting a hard-on. Sure enough my cock was trying to get out of my pants again. Cynthia said, "I can take care of that for you again but I think Madison should!

After all she caused it!" Madison looked right at Emily and exclaimed, "But I'm a virgin!" Emily shouted out, "Don't look at me! I didn't cause it!" Then she turned to her mother and said, "Mom you fix it! Apparently you already have!" Cynthia said, "Sure!

I don't mind! Do you girls want to watch?" To my surprise it was Madison that said, "Can I?" I looked at Cynthia, she winked at me, and said to Madison, "Sure honey but you'll have to help too!" Madison simply asked, "How?" Cynthia said, "I think that if all three of us pose naked for a few more pictures that he would be ready to fuck a rock pile if he thought there were a snake in it!" Emily said, "What?" Cynthia said, "Sorry honey!

It was just an old saying about how horny a man can get!" Cynthia was still naked so I watched as Emily stood before me and dropped her pants and her panties to the floor. Then Madison lowered her pants and her panties too.

I don't know what possessed me to do it but I dropped to my knees and kissed Madison's pussy right on her fur-covered mound. I kissed her pussy, then I slipped my tongue into my niece's moist lips, and I attacked her clit. I gave my niece two orgasms before I realized that Cynthia and her daughter were watching me.

Cynthia said, "Madison he really wants you, you know! Will you let him try to put his cock in you?" Emily said, "Oh yes! Let him!

You'll like it!" Madison looked at Emily and asked, "Aren't you a virgin?" Emily laughed and said, "No silly! Not since I was twelve years old!" Cynthia said, "Don't look at me! She lost it at Bible Camp! Can you believe that?" Madison asked me, "Would you really like too have sex with me?" I smiled at her and said, "Yes!

I really would! But only if you want me too!" Madison said, "Yes! I want you too! I've always wanted you too!" Cynthia hugged Madison forcing her head between her big tits. Then she whispered something in her ear and took her into the bathroom.

When they came back out Madison got on my bed and opened her legs up wide for me. I got between them and leaned in for another taste of her delicious pussy. Cynthia said, "She still has her hymen so be gentle!" I mumbled into my niece's pussy that I would be gently.

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Her pussy tasted even better this time. Soon I got impatient and slipped the head of my cock just inside her opening. I asked Madison if she was ready and she was so I forced the head of my cock in an inch further tearing her hymen in the process. She flinched but she managed a slight smile for me. I waited for her breathing to become less labored and then continued to work my cock into her virgin pussy. Finally when it was all the way in her and she had adjusted to the feeling I started to fuck her for real.

As I stroked my cock into my niece's tight little hole I looked over at Cynthia. She was just glowing. I knew that her finger had been in my niece's pussy moments before my tongue had been and that thought alone kind of excited me a little more. I had always had a thing about two girls together. I didn't have to wait very long either. Soon Cynthia and her daughter were sharing the bed with Madison and I. I could tell that this wasn't their first time to make out together.

Emily was on the bottom of the sixty-nine. Cynthia had her knees under her daughter's armpits and her pussy sitting on Emily's face. Her two mammoth breasts were on either side of Emily's waist and she had her tongue deep into her daughter's pussy.

When I looked down at Madison her eyes were glued to the sight on the bed next to us. From her lower position she could see past Cynthia's tits and under her trim stomach to see what Emily was doing. I could only imagine what she was seeing but it was certainly exciting my niece. The more Madison watched the more she ground her pelvis up into me. She did not experience an orgasm but then again I didn't expect her too with it being her first time and with me busting her cherry like I had.

However I cum very well. Fucking Madison was far more exciting than fucking Cynthia had been. Don't get me wrong I think that I would love to fuck Cynthia every day for the rest of my life. After I cum I rolled over away from Cynthia and her daughter. Together Madison and I rested as we watched that very talented couple enjoying each other.

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Finally they had enough and Cynthia rolled to the far side too leaving Emily and Madison between us. Emily asked, "Madison do you want to show your uncle how good we are together?" I thought to myself 'how good we are together.' Apparently they had done this before. Madison blushed but said, "Okay! Why not! I don't think I'll ever have a secret from him again! Not a sexual one anyway!" Then she laughed and patted my limp dick.

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Emily turned head for tail and then Madison rolled over on top of her. Cynthia and I watched a rerun of what Madison and I had seen earlier. Apparently Emily had taught Madison everything that she had learned from her mother.

They were very good together and rather exciting to watch. Cynthia was enjoying the show too. The girls had no inhibitions at all. Apparently to them a clean pussy, a pussy full of my cum, and an asshole were all the same thing. When Madison finally had enough she rolled off from her girlfriend and landed nearer to Cynthia. Emily rolled over toward me and said, "You're hard again and mine is the only pussy you haven't fucked yet! Want too?" Of course I did!

I really did too! Those same thoughts had crossed my mind too as I watched her eating out Madison's pussy. So without further ado I slipped my cock into her. She quickly rolled us over so that she was on top of me. She was very talented and could swing her tits clockwise and counterclockwise as she fucked herself on my cock.


Then she started jumping up and down on my cock. That sent those titties up to slap her chin and then down to slap her sweat covered ribcage. That teenager gave herself at least three orgasms that I could count.

She sucked every drop of cum out of me and then sat on her mother's face. Wow! Madison scotched over closer to me wiggling her fine young ass into my shrunken cock as we continued to watch the show that this extremely large breasted woman and her very well endowed daughter were putting on for us.

Madison said, "I wish we could do this every night!" I said, "So do I! Do you suppose that we could talk them into living here with us?" Emily shouted out, "Fuck yes! I'd love to live here with you guys! How about you mom!" Cynthia mumbled something into her daughter pussy that sounded like, "Fuck yes! I'd love to live here with you guys too!" The End Big Tits 95