Blonde tranny gets black dick

Blonde tranny gets black dick
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Different By Blueheatt __I was born a female, 99%, the other 1% was that I was born with a dick. Somewhere along my development I stopped being a girl and male items took over. It happens.

I had no baby making things inside me, but instead a dick and working balls. My clit had grown into a dick. A regular 6 ½ inch dick.

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I got hardons like a guy and I could shoot cum like a guy. My internal urges were for guys, just like any other girl. Of course I couldn't ever have regular sex with guy, but I had the normal girl urges that girl do&hellip. …except I liked pussy&hellip. Not having one, and having a dick, I want to eat a pussy and fuck one, like guys do. I fantasized many times about someday, somehow, eating a pussy and fucking one.

As I grew up I never took Gym class by a doctors excuse. No one but my parents knew about me…yet.

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As I grew up I soon found I like to jack off. I had girl urges to suck on a dick. I soon got into giving blow jobs to boys, but of course no more. I had to watch out getting a hard on when I didn't want one. I dressed and found way to hide it if I did. I soon wanted sex by fucking a girl. I developed a close girlfriend and I wanted to fuck her bad&hellip.but how to do it. We got very close and it was during those years when girls experiment with sex with other girls.

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I yearned to fuck her, eat her pussy and feel her young tits. I finally decided to have my first sleep over with her at my house. My parents didn't think this was a good idea, but I assured them all would be hidden from 'Jan'. She had girl feelings too and we whispered how it would be fun to play with each other for a experimental thrill.

It was on and I was very excited. I was going to take a chance and let her 'only', know I had a dick. The night of the sleep over we waited way late so my parents were asleep. We started by comparing tits and then…we felt each others tits. I got so hot and so did she. We wanted to move on to feeling pussy's and clits. We were both breathing heavy with the excitement of doing something naughty in secret.

I was very nervous as this was the time to let her know I was 'different'. I whispered I was born a little different and carefully explained. She was a sweetheart and wanted to feel my dick. I took down my tight pajama bottoms and now, she was the first female to feel my hard dick. She had never felt a guys dick and she was very gentle. She got real excited and looked it over in the dim light. She ask me: ("…can I see it cum?").

I said yes but that I wanted to see her pussy close up as I jacked my dick to make it cum. She put her pussy around for me to see it close up. I had never seen one close up and It was rocking my world with the urge to lick it. I started jacking myself slowly. I lifted her leg and got my face real close to her sweet and exciting looking pussy. I finger it at first and felt her wetness. She told me about her clit and rubbing it made her excited. I started in.

I got my face real close and gave her clit a slight lick. She jumped a little and whispered how that felt good.

As I slowly jacked myself I felt her hand touch my dick. Then I felt her warm breath on it. Soon …she took a lick of my dick. I quietly moaned and told her how hot that felt. She kept going further and then was sucking on the head of my dick. We both began to moan quietly. It was my first time to have anyone suck on my dick, and I was hooked on it instantly. She had sex before with a boyfriend and had sucked his dick. She was really turned on and moved her pussy back and forth in my tongue.

I put a finger inside of her warm and wet pussy.

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It felt wonderful and exciting. She had me feel for her G spot. I found it as she moaned. She took over jacking me and I felt her tits. I was about to pull my dick back because I just had to cum. She held my dick tight and started jacking it fast.

I couldn't help it&hellip.I came in her mouth. She humped her pussy tight to my face as I felt her G spot.

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We both moaned, trying to be quiet. I felt so good to cum in her warm wet mouth I can't describe it. She didn't pull off, but let my dick pump cum in her mouth.


She liked it, and so did I. She had done a lot with boyfriend I didn't know about. She swallowed all my cum and started licking my dick. I stuck my tongue in her pussy and then sucked her clit. I fingered her G spot until she orgasmed big. We were so hot now as we panted for breath…… Jan and I were now secret fuck buddy's. Our next sleepover She wanted me to put my dick in her pussy& heart jumped when she whispered that to me. My first time to fuck a girl.

She loved to feel my tits as I slowly put my dick in her for the first time. It felt more than wonderful as I pumped her tight pussy. We fuck like a couple of wild animals. When I came in her& was the greatest feeling ever. She loved it too and said I was better than her boyfriend. We fucked every chance we got. I had finally got to fuck the pussy I had always wanted. She taught me how to eat her pussy just how she liked it too.

She loved to suck my dick and have me cum in her warm mouth. I think my mom knew something was up, because we were always together close, but she never said a word. She may have spotted us feeling each others butts and tits, as we couldn't keep our hand off each other.

Jan's boyfriend Will, was really cool. He of course noticed our closeness and ask Jan if we were messing around with each other. His asking caught her off guard, and she just smiled at him. He thought that was hot, and of course wanted to watch us with thoughts of fucking both of us, he told Jan. That triggered a thought to Jan. She came running up to me at school all excited, and pulled me off to the side to whisper. ("I've got and idea of how you can have sex with Will. We've got to try it!") Her idea was for her to lay down on her back, have me lay on top of her on my back.


Will and her could make out like regular but&hellip.when I came time to fuck, Will would put his dick in her, underneath me. She, Will or even I could jack me as we all had sex. I went to shock thinking bout how hot that would be.

First we needed to explain to Will about me having a dick. That part made me nervous. I told her that it had to be 'top secret' or I couldn't do it. We had to trust Will. Days went by as the thought sunk in. I wanted to do it so bad, but I had to be sure my secret never got out, or my life would be screwed. A week went by as Jan and I got excited about the 3some, more and more.

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We had a sleepover at her house. Her parents were out late and we started in getting ourselves all hot with licking, feeling and sucking each other. I thought about Will.

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I had always like him a lot, and he liked me, especially now with thoughts of watching Jan and I have sex together. I would get so hot thinking about him and I kissing, feeling and me sucking his dick and him cuming in my mouth like a regular girl would do.

I decided to trust Will. I told Jan to arrange a private meeting between the three of us. She was thrilled and arranged one. We met at his house one afternoon. I was very nervous but got the point across about the 'super secret' of mine. He was so cool and understood perfectly about having a 3some 'our way'. He held my hand and then just leaned over and kissed me so gentle. He said: "We're going to have some real exciting fun." We all stood us and started with a feel up with all three of us.

It was heavenly to make out with a guy. I got a big hardon and didn't have to hide it. He and Jan felt it so good. To have him feel my tits sent me to heaven. We didn't stop as I wanted a lot more of this. Will whispered to us that his parents would be home for about 3 hours. I started unzipping his pants. I wanted to suck a his dick bad&hellip. He and Jan felt my hardon and Jan pulled my panties down.

My hardon flipped out and she began to suck me. I reach in Will's pants and felt his hardon. It was warm and I took it out to jack on it. I went down on my knees&hellip.I closed my eyes and I touched it with my lips&hellip.I licked around the head…mmmmm…and in it went&hellip.I never dreamed it felt so good&hellip.further and further it went in my mouth&hellip.Will started to hump my mouth&hellip.soon a gusher of cum came to my mouth&hellip.and another and another&hellip.I squeezed his legs.

&hellip. the thrill of his hands on my head… rubbing my hair…he was kissing Jan and she was rubbing my tits&hellip.I crawled up on Jan and put my dick in her&hellip.I pumped deep as she was taking turns kissing Wil and I&hellip.her legs came up and she moaned&hellip.we all had our arms around each other&hellip.then Wil got up on my back and put his hardon in her too&hellip.

She gave out with a long moan and started humping to…Wil started to moan and I moaned&hellip.I squeezed her tits as Wil squeezed my butt…we got noisy and wild when&hellip.

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&hellip.I felt his cum…then my own.It was heaven as we pumped two cums full in Jan&hellip.we all moaned real loud over and over&hellip.then quiet. We lay there&hellip.content&hellip.