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Barbara Summer Bernadetta Francesca Felucci Sar
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It was a warm afternoon and Penny and I were sitting in the cockpit of my sailboat.

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This was my fourth date with Penny and her first time on my boat. Penny was my height with blond highlighted hair just below her shoulders. Her well proportioned body supported what looked to be C cup breasts. We were at the dock finishing up lunch and having a drink. We were going out for a sail, since there was some good wind. Walking down the dock was my soon to be ex. She had to have seen us but she kept walking to the boat. To my amazement, she sat on the front of the boat and started to read a book.

Penny asked who she was. I told her it was my soon to be ex. She said "What is she doing here?" I told her that I did not know. I told her the only feeling I had for her was serious dislike.

That was the honest truth but I am not sure she believed it.

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We finished lunch and Penny said she had to use the bathroom. I told her she could use the head ( bathroom in boat terms) or she could use the marine bathroom. I told her it was a few minute walk the the marina bathroom. She decided to use the marina bathroom. I watched her walk toward the bathroom. I figured she was going to get in her car and drive away.

When she was out of sight I went up and asked Wendy what she was doing. She said she was reading. I told her that was obvious and why was she here when it was obvious that I had company.

She had no answer. I thought now would be a good time ti irritate her. I told her we were going out for a sail. I said she could go if she wanted to. She said "Sure." I told her that Penny would be going and we were going to have sex out there. That was a gamble. I did not want her to come. As I said, I had no good feelings for her.

Penny and I had not had sex yet, but I was hopeful this afternoon would be the time. I knew my ex wanted to patch things up, but I had no desire to. I was pretty sure Penny would not have wanted her along.I was hoping that when I told her we were going to be having sex, she would not want to come along.I then said she would be welcome if she would like to make it a threesome. I was hoping that would scare her. I was pretty sure Penny would not go for that.

What guy would not want a threesome with two girls? I really did not want a threesome with Wendy, anyone else, but not her.Thank goodness my gamble paid off and Wendy left. Penny did come back and asked where my ex went. I told her I did not know where she went but I told her she had to leave.I think there was a small shred of truth in that statement.

I untied the boat and headed down the river to Lake Ontario.

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I had the sail out and we sailed out. We were out a mile according to the GPS and I had to try something that had worked in the past. I took off my shirt and said "Marine rules, we are a mile out and this is the topless zone." Penny looked at me and said" Really, is that true?" I said "It really isn't, but I tried." She looked around, there were boats out but none close to us.

She removed her top. I offered to help with her bra. I like helping to remove a woman's bra. It gives me a chance to peek at the tag to see what size tits they have. She told me I could. I unsnapped he bra and peeked. Was I ever wrong. Much to my delightshe was a 34 DD. Large breasts with areolas bigger than silver dollars! She sat down and we chatted. I had all I could do not to stare at her breasts.

We got out farther and I thought I would press my luck. I said "We are two miles out and this is the bottomless zone." She said "Are you going to?" I said "If you would like." She said "I will if you will." I removed my pants and underwear.

I was standing there with a hard on. She removed her pants and panties to reveal a cute little ass and pubic hair surrounding her pussy.

Like I have said before, I love pubic hair on a woman. I asked her if she would like to lay out on the front of the boat and get an allover tan.

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She asked me if I do it. I said "I do it a lot." Penny said "Sure, Why not." I doused the sails. I went into the cabin to get a few towels.

She asked what they were for. i told her we could lay on them.


We went to the front of the boat and laid on our backs. We had been there for about 10 minutes and I saw a sailboat heading in our direction.i had and inkling who it might be. I told her a boat was heading our way. I told her it was probably Steve.

Steve had a sailboat at the marina. He would sail by close to my boat often. I think he was nosey as to who was with me and what we were doing. I handed Penny a towel and said "I am pretty sure he is going to sail right next to us. You can cover up with this." She rolled over on her stomach and covered her butt. She said "We might as well give him something to look at." she brought her mouth to my cock and proceeded to give me a blow job. I laid my head back and reached under her so I could play with her tits.

A few minutes later he sailed within 50 feet of us. I pretended not to see him.

He sailed past. Penny said "I hope he got an eyeful." She went back to sucking me. She got up on her hands and knees.


I was enjoying myself playing with her tits. squeezing and massaging them. Her head kept moving up and down on my rigid cock. What a fantastic view of those tits! I could feel the pressure building in my loins. I knew I was about to explode.She must have known I was getting close because she sucked harder and faster.

I could feel my heart racing. I said "Here it comes" and I blasted a load of cum into her mouth. She kept sucking and more cum pumped in her mouth. I shoved my hips upward. She swallowed every last drop. She rolled over on her back. I got on top of her and licked and sucked her tits. I moved down her chest to her stomach.

I got to her pubic hair. I parted her hair to get to her pussy lips. I gave them a kiss. I licked her pussy lips and she let out a small moan.I parted her pussy lips to reveal her pink pussy.

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I licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top. I pushed my tongue around to find her clit. i pushed on it with my tongue.


she squirmed and moaned. i could feel her breathing harder. I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go. She spread her legs so I had better access. I found her clit and sucked on it. She arched her back. She was moving her hips. I pushed on her clit with my tongue. She pushed back hard. She was getting wet. I slid my finger in her pussy. I slid it out and tasted it. I put it back in for more.

I made circles inside of her with my finger while licking he clit. She said " keep doing that.' She was fucking my finger and pushing her pussy into my face. She said " Keep going, I am going to cum." I could feel her body tense and her legs quiver. I was licking her pussy juice.

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It was delicious. I licked her clean. Her body relaxed. I got up next to her.

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She laid her head on my chest and put my hand on her breast. We laid there with the warm sun caressing our tired but satisfied bodies.