Cheating wife records her oral pleasing session

Cheating wife records her oral pleasing session
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Compound: Preface John loved his Job, the perfect job for a man who loved to dominate, and loved medieval torture. John worked for the Medieval Museum in a large city Colorado. Every day he was surrounded by torture methods, machines. The idea of spreading someone over Judas Cradle made him rock hard instantly.

John had a daughter, Carla, who just turned fifteen. She'd been getting into a lot of trouble lately and John was forced to home school her, due to her expulsion from high school. He was at his wits end; what to do about his daughter? "Carla honey, are you home?" John called out for his daughter but heard no response.

He could smell the weed smoke in the house so he knew she'd been home not long ago. He set his work things down, and shrugged off his suit jacket and loosened his tie as he walked up the stairs to Carla's room. It was there he found her laying on her bed, asleep.


John closed her door and went to clean up. He returned to her room an hour or so later and found her still asleep. "Carla. Carla!

Wake up, you have homework, and chores to do." When she didn't wake we shook her. He picked up her head and saw the alcohol bottle under her pillow. Drunk and passed out, charming.


John was furious, he strode from her room and down the stairs and into the garage where he kept his tools for work. John had been instructed earlier this week to construct a Judas Cradle like contraption to be shown at the museum, but it wasn't finished yet so his tools were spread all over the garage.

John had gone to the garage to retrieve some rope to beat his daughter with, but once he saw his half finished device another idea washed through him, consuming John. He would punish Carla, and she would straighten up. He grabbed the rope and headed back to her room. There he stripped his daughter with violent movements.

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He there tied her hands behind her back and looped the rope around her neck and back down to her other hand, straining on her neck. He carried her limp body to the garage quickly now as he could tell she was groggily waking. He wasted no time.

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Taping her mouth and sitting her on the wooden saw horse. He spread her legs and lowered her onto it, letting her short legs dangle. He ran another short line from her hands to the saw horse, just to be sure she wouldn't be dismounting unassisted.

Then he woke her with one strike from the rope to her back.

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Her eyes spread open screening the room and being unable to really move her neck. She then realized where she was, and she was naked, and tied.

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Panic shot through her and she wiggled trying to get down, but this only resulted in hurting her. John had placed a breaker bar ( long round metal bar) atop the saw horse, between her legs, so now when she wiggled it rubbed her tender vagina, crushing the pretty lips. When she wiggled the bar rolled, pinching her privates painfully.

Though this caused her great pain it didn't stop her from trying to scream and get down. John simply lashed her again and again with the rope, leaving red welts on her lower back. He walked in front of her and told her what was happening. She saw the fury in his eyes that she had never seen before and somehow, she understood exactly what has happening and accepted it, right then and there. He told her she would become is Slave. If he had to continue to take constant care of her like in the past, she was going to be in slave and do all and anything he asked, or demanded of her.

She simply nodded, hoping to be done with this for today. John took the rope and tied it around her chest, under her C cup boobs, and looped it over a rafter in the garage, he lifted some of her weight off the sawhorse, but not much. He tied the rope that way and walked to her front. He put his soft warm hand on her pussy. He touched his fingers to her clit and rubbed it.

She wiggled crushing her lips. Each time her pussy would quiver, so would John's cock. John told her that she was no longer going to be considered his daughter, she would just be Slave. She nodded, with tears running down her face, too afraid to move her body again in fear it would cause more pain. John was pleasantly surprised at how well she took everything, and how quick and easy it was to get through this first thing. He lifted her off the saw horse and ordered her to crawl on her knees, without her hands into the house.

He held the rope around her chest like a leash to a dog. He whipped her ass with the end as they made their slow entrance to the house.

John Realized quickly that he would need more supplies. He tied her to a chair released one hand, and ordered her to finish her school work. John raced to town, into the ghetto, and found a grungy looking sex shop. PERFECT! He walked around the room gathering various tools and supplies when he saw a poster on the wall with one small white girl being spread over four mens monster cocks. Johns face reddened when he thought of an idea.

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A most horrible, sadistic, money making idea. John returned home to find Carla's homework completed. "good girl, this is the last of your homework, you're resigning from your classes, you won't need it anymore." Over the next two months john made quite a profit from selling his young, fertile daughter's body to strangers, sometimes more than one at a time. Charging anywhere from 200 -500 dollars a fuck, his little cum slut paid for johns upcoming addction.

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He quickly realized he would need to upsize, and moved into a large country home, on a ten acre farm. John quit his job with great sacrifice, he loved that job. But john knew this new job would not only pay for his home and meals, but his sexual desires as well. He would need help, minions, employees. He began searching for those people and found it quite easy to hire ten new "ranch hands" after interviews.

John and his minions captured no less than 15 other young girls and trained them to be submissive slaves, yearning to suck, fuck, and swallow. Their profits increased as the numbers grew, soon john had a whole compound of submissives. (this is the preface to my first second series.

"COMPOUND" I understand this one didn't have a lot of sex, but mostly details. The next to follow I assure you will be plentiful. Thanks for reading. PLEASE COMMENT.)