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Jimmy waited for his cousin to arrive to stay at his house indefinitely or so his mother made it sound. It seems from the story he got from his mom is that Cindy has an issue with his aunt. She was described as being incorrigible and acting out all the time.

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She is also supposed to be secretive and not to be trusted. He thought it was some sort of communication issues that his aunt didn't want to deal with. She had always been a bitch ever since he could remember.

Every time he went to visit her she was after him for something. He could only imagine what it would be like living under the same roof with her. He told his mom at a young age he didn't want to be anywhere around her. His aunt was a lot older than his mother and it seems like she has no patience for anything.

Anyway, Cindy will be a lot better off living here. When his mom returned home with Cindy he couldn't get over how hot she was. It had been a while since he had seen her and judging from what she looks like now, she has developed into one hell of a hot girl. She is 20 and will be attending the local community college with him. "Jimmy, say hello to your cousin Cindy." "Hey Cindy, it's been a long time, welcome to your new home." "Hi Jimmy, you have certainly changed into a handsome guy." "Thanks, I was just thinking how beautiful you are.

Certainly not the same pain in the butt kid I remember. So, what's up with the wicked witch of the west, that you have to move out" "Jimmy, that's not nice," his mother scolded him. "It's true Aunt Sara, my mother is a total bitch. I can't do anything right, I'm a slut, I'm stupid, lazy and who knows what else. I just got sick of being told how no good I am every day of the week." "Well, you won't get that around here Cindy.

We don't put each other down or talk rudely to one another. Now, let me show you to your room. Jimmy would you get Cindy's bags out of the car." "No, I can to it," Cindy insisted. "Relax Cindy, I won't look inside them, I promise." Jimmy went and got her bags while Sara took her niece up to her room. Once she got settled in, Cindy seemed to be at ease. Once the school year started at the college she and Jimmy rode to class together.

Things went fine for a couple of months when Jimmy noticed Cindy seemed troubled. It started out slowly, hardly noticeable. He didn't pay much attention to mood changes thinking it was just his imagination. Then he started noticing her mood getting worse over time. He didn't want to bug her but at the same time, he was becoming concerned. He asked her if everything was alright but she wouldn't say anything other than the girls were all bitches.

He didn't bother to ask her more, knowing he wouldn't get an answer and he didn't want to medal. He told her if she needed someone to talk to he was there for her. She seemed to appreciate his telling her that but she told him he wouldn't understand but thanked him for offering. When he got home he pulled his mother aside and told her about Cindy's issues with other female students.

Then he told her, "Whatever you do, don't approach her about it because one, she'll know that it came from me and two she won't tell you. You'll have to find a way to get Cindy to talk open up to you." "Thank you, Jimmy, I appreciate your telling me. I won't do anything to give you up.

I'm going to her room and see how she's doing." As she went to her room the door was closed. Sara tapped lightly as she opened the door and stepped inside. Cindy, froze her fingers deep in her pussy, masturbating feverishly. She looked at Sara and screamed, "BITCH, CAN'T YOU FUCKING KNOCK?" Sara slapped her across the face telling her, "We don't talk like that around her young lady.

You ever call me a Bitch again and you'll find yourself out on your ass so fast it will make your head swim. Now, what the hell is your problem? I don't care if you masturbate just so you know, but don't go off on me or anyone like that again." Cindy started bawling as Sara went over and sat down on the bed, next to her, putting her arm around her and hugging her as she sobbed.

She knew she hadn't slapped her that hard, something else was really bothering her. She waited until Cindy calmed down and then said softly, "You want to talk to me about it Hon, you'd be surprised how much it will help.

I'm not your mom, you can tell me anything, anything at all. Now, what's up Sweetheart?" "You mean you didn't notice when you came in?" "Notice? Notice what Hon?" " mound. It's so huge and my pussy lips are gigantic and so is my clit.

I'm horny all the time, I have to get myself off two or three times a day or I'll go crazy." "Ahh, I see the problem now," Sara replied looking at Cindy's large mound. "You see, I did notice it because like you, I have a very large mound and like you, I have thick, meaty lips and a large clit as well. I also have to take care of myself as often as you.

It didn't use to be so hard when I was married but now, being divorced I don't have a man around to satisfy my needs." "Yes, but the girls at school in gym class made so much fun of me I dropped the class. I won't be made fun of like that. Plus they told the guys so they taunt me and call me names. I hate going there. I have to be careful about the clothes I wear so it doesn't show and forget about wearing a bikini.

that really shows it." "I'm in the same boat as you, I know exactly what you mean. Anything else you want to tell me?" "Well, I told my mom I was bisexual and she hit the ceiling.

She went crazy on me calling me terrible names." "Oh my, I can only imagine. If it helps you any, I'm bisexual as well.

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I used to have a female lover after my divorce to make up for the lack of companionship but I don't have one now." "Does Jimmy know?" "I didn't tell him at first but then I thought I shouldn't have secrets from my own some. It would be easier for me if I find someone I care about, that way I could have them over and it wouldn't be so awkward if he knew about me.

I told him and he handled it better than I thought he would." "Wow, you are such a great mom, I wish you were my mom. You know, I do like men too, I really need a good hard cock now and then, you know?" Sara laughed saying, "I know all too well Hon. Like you, I need a good hard cock now and then. That's why I got myself a dildo to use.

It looks just like a man, feels like a man without all the grief that comes with the real thing." They laughed and hugged when Cindy asked Sara, "This might seem like an awkward question but would you mind if I saw what you look like down there, just to see that I'm not the freak I think I am." "Sure, why not." Sara lifted her skirt and pulled her panties off showing her pussy to her niece.

Cindy couldn't believe her eyes as she looked at Sara's pussy, it was like looking in the mirror. She started to reach out and touch her aunt's pussy but pulled back saying, "Sorry Aunt Sara, I wasn't thinking." "Not a problem Cindy, I'm don't have a problem with you touching me at all.

I just think we should take things slowly. You need time to think about who you are as a person and what you want out of life. I'm here for you anytime you have a question. I also think you should trust Jimmy, he's got a good head on his shoulders and he's very trustworthy." "Ya, I can see where you would have to trust him telling him about your being bisexual.

You're right though, I do have a lot to think about. I'll be talking to you, that's for sure. I never could talk to my mom." "I know, that's why I'm here for you any time you need to talk. You know, you could share things with Jimmy, he's a good listener and you can be sure he won't betray anything you tell him.

You might even go out to a movie and have fun, I think he'd like that." "Really, you wouldn't have a problem with that?" "What on earth for, it's not like you're going to get married, just go out and have fun and if things happen, oh well. Just be careful is all I ask." "Wow, you are so cool Sara." "I try, I don't worry about morality or taboos, that's not for me. I believe in living life to the fullest and having fun as long as no one gets hurt physically or emotionally.

We'll talk later, now I've got to figure out dinner." Over the next few days things were quiet, then one evening, while Cindy was studying for finals in her room and Jimmy, was doing the same, Cindy's mother called. Sara was surprised at her calling, wondering what she wanted.

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For the first few minutes it was just general conversation, then she asked how Cindy was doing. Sara told her Cindy was fine and was up studying for finals. Her mother seemed surprised asking if she was giving Sara any trouble. Sara laughed telling her that she was no trouble at all. In fact, she was a joy to have around, kind of like the daughter she never had. Her mother laughed cynically saying, "Well, you can have her, she's not really my kid anyway." Curious Sara asked her, "What the hell do you mean not your kid anyway, you gave birth to her didn't you?" There was a long pause as if she were searching for an answer.

Then she told Sara, "Fine, I might as well tell you. Harold and I adopted Cindy when she was two years old. We wanted a child and couldn't have one so we went to an adoption agency.


Since we lived so far away, it was easy to keep it a secret since we never say any family or got together with family. So now you know, it wasn't hard at all to fool all of you and now she's your problem." Sara couldn't believe her ears, how could this woman say such things and not tell her she was adopted. She had to be lying. Sara told her, "You are despicable, how could you adopt that child and not tell her, what the hell were you thinking.

I don't believe you anyway. You've always been a liar and you still are." "Fine, I still have her adoption papers, I'll mail them to you. As for Cindy, since you love her so much, you can keep her. I haven't been wasting my time since she's been gone. I'm got the house sold and I'm moving to parts unknown, to you people at least. Have a nice life Sis, you won't be hearing from me after this." Sara was furious, "You Bitch, to hell with you, I'll show Cindy the love you never could or did you hateful bitch!" At that point, Sara hung up on her sister.

When she turned around, there was Cindy standing in back of her, looking at her, a look on her face that broke Sara's heart. She turned and ran into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Sara went to talk to her but the door was locked. She called to her but Cindy yelled for her to go away. All she could do was give Cindy her space. She thought about using the key to open the door but she thought better of it.

If she tried to force Cindy to talk to her, it would only make it worse. She decided to let her cry it out. With all the commotion going on, Jimmy asked Sara, "What is all the yelling and door slamming?" She took him downstairs and proceeded to tell Jimmy about the call she got from his aunt about Cindy and her being adopted and never having told her.

Jimmy couldn't believe what he was hearing.

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He couldn't fathom how anyone could be so damn cruel and hateful. He told his mother, "That woman is a total bitch, what a completely hateful, wicked old bitch? I'm glad she's gone the old hag!" "Well, normally I'd wash your mouth out with soap for talking like that but you're too big.

Besides, I called her the same thing so let that be the end of it. As far as I'm concerned she's dead to me and this family. I'm letting Cindy cry it out so let her be for now.


I know I don't have to ask, but just be really nice to her, this has hit her hard." "Ya, no problem. Hey, when she's feeling better I can take her out to a movie or something. Get her mind off this crap and show her a good time." "Exactly, and remember, she's not your cousin, she never was your cousin, so be a gentleman but, well you know what I mean. I trust you get what I'm saying." "Yup, you can count on me, I won't jump her bones right away, I'll give it a day or two." Jimmy laughed as Sara tossed a pillow at him, laughing and calling him a moron.

She thought about going up and knocking on her door, but maybe she should just wait. Sara started watching a movie with Jimmy trying to get her mind off of things. Later that night Cindy came down, her eyes red from crying as she walked over to the couch. Jimmy got up and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek before telling her goodnight and going up to bed himself. Cindy went over and sat down next to Sara, snuggling up to her not saying anything. Sara put her arm around her and hugged her not saying anything either.

She figured Cindy would talk when she was ready. A few minutes later she asked Sara, "Why is that woman such a bitch? I can't believe she wouldn't tell me if I was adopted.

Did she ever say anything to you about it?" "No, she never mentioned it, then again she was never open with anyone about anything she did.

I don't know what to say, that woman is a terrible person. You're better off without her. You are welcome in my home for as long as you want. As far as I'm concerned, you are the daughter I never had." Cindy hugged Sara saying, "I love you, Sara, you are the best." "I love you too Sweetie, now don't you need to get some sleep, you have finals tomorrow don't you?" "Not until late afternoon around three.

I think I'm going to go up and soak in the tub." "Sounds good to me, maybe I'll join you?" "Mmmmm, that would be nice." "I'll think about it, I do have tomorrow off. Let me finish this and I'll come to check on you." Cindy went upstairs as Sara watched the rest of her movie. She wasn't sure if she should get in the tub with Cindy but after all, she's been through, she wanted to make her feel better. It was her nurturing side coming through.

Her movie finished and Sara went up and looked peeked into the bathroom seeing Cindy sitting in the large roman style bathtub. She was laying back with a towel for a pillow, sliding her middle finger over her large mound.

Her lips were so thick, fall open just from their weight. Sara could feel her own pussy beginning to tingle as she undressed.

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Once she was naked she locked the bathroom door and walked over and stood by the edge of the tub asking softly, "Is that invitation to join you still open Sweetie? It's alright if you've changed your mind." She looked up at Sara's naked body, smiling as she stared at Sara's large, thick mound. Her lips were also thick and swollen, parting open slightly as she stood there.

She looked at her, moving her finger up and down her wet, warm slit finally saying, "Yes, I'd like that very much, Sara." She looked at Cindy saying, "I have an idea if you're open to suggestion." "What is it Sara, tell me, please." "Well, I was thinking you could use some hugs so, what if you lean forward and then I can sit down behind you and put my arm around you, while you lean back against me.

Does that sound good to you?" "Mmmm, that sounds delightful. I can use all the hugs I can get and then some if you know what I mean." Sara smiled as Cindy leaned forward, stepping into the tub behind her, lowering herself down until she was behind Cindy. Then Cindy leaned back, her body resting against Sara's breasts. Sara picked up a sponge, lathering it with soap and then began washing Cindy's shoulders as the suds moved down over Cindy's breasts.

Once she was done, Sara began gently massaging Sara's shoulders causing her to moan softly as she pressed her back against Sara's breasts. Sara kissed Cindy's ear and her neck as she continued working her shoulders and kissing her gently. She whispered into her ear, "Does that make you feel better?" "Mmmm, yes but you don't have to stop there Sara." Sara smiled, that's what she wanted to hear. She slowly moved her hands down Cindy's breasts, pausing as she cupped her soapy breasts in her hands, gently squeezing them as she strummed Cindy's nipples.

Cindy was soon moaning and gasping as her arousal grew more and more as Sara began rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. While Sara pleasured her nipples, Cindy moved her hand back down between her legs and started moving her middle finger up and down her slit, and cupping her swollen mound in her hand and squeezing it.

Sara sighed telling Cindy who sexy she looked. Sara kissed her shoulder again whispering, "You look so hot.slip those fingers into your pussy, I want to watch you pleasure yourself." Cindy eased her middle finger into her pussy, followed by another as she began working her fingers furiously in and out of her pussy as Sara watched her. Watching Cindy finger herself was making Sara hotter and hotter as her own pussy started tingling.

She moved her hand down between Cindy's legs, placing her hand on top of Cindy's as she continued fingering her pussy. Cindy pulled her fingers from her pussy allowing Sara to slide her fingers into Cindy's pussy. She found Cindy's pussy was so hot and swollen from arousal.

With her free hand, she pulled Cindy's hand up to her and sucked her fingers into her mouth, sucking and licking her juices from her finger. Cindy was gasping and moaning as she lifted herself almost out of the water, as Sara took her hand from her mouth and started rubbing Cindy's clit. She was now beside herself as Sara fingered her pussy, working her fingers deep inside while rubbing her clit.

Suddenly Cindy was cumming, her body shaking as the orgasms washed over her. When she finished cumming, Cindy turned and leaned into Sara, kissing her passionately. Their tongue caressed as they kissed, caressing and hugging as they kissed. Cindy kissed her way down Sara's neck to her breasts where she started sucking her nipples making Sara the one gasping and squealing.

As Cindy sucked Sara's nipples, she moved her hand down between Sara's legs, finding her pussy. She easily eased her fingers into Sara's hot pussy, working them deep inside as Sara had done to her. Cindy explored Sara's depths, sucking her nipples and taking Sara to a strong orgasm as well. They finished and kissed before getting out of the tub and going to Sara's bedroom.

They moved onto Sara's bed, both women kissing and hugging one another. Sara became the aggressor, moving down between Cindy's legs and taking in the aroma of her pussy. She began caressing Cindy's large mound, moving her finger over her and gently squeezing her as Cindy moaned.

Sara then kissed her wet lips, moving her tongue over her thick lips, lapping up her juices as they started to flow from her pussy.

She licked and sucked Cindy's lips as Cindy, writhed on the bed, trying not to squeal too loudly. Sara worked her tongue between Cindy's lips, sliding her tongue up and down her pussy as her juices continued flowing freely. Cindy was beside herself with lust as Sara began tongue fucking her, taking her to another level of arousal. After a few minutes, Sara sucked Cindy's clit into her mouth, while sliding her fingers back into Cindy's pussy one more time.

Before long Cindy was cumming yet again, as the orgasms consumed her. When she finished cumming, she hugged and kissed Sara tasting her own cum on Sara's tongue.

As they kissed Cindy started caressing Sara's breasts and toying with her nipples. She wanted to pleasure Sara as much as she pleasured her. Cindy made her way down to Sara's breasts, pausing to look at her nipples and how hard they were.

She smiled as she looked at them, lowering her head and running her tongue over Sara's aureoles, listening to her moans of pleasure. She was soon sucking her nipple's alternating between flicking them with her tongue and sucking them as she moved her hand over Sara's mound.

Sara's mound was as large and sensitive as hers. Her lips were swollen from arousal allowing her finger to easily slip between her wet lips. She began moving her finger up and down between her folds, eventually slipping it into Sara's pussy.

She added a second finger as she began exploring Sara's pussy with two fingers. Sara was becoming more and more aroused as Cindy kissed her way down Sara's torso to her pussy. As she fingered Sara's pussy, she began licking and kissing her pussy, sucking her lips into her mouth while Sara began undulating her hips on the bed. It wasn't long before she was cumming, gasping and squealed as Cindy pulled her fingers from Sara's pussy and stuck them on her mouth, licking her cum from her fingers.

Cindy moved between Sara's legs where she began sucking Sara's large, meaty lips into her mouth, flicking them with her tongue. Sara placed her hands on Cindy's head, guiding her to just the right spot as Cindy worked her tongue between her wet folds.

She began licking her pussy, searching for her opening so she could tongue fuck. It didn't take her long as she slid her tongue deep into her pussy and as Sara had done to her, Cindy was soon tongue fucking her.

Sara was beside herself as she writhed on the bed, thrusting her hips into Cindy's face as she moved closer and closer o another orgasm. Cindy moved up, shoving her fingers back into Sara's pussy and taking her clit into her mouth. She sucked Sara's clit while sliding her little finger between her ass cheeks and began teasing her asshole. Having Cindy's finger in her asshole and her clit in her mouth, that pushed Sara over the edge, bringing her to an incredible orgasm.

Once her orgasm subsided Sara kissed Cindy, tasting her own juices as she did. Once they finished kissing, Sara showed Cindy how to entwine their legs so that their pussies were touching. She then took Cindy's hands in hers and the two started rubbing their pussies together. It wasn't long before they were both cumming to another orgasm. Afterward, Cindy and Sara cuddled as Sara told her what an amazing lover she was.

The two spent the night together. The next morning Jimmy was up looking for his mom, not finding her he looked for Cindy but she wasn't in her room. On a whim, he peeked into his mother's room where he found Cindy and his mom lying naked in bed sleeping.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what they had been up to. He closed the door and then down to get something to eat and then school. Cindy and Sara woke up with Sara asking her if she had any regrets about last night. "Are you kidding, that was incredible Sara. I want to do it again, that was the most amazing sex I've had in a long time. It was incredible." "Good, I just wanted to be sure, it was incredible for me as well.

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I think we'll be having more fun in the coming days. Just don't forget Jimmy, I'm sure he can give you what you want as well." "I won't, I just don't know how to approach him. Not to mention, do I tell him about us and what we've done, I'm sure he'll be curious." "Yes, I'm sure he will be, but knowing Jimmy as I do, if he hasn't figured it out yet, he will soon enough.

I wouldn't worry about it, he's not going to judge either one of us. He's a pretty open-minded young man. I can tell him if you want." "No, I think we should let it alone. If he's as smart as you say, and I'm sure he is, he'll figure it out. Now, I need to eat something and then go take one of my finals.

I'll be glad when it's all over and the three of us have the summer together." Cindy went down and ate and then studied some before going to class and getting one of her finals out of the way.

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Over the next week, Jimmy and Cindy were busy studying and taking finals until they were finally done. Sara had told Jimmy about her and Cindy having sex together and as she expected he was fine with it. With college done for the summer, Jimmy decided it was time to pay more attention to Cindy. With Sara gone out of town on a rare business trip with her boss, Cindy and Jimmy had the house to themselves. It was a Saturday but there was nothing going on and no good movies at the theater.

Jimmy suggested they order pizza and watched some movies on TV. Cindy agreed, saying she was tired from all those finals anyway.

She suggested that they order pizza and then go for a swim after dark. They had all the privacy they needed thanks to a privacy fence making it impossible for anyone to look into their back yard. Jimmy agreed and said they could do whatever they wanted, the place was theirs.

Cindy smiled, "What did you have in mind Jimmy, should I be worried?" "I don't know, should you be? I think you and I can have some fun after dark. Maybe like skinny dipping if you'd like. It's up to you, I won't ask you to do anything you wouldn't want to do." "I know and that sounds like fun to me.

So.did your mom tell you anything that happened lately?" " in something involving the two of you? I don't know, should she have told me something?" "Oh, don't be coy with me.did she tell you that we slept together or not?" "Relax, she mentioned it to me yes. She didn't go into great detail if that's what you're asking but I know you two made love. I have no issue with that, I think it's cool that the two of you can share something special together.

That has no bearing on us does it?" "No, I was just curious is all. I think it's cool that you're so open-minded. Now, I'll stop talking so we can talk about something else." "Good, now let's get that pizza." Jimmy ordered the pizza and the two of them waited for it to be delivered. It didn't take long for it to come and the two of them dove into it.

They sat and ate, talking and having a good time. Cindy was so happy to finally be free of that woman who wasn't even her mother. She felt free like she could breathe again. After they ate, the two of them talked some more when they ran out of things to say. They were sitting on the sofa looking at one another when Jimmy leaned in and kissed Cindy on the lips.

Their kisses were a little awkward at first but as they got into it things heated up. Soon they were kissing deeply, caressing one another as they kissed.

The more aroused they got, the braver Jimmy became. He pulled Cindy close, kissing his way down her neck to her chest.

She was breathing heavy as Jimmy started caressing her breast through her top. She pulled back with a sly smile on her face. She pulled her top off over her head, followed by her bra. Jimmy not wanting to look shy pulled his shirt off tossing it aside.

Neither one of them said anything as they started kissing again. This time there was a lot more passion in their kisses as Jimmy stated caressing Cindy's breasts and toying with her nipples. Cindy found herself really aroused bringing her some relief. She had been worried that maybe she was more of a lesbian than she had thought but feeling Jimmy's hands on her breasts and his toying with her nipples really turned her on.

Jimmy kissed his way down her neck to her breasts where he began teasing them with his tongue. Cindy laid back as Jimmy started moving his tongue over her aureoles and flicking her nipples with his tongue. She was enjoying it as much as when Sara was doing the same thing.

There was a difference between Jimmy and Sara's touch but she found his touch just as good only in a different way. Jimmy took her nipples in his mouth and began sucking them one at a time as Cindy cooed and moaned. She was becoming more and more aroused as Jimmy moved his hand down her stomach, slipping it down the front of her shorts. His hand moved down over her panties, where he began squeezing her pussy.

It felt so good as he caressed and squeezed her pussy, making her all the more aroused. She pushed her shorts down as Jimmy helped her pull them off. He gave them a toss and looked at Cindy's wet panties. She was a little worried at first, wondering if her huge mound was going to be a turn off for him.

Then he smiled as he ran his fingers over her mound, making her feel good as well as relieved. He began moving his thumb over her wet slit, working it up and down as Cindy started undulating her hips. After a few minutes, he moved his hand up, slipping his fingers into the top of her panties pulling them down.

With her pussy exposed Jimmy's eyes lit up. Her mound was so big and her lips were so thick and heavy. They fell open revealing her bright pink pussy, showing him how aroused she really was.

As he looked at her pussy Cindy asked him, "Do you like my pussy Jimmy, does it make you want it?" "You know I do, you are so beautiful. I can't want to taste it and slide my cock into it." "Uh huh, well first, you're going to have to show me your cock, I want to see it." Jimmy stood up and slipped off his shorts followed by his underwear. As he pulled his underwear off his cock bobbed up and down as Cindy looked at it and smiled.

Cindy started running her pussy, working a finger up and down her wet lips asking him, "Stroke it for me Jimmy, stroke your hard cock for me. Show me how much you want me." He took his cock in his hand and began slowly stroking his cock.

He didn't want to cum too soon so he made long, slow strokes as Cindy watched. After a few minutes, Jimmy sat down on the sofa and moved between Cindy's legs. He loved the scent of her aroused pussy, taking in her aroma as he prepared to lick her pussy. He lowered his head and began running his tongue along the length of her wet lips.

Cindy gasped and squealed as she thrust her hips upward into his face. Jimmy was soon licking her pussy as Cindy squealed and tugged at her nipples.


Jimmy then worked his tongue between her lips, licking her slit and lapping up the juices that flowed from her pussy down onto his tongue. Cindy was beside herself with lust and passion. This was the first boy that she really cared for and had allowed him to get this far with her. She liked Jimmy, he was a gentleman and wasn't too rough with her. That was one reason she didn't like most guys, they were pushing and rough, groping her and trying to hurry her up and force themselves on her, not Jimmy, he took his time and was gentle.

He worked his tongue between her folds finding her opening with his tongue where he started tongue fucking her. Just like his mother had done to her. He tongue fucked her when he moved up taking her clit into his mouth, replacing his tongue with his fingers. He sucked her clit while working his fingers deep inside her pussy, exploring her depths but in a gentle way. Before long Cindy was cumming, thrusting her pussy into his face.

Once she finished cumming, she pulled him up to her, kissing her cum from his face. She pushed him back and was going to go down on him when she paused saying, "I've never really done this before with a guy, giving him head and all that. I don't know if I'm any good, just so you know." "Don't worry about it Cindy, there's no right or wrong way to give head. Hell, anything you do is going to feel great having my cock in your mouth.

Don't stress it, just do what you feel like doing." She smiled and started swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, watching and waiting for his reaction. When she heard him groan and tell her how great it felt, Cindy relaxed and just let it happen. She continued swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, then she sucked the head into her mouth. Cindy started slowly taking his cock down her throat inch by inch as Jimmy moaned his approval.

She took as much of his cock down her throat as she could manage, then she began bobbing her head up and down. Jimmy was beside himself, telling her what an amazing job she was doing. Cindy deepthroated him over and over again when she heard him tell her he was going to cum.

Wanting to see what it was like to have him cum in her mouth as well as see if she wouldn't choke on it she kept going. Jimmy finally erupted sending his load down Cindy's throat. Luckily, not only did she not choke on it, she took all he had to offer. When she was finished she swallowed what was left and the licked up any residual cum.

Jimmy pulled her up to him, kissing her tasting his cum on her tongue. He told her, "That was absolutely amazing Cindy. I have never experienced anything like are amazing. Of course, now you're going to have to give me some recovery time if you want to do anything else." She laughed, "We have plenty of time for that, I don't want to rush and do it all at once.

I like taking it one step at a time but you never know, the nights still young. Maybe we can do some of that skinny dipping you were talking about. It's nice and dark out." The two of them were soon in the water, splashing around and having a good time. Before long their play in the water had turned into sex play as they started making out. Cindy was playing with Jimmy's cock and before long he was hard again. With a little effort, Jimmy worked his cock into Cindy's pussy and the two were fucking in the pool.

Cindy's pussy was nice and tight, as he worked his cock deep into her pussy. He held onto her ass as he shoved his cock into her. They made their way over to the edge of the pool where Jimmy helped Cindy up onto the edge of the pool. In the shallower end of the pool, it was just the right depth for Jimmy to stand and slide his cock back into her pussy. He began thrusting his hips forward, driving his cock into Cindy's pussy while she tugged at her nipples.

Over and over he slammed his cock into her tight pussy, taking her closer and closer to orgasm. As they were having sex, they saw the next door neighbor's light come on. Taking no chances they went inside even though they couldn't be seen, they could still be heard. Once inside the house, Jimmy and Cindy moved to the bedroom where they continued what they had been doing. Jimmy slid his cock back into Cindy's pussy, thrusting his cock deep inside her. Before long, Cindy was cumming again.

As her orgasm subsided Jimmy moved up and slid his cock between Cindy's tits. It was a perfect fit as she squished her tits together as he slid his cock between them. Each time his cock slid up, Cindy opened her mouth and sucked the of his cock. This continued for several minutes as Jimmy got closer to cumming himself. Cindy told him to cum on her tits and then lick it off if he had the courage. Up for the challenge, Jimmy continued tit fucking her until he couldn't last any longer.

He grabbed his cock and shot his load over her nipples, watching his cum run down the sides of her breasts. Once he had finished cumming, Jimmy licked the cum from her breasts and then sucked her clit until Cindy was cumming one last time.

Jimmy and Cindy fucked most of the time his mother was gone. When she returned she asked if they had a good time while she was gone. She knew full well that they probably had sex but she didn't ask, it wasn't any of her business.

Jimmy had to go to work that evening so Sara and Cindy talked about her trip. Finally, curiosity got the better of Sara asking Cindy, "I know it's none of my business but did you and Jimmy have a good time together?" "If you're asking if we had sex the answer is yes. He is a great love maker, I almost wondered if you had taught him some things." "No, Jimmy and I have never been together sexually, that's a little bit much even for me. I'm glad that he is a good lover though.

Speaking of making love, I don't suppose I could interest you in some fun could I?" "I think you know the answer to that question Sara." Sara and Cindy were soon naked and making love. From that day forward Cindy and Sara made love often as well as Jimmy and Cindy. Cindy couldn't be happier. She is in a house filled with love and she has two people that love her very much.

Someday she and Jimmy might get married but for now, her life is perfect and she wouldn't change a thing.