Candid NYC Tourist Not Wearing Panties

Candid NYC Tourist Not Wearing Panties
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Kay was just pulling in the drive way as Maria was running down the stairs toward her mom. She ran to the door and grabbed her backpack. She was just slipping on when her mom came into the living room. "Put on a coat sweetie, its starting to get rain." Tara said has she handed her daughter a lit pink rain coat. "Ok mommy," Maria slipped on the rain coat then out on her backpack and out the door she went.

"I will see you tomorrow." Tara yelled after her as she walk out on to the porch. "And you need to behave for your Aunt Kay." Kay was walking up the step as Maria ran past her. "She will be fine and you know it." Kay said.

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"Yeah I know." Tara smiled as her little girl got into the car. "So just bring her back sometime tomorrow." "I will." Kay paused and looked at Tara like she had more to say. "What" Tara asked. "Tatum's dad came into the office yesterday. He came to see Deacon.


I over heard him say something about Tatum but I couldn't really make it out." Kay bit her lip waiting for Tara's response. "Tatum has been gone for five years now. I stopped expecting him to come back through my door a year after the letters stopped. He has never even seen a pictures of his daughter." Tara paused long enough to take a couple deep breaths to keep the tears at bay.

"I don't expect him to ever come back." "Ok, I just thought you might like to know that he is at least still alive. His dad isn't sure where he is though." Kay gave her a hug and started walking towards her car.

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"Thanks Kay, at least I know that Maria's dad is still breathing and maybe someday he will come looking for us. I will see you tomorrow." Tara waved at her daughter as they backed out of the drive way. Once Tara was back in the house she turned on some music, poured herself a glass of wine and turned on her favorite TV show Grey's Anatomy.

Just before the sixth episode in the first season started she decided to get another glass of wine. She has just uncorked the bottle when there was a knock on the door. She looked at the clock on the stove and it said 9:43 pm. Who would be here this late she thought to her self. "Who is it?" she yelled out as she walked toward the door.

There was no answer. Sh looked through the peep hole but the person on the other side of the door had their back to her. She flipped on the porch light and unlocked the door.

"Can I help you?" She asked as she opened the door. She noticed that it was a man standing on the porch. He was tall, probable 6'1 or 6'2. He had dark hair and was wearing a dark suit. The man turned around and walked toward her. Once he came into full view she let out a small gasp. "Hi Tara," The man said. He stepped closer to her.


"Tatum." Tara stepped backwards into the house. He followed her in and shut the door behind him. She continued to back away from him until the thin wall that separated the stairwell and the dining room. It was maybe only a maybe five feet away from the door.

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Tears had started to run down her face. "Tara. don't cry" He reached up and whipped a tear off her face. She winced a little bit at the simple touch of his skin. "You left," she managed to whisper as he was closing the space between them. Her heart was racing and her whole body was shaking. "I am sorry," He whispered as he leaned into her. He placed his hand on the wall on either side of her head.

He was closing the distance between them. He could feel her body tremble and tense as he came closer. "Forgive me?" This he whispered to her mouth just be for he it with his own. At first Tara was stunned and didn't kiss back, then after a couple second she melted into the kiss and opened up to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him tight to her.

He licked her upper lip and she opened her mouth for him. His tongue invaded her mouth and she meet him with the same eagerness.

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Tatum broke the kiss and pulled her shirt off. She wasn't wearing a bra so her breasts were now fully exposed. He grabbed them both and squeezed them in his hands.

Tara light out a moan and he started pinching her already hard nipples. Tatum felt his cock stiffen and push against his suit pants. Her skin was so smooth and soft. He had a slight tan and it blended well with her dark nipples. He let her go long enough to take off his jacket and shirt then started exploring her skin with his mouth.

He kissed her neck and throat then moved to he breast. He knelt down in front of her and started licking her nipples. Tara moaned and arched toward him. She put her hand on his shoulders as he took a mouth full of her breast and sucked deep on it. His skin was soft. He had a long scar on the left side of his chest and another on his right shoulder. She didn't wonder what they were form for long, cause he had started undoing her jeans and was pulling them down to her ankles.

Tatum kissed her stomach and around her belly button, he slid her panties down around her ankles and had her step out of them. He out one of her legs on his shoulder and left her standing on the other one.

The sweet smell of her aroused pussy made his dick even harder then it already was. He could feel the per-cum making a wet spot inside his boxers. He kissed her pussy mound then her swollen pussy lips. He slipped his tongue between her sensitive fold and licked her hard clit. Tara arched toward him even more and moan loudly as he sent spasms of pleasure through her whole body. He stuck his tongue deep in her pussy and then licked up to her clit.

She felt the juices start to flow out of her. Tatum sucked on one of his fingers lathering it up with his saliva. He rubbed his finger over her clit then stuck it into her pussy. He pushed in deep then moved his finger in a circle. As he fingered her she sucked on and teased her clit.

Tara started moaning louder and rocking her hips back and forth to meet the rhythm of his fingers. She was on the edge of exploding. "OOOOOO YEEESSSSS" she yelled at as her wold body started to shake.

She put her fingers in his hair and held him as she shoved her pussy into his face. She felt her orgasm coming. Just a few more thrusts of his fingers and her pussy exploded with hot wet juices.

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Tatum pulled out his fingers and sucked up all her cum right out of her pussy. Then he sucked all of the juices of his fingers. He stood up and kissed her letting her clean up her own cum of his face. Tara licked her own cum off his lips and tongue. As she was kissing him she undid his pants and slid them and his boxers down reveling his hard as stone seven inch cock.

She pushed away from the wall and moved him over to the steps. She pushed him down so that he was sitting and she knelt down between his legs.

He started down his body at her. His heart was beating so fast he thought it would beat right out of his chest. She licked from his balls up the shaft and over the head. She cast a quick glance up at him and smiled before she slipped her warm velvet mouth over his throbbing cock.


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